Gender dysphoria fad shows no sign of abating



Fads aren’t always harmful things. Hula hoops, goldfish swallowing, and flagpole sitting have come and gone and generally were not toxic.

In the 1970s, various eating disorders were the rage. But they were treated as physical disorders and serious mental health problems.

Writing in Psychology Today, Dr. Emily Deans observed, “Eating disorders in adolescents are strongly predicted by the earlier presence of depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety.

Her treatment recommendations included, “A personalized approach, based on treating underlying depression, anxiety, nutritional deficiencies, and teaching that our bodies deserve to be nourished with proper, whole foods can be surprisingly effective.”

But today, bulimia and anorexia are passé and have been replaced by gender dysphoria, which is being used as a political cudgel by many with a nefarious agenda. In fact, the organized nature of the movement has left many parents in a horrible position.

For example, in Washington State, SB 5599 was just passed, which allows the state to legally take children away from their parents if they don’t consent to their child’s gender transition surgeries.

Washington State Senator Marko Liias issued a statement that summed up the new law. “Under current law, if a child who has run away from home goes to a licensed shelter, that shelter is required to notify the parents unless a compelling reason applies. The bill allows certified shelters to contact the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) in lieu of parents in certain additional instances, such as when a youth is seeking reproductive health services or gender-affirming care.”

But what is the depth of the problem?

staggering 99.4% of the population does not have the physical traits that cause someone to become transgender, according to UCLA’s Williams Institute, an LGBTQ advocacy group. The 0.6% of the adult population who are gender dysphoric – a condition that causes extreme distress – certainly deserve empathy and respect.

Much of the gender dysphoria battlefield takes place in our schools, which have become breeding grounds for this dangerous fad. To that end, Congress passed H.R. 5 in late March. Among other things, the bill, which prevailed in a 213-208 vote, would give parents the right to inspect the books and other reading materials in the library of their child’s school. It would enable them to know if the school operates, sponsors, or facilitates athletic programs or activities that permit an individual whose biological sex is male to participate in an athletic program or activity that is designed for individuals whose biological sex is female. The bill also enables parents to know if their child’s school allows an individual whose biological sex is male to use restrooms or changing rooms designated for individuals whose biological sex is female.

An article that purports to denounce H.R.5 inadvertently sells the bill. In “Republican education bill would increase interference in classrooms.” Aileen Arrreaza laments, “H.R.5 would create more problems than it solves.” And that is just the point. It is supposed to create problems, much in the same way that the cops create problems for bank robbers who are caught in the act.

Sadly, however, H.R. 5 seems to be dead in the water; chances are slim that it will make it through our divided Senate…

Read the rest of this column at The author, Larry Sand, is a former classroom teacher and is now the president of the non-profit California Teachers Empowerment Network – a non-partisan, non-political group dedicated to providing teachers and the general public with reliable and balanced information about professional affiliations and positions on educational issues. The views presented here are strictly his own.


  1. It will never abate, so long as it remains a “useful cudgel”” which is why it started in the first place

  2. Well of course gender dysphoria shows no signs of abating, and why should it, when it is being pushed onto children in the schools, and continuously shoved down everyone else’s throats by 1000 points of pro-globalist, anti-human propaganda?

  3. Let me repeat this “Washington State just passed a law allowing the state to legally take children away from parents if they dont consent to their child’s transition surgery”?????? Wow was this a vote by ballot or their elected Senators? Either way the people “voted” for this specifically or by proxy. I had no idea Washingtonians have lost their sanity!
    I thought California was the home of insanity with the legislation they introduced and very nearly passed which would allow parents who either “changed their mind” or were struggling with a newborn infant 30 days from the hour of birth to take the infant to an abortion clinic and have the infant euthanized! I absolutely thought someone had made this up until I researched it myself and consulted a family member living there who spent a lot of money and time campaigning against it through their church. Complete insanity!!!! Nancy Pelosi always brags that California champions new legislation that eventually becomes national policy. If this madness is headed our way its time to load the ark and set sail for saner pastures Dorothy!!! Absolutely Believable!

    • Wait a minute, how’s the ark gonna work if you gotta have two of every species, gender dysphoriacs included?

      • It shall not, Morrigan.

        The gender dysphoric shall simply drown, as they should, being of neither of the two genders within their species, within the ability to procreate and advance their species, which has been their goal all along.

        Give unto to them what they wish for. Martyrdom unto the point of nonexistence, at which point no other living individual shall care, nor remember, as those mentally unfit individuals were of no consequence to begin with, no matter how much they demanded acceptance and kowtowing unto their supposed existence.

    • “……..Washington State just passed a law allowing the state to legally take children away from parents if they dont consent to their child’s transition surgery……..”
      Let me guess: the parents still have to pay the state child support, don’t they?

  4. Nope. For some reason this is the hill progressives have chosen to die on.

    It make take more time than we’d like, but the goals of the party of Karen are at odds with both the illegals they import and the totalitarians they court. This will blow up in their face.

  5. Instead of promoting this mess, start pushing back and saying no. Actively. Businesses are bullied by these trolls, our children are bullied by them, and it needs to be stopped. The reason it isn’t “abating” is the people haven’t rose up and officially fought this all around.
    Do not accept it, promote it, or allow it in your lives. Period.
    School PTAS need to get more active to stop the groomers in their tracks and report them.
    Until this happens, these things will continue to be a problem for our entire society! It’s absolute insanity!

    • The mental illness of Gender Dysphoria is not a fad.
      The obligatory celebration of that mental illness is. Advertisers thinking they need to include mentally ill people wearing the wrong gender’s clothing in ads is a fad. Males destroying females in sports is a fad. Pretending this is all hunky dory is a fad.
      Nice try though. Perhaps you should put a few seconds into thinking “what exactly did the author mean by ‘fad’?” before posting next time.

    • Frank, but might not disease itself become a fad? Think Frank, there is a medical term for this…

  6. Put the pressure where it belongs: the American Psychiatric Association. The gender dysphoric are just one group in a growing army of mentally ill Americans menacing society, and the only consistent response from the APA is to de-list disorders from the DSM…… defunding police cures crime.

  7. The damage from this moral panic and manufactured crisis (it most definitely benefits those who do not want to see healthy, procreating families) will be with us for at least the lifetime of those who has been mutilated or chemically poisoned. To live as a surgically altered person is to be a lifetime medical patient caring for a self-inflicted open wound that can never heal. Being mutilated or chemically poisoned means never being able to reproduce or even have an orgasm. It is truly an awful fate some are choosing or being manipulated into (esp the kids). They are running towards the cliff edge and throwing themselves off- away from reason and health to brokenness and fear. And there is no going back for many. They will live a lifetime of in between and never being able to be whole. That is what drives the high suicide rate among this population.

    Those who knowingly profit from this madness ought to be subjected to the very worst of punishments. They are stealing a life.

      • Orgasms?
        That is all you got from Micah’s comment? A statement about orgasms? The rest of what Micah wrote is… well… not there if I were to take your response seriously.

      • Can we at least agree that anyone ‘transitioning’ should be an adult? You may look to help a kid, but my thought is what if that kid is under the influence of the parents. If the kid is truly determined to ‘transition’ then let them make that choice, for themselves, as an adult.

  8. Why in the world would you think this fad would diminish.
    To date, the left has never found a hammer as effective as this one. Trans activists are the epitome of school yard bully, demanding that all cower before them, and everyone does.
    This “fad” is not about gender, it is about power and control. And, never before has any tool been discovered as effective as this one.
    Give it up? Not a chance. Expect the riots.

  9. A civilized society does not experiment, mutilate, and slaughter its children.

    We are no longer a civilized society. We are Rome about two weeks before it fell.

  10. The fad might diminish at the point fad-ists’ midlife crises, biological clocks, and buyers’ remorse intersect.
    What happens to the cult as facts of life intervene, causing fad-ists to realize they don’t particularly like what they’ve become, there’s no avoiding what they’ve become, their numbers decrease because they don’t reproduce, and even the most ardently narcissistic among them have no constructive advice on how to live with what they’ve become?
    Sure and it may take a while, but when it happens, non-fadists might be forgiven for a bit of schadenfreude, no?

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