FDA says some types of Covid vaccines no longer authorized in U.S.


At a time when the Covid-19 vaccine recommendations seem to change with the season, the Food and Drug Administration now says people ages 65 and older and those who are immunocompromised are allowed to receive an additional dose of Covid-19 vaccine this spring, if they want one. Also, some of the earlier versions of the Covid vaccine are no longer authorized in the United States.

“This action includes authorizing the current bivalent vaccines (original and omicron BA.4/BA.5 strains) to be used for all doses administered to individuals 6 months of age and older, including for an additional dose or doses for certain populations. The monovalent Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines are no longer authorized for use in the United States,” the agency said. A monovalent vaccine has just one strain of a virus. A bivalent vaccine is a vaccine with two strains of a virus.

“Many different vaccines have both monovalent and bivalent versions, including flu vaccines and COVID- 19 vaccines,” the FDA explains, confusing the matter.

The updated Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 boosters are bivalent — they target more than one strain of Covid. They were created with the original strain of Covid-19, and newer omicron variant strains, BA.4 and BA.5.

The original Covid-19 vaccines for most primary series and original boosters from early 2021 are monovalent. These vaccines were created from the original strain of the virus and are the ones no longer approved. The Novavax booster is monovalent and does not target recent strains, such as Omicron.

According to the new guidance, people 65 and older should only get another shot if at least four months have passed since their most recent Covid booster, according to the FDA. For those immunocompromised individuals, the FDA suggests a two-month interval. Immunocompromised people could get additional doses after that “at the discretion of, and at intervals determined by, their health care provider.”

The announcement was made on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Vaccine will meet to make its recommendation on the Covid-19 vaccine schedules. The agenda is at this link.

The FDA is following Canada and the United Kingdom, which earlier announced that only older adults, adults who live in care facilities, and people who are immunocompromised would have access to an additional booster of vaccine this spring. In the U.K., adults 75 and older are eligible, while only Canadians 80 years or oder can receive the extra dose.

The FDA also said children 6 months through 5 years of age who have received one, two or three doses of a monovalent COVID-19 vaccine may receive a bivalent vaccine, but the number of doses that they receive will depend on the vaccine and their vaccination history.

Read more at this FDA advisory link.


  1. The flu shot is not a vaccine, and neither is the wuflu jab. A vaccine implies immunity from the targeted virus.

  2. With all of the available nonState Media available out there, anyone giving credence to the CDC/WHO at this point is lost. Condolences.

  3. All the more reason to trust the government for your health decisions. And for your children, those of you who are called “breeders” these days.Some of us have an immune system uncompromised by taking drugs every time we feel poorly. They still recommend giving these shots to babies? And sending our children to public schools? A mother moose takes better care of her babies. Call the government, and they will shoot it if it’s a problem. No kidding.

  4. Will these items they shoved on us be safely incinerated at the proper combustion then leached into our water treatment facilities and into the beluga and salmon oh, forever by human excreta? Or the air? How does that help forever. Some people sincerely hate Americans. Some stylish European monarchs had the protein spikes made into textile fashions in all types of fabrics while they felt cute about the mrna spikes and excess deaths. Some documented and wondered about the safety of injections and swabs but received bonuses. More inquiries. It’s the science. What’s next?

  5. What in the hell is the poor Pelosis going to do with all of their investment capital invested in Pfizer Moderna and Johnson without further mandates? As Joe Sniffy would say “Cmon man, Cant you see the science? We’re all gonna die if Yall dont get vaccinated. Its all you unvaccinated idiots that are killin everybody! LOL I can still hear his ridiculous pleas with his stupid black double mask starving his brain of precious fresh oxygen! What an old fool! I tend to judge people by the success of their children and Hunter is a prime example of his Daddy’s infinite wisdom. I guess the Pelosi’s have long since traded their shares in the drug market for Ratheon who is currently backlogged with orders for many more “weapons of mass destruction” with Putins name on them. Princess Lisa is backing Zelinski personally “with our money”

  6. Pushing COVID vaccines for babies, pregnant women, and small children is scientifically unjustified, medically unethical, and just plain stupid.

  7. It’s a genuine pity Fauci will never be held accountable in this life for what he did. The man is a sociopath.

  8. Let’s not forget the term they are applying to Mothers – which shall not be spoken. Instead, they want you to call Moms: Birthing People or Birthing Parents. The Biden administration replaced the word “mothers” to “birthing people” in the 2022 fiscal year budget.

    • There are six rounds in a revolver. The more times you spin that cylinder, the more you face an increased likelihood of adverse consequences for your decision. Maybe you finally line up with a bad batch, maybe you finally get enough of whatever excipient/adjuvant ingredient that your system is finally overcome. Every additional exposure brings you closer to that final conclusion.

      Sorry to hear of your decision Greg.

    • It’s cool Greg, we all tend to believe in something, weather it’s this nonsense or another.

    • This says it all. A guy hearing the truth, knowing the truth and still following the ridiculous narrative getting more poison.
      Good luck with that Greg.
      The rest of us are staying firmly away from all of it.
      Remember, the Government is NOT your friend!

      • Provide proof they didn’t die from the jab. So much has been disguised and covered up you can’t prove anything. I would never trust the CDC or the WHO, didn’t before Covid and will. Both corrupt and weaponized.

      • Greg, NO amount of proof is going to convince you of the foolishness of your blind obedience to, and trust in, corrupt authority, when you refuse to consider it or even look at it. Doubling-down on stupidity is never a good idea, yet we see it all the time in today’s degenerate society.

          • That is just a diversionary strawman argument of your own creation, Greg. I never argued that you do not have the right to get however many toxic clot shot boosters you choose to take. I was simply stating the fact that you are foolish for doing so, and foolish for doing so based on blind trust in corrupt authorities who have been PROVEN to be both wrong and liars on every aspect of the Wuhan Virus so-called pandemic.

          • Had all five, and in line for #6. No Covid, no illness, and (obviously) no death from any of the series.

            I trust modern science and medicine, despite their imperfection, just as the Deniers here will when faced with cancer or some other killer, and they beg the Doc to heal them.

          • GF & WT – You guys are short timers. It doesn’t have to be that way.

            Also: God does the healing, and the doctor takes the fees.

  9. Nothing like a definition being changed to meet the narrative. Notice the difference in the polio vaccine versus the current ‘vaccine’. One prevents you from catching it the other acts like a flu shot.

  10. So happy I wasn’t a sheep follower thru this. Greg, I know three people personally who have had vaccine damage. My Brother died as a result, my little dental assistant is having nothing but trouble since the jab, arm still feels weird where they put it, and she feels different. My other friend, now has something called “rare white blood cells” that are causing all sorts of trouble for her. Had the jab and subsequent boosters thinking she was better off. She no longer feels that way.
    Its easy to put yourself far away from something when you close your eyes to the truth. Right now, there is a thing called “pure blood”.
    Those of us who didn’t take the jab are now needed for blood transfusions by those who don’t want any of the. rMna garbage in their systems. Enough for you Greg?? Wake up and pull your head out of the sand!

    • That doesn’t prove anything but thanks for playing. I’m about as susceptible as you can get with catching anything. I look at somebody sneezing from a quarter mile away and I get pneumonia. Bronchial pneumonia that is. But since I’ve had all my shots I’m feeling pretty darn good. Must be a placebo effect huh?

      • “ Safety of mRNA Vaccines Administered During the First Twenty-Four Months of the International COVID-19 Vaccination Program : International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research “ :Vol. 3 No. 1 (2023)


  11. Pease dont hesitate to go in and ask for ALL of mine because they are all still sitting on the shelf where they belong (may as well be sugar pills) all bought and paid for by us for a virus that was bought and paid for by us as well. Cheers and lets toast to a healthy future! (This ad was bought and paid for by Pfizer) Baaaaa

  12. “We urge everyone to go out and get their COVID boosters today!
    – this message brought to you by the American Association of Funeral Home Directors.

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