Caucus time: Daily Caller unveils graphic video of two men having sex in Senate Judiciary room

Illustration, Senate Judiciary hearing room in the Hart Building, and blurred image of reported graphic video released by Daily Caller.

A leaked pornography video shows what appears to be a congressional staffer, who has been identified by many on the Hill, having anal sex with an unknown man in a Senate hearing room in the Hart Building. The footage was obtained and exposed by The Daily Caller.

One of the caucusing staffers can be seen in a photo, naked on all fours, looking back at the camera on the table where senators facing the audience and testifiers during hearings. He appears to be the recipient of an unprotected railing, the news outlet wrote.

A source identified the room to The Daily Caller as Hart 216. The Daily Caller blurred out the man’s face because his identity had not been confirmed, but his name is being widely shared on social media.

The Daily Caller story and video is at this link.

The news story has been picked up by other media, such as Breitbart News, which claims one of the men is a staff aide to Democrat Sen. Ben Cardin of Maryland, who recently led a group of mainly Democrat senators and Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski on an official trip to the climate change summit COP 28 in Dubai.

The Washington Examiner and Free Beacon also wrote about it.

But The New York Times did not, and neither did The Washington Post. The New York Times, whose motto is “All the News That’s Fit to Print,” led with a story Saturday on global debt, and the Washington Post, whose motto is “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” wrote about Israel accidentally killing three hostages that had been held by Hamas since Oct. 7.

“If Republicans desecrated the halls of Congress by peacefully walking through them on January 6th. What the hell do you call it when 2 Democrat staff members are F*cking each other in the *ss in a Senate hearing room?,” wrote one person on X/Twitter, who identifies himself as a conservative.

Another man, who identifies as a liberal, posted his response, “‘Conservatives retweet gay porn’ was not on my expected list to accompany my morning coffee this AM.”

Monica Crowley, former Assistant Treasury Secretary and former Fox News contributor, wrote, “Cocaine, topless trans activists & communist dancers in the White House, Dem staffers having gay sex in a Senate hearing room, a Satanic statue in Iowa, anti-Semitic terrorist sympathizers in the streets & university corner offices… The Left is doing a bang-up job on America.”

Sen. Cardin gave the Washington Examiner in a statement, “We have seen media reports. As this is a personnel matter and under review, we will not be commenting further at this time.”

The Senate staffer who has been widely named in the activity at this point hinted that he may pursue legal action after he was named on social media.

Sen. Dick Durbin of Michigan is the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee; Cardin does not serve on that committee.

It’s not known when the pornographic clip was made, but the most recent three hearings in the room happened earlier this week, before the Senate adjourned for the holiday break. The hearings were on:


  1. That they might do to each other what they’ve been doing to us shouldn’t seem strange. The Senate does have Greek origins.

  2. It’s appropriate video considering how foreign lobbyists and corporate lobbyists are allowed to associate and influence elected representatives.

    It’s appropriate considering how corporate interests are allowed to finance campaigns for dishonest candidates.

    It’s appropriate considering fake corrupt president joe Biden and his immoral family and democrat/ rino party have been doing this to America for years.

    It’s appropriate considering how law enforcement and the DoJ treated the J-6 protesters. When they came to the peoples house that their taxes and their sweat and blood had built. Shame

    It should be a Government accountability Meme .

    Welcome to Rome . When in Rome Do as the Romans do .
    Why are people complaining about this video ? Biden and his party does this to the world every day in plain view.
    Right up the rear with a smile.
    Uncle sam creepily puts his hand in our pockets every year every day with taxes and planned inflation with accepted debasement of our currency.

    We are all slaves . The courts said so when they told us we had no standing to sue for an election challenge due to vote irregularities.
    Due to privately owned vote counting machines know for misuse .

    No one has been proven to be effected. You have no standing to get discovery.
    Go home , watch tv and suck it up .

    Joe Biden “ we have created the greatest voter fraud organization in American history”

    As a disillusioned American I consider the concept of that statement concerning.

  3. This is the result when you allow mentally deranged people in places like the Senate. I’m sorry. Gays have no place here if this is how they conduct themselves. They need to go to jail and be dismissed as any part of the Senate. But will that happen? No. There will be alot of talk, what should happen, and a slap on the wrist for the freaks. There are no consequences to actions anymore within the high up places. I’m sick of the depravity, the lack of caring for any morals whatsoever, the Godlessness..
    Proof this is the end times for sure. Lovers of self, upside down world. Absolutely DISGUSTING!

    • The only one lacking morals are the depraved bigots of our country. The act itself was probably fetish induced, and as long as it was consensual, I’ll stick to reading other news stories. It always surprises me, though, when people say America is godless. I mean, the godless people only exist in the evangelist circles and they are a small minority of people. Overall, apart from that minority, America has a good handle on God.

  4. Not to be outdone by the running of the bulls, Washington, D.C., has the braying of the asses!

  5. Well they politicians should stand up and be proud of turning the capitol into a sex, drugs, lies and lewd behavior place of business.
    The world is laughing at us and the clown show brought to you by your politician.

  6. Freedom is the foundational principle in America. I suppose it could be said that these two, in their own way, are doing what they can to Make America Great Again. I pretty much disagree with their approach. This is a misuse of a government facility. I would ask the White House to comment.

  7. Many people in public life get their privacy exposed. Ask Jackie Kennedy, Paris Hilton, Bridgett Ziegler et al. Any teenager knows where to find this stuff on the internet.

    • The guy himself was posting the videos out to the public on his own, showing off what he was doing there. That’s how it got leaked and it shows he didn’t want it private, he wanted people to see what he was doing.
      Maybe the democrats just need to learn how to keep there cloths on and their cigars in check while in public buildings.

  8. We will be done for if this crap is allowed to continue. How many empires have fallen in history when the same virus was let to spread unchecked. It is unbelievable how bad DC has become.

    • Probably why he attempted to run for congress last time. He got clubbed like a baby seal at the polls. Lost even in his Assembly District

  9. Somebody thought long and hard about the title to this article. This amounts to insurrection. They must have snuck in through the back door.

  10. “Mean Joe” Biden was on the Senate Judiciary Committee and served as committee chair. There are favors in Washington, D.C., and then there are flavors: this appears to be some sort of consensual exchange of “favors!” Given that this “exchange” was transpiring in the Senate Hart Building, the Democratic staffers, I’m sure, would say that they were having at it for the greater good of the country. There are those who’d ask, who gives a dam so long as the work of the people gets done? Yeah! Yeah!

    These are “our” public servants working up a sweat just for us, so be grateful or do something about it!

  11. ” To those who engaged in the gleeful desecration of this, our temple of democracy, American democracy, justice will be done” – 2pac Pelosi.

    • Criminals one and all. Our country has had it too easy for too long. Our society is indeed fat ,dumb and lazy. The fat and lazy will only change when the Chinese are chasing them with Ak 47 s on full auto. But unfortunately the only cure for dumb is death.

  12. Wonder what the homosexual would sue about? Invasion of his privacy? No pun intended. Is there an expectation of privacy in a public place? Of course, with the sad state of our judicial system a jury or judge would probably award him $100 million in damages.

    • From what I understand is that he was the one posting the video of himself out to the public, bragging and showing off about what he was doing.

  13. Quoted from Conservative Treehouse AKA Sundance:
    “ Understandably, most Democrats are attempting to downplay and/or ignore the indecency exhibited by the behavior. However, given recent events in the world of leftist politics, the extreme nature of the degeneracy is simply another step in the direction of leftism in both culture and politics. As Representative Mike Collins (GA-10) noted, “Gay porn in the Senate, swearing in ceremony on child porn in Virginia, tranny tap dancers in the White House, and Satanic statues in Iowa,” the vile nature of the leftist perversions are on full display.

    History is replete with examples of Marxism (satanic influenced depravity and indecency), advancing through society with public expressions of cultural evil, degeneracy and perversion. Boundaries of civility are not just removed; they are destroyed in favor of perversion. The absence of moral behavior in the Senate chamber is not a new phenomenon, but the scale of recent indecency reflects a toxic exhibition of evil as manifest.

    Personally, I have a very difficult time even discussing this story. It is evil, sick and reflects a level of depravity that makes most people extremely uncomfortable. However, it is also important to put context behind the cultural attacks that are taking place, and we must bear abhorrent witness to the mindset of people who operate in Washington DC.

    We must accept things as they are, not as we would pretend them to be. As a nation, we are in a struggle against evil. These leftist forces are demonic in scope.”

  14. It always amazes me to see someone sue because they were videoed doing something that should have taken place in a bedroom. If they sue, whatever privacy they had about the matter will be bared (no pun intended) for all to see. What goes around, comes around.

  15. Emperor Caligula ordered his horse appointed to the senate. He never ordered gay sex be conducted in the senate chambers. We’ve sunken lower than the romans in debaturacy and degeneracy.

    Voting will not fix this.

  16. This is the Democrat/progressive/communist party
    that some idiots have voted for. JFK would be so proud of his party

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    Directed by Havit Yoway

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