Watch: White House Christmas cabaret video; no baby in manger, shepherds, wise men


It’s out with the old traditions, and in with the non-holy holidays as the Biden White House erased the Christ from Christmas altogether this year.

Now, Christmas is just another show. It’s a cabaret Christmas, with tap dancers in a variety of garish costumes tapping through the White House holiday displays straight out of Weimar Republic’s cabaret scene. Is history repeating itself?

The video did not get the warmest of welcomes on X/Twitter, where it was featured by the White House, as critics noted how it debased Christmas and eliminated taste altogether.

The Biden White House featured a twerking bunny at an Easter celebration and topless transgenders on the White House lawn for Pride month.

Pride Month celebration at the White House with topless transgenders.

Critics also compared the Biden Christmas decorations video to the one produced by First Lady Melania Trump during the Trump Administration, which was criticized by liberals as cold and lifeless, but praised by others as classy and respectful:


  1. It is difficult to watch the complete breakdown of the White House. It seems that squatters have moved into this country’s capital and is systematically destroying it.

  2. Just sad. My first thought was,”Is this a tranny xmas thing?” Sure miss the wholesome Christmas from Mrs. Trump. Oh well, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! Remember the reason for the season but also burn the Yule log too!

  3. Nothing is sacred to a type of people who don’t value life at conception, who don’t honor the father and mother, who love God. It being the Peoples house doesn’t mean whoever occupies it, anything to happen in the House is to reflect the timeless beginnings and foundation of the nation. Despite the current peoples differences and faith practices we are one people, one nation under one flag under on God.

  4. Well, there you have it, the White House is turned into a sex drugs and illegal money laundering operation. The mob is finally taken over the government and is ruling by force.
    I am so proud to be an American and show the world. What a great government we have but in reality, we have the crookedest politicians money can buy.

    • Totally agree with you Mark. They made a mockery of the White House… The criminals got in… They need to take them all down. Every one of the POTUS Mob!

  5. The group performing (and I use that term lightly) is out of NYC, Dorrance Dance. They advertise themselves as antiracist, adopting all the favorite black racist anti-white tropes you would expect. NYP is less than impressed. For this WH, for this regime, like O’Bama, race is the beginning, end, and everything else in between, which is really sad, as there are lots of other more positive ways to interact with the world. Cheers –


  6. I liked the video. I thought it was fun. I also enjoyed the decorating in the White House, I thought it was fun and inviting. Christmas is about kids, and I thought this was a great appeal for kids. Y’all are overthinking it.

    • “Christmas is about kids.” Pay no attention to the root word in Christmas, Stacey. You can certainly enjoy the video and help kids have great fun. But you might want to think about your declaration. And you won’t have to overthink it. I gave you a hint! 🙂

  7. The inmates are in charge of the asylum. Shameful, tasteless, un-American. The world is laughing, watching, waiting.

  8. This is what happens when Republicans say they would never vote for Trump, because he was too extreme. If they sit out again on the 2024 election, the word Christmas will be gone, and the words Winter Festivale will be used in it’s place.

  9. The old joke, slightly retold.

    Why wasn’t Jesus born at the White House?

    Couldn’t find three wise men and a virgin.

  10. After watching Jill’s video, I had to watch Melania’s to recover. The tap dancing on Jill’s video was really good, but much too busy for this season, when we need some peace and tranquility. Christmas and also Thanksgiving is about counting our blessings, thanking God for them, and re-learning to value each other.

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