Canada’s new law: All men’s restrooms must provide menstrual products for transgenders


Traveling through Canada? Don’t be surprised if you find tampons available in restrooms marked for men. A new law goes into effect in Canada on Dec. 15: All restrooms, regardless of gender, must provide menstrual products. The new law specifies that this is to make sure menstruating employees can use the toilet that “best reflects their gender.”

The exact wording from the government of Canada:

Menstrual products in all toilet rooms

“The regulations specify that menstrual products must be in all toilet rooms, regardless of their marked genders. This means that every female-identified, male-identified and all gender toilet rooms will need to have menstrual products. Unrestricted access to menstrual products better protects menstruating employees and makes sure that they feel safe to use the toilet room that best reflects their gender.

“Employers must also make sure a covered container for disposal of menstrual products is provided. A disposal container must be placed in each toilet room that has one toilet. In rooms with multiple toilets, a disposal container must be in each toilet stall.”

The full description of the new regulation is at this government of Canada link.


  1. High School boys in Oswego OR fight back by depositing the dispenser in the bathroom toilet. Not the first time, and they won’t stop, irritating all the Usual Suspects. Not the first time this has happened. The kids are gonna be allright. Cheers –

    • “High School boys in Oswego OR fight back by depositing the dispenser in the bathroom toilet……..”
      Yup. My first thought was that they’ll have to spend millions on dispenser security. And that’s exactly what those morons are going to do, too.

  2. “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”.

    – Voltaire

    And if anything is an absurdity, it is this radical leftist, completely divorced-from-reality ‘transgender” BS. There is NO such thing as being “transgendered”, there is only mental illness and bodily mutilation. A so-called “transgender” person can no more menstruate than a coconut can breast-feed.

  3. What the —- are they talking about?? Transgender men DO NOT Menstruate!! Period! This is how far the madness has gone into left field. Canada is psychotic, they offer to allow people to kill themselves for no reason, and now this.
    See what happens when you allow mentally deranged doctors, lawyers, and people in politics? Absolute insanity. All day long MEN CAN’T HAVE A PERIOD! PERIOD! ( pun intended!)

    • Transgender men are just confused women. It’s really sad. Watch, they’ll start adding more stalls to mens restrooms too. Since women need to sit down to pee…

  4. To quote from Tennessee Jet’s new song “2+2”

    They’re butcherin’ kids as a remedy,
    For feelin’ confused at puberty,
    Sellin’ pure evil as sympathy,
    And gettin’ rich in the sex change industry.
    They’re sexualizing kids, and everybody’s playing nice,
    They’re sexualizing kids; why the f—- we playin’ nice?
    How dare you dare to mention?
    How dare you believe your eyes?
    How dare you even question?
    2 + 2 is 5

  5. Why not urinals in the girls room? It’s just fair. And a sign;” enter at your own risk.” Retire the stick people.

  6. I used to love going to Canada.

    I’ll happy retract all criticism of this crap if they can ever produce a person with x/y chromosomes who monthly bleed anywhere.

    The proof has to include scans than show “he” was born with the necessary pieces. Ovary, womb, fallopian tubes, exit passage.

    Regular bleeding from the rectum due to questionable sexual activity doesn’t count.

    • “Regular bleeding from the rectum due to questionable sexual activity doesn’t count.”

      How dare you?! You are just being cis-binary-menstruphobic!

      In Canada, that is now a federal crime, punishable by up to ten years in prison and/or mandatory public service as a drag queen story hour presenter.

  7. If it doesn’t say anything about the type of product you are to supply. Then I suggest that they use the same product as my mother used. In that day she and her sisters used rags and wash them out and hung them on the clothes line to dry

  8. I have read that the medical healing from such radical procedures sometimes require changing of distressing bandages for a long and painful time. It’s discouraging but they are not menstrual products. People who turn from God are often so mentally unsound.

  9. What would the bathroom police do if ever swinging ahh…….. you know what. Exclusively used the “women’s” restroom and never lifted the seat.

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