Crime scene, White House edition


Between 400 and 500 political staff work in the West Wing of the White House. The political appointees working in that area have been hired since Joe Biden was sworn into office in 2021, except for Secret Security officers. All must go through security screening.

The cocaine discovered in the White House on Sunday could have been brought in by any of staff who have access to that part of the building, including Secret Security itself.

Or it may have been brought in by Hunter Biden, who was last at the White House West Wing on Friday, before he and the president went to Camp David for the weekend on Marine One.

A felony has been committed at the White House. The seat of government is a crime scene. Will the public be told what the amount of cocaine was, where it was located, and when? Will the public get the full story?

According to Washington, D.C. law, DC legislation, cocaine is classified under the same category as other Schedule I substances, similar to heroin, PCP, methamphetamines, and other highly addictive or hazardous drugs. At this writing on July 4, the Secret Service has not disclosed the amount or exact location that the cocaine was found but media is widely reporting it was found in the working area of the West Wing.

The most discreet way to commit a non-political felony at the White House is to bring drugs onto the premises, since everything brought into the premises are run through a scanner for weapons, not drugs. While marijuana became legal in Washington DC, back in 2013 Snoop Dogg smoked pot in restroom at the White House, while he was visiting President Barack Obama. Pot was still illegal.

A similar instance occurred in the 1970s when country singer-songwriter Willie Nelson smoked pot on the White House roof with one of President Jimmy Carter’s sons.

In the case of First Son Hunter Biden, he is an unconvicted felon, as an admitted illegal drug user, possibly recovering, and a regular visitor to the West Wing, with perhaps less security scrutiny than the paid staff.


  1. We will never be told who/how
    much/where. Unless they can tie it to Trump.

    Considering the people Grandpa Sniffy has surrounded himself with, it could be any number of people. Hunter is such a train wreck he is easily the first “choice”. And potentially a good scapegoat.

    • Masked Avenger, Quick Question, you ever snort any Cocaine? Inquiring minds and this fellow Cartoon Hero want to know. For the record, I did once, Summer of 1975, Oldman Camp north of the Yukon River. Made my teeth cold and my nose runny, I didn’t come back for more, especially since for the cost of one hit of coke you could have purchased enough windowpane to orbit the earth.

      • I don’t engage in pointless banter with trolls.

        Better luck next time. Don’t forget to pick up your consolation prize as you leave.

        • Masked Avenger, I thank you for responding to my inquiry. I find it amusing that you who uses a Cartoon Persona would refer to another Cartoon Character as a Troll? That is consolation in of its self!
          Hee hee

      • Nobody wants to know this crap. Keep it to yourself. Are there no drug dogs at the WH? Where is security? Just as easy to get in there with some anthrax or nerve poison or something.

    • WAY too coincidental given how mad some are that Hunter Biden didn’t get a life sentence for his concerns.

      • Your posts and anything that comes out of Peltola’s head remind me that women are responsible for the nonsensical LGBT, kinder gentler, accepting of mental illness, thought police BS that permeates gov’t currently.

        You should do your fellow man a favor:

        never vote again.

      • And the fact, Maureen, that you and your radical leftist ilk cannot clearly see, and admit, that the known crackhead and drug addict Hunter Biden is not an obvious and prime suspect in this White Powder House fiasco is just another of your pro-establishment “coincidence theories”.

        • In this specific case, there’s a valid chance it’s not Hunter. Look at the people they surround themselves with. Trash begets trash.

          But I agree Hunter is the first place to start looking. If they bothered to look.

  2. On the one hand, people should let the whole Hunter Biden gotcha stories drop. Why? Because Joe Biden loves his son Hunter. If that’s not a good reason, I don’t know what is…

    Of course, on the other hand, John Gotti loved his son too. Hmmm….

  3. Seriously, what kind of 50 year-old person takes pictures of himself using meth and crack while posing with hookers? This guy is deranged at the cesspool level. And Joe is so “proud” of him. We got a real problem in the White House.

    • I fear It’s deeper than that, Ted. Millions of people voted for this group and all it’s trimmings. And millions would vote for it again. It’s high time we got back to celebrating Independence Day, and it’s deeper meaning, rather than July 4th, just another day on the calendar.

    • What’s the “real” problem(?):
      … The Biden?
      … The Administrations Staff?
      … The Handlers?
      … The Enablers?
      … The Rhinos?
      … The Swamp Creatures?
      … Or(!), the clueless, aimless, and fickle Voters?

    • The entire Biden family are psychos (especially Dr. Jill, who enables them all). Then, you have the endless parade of trannies and lesbians who are in charge at the WH. The Democrats who can’t find anyone with brains or morals to be their nominees. And the main press who cheers on all of this madness because they are made-up of 60’s radicals and their woke offspring who no longer understand the difference between sanity and insanity.

  4. Quite obviously, everyone with a remote connection to law enforcement will say nothing about this to the end of time, citing “an ongoing criminal investigation”. Since this may involve the fashionable and “correct” people, the plan will be to deny, deflect, delay and dismiss. This is the country some of our ancestors fought and died for. The Left must feel so proud.

  5. Another disgraceful piece of “journalism”. This entire article is based on speculation and innuendo. You have zero actual evidence Hunter Biden has anything to do with the coke that was found but go ahead and print something up for your echo chamber.

    • Well cman, it is a high security area and someone brought in a controlled substance. Real problem.

    • From 2016/2017/2018…
      “Another disgraceful piece of “journalism”. This entire article is based on speculation and innuendo. You have zero actual evidence Donald J. Trump has anything to do with the Russian election interference but go ahead and print something up for your echo chamber.”
      If this article bothers you, but you could not be bothered to say anything over the last 8 years, you are part of the problem.

  6. The democrats are bring digitiy to the White House trans showing breast to cocaine what is next.

  7. While I agree 100% about JB being a scum bag, and his son being the biggest evidence of that… I also feel suspicious about all these deleterious stories about the president at the beginning of the next election cycle. What motive does the press have to demonize Joe and ensure he doesn’t win? Frankly, I don’t trust the press enough to believe there isn’t something in it for the elites who own and control the media.

    I agree the Joe and Hunter don’t belong in the WH. And I suppose DJT was treated unfairly too. But I don’t trust what I see. Why did this audio leak in the first place? Who leaked it? What do THEY stand to gain from it. Even if this info helps YOUR cause, you have to wonder who or what other causes might be promoted in the midst of all this.

    • Well, there has been quite a bit of speculation that certain elements of the DNC would like to see Gavin Newsom as the democratic candidate in 2024. And what better to way to edge out old Joe than allowing him to bow out to take care of his junkie son?

    • Dee Cee, you may be right, it could be a frame up job from the DNC to build the case for dumping Joe, then again it could be an actual honest report that got by their censors? The problem is… that after a couple billion whoppers told to us over the last three years, people tend to not believe anything that they hear , read or see. This is dangerous because truth is being reported despite the lies. One must remain curious, skeptical and informed while filtering any MSM news and especially Government announcements. Be a Clam!

    • “What motive does the press have to demonize Joe and ensure he doesn’t win?”
      The leftists in the media would never knowingly do anything to make a fellow leftist look bad. Which tells me this is probably 1,000 times worse than reported.
      “And I suppose DJT was treated unfairly too.”
      Do you think? That is like saying water is wet. Show me articles that are in any way complimentary of Trump from anything that is even remotely associated with the main stream news. At best the headlines acknowledged that he was not in fact evil, but that is about all the leniency they gave him.

      • At some point, self preservation may kick in. Media is dying nationwide. Only the really good or really corrupt will survive.

        Someone, someday, will break the story of the most corrupt president and administration in history. If you’re a decent journalist and want a job in the new media future…why not “you?”

  8. Yes of course there are 4-500 other possibilities as well as security personnel that may have decided life was a little boring working for a stumbling old fool that repeatedly goes on stage to either tell lies or sniff out a female in the audience so what the big deal with a little recreational activity to put some kind of life in their job.

    If it was Hunter it is just a direct reflection of Sniffy hisself. Hunter and Haley havent been through hell and rehab without the help of Joe who sent them off to be raised by family members because he was too busy with his fingers in the pie trying to set his family up with free money from abroad.

    Children dont just go off the deep end and contemplate suicide with an illegally purchased pistol or write in their diary about sharing a shower with an adult as a 13 yr old during rehab.

    That takes complete derelection of duty and responsibility as a parent and proves his greed for money greatly exceeds his parental responsibility.

    His failure as a parent is no different than his failure as an elected official who just cannot stop lying even when confronted with his completely ignorant failure in Afghanistan which directly resulted in the death of 13 valuable lives as soldiers and hundreds of Afghan citizens.

    It is best for Democrats to keep their heads buried in the sand and do not even think or look at who you are voting for and supporting. Just keep your masks on get your boosters every round like the big guy says. He has his fingers in that pie as well!

  9. It’s not the first time drugs invaded the WH, and it won’t the last. Wasn’t Bill Clinton some long time ago was involved somewhow.?..

  10. Isn’t the White House a drug free workplace? No, I don’t think it is. The suitcase bandit is gone, who else could it be?

  11. Politico is reporting “law enforcement” has said the culprit will probably never be found due to its high traffic volume.

    So we’re supposed to believe one of the most heavily guarded places on Earth with cameras everywhere, facial recognition software, and access to the investigative power of America can’t figure out suspects?

    If that is true, then the entire security staff needs to be fired and the whole system overhauled.

    Better guess is they have no interest in finding who did it. Can’t find what you don’t bother to look for.

  12. I believe President Biden used the strategy of his predecessor and thought about cocaine being illegal and decriminalized it with his rumination. Seems to have worked well with classified documents in South Florida.

  13. Smells like an intel op. If so, the Deep State has decided that Scranton Joe is no longer viable. Their problem is removing Kamala before Joe goes. Cheers –

  14. Yeah cocaine should be decriminalized. It will save the taxpayers a lot of money not having to pay for the valuable services of the Secret Service FBI and DOJ if they arent chasing Hunter jetsetting around the globe begging for for more handouts to pay for those high prices to the cartels that Papa Joe setup using a few million mules to deliver drugs so sonny boy doesnt suffer withdrawals.

  15. The White House is now claiming they can’t say whose Coke it is due to the Hatch Act.

    I’d prefer they say they’re not going to answer questions from the peasants than insult our intelligence by attempting some weird dodge like this.

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