Bridge too far? Packed agenda for Anchorage Assembly includes more mandates and curbs on mayor’s authority


In addition to preparing to pass an extreme ordinance requiring masking all of Anchorage for the remainder of 2021, the Anchorage Assembly has other things in mind to attack Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson and his authority.

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The Assembly will consider another ordinance that will force the mayor to subject his department head and other appointees for approval to the Assembly at the time of the Assembly’s choosing, rather than the mayor’s. Currently, appointees can be in “acting” positions for six months. The Assembly, in Ordinance AO 2021-92, says that some of the mayor’s appointees have been controversial and they want to get a chance to bounce them earlier, rather than later.

Former school principal Sami Graham was appointed by the mayor as the librarian for the city. When her appointment came up for confirmation, the leftist majority denied her the job because she doesn’t have a masters degree in library science. The mayor then appointed Judy Eledge to the position, and she has not come up for confirmation yet. Eledge doesn’t have a degree in library science, either.

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The ordinance is a way for the Assembly to get rid of executives quickly. The Assembly is looking for ways to get the mayor angry, so that he’ll act out against them, setting up a recall against him.

Ordinance 2021-20 strips the Executive Branch of its authority over the meeting spaces of the Anchorage Assembly. The city charter puts the mayor in control of all operations and facilities. This ordinance will allow the Assembly to limit public access to Assembly meetings to any number it chooses, and to force those who are in public buildings to wear mask, distance, or adhere to other mandated Assembly behavior, even if the mayor has no such order in place for public buildings.

During the last regular Assembly meeting, the Assembly majority tried to replace Mayor Dave Bronson’s seating position and put Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar in his place, going so far as to replace the mayor’s placard with Dunbar’s placard. The Assembly tried to move the mayor to a seat that was unguarded by bulletproof Kevlar, and where the Assembly could look over his shoulder at his computer. They also sought to isolate him from his staff so he would have no easy way to check on issues during the meetings.

The three ordinances — universal masking, control over building space, and fast-paced executive confirmations — are part of an agenda tonight that is sure to bring out public comment and probably protesters. The meeting starts at 5 pm and runs until about midnight on the ground floor of the Loussac Library. Protesters are expected, many whom will be wearing red, Must Read Alaska has learned from Facebook groups.

The Anchorage Education Association, the teachers union that supports various mask mandates and supported Forrest Dunbar for mayor, is telling its supporters to wear purple.

The meeting agenda is at this link.

The public hearings on these items may be so well-attended that action on any of them could take days. Must Read Alaska has learned the Assembly is planning to meet every day this week.


  1. History shows us these leftist power grabs after a democratic election do not end well…
    I hope the majority’s voice is head by the assembly but I am concerned no amount of public testimony will change their opinion as the public has already made their voice heard by electing Mayor Bronson.

    • You are correct. No amount of protesting will change their minds, this has already been proven.

      Mayor Bronson has the power of Emergency Orders, not the assembly. If the assembly passes an AO (not EO), then the mayor’s authority under an EO can nullify the AO. Simple.

  2. Suzanne, please write about Juneau’s back door attempt at this garbage too.

    Special assembly meeting tomorrow with minimal notice (not as widely advertised as Systemic Racism Committee) with an ordinance yet to be revealed.

    https:// juneau .org/ calendar?trumbaEmbed=view%3Devent%26eventid%3D155162552

    Ord 2021-42 An act for COVID mitigation measures and providing for penalty.

  3. Any backbones left in Anchorage or just sheep? This would be a good time for them to show up. You get the government you settle for. Baaaaaaah.

  4. I just cannot believe it. The Assembly is trying to take away an authority they supported under the previous administration? What are the odds???
    This is my surprised face.

  5. Their desperate attempts to make the mayor move from behind his shield makes one wonder what skullduggery might be afoot. It might be prudent for said mayor to avail himself of some wearable protection.

  6. “mayor’s appointees have been controversial and they want to get a chance to bounce them earlier, rather than later.” You mean like.. The assembly (collective mind hive)? With the “assembly” breaking the charter constantly, I think they need to be arrested, charged and prosecuted. No one is above the law, that includes assembly members.

  7. These Assembly Members are digging their own political graves. What they think their setting a snare for Mayor Bronson, they themselves will get themselves all tangled up in their own hole and trap. You know what! it’ll be the Church people providing the flowers and bereavement when the leaders walk off their stage disgraced. Because of that is what this bible teaches Forgiveness and Mercy.
    While the churches continue reading and teaching the Word, applying it, and praying who they must reach out to teach the Gospel. These Assembly members glory days have an ending, while Christ’s glory remains forever through the ages and through all tyrannical idolatry kingdoms.

  8. It appears that the Anchorage Assembly has learned well from the Biden administration and feel emboldened to do and say whatever they want without any repercussions but I think they might be underestimating Mayor Bronson and he will hit them right back. The sooner we get these commies out of office the better off Anchorage will be.

  9. It speaks volumes about our current assembly – grade school games like trying to move the mayor’s designated seat at the meetings…. and why do they want to have control over meetings and lock out the public again? Seems no matter which side of the aisle you are on, you would want your assembly members to act under the law. They do not have the authority to override the mayor or to enact this mandate. All of anchorage needs to ignore them IF they manage to get it through. Hopefully the municipal attorney is already working on his case to take this to court. I have had enough of the assembly abusing their “power” and in general designating themselves power they aren’t legally afforded. What’s become of the whole Dunbar/Constant and their sneaky information gathering emails that they know were illegal?? Why aren’t these people ever held accountable? It is maddening to see Anchorage turning into the same type of ****hole that is now Seattle, Portland, San Fran…. seems to be the goal though. With sub freezing temps in September and liberal tyrants being allowed control- maybe AK isn’t what it once was, or what I want it to be- anymore. So disappointing. This place used to be for the free, independent spirit and now it’s full of sheeple just like everywhere else.

  10. They think of themselves as not a part of the community. They think of themselves as the clergy of covid for the community. Veto. Say “I DO NO NOT CONSENT to this agenda”. The refusal of the community to accept the agenda or Consent of the agenda by the community will be a registered historic fact. They derive any power, if any, from the consent of the people. This relationship with the people is dynamic not static at this time. All political power is with the people. They have a written oath on file reminding them that they are to secure the rights of the people not bury the instructions of the people. The assembly persons are NOT allowed on my medical team. They don’t belong there on medical teams. The agenda is insane. It is not possible to plausibly debate and hear that many issues. That is ramrodding things through. They don’t get paid for unsatisfactory performance. If they adopt that agenda it is a smokescreen for truncating and disallowing assembly meetings for the public of Anchorage. They have no authority without us. They want and insist on doing things without us.

  11. Anyone who lives in Zaletel’s district needs to vote YES on recall. We need a strong showing. If there are shenanigans in the Clerk’s office, I hope someone has the integrity to blow the whistle. If we succeed in recall, we go after Constant, Dunbar and Quinn-Davidson. The latter’s district is already livid with her and have considered organizing a recall themselves. Let’s get Zaletel out with a large enough showing and go after the rest.
    The Assembly is setting a precedent they will someday regret. They’re setting up a power structure so that, if in the future we get some sanity on that dais, we can take away power from a liberal mayor whose edicts we don’t like. They’re so power mad, they do not see what they’re doing, ultimately to themselves. So be it.
    They want Bronson to act against them so they can recall him? Like, the Dunleavy recall was so effective? I’m sorry that recall is over, to be honest. I was really enjoying telling petitioners at Target to get stuffed.
    And finally, they want deputize Karens across the Anchorage Bowl to inform on neighbors, co-workers and community members? We already know Constant is a complete hypocrite. Get pictures of them without their masks. They try to enforce this garbage on us, turn it on them. Report them for ANY infraction of their own madness. Get pictures and video and spread it far and wide. DeBlasio tried this garbage in NYC and the hotlines were filled with tips about him. Let’s do the same. This is about control and retribution for us not electing Dunbar. Give them no quarter.

  12. The Masking mandate is the last item on the agenda. There is a very full agenda tonight. Odds are, the mandate will not get any public testimony, and if it does, there will be little time for it.
    Which means, the Assembly will likely push it to tomorrow.
    Similar to the testimony on spreading the homeless around the city, the Assembly will only tolerate so much dissent. They will declare COVID is just too dangerous, and limit the number of people, or deny the public entry for the follow on meetings.
    Which means you have to provide testimony over the phone.
    And, just in case you did not check, the deadline for getting on the phone list has been moved from 2PM day of the meeting to 5PM day BEFORE the meeting.
    Which means that if testimony on this ordinance gets pushed to tomorrow, the Assembly can shut the public out, and there will be no one signed up in time to provide telephone testimony.
    How convenient.
    If the testimony on the masking ordinance, or any of them gets pushed, everyone in the Assembly chambers MUST demand at least 48 hours before the next meeting to prevent the Assembly from denying anyone the ability to testify.

  13. It is a political coup attempt, plain and simple. Don’t think for a minute that it has anything to do with health or safety.

  14. The Assembly is performing a coup on Bronson. What will they do if they succeed?

    They absolutely do not care about the law.

  15. New drinking game for the assembly meeting
    1) every time a “medical professional ” rolls their eyes and sighs take a drink
    2) every time the assembly passes a new holiday for a small portion of society take a drink
    3) every time the microphones get cut off because of public backlash take a drink
    4) if you feel more sick about the money going to lobbyists than the looming mask mandate, move to the valley
    5) every time Rivera makes a cringeworthy statement, pour all your alcohol down the drain. His words have killed hundreds over the years

  16. Let me try this again with corrected typos (sorry):
    Why not try something new? Stop giving these lawless anti-US Constitution sickos what they masochistically feed upon. Stop attending their meetings. They are mentally not well and gain deep satisfaction doing the opposite of what we normal, mentally stable folks would do. Don’t give them the time of day. Treat them the same way we treat their lawless mandates. They are mentally unstable and psychologists say the best way to make them go away or seek help is by starving them to death by not giving them what they crave. They need prayer, not our attention.

  17. Betting pool is now open!
    The Assembly is having a second session to hear the public on the mask mandate. How many hours before they declare in person testimony too dangerous due to COVID, and lock the public out of the future meetings. Clock starts at 12:00 Noon, Sept, 29.
    $1 per bet to get in, closest overall wins.

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