Shocker: Meg Zaletel amendment pits neighbor against neighbor to report on face covering violations or businesses not requiring customers to wear them

Meg Zaletel

A new version of the Anchorage mask ordinance that has been proposed by Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel has a new twist: To enforce the mask mandate for all over the age of 2, Zaletel proposes a citizen-led enforcement provision.

In other words, if code enforcers are not available or are not conducting surprise visits to businesses or private parties or events, citizens can report infractions of the ordinance, and take offenders — say birthday partiers or store owners — in front of an administrative hearing officer to address the alleged violations.

The Zaletel enforcement plan turns customers into enemies and neighbors into mask narcs.

Zaletel is plowing forward with her proposed universal mask mandate for Anchorage, and in her “S version” of her ordinance, she also says that she wants it clear that even vaccinated persons must comply with the masking requirements, but that those engaged in a select number competitive sports will not have to wear a mask — for instance, wrestling, swimming, and diving.

The Anchorage Assembly will take up the Zaletel mask ordinance on Tuesday at the 5 pm meeting that takes place at the Loussac Library.

The leftwing majority of the Assembly has supported the ordinance, as introduced on Sept. 20 at a secretive meeting the Assembly had in a small conference room in City Hall. Poorly noticed to the public, several citizens attended after learning of the meeting through Must Read Alaska.

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Assembly members Meg Zaletel and Pete Petersen are sponsoring the ordinance, with Zaletel, who is an attorney, taking the lead on it.

The actual addendum referred to in the memo above has not yet been released by Zaletel or the Assembly Chair Suzanne LaFrance, which is very unusual. It’s apparent this addendum is being held back from public view. There are two other “S” versions, with unknown amendments.

Original ordinance, without amendments is at this link:


  1. Well dang, will we get those really cool brown shirts to wear while out scouting around for violators..maybe something with a colorful MOA patch on the sleeve, perhaps resembling a yellow star?

    • Sure, as long as you look for violators amongst our assembly 9 and turn them in as many times as you can. Oh and also post to MRAK and social media.
      P.S.: Meg is reserving the yellow star for those unvaccinated malcontents.

      • The irony of course is that these ——- don’t see the analogy of their actions to those of Nazi Germany.
        But Our President Trump was called a Nazi.
        These people will continue to ‘poke the bear’.

    • OMG! I’m thinking the same thing!! What is happening to this town! I’ve lived here 60 years and I can’t believe what this assembly is proposing, no, shoving down our throats!! The time for common sense is way past due!!

  2. VE VILL ENSURE DAT YOU VILL COMPLY VIT OUR ORDERS!! oopsie! Ve ment to say mandates! But, we also know mandates have no standing in a court of law. At least, a court that follows the Anchorage Charter, the Alaska Constitution and US Constitution.

    District 4 residents! I hope you’re seeing this and keep it in mind for the October 26 recall vote!

    If you want to wear a mask, please do so. If you don’t wish to wear a mask, don’t. Either way, be kind and respectful of each other and don’t be a maskhole on either side.


    Mass resistance can (and hopefully will) sink this draconian and authoritarian move by the out-of-control and power-hungry Anchorage municipal ass-embly.

  4. My goodness! This is so much worse than the Texas abortion law. The over reach, the attack on our personal freedoms! When will it ever end?

    • When Christ returns and brings upon judgment upon the whole Earth, as Revelation 21-22 speaks, there be peace on earth. No more killing of babies and no more tyrannical leaders thinking they can manage the people’s lives better than the people. Because we will be serving and worshipping One God. Not worshipping ourselves, other people, and things.

    • Perhaps, but a thousand years from now if our descendants are still around, they’ll look back at this time and think what in the world were those people doing killing babies? They will be so advanced that they won’t even be able to grasp the concept, because they value human life more than some people do today. There will be a socialist environment that provides for everyone so that they can focus on everything that benefits the race. This will be after world war 3 and 4, and eventually we will quit fighting each other.

  5. Ahhh, the Divide and Conquer strategy being fully implemented by the puppets of the Deep State.

    They expected us to all cower in fear of their bioweapon. They expected us all to die because they had deemed us all as sick.

    What they did not expect is that many of us are awake to their nonsense and have been awake for a long time.

    We saw that the establishment was not providing healthy eating information, proper healthy living techniques or anything but the use of chemical pharmacy.

    We made choices to divorce ourselfs from the system and become self reliant.

    They can’t seem to understand that many of us are truly healthy and have absolutely no need for any of their drugs.

    They will be surprised to discover that their efforts to weaken us, have only made us stronger.

    My body is my temple. It is my home. It is my place of prayer. The establishment has no authority over my one and only true possession, my self.

    The corrupted Assembly has fully revealed itsef and we them clear as day.

    They push for mask use because they no longer have anything else to hide behind.

    This power grab will be their demise.

    Good bye Anchorage Assembly, you tried.

    • All you grand narcissistic pontification will fly out the window should you need a trauma surgeon or a Trooper.

      • You make assumptions based on your limited human perspective.

        I would rather enter the long sleep in the woods than to depend on your system.

        You fear death. I do not, for I know what comes after this life.

    • Don’t be. He is probably waiting to see what they actually pass, so as to not tip his hand. Knowing the assembly, they are now furiously working to re-write this ordinance to couch it in more “genteel” and “reasonable” terms (with the same effect) to justify passing it anyway.

    • Bronson has been outspoken against Biden’s mandates. As AFH said, he is probably waiting to see what, if anything, is actually passed. He also will likely veto whatever they pass which would mean they need 8 votes to override him.

    • He’s a politician first, and I suspect he’s hunkering down waiting for all the mud throwing to slow down a bit. He’ll pop his head out like a turtle after a while then come up with some cutesy thing to satisfy his followers and whip up the competition. I don’t see him as being a whole lot different than anyone else. He just wears a different color suit.

    • Pay attention. Watch Mayor Bronson’s report last night, to the assembly. It’s on video. Eloquent and factual. You will not be disappointed!

  6. They want a War they will get it. The Assembly needs to be taken down before they create something that they can’t win.

  7. Imagine what’ll happen when, not if, creative rebels flood the zone with tens of thousands of alleged violations,
    … what won’t happen when Mayor Bronson refuses to create, support, or staff an “administrative hearing officer”,
    … the maskless dancing in the streets likely to happen when this SOB is gone from office, and preferably from Alaska.
    Good news is job security for law firms, lawsuits bound to happen when the Zaletel enforcement plan turns customers into enemies and neighbors into mask narcs.
    More than a few folks might even be ready, willing, and able to help hire a private investigative firm whose work would persuade The Meg to find better career choices …out of state …quickly.

  8. Classic 1933! Divide and conquer! Rely on the creeps and shallow people to enthusiastically embrace this, grasp a little power and maybe get a reward down the line.
    Yesterday I thought I had woken up in 1950’s USSR, but I was wrong! I am living in 1933 Germany!

      • Faux Greg, in 1950’s Hollywood, McCarthy was hard at work sniffing out communists, or those who associated with communists. Unlike 1950’s Soviets or 1933 Germans, none of them EVER ended up in a camp, or were rounded up and jailed or murdered, because they refused to swear allegiance to dear leader. In the 1950 Stalin had already cleansed the country of undesirables, purged the military and controlled pretty much every aspect of Soviet life (yesterday’s article was about airlines sharing no-fly lists). In Germany in 1933 the Nazi party created its own police force in the Brown shirts, essentially thugs going around denouncing and intimidating regular citizen to solidify Hitler’s grasp on power.

  9. If Bronson says no to face masks and tells the law enforcement to disregard, what can this commie assembly do? Is Meg and Forrest going to be out writing citations? Get the popcorn!

    • They will pass an ordinance to hire code enforcement officers that are reportable to the Assembly. And, since they have a veto proof majority (at least until next year) it will pass and they will have their own police force.

      • They cannot do that under any semblance of legality, as enforcement of municipal laws and regulations are the responsibility of, and under the authority of, the executive branch, i.e. the mayor.

        • Change the laws. See, simple.
          Not kidding about that. The Assembly is busy working on ways to undercut the Administration. Do not think for a second they are not combing through Anchorage Code to find ways to get their own police force.

  10. A citizen led mask enforcement provision aka brown shirts. Thankfully we can still open carry in this state, I suspect that when they see someone wearing a sidearm they might be hesitant to try and enforce their draconian rules on free citizens.

  11. This is the same person being recalled that her supporters are outspending 10:1 to be recalled?
    Hell people what she is wanting to do is straight out of Uncle Joe Stalin days!
    Hey people of Anchorage it is up to you for freedom or Communism.

  12. Meg reminds me of an old folk song ? popular in the late ’50s and early 60’s where the refrain was about reporting ” un-American activities” . Or, “if your mommie is a commie then you gotta turn her in”!
    Good job Meg! Like rust , you fascist never sleep or quit in your pursuit of destroying individual liberty. Go away and please do not come back.

  13. She’s the Gauleiter of Anchorage! She can make and enforce laws at will, and will send the GESTAPO after you if you disobey her. DRACONIAN TOTAL COMPLIANCE is all she asks; why not just make it easy on yourselves and obey her and her subordinates’ dictats?

    People, I lived in AK for 30 years. I’ve been gone for 12 now. I left to The South because I predicted this tyrannical behavior 25 years ago. People said I was crazy. Who’s crazy now? Meg Z and her COMMUNI-FASCIST comrades.

    • I wonder if she took the Bar Exam as many times as Lisa? Maybe she took the same bar prep course as Lisa and got the answers before taking the exam? She appears mighty empowered by something, but it appears to be more out of a defensive posture.

  14. I would invite Ms: Zaletel, who is supposedly a lawyer, to read Section 5.01 of the Anchorage Municipal Charter which provides: “The executive and administrative power of Anchorage is vested in the mayor.”. But then perhaps she is counting on her fellow travelers in the courts to rule that the Charter language means something entirely different. That would be the typical result in Alaska these days. Absolute corruption.

  15. Huh. Like that will get me to mask up? It will result in me carrying self defense options in case of some form of overreach. I encourage all Alaskans to carry self defense options to use in case of tyranny.

      • Evan, what is with you and all these wildly reaching associations? Ever heard of Chuck Norris? Self defense option does not always mean a device that makes your balls shrink into your pelvis.

        Evan, you trolls make a great pin cushion. Good to have you around.

  16. I’m only surprised any of you are surprised. This has been telegraphed since the lockdowns began.

    Just ask Mr Kriner.

  17. They deputize the citizens as the Stasi and narcs someone will end up hospitalized or in the morgue. I just don’t see this ending up well.

  18. Lol, well none of it is enforceable in court of law and she knows that…being a lawyer. Especially events on private properties…only the executive branch has policing and enforcement ability…this separation of power is exactly for this reason.

  19. Actually if you read very closely I think there is a clause saying that we must all wear a large scarlet C, banging on a bell while we shout ‘Unvaxxed, unvaxxed’ whenever anyone is near. Or that could just be my imagination (sorry for giving them ideas).

  20. She’s going to get people hurt if they try to enforce these unconstitutional mandates. I won’t feel sorry for them. I am so far over this absolute bull. Wearing a mask does not a damn thing for you. It can do horrible things to you. These people on this assembly know they are useless and have shown that in their own actions on their personal time. They are taking orders from someone else. Who? They all need to be investigated. Deeply. Do they have ties to any Soros foundations? Where are they from? College connections? Or is that PFD stealing Ex Gov Walker pulling their puppet strings?

  21. I just gave $250 at https://www. recallzaletel .com. If you cannot donate, please join my wife and I at the Anchorage Assembly meeting tonight to show our support for our Mayor Dave Bronson and help fight the awful mask ordinance that Zalatel put on the agenda. If I can do that while under threat of losing my job due to the impending “vaccine” mandate, others should be able to as well. While we are still able to fight this tyranny with our donations and our voices now, that won’t be the case in the future if we don’t stand up today. While I am not really worthy I will end this comment with a quote from Todd Beemer. It’s time folks “Let’s roll”.

  22. I would advise that if you have never attended an assembly meeting, you make a point to attend this one. this is happening because we the people of anchorage have gotten compliant in the face of fear, and by not exercising our voting rights we allowed this assembly to be elected. If they actually pass this I hope that the mayor will take this to court and have an injunction put in place until it can be heard thru the courts! Even if he vetos this they may have enough votes to override his veto. The more people that show up tonight in a show and strength and solidarity and make our voices heard even outside the chambers. This is a Freedom issue. if they can take my right to choose what’s in the best interest of my health and my families health, Do you really think it will stop there! How far Left is too far left? How can anyone reading this not see the correlation to Naziism?? Inform on your neighbor, or a stranger?? How did we come to this?

  23. She’s trying to PUSH her agenda through, due to HER Recall election.. The more she pushes, definitely more the people will vote HER OUT!!.

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