Suzanne Downing: Anchorage Assembly majority is ‘Straight Outta The Kremlin’


The images of people being shot at, beaten, bound and dragged by Australian police are shocking. In 18 months, Australia has gone from what appeared to be a free society to one that is a severe police state, where those who remove their masks or leave their homes are arrested.

Anchorage, in spite of voting for a mayor who values personal liberty and the U.S. Constitution, is heading in a similar direction, but bypassing the police beatings. The Anchorage Assembly is turning straight toward Stalinism.

Taking a page from the era of Stalin in the 1930s, Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel and Assemblyman Pete Petersen, with a nod from members Forrest Dunbar, Suzanne LaFrance, John Weddleton, Felix Rivera, Austin Quinn-Davidson, and Kameron Perez-Verdia, are going full communist on Anchorage.

Back in the beginning of the Soviet Union, Stalin’s regime used the method of mutual surveillance to get the people to control each other. The Stalinists coerced and cajoled families to report on their members or others living in the communes, urging families to report report disloyalty to the communist party. Families began to suspect each other. Russians did what they did to survive, turning in family members in exchange for the rarest of commodities — food.

What followed was the moral degradation of the nation: Millions of Russians were sent to labor camps in remote areas, or exiled to Siberia, or executed in cold blood. This happened within the lifetimes of Americans who are still alive today, our most elderly.

The Anchorage Assembly, with Anchorage Ordinance 2021-91, is a step in that direction.

Not only must all in the city limits wear masks when around others, the ordinance turns people into informants. The enforcement mechanism is the busybody, the tattler, the revenge-seeker, or the grievance-bearing brat.

A competitor can turn another business into the administrative judge for not enforcing the Assembly mask mandate to the competitor’s liking.

Family members can turn in their estranged spouses, as retribution in child custody battles.

Neighbors who want to get rid of a neighbor can turn them in for hosting a party where masks were not worn.

People can roam through events, cameras rolling, and turn the footage into the authorities, who are then required to act.

The Stalinist mask ordinance was developed in secret and introduced at a meeting that was as close to a secret meeting as the Assembly is allowed to have. It was posted in a difficult-to-find place on the municipality’s website, but it qualified as a legal notification. The Assembly members pushing it have not gone out of their ways to mention it on social media.

But clearly, the Assembly majority doesn’t want the public to give input, and public testimony will be limited on Tuesday night. The Assembly has already stacked the testimony with doctors who support their “Mask and Report to Authorities” ordinance. The “S” version — the latest version that the public could not get access to until Monday morning, carries the extremism to a whole new level, turning Anchorage residents on each other like attack dogs.

Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar opined on social media about the inability to shut down organizations like Must Read Alaska, which has shined the light into this area of extremism on the Anchorage Assembly. In a post about the Covid-19 virus, he fantasized about future deaths that he could blame on this author. In another social media post, he worried that there isn’t a way to shut down opposing points of view:

Anchorage, just because you have elected a mayor who did not support the proposed mandates of Dunbar, or the past mandates of Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson or Ethan Berkowitz, you are far from being in the clear. There is a real and present danger posed by the extremist majority on the Anchorage Assembly: They are coming for your liberty, they are coming for your businesses, and they’re coming for your livelihoods. Australian brutality is not that unimaginable in today’s Anchorage.

Suzanne Downing is publisher of Must Read Alaska and Must Read America. She also writes for NewsMax.


  1. No biggie. I ain’t wearing a mask, aint changing my behavior because of moral cowards… and will go to jail if needs be.

  2. Greg had the right idea, he high tailed it to Florida…….. Good to see you’ve been following the Australian authoritarianism Suzanne. Alex Berenson over on Substack is doing a bang-up job on all things COVID, his Twitter video this morning was shocking.

  3. Mental Derangement. It’s a psychosis that afflicts Democrats, especially now, because they have federal control in all three branches of government. The Assembly members on the Left can’t reckon that they lost control of the executive offices in Anchorage. It’s their way of acting out in unison. Bronson must fight it head on with his people and put down their childish explosion. When Bronson puts down this political incursion of the Left, send them to me and I will finish the job.

  4. Solzhenitsyn penned a remarkably moving passage marveling at the universal lack of resistance. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?”

  5. It’s an open question whether we have any non-communist judges to hear disputes between the citizenry and the government, but I guess we can only try to find out. The scheme the communists are trying to run both at the federal and state/local level is pressuring the private sector and private citizens to do their dirty work. The thinking is that Constitutional restrictions on governmental actors don’t apply to private actors. The question then becomes whether the non-governmental actor being pressured or compelled by government does not then become a governmental actor subject to the same Constitutional constraints as the government.

    • Even private businesses have limitations, when they are operating in the public square. The signs that used to be in every bar or restaurant that stated “We have the right to refuse service to anyone” have been struck down in several courts as being unconstitutional under the equal protection clause. I believe the private business should have that right to make a decision such as that on their own but these “mandates” fly in the face of the 14th ammendment and Title 18 US 242 of the Federal code. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are being infringed in every manner under the guise of a virus that is 99.5% survivable. I would rather have freedom and take my chances with the virus rather than live under the thumb of government, while still being on my own against the virus.

    • Their thinking is flawed. Sorry for stating the obvious lol. Silly narcissistic arrogant people don’t have a clue how foolish and weak they are and look.

    • The private sector isn’t being compelled. They are doing this willingly. Cheap labor, captive markets, government suppression of competition.

      This is a vulture capitalist dream. Fascism.

    • Exactly, & how will these mandates be enforced? Will the Anchorage Police enforce the mandates? What are the fines & penalties? This will end badly, this isnt Australia. On the other hand, maybe that’s the goal.

  6. This is wild IMO. Not that long ago Art Chance referred to this Assembly as Fascist and now we have Suzanne making them out as like Stalin. Heheh!
    Now Steve-O would have you believe Stalin a Leftist.
    Frankly, this is nothing but attempting to discredit what some folks don’t like. Boo hoo! Elections have consequences here IMO.

    • The assembly has no stroke to pass such an idiotic mandate and even if they do pass it , it is completely unenforceable, under the state constitution, the muni charter, or the US constitution, not to mention federal law, Title 18 US 242. The government is elected by the people to do the business of the people, not obstruct the lives of those people.

    • Bill, you’re simply stupid. We on the right don’t make the subtle distinctions between the flavors of authoritarians and totalitarians that you lefties seem to need. Fascist was the name Mussolini, himself once a communist, adopted for his socialist political party dedicated to restoring the Roman Empire and making the trains run on time. Fascist comes from the symbol of Roman civil authority, the fasces, a bundle of sticks surrounding an axe; you can see it on the wing insignia of WWII Italian aircraft and in other symbolic places. Soviet propaganda labelled all the allies of National Socialist Germany and Fascist Italy as Fascists. It was one of the more successful propaganda campaigns in all history to label leftist, socialist regimes like Germany and Italy as rightist, royalist, and revanchist regimes. It worked well enough that stupid people on the left are still spouting it 80 years later.

      And, you know, stupid, Stalin was an avowed communist, and last I looked the communists were the bulwark of the political left. So, if Stalin wasn’t a leftist, just what was he? Take the time you need to make something up.

      And actually, the band of fascists running the MOA Assembly are the consequence of a totally fraudulent election system. We will never have a democratically elected assembly so long as we have the current mail ballot system.

      • It was you Art that labeled the recent Assembly as Fascists, don’t you remember. Speaking of bundles of sticks hardly explains your blunder here and your asinine label of Nazi Germany as socialist is equally poor.
        Talk about simply stupid.

        • You simply don’t know what you’re talking about. Even under the Kaiser, Germany was a very socialistic country with a highly developed social welfare system and heavy unionization. By Weimar it was a socialist paradise. Almost the entire workforce was unionized and contract terms were set by state mandated interest arbitration. That is how they intended to maintain social order as they dramatically inflated their economy to pay off their war reparations; as the currency inflated, so did the wages. Then came the Great Depression and they were no longer able to afford the social welfare network and the streets turned violent, leading ultimately to Hitler becoming Chancellor. Read some actual history instead of John Dean’s self-serving apologia. Daniel Goldhaven’s “Hitler’s Willing Executioners” is a good start.. Oh, and Bill, there was a reason the official name for the Nazi Party was the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

          • We aren’t talking about what those Nazis called their party Art. Further nobody has even mentioned the Kaiser, either.
            Evidently you think you can change the subject to something you know a little about is going to help you out. Heheh!
            You are simply stupid.

        • For what it’s worth, the acronym the Nazis used was N.S.D.A.P., for Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Worker’s Party).

    • I doubt most people would have voted for fascism if the assembly ran on it.

      But you are correct in one regard. The right sat on their hands complaining instead of doing the legwork necessary to win. This is the result

    • Bill, are you saying Uncle Joe wasn’t a Leftist? If you are, how does one say a Communist is not a man of the Left?

      • Economically Stalin was Communist and Left-wing but he was also an authoritative dictator as Right-wing as Hitler or Franco.
        I suggest reading John Dean’s “Conservatives Without Conscience.”

  7. These wokesters are dangerous fascists. The use of fascist was often overused in the past, but no longer after the past 18 months.
    The impulse to eliminate lawful voting, cancel dissidents as non persons and censor public discourse, as MRAK and many other sites have been or can be at any time is by definition Stalinist behavior.
    This new age fascism is not limited to Democrats but includes most Republican office holders and leaders. Tolerating fascism instead of providing solid leadership in upfront full on resistance to it, clearly exposes most Alaska GOP as fraudsters.
    Our Governor is a prime example of an enabler. Instead of being afraid of his own shadow, he needs to stand up straight and openly resist with every tool, power and bluff he has to not only blunt the tyranny but effectively defeat it. People respect boldness and conviction, lukewarm wishy washy behavior is repulsive. The wokesters will kick him to the curb no matter how pansy and dominated he behaves for them, but the majority will support him if he leads by example and stands strong.
    It’s ironic the woke progressives invoke police and judicial authority to enforce their mandates. Maybe they can solve the problem of crowds of drug and alcohol saturated bums on Anchorage streets through police and court authority or something useful.
    It would be illustrative to see the reaction to reporting the lack of mask use in crowded public spaces by squatters and demanding the cops and courts deal with it. Good opportunity to enact the Cloward-Piven concept.

  8. If businesses are too cowardly to stand up to a shop lifter walking out of their store with a basket of goods, I really don’t see those businesses trying to stop anyone that’s not wearing a mask. The mayor has control of the police department, he can arrange it so they they are all too busy doing actual police work.

  9. If you think cops are your friends, just watch some of the video’s coming out of Australia.
    It’s their job to see laws are followed comrade.

    • Big cultural difference between the cops here and the cops in Aussie. In Australia and other western countries they are just extensions of the bureaucratic state. No different than municipal workers or customs officials. In American a cop is a man (masculine figure) with a badge, a gun and a duty to uphold the law. I’m not saying it can’t go south here, but there is cultural history of respect among citizen and cop in America that is different to other countries. The 2nd amendment also has a lot to do with this. I’ve lived down under and in Europe. America is different in ways we can’t imagine. It must be preserved.

  10. The Texas abortion law, being applied in a different manner, pitting neighbors against one another. Who would have thought that was going to happen?

  11. Susanne, My news is strictly limited to a few conservative internet sites with yours being the chief and one conservative monthly religous magazine. What’s going on in Australia that has you so alarmed? Pardon my ignorance but I’ve become selective in my news collection.

    • They are shooting rubber bullets at the people protesting the mask mandates, and arresting people who are outside without masks. – sd

      • I’ve seen some pretty repulsive videos out of AU. Two in particular I cannot forget. #1 – Woman was 2 handed choked into unconsciousness by 1 male police officer for Refusing to Wear Mask. #2 – Woman on her knees, fully restrained by 3 male police officers and then kicked full on in the face by a fourth male officer for Yelling and Refusing to Wear Mask.

    • A pregnant woman in Melbourne was arrested and handcuffed in front of her family for putting up a facebook post to help organize an anti-lockdown protest.

  12. Do you really want to count on Anchorage resisting? Really?

    Most people talk a good fight and wilt when go time arrives. Anchorage will be no exception.

    Anchorage elected the Assembly. Anchorage nearly elected Dunbar. Recall efforts for Felix failed. AQD reigned for months illegally and nobody made a stink over it.

    Don’t believe me? Ask Kriner about what happened to him. The more the city ratcheted up the pressure, people faded away.

    Think feckless Dunleavy will do anything? Why start now? Think the courts will help? You’re on drugs.

    Still think this is about Covid? Never has been. When the Assembly first came out with restrictions they saw how fast people caved and it was game on.

    Face it: Anchorage is a colder version of SF. Nothing less.

  13. How are these idiots going to get the persons not wearing a mask information, do they think that they are going to give it up freely? I look forward to telling them where they can stick their mandate.

  14. Clearly they are totalitarians, their defeat relies solely on the people rising up and defending their moral beliefs. Or they are just plain stupid idiots and will eventually be voted out and left with a tarnished image.

  15. My guess is that it will backfire, if it can even be passed. Who will be tasked with all of the enforcing – the already overworked and spread thin police department? Add also our jails are already very full and there will not be room for us all.. If anything those that were willing to wear a mask of their own accord, or at the request of a business, now will not. Are all the businesses going to be kicking people out of their establishments? I suspect few will.

  16. I’d like to invite everyone to “report” your Marxist assembly jerks every day for non-masking, regardless of whether or not you’ve seen them that day.
    Overwhelm the system!

  17. Before overreacting, a prudent person would listen to the Assembly discussion of the ordinance and the anticipated substitute ordinances. The column suggests Anchorage is taking the approach Similar to Texas on abortion.

    • Your name sums you up buddy (or buddette). You clearly have not stood in front of these people as person after person comes up and makes passionate and scientific testimony against their divisive edicts. Only then to see them pass such edicts, look down and smirk to each other as they do so. Sorry, it is past time to be a “detached observer”. Pick up a shovel or get out of the way.

    • False equivalency and not nearly the clever own you think it is. A mask is not the same as a human life. You’d call to report your neighbor for murdering their children, no? If you feel as strongly about your neighbor not wearing a mask as you do them murdering their child, you have some serious issues.
      And this column isn’t suggesting anything. Suzanne is extrapolating from the amendment Meg filed herself. Perhaps, as you propose, a reasonable person would read that amendment before accusing the author of this article of imprudence and overreaction.

  18. Assembly is the Legislative faction of local government. Law enforcement is an Executive function. Forrest and Meg going to patrol the streets and make forcible arrests? In an open carry jurisdiction?

  19. This^^^^^^. That’s more like it Suzanne! They are Stalinists! And do not let up on these vile people. Let the names Stalinists / extremists / far left stick and force them to explain themselves. Put THEM in a corner for once. And don’t be embarrassed… These people will call you a NAZI, would get you fired in a hot second. We can’t pussy foot around and be mealy mouthed with these people. They are the people history warns us about!

  20. Per the Anchorage website.
    An Assembly seat is a three (3) year term
    1. Chris Constant expires 2023
    2. Felix Rivera expires 2023
    3. Austin Quinn Davidson expires 2022
    4. Forrest Dunbar expires 2022
    5. Meg Zaletel expires 2022. Recall Oct. 5.

    All these folks must be expelled

    • Yeah, elections are legitimate. There is no reason to believe that Democrats will cheat in future elections, after experiencing all those repercussions for the last round of fraud.

  21. First they came for the unmasked but I said nothing because I was masked. Then they came for the unvaccinated and I said nothing because I was vaccinated. Then they came for those who would not take the booster shot and I said nothing because I had the booster shot. Then they came for me and they did not tell me why, and no one was left to speak up.

    Useful Idiot

  22. WTH makes you all think you’re so special and entitled that you can infect others? My father had a breakthrough infection of COVID (thank goodness he’s vaccinated, otherwise he could have died as he has compromised breathing) which he caught from one of you special snowflakes who has their head so far up their a** they can’t even be bothered to put a piece of fabric (!!) over their faces when they’re in public.

    Geez, get over yourselves, get a grip, and start thinking of others! WTH is wrong with you that a simple ask like wearing a mask sets you off? Seriously?!?

    People ask that you wear a mask for the sake of others, and you call that fascism? You have no f****ng clue what fascism is. And, last time I checked, the mask mandates _lifted_ when the numbers went down. If you seriously think this is some sort of government power grab, you need to see a psychiatrist.

    I’ve tolerated this ignorant BS over the past 18 months, but with my dad getting sick, no more. If you think your so-called “rights” include refusing to wear a mask, or that you know better than scientists and doctors because you read some s*** on the Internet, then f*** you, and the horse you rode in on. Such selfishness.

    • Football players don’t wear a helmet and pads for the other players, they were them for the protection of themselves. That has always been the design of Personal Protective Equipment. If you are concerned about inhaling something because of your physical condition, then take the appropriate action and wear the desired PPE. Stop harassing those whom choose to make their own decisions not to wear it.

    • Tired of BS, if YOU think that your personal familial experience with COVID-19 has any relevance to the broader discussion, or should, than you are an irrational idiot. I just recovered from COVID myself less than two weeks ago, and it was pretty bad, but it has not changed my views and principles on this unscientific and authoritarian insanity surrounding this very mild pandemic one iota.

    • “In virtually every realm of public policy, Americans embrace policies which they know will kill people, sometimes large numbers of people. They do so not because they are psychopaths but because they are rational: they assess that those deaths that will inevitably result from the policies they support are worth it in exchange for the benefits those policies provide. This rational cost-benefit analysis, even when not expressed in such explicit or crude terms, is foundational to public policy debates — except when it comes to COVID, where it has been bizarrely declared off-limits.”

      https:// greenwald.

    • Masks don’t stop viral spread…that’s actual science, look it up…and that’s why real virologists working in biomedical labs don’t wear them when working with airborne viruses. They wear actual respirators.
      Read up on it and then stop castigating other people who don’t mask up either because they just don’t want to or they are aware that masks up to and including the N95 were never intended to stop viral spread.
      Or maybe you’ll go on thinking that that guy you pass by in the grocery store with the loose fitting surgical mask or bandanna or the homemade mask is a medical hero willing to sacrifice his freedoms to keep your little snowflake self safe from contagion.
      People who write comments like yours are ignorant fools overly impressed with their own personal sense of self righteousness AND the foundational problem in America today.
      We need a lot fewer of you and more people willing to question what they’re told to find out what’s true.
      So your dad got sick AFTER the jab…kind of makes a person question the efficacy of the jab, doesn’t it?
      Well, it obviously didn’t open your eyes but, then, nothing will most likely.
      You’ll just go on spouting out the party line “He would have died but for the wonderful “vaccine.”
      Yeah? Prove it.
      And prove that he got infected by an unvaccinated…you can’t do that either and FYI the mRNA jabbed carry a much higher viral load…asymptotically…when infected so it’s more likely that he got infected by someone who got the jab.
      Maybe even you…you got the jab, right?
      So go get back up on your high horse and ride around shouting about your special right to force others to do whatever you think is right and proper.
      They’re plenty of other sheep in that particular flock.

    • Fascism is the government using corporations and businesses to force their agenda on a populace. That’s fascism. That’s what our Assembly is doing. They want businesses to force people to wear a piece of cloth that does not protect them or anyone else from anything in order to access their services.
      Our President wants business with 100 people or more to force their workforce to take a jab or get fired. That’s fascism. Perhaps it is you who do not understand fascism and how it works.
      My daughter has a medical disorder and cannot wear a mask without suffering harm. Who are you to demand she wear one to protect you? Who are you to demand my daughter or anyone like her put themselves in harm’s way so you feel better? Who are you to accuse her or anyone like her of selfishness? She’s had COVID, recovered and has antibodies. She’s not infecting anyone.
      Your father got the COVID vax and suffered a breakthrough infection. Did you know that those who take the jab have a higher viral load than those who do not? Do you know for an absolute fact, with names, dates and locations, that someone who was not wearing a mask infected your father? You do not know that because you cannot know that. You’re making an assumption based on your faulty understanding of masks and their effectiveness.
      Tell me something; what happens when breakthrough infections climb after everyone is forced to mask up? What are you going to blame it on then? Those numbers will climb, masks or no masks. If you look at places that have instituted mask mandates, their case rates, especially ‘breakthrough’ infections continue to climb. What, and whom, will you blame when that happens here?

    • Please consider requesting a D-Dimer test for your loved one. It’s the only way to show the micro-vascular clotting produced by the ‘vaccine’ which may be affecting his health.
      We all know the ‘Covid’ tests are only given to gather more financial resources for the medical people but the D-Dimer is a real test used by cardiovascular specialists. He could be at serious risk.
      That is way more important than worrying about who is or isn’t wearing a piece of cloth over their pie-holes.

    • You come here to call out what you perceived as selfishness. All you ranted about was making this covid about yourself and your personal needs. You showed yourself guilty being selfish as anyone else.
      I am surprised ‘tired of this BS’ comment was approved. Because of its language and accusations I think it deserved the Trash bin. I am glad it made it through so to see how the other side really talk when they aren’t keeping up appearances trying to look better than they actually are.

    • It’s called freedom, personal choice and following actual true science. Not Fauci politicized science. Stop being a brainwashed sheep.

    • This may be among saddest and most obscene things I’ve ever seen written in these comments.

      COVID is a RESPIRATORY virus. That means it is in the air. That also means that EVERYBODY will get it eventually. If the vax worked, your Dad wouldn’t have gotten it. If masks worked, your Dad wouldn’t have gotten it. If lockdowns worked, your Dad wouldn’t have gotten it.

      Sadly, we’ll never know if the therapeutics (HCQ, Ivermectin, Remdesivir) would work because they were ALL publicly attacked the first time they were mentioned. We’ll never know if the use of UV-C light to sterilize air volumes would work because that was also ignored.

      But we do know that there is an appreciable percentage of the population running around demanding everyone else do things to make them feel safe. Sweetheart, that ain’t gonna happen. Good luck with your outrage, though. Cheers –

    • You need to be cast out of society, like this was ancient Athens. You are a fascist. You decry the fact that individuals have rights, yet you are ignorant of what that means about you. No one cares about your petulant, emotional outbursts. Moreover, did you consider that your father’s “breakthrough” case could be the result of a vaccine that isn’t effective? Scientifically, that would be the first possibility to consider, and the most likely. You, however, would rather buy into the explanations given by the corporate class, b/c they allows you to wallow in your petty hatred of other people.

  23. So . . . how is the Texas anti-abortion law any different. It encourages people to turn in the doctors who might perform abortions as well as turning in women who might have accessed services from those medical providers. Either both are OK, or both are Stalinist. You can’t pick and choose . . . . .

    • No one is stopping anyone in Texas from getting an abortion. They have six weeks to access those services within the state of Texas. Once a heartbeat is detected, they cannot have an abortion in Texas. Texas simply acknowledges person-hood once a heartbeat is detected and has decided to protect that life within their borders. No one is keeping them from traveling to a neighboring state to access such services if they so choose.
      There is a huge difference between turning in doctors who are performing illegal procedures and neighbors who aren’t wearing a mask at a kid’s birthday party or the local Costco. If you think turning someone over to the authorities for not wearing a mask is the same as turning them in for murder, you lack basic reasoning skills.

  24. There’s one critical difference that sets the current scamdemic from a real pandemic…an ending.
    Real pandemics run their course and die out.
    We’re getting set up for a permanent situation with permanent vaccination passports as the excuse to track and control us.
    God only knows what the real purpose of the mRNA shots is…it certainly isn’t meant to save humanity from a virus that has less than a 0.5% chance of killing us.
    In a real pandemic the authorities try anything that could work…they definitely don’t suppress promising therapeutics.
    Nothing we’re seeing or being told makes sense if the goal is public health and safety.
    The “vaccinations” don’t protect us but we’re supposed to take the jab because we’re told that our symptoms will be less severe…but the majority of us need a test just to find out if we’re infected.
    We’re forced to wear masks that aren’t meant to or capable of stopping airborne virus transmission.
    Social distancing…six foot separation…as if that’s going to limit spread.
    Anybody else remember how we needed to disinfect every surface and how we were going to get it through our eyes?
    The virus is real and it kills the old and compromised but it’s not a real pandemic that requires the tyrannical response we’re seeing…something else is going on and we’re being lied to by the government and other authority figures we’ve been brainwashed to trust.
    They’re not backing down, though, and Americans are fed up with this so this only ends one way and we all know what that is.

    • The government is waiting on the numbers of compliant to give an indicator whether they are able to move to the marshal law phase. If the feel like the compliant will support them overwhelmingly, they will move forward. If not, they will continue to divide using a vast arrays of techniques till they do get the support. Lots of sheep are what they need.

      • This is demonic John. Either we fight off the devil and his servants or we accept the mark of the beast. There is an endgame, and it isn’t pretty.

  25. Where is Alaska’s leaders ? Largest state in the union, like wimpering dog hiding behind bush! I am not moving to Florida or Texas, I am fed up with this masking stuff! It has nothing to do with the virus, it is a control gimick!!! I tried to repost a MustRead on Facebook, doesn’t show up in public post. Think Zucker has her throttled.

  26. Someone needs to file a voter REFERENDUM on this communistic bill! We the people can stop it at the ballot box… that is, if it’s not rigged

  27. Funny stuff here. We used to have “Straight Outta Compton,” Now its “Straight Outta Russia.” I don’t know about others, but I’d take my chances in Compton.

  28. Time to start doing like Antifa and other left wing nuts….find out where these Assembly members live and make their lives miserable with noise and signage. Just don’t be violent …. Be an activist…give them a taste of their own fascist views…

  29. Interesting double standard here. Where were the comparisons to the Kremlin last year when protests across the country were met with police brutality? As I recall, we were down on protesters because they protested police brutality. Now, because the protest is aligned with us, we are against the police? C’mon. At least try to maintain some credibility. Please.

    • You must watch PMSNBC or CNN constantly; the protests in the Blue sh*tholes last year were not met with any meaningful police resistance. None of the stupid lefty punks have been prosecuted. The only place they were ever even resisted was at federal facilities under President Trump’s control. The cities under communist, excuse me, Democrat control had zero law enforcement. Try to keep up.

  30. Should the people have moved sooner against the nazis and soviets?
    Should the chinese have moved against the maoists in the very beginning?

    When are we going to move against the tyranny we are seeing developing in Anchorage, right now?

    Or will be become an enslaved people – having to show papers everywhere we go, forced vaccines to participate in society, restricted travel – wake up SHEEPLE!

    • I think you’ll find that the German people generally supported the Nazis. While the Bolsheviks were a small minority in Russia, no other interest groups were able to organize any effective opposition. The Maoists were the only organized interest group in China and they had a lot of help from the Soviets and many think not a little help from at least some interests in the US.

      • The Bolsheviks also had two things going for them no one else did. A ruthless disregard for human life and support of the military at the beginning.

        Once Lenin realized they might lose, the Troskyites started killing anyone who blinked wrong. By the time the Russian Navy realized what was going on, it was too late.

        While the Assembly isn’t using force yet (give it time), the parallels are stunning

    • Those both didn’t start out their positions like they ended up-sort of on the order of Don Trump didn’t start out his campaign as a Fascist. And Don hid much of his attempts at becoming an authoritative dictator until after his defeat.
      We now know much of what he was trying and will likely know more before this is all over.
      Trump doesn’t believe in the rule of law and we are lucky the voters picked up on this “sooner,” rather than later.

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