Dunleavy APOC filing names outdoorsman John Sturgeon chair of campaign


Legendary hunter and businessman John Sturgeon, who fought for the rights of Alaskans to use their rivers and won at the Supreme Court twice, is the chair of the Dunleavy for Governor campaign.

The campaign filed with Alaska Public Offices Commission on Sunday, also naming Kevin Fimon as treasurer, and Tyson Gallagher, Jordan Shilling, Cindy Glassmaker and Jill Schaefer as deputy treasurers. Glassmaker and Schaefer are Kenai Peninsula residents who are part of a fundraiser Dunleavy has planned for the Kenai this week.

Sturgeon is a larger-than-life Alaskan who was accosted by National Park Service rangers while heading for his hunting spot up the Nation River in the Yukon-Charley National Preserve. They ordered him to get his boat out of federal waters. He fought that order in court, asserting that navigable waters are state-controlled, and he won the first round, when the case was remanded to the Ninth Circuit, which ruled against him. In the second round at the Supreme Court, he won unanimously, a victory for all Alaskans who use rivers as highways.

Read about Sturgeon’s victory at the Supreme Court at this link.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy is an avid outdoorsman and hunter. He was first elected as governor in 2018, beating former Gov. Bill Walker, who has filed recently to try to win back the seat.


  1. Great choice for the Dunleavy campaign. This man is a genuine Alaskan hero. Bill Walker is a coward, corrupt, and a disgrace to our state. Anyone who supports Walker has a corrupt mentality, and morals that are suspect.

    • Unless Dunleavy ends mandated vaccines by employers, he is no longer getting our support. There is zero reason not to concentrate on and make #1 priority on treatments for SARS-2, which are very effective. This would alleviate any pressure on actual hospitalizations.
      Dunleavy sitting on his ass while our fellow Alaskan health care providers are fired and replaced by foreigners with cracker jack prize medical licenses and certificates is unacceptable.
      He can either lead and protect our state or he can find another line of work not requiring ethics, standards and a backbone.

      • He added legislation in the Telehealth bill to ban vaccine mandates but it got pulled out in the house. You can’t blame the governor for everything no matter how much Dan Fagan wants us to believe otherwise.

      • Dunleavy has not mandated any vaccines. He has no power in stopping the federal government or private companies from doing so. Sorry, can’t blame him on this one,.

    • I have to agree, TMA.
      Governor Done-Already has been a very sad and pathetic disappointment. To call him “half-hearted” and “wishy-washy” would be giving him undue credit. He has allowed, and continues to allow, all the Covidian extremism and zealotry to march unimpeded across Alaska, and has even lent modest but noticeable support to it.
      I will NEVER vote for this man!

  2. Is he gonna play Dorothy to Dunleavy?

    Help him find, courage, a heart, and a brain. Tall order that.

    If the choice is Dunleavy or Walker, I’m voting Hobo Jim.

    • You may not like Dunleavy now, but you will sure miss the days of Dunleavy if Bill Walker becomes governor again. It’s our duty to give the governor the right team in the legislature to work with but we haven’t. It doesn’t matter who we don’t put in the governors mansion if we don’t give them the right people to work with.

  3. If Dunleavy wants to win he needs to start standing up for Alaskans against the medical tyranny we are facing. Many are being forced from our jobs due to vaccine mandates either from the feds or the employer’s own initiative. In some cases doctors are refusing to treat patients who have not taken the shot. Through all of this Dunleavy has been silent. He needs to take lessons from Ron DeSantis and DO SOMETHING. We don’t expect him to win every fight, but we need him to try. By setting an example he will inspire voters to show up and vote not just for him but for real conservatives (i.e. not Stutes or Merrick) in the Legislature so we can solve this problem once and for all. His silence is helping no one.

  4. Mr. Sturgeon prevailed in two unanimous decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court. Both should be required reading, not just for Alaskans.

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