Anchorage Assembly to require businesses to police, ‘compel’ removal of non-mask wearers from premises


The Anchorage Assembly will consider an ordinance on Tuesday that proposes to require business owners in Anchorage to enforce an extreme mask ordinance.

Ordinance No. AO 2021-91, a law proposed by Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel, says “all individuals must wear masks or face coverings over their noses and mouths when they are indoors in public settings or communal spaces outside the home; or outdoors at large crowded public events. Unvaccinated individuals are additionally encouraged to wear masks at all outdoor public gatherings regardless of size.”

The ordinance requires businesses to be their own enforcers, and that they must remove or compel people from their premises if they don’t have a mask on. Compel means forceful removal, according to Merriam Webster Dictionary. It’s unclear if this means business owners may put their hands on customers and throw them physically from the premises.

In addition, it’s got to be a surgical or cloth mask, not a face shield. “A face shield is generally not permitted in lieu of a mask or face covering, as face shields are less effective in stopping the spread of COVID-19,” the Zaletel ordinance reads.

Read Power grab as Assembly goes for total mask control

It also requires employers to make sure their employees wear those masks or face coverings when with the public or unvaccinated coworkers. The new law does not apply to those in prison or police custody.

Those opposing the new ordinance, which was sprung in a poorly advertised, nearly secret meeting of the Assembly last week, plan to attend the Assembly meeting on Tuesday at 5 pm. The Assembly meets on the ground floor of the Loussac Library. Opponents of the ordinance say they will wear red to take a stand.

Social media campaign by opponents of the mask ordinance.

According to the ordinance, the mayor will be stripped of his executive authority, as all workers in the municipality will come under this ordinance, including those working in his administration, putting the Assembly in the driver’s seat for the city’s human resources management.

The ordinance also mandates that all city meetings “shall” be limited in numbers of attendees, but doesn’t say what that number is. This gives the Assembly the ability to once again shut people out of its public meetings, as it did in the summer of 2020, so it could pass controversial purchases of hotels to house and treat the inebriates in Anchorage.

It’s expected there will be changes to the ordinance that are made at the last minute and that the public will not know about until Tuesday’s meeting. Those changes could include more strident enforcement mechanisms.

Assemblyman Chris Constant, Assembly Chair Suzanne LaFrance, and Zaletel are expected to offer “S” versions.

“The Municipality reserves the right to use all available enforcement options to assure compliance with this Order,” the ordinance reads. The Assembly plans to mask the public through Dec. 31, but may remove the mask requirement earlier if it chooses.

The Assembly leftist majority has lined up doctors to testify in favor of the mask mandate, and the doctors will present a letter signed by dozens of medical workers in support of the Assembly majority.


  1. Please remember that Leftist assembly, media, and all who support more and more mandates LOVE high COVID numbers. But what would they love more? – Outrageous, out of control antimask people to grab the mic and scream and rant and threaten. Do NOT play into this. If you think you will attend and get “crazy,” practice with someone who doesn’t love you and will tell you the truth.
    They have a broad brush. All who oppose these mandates will be painted as unreasonable anyway. But let’s not give the media the opportunity to justify it with a few passionate folks who have no decorum.

  2. Our Great Men and Women in Blue have more important functions to do then arresting people with no mask!! This is childish and needs to be stopped!

    The Assembly needs to be all arrested for doing nothing and causing trouble

    • Those who have had the experimental concoction injected are 27% less protected than those who have had covid labeled “19”
      Those are the one the need to be quarantined and segregated from those with a strong immune system. They are the true super spreaders.
      Anyone else here see the video of Dr. doom saying mask don’t do anything?

    • Luckily the Assembly has no control over the Blue – this is why they want businesses to do their dirty work for them. I garner that most Anchorage businesses will not impose, or even try, to “remove” a shopper from the premises.

  3. I hope the Assembly is successful and passes this mask mandate.
    And I hope it hurts Anchorage businesses. Hope it makes everyone so mad that they vote out this assembly.
    It’s the only way change will happen

  4. This isn’t about science.
    The assembly and the equally anti science doctors that they have lined up to testify, are all little totalitarian freaks who are consumed with an insatiable lust to control every minute detail of your lives…..

    • I disagree completely. This is absolutely about the science.
      However, it is not medical science that is being adhered to. It is the political science that is being followed.

    • They are paid good for lying not to mention family doctors have also lost a lot of trust with patients when a doctor refuses to excuse your child from testing all the time when it’s just allergies makes me sick they know better it greed clearly is what so wants it’s sad and disgusting there is no high rise if so why are we not shutting down schools! Kids are dying off from bacterial infections from wearing mask all day

  5. It has to be dominion I can not imagine anyone with any sense at all voting for these clowns. And when these clowns act like they do it has to be dominion voting systems keeping them around. No politician would go all out clown like these assembly clowns we have do if they needed a vote. It has to be dominion citizens of anchorage let’s be done clowning around. For the people of the people by the people clowns don’t get it.

  6. We’ve had this tyranny in Juneau for over a year. I have noticed something however. Enforcement of the mask mandate has dropped off considerably. Employees are burned out on playing mask police and I’m sure businesses have noticed if they have leniency, their business increases. I just play dumb, I pull my mask down below my nose and if someone mentions it, I pull it back up and mutter “sorry.” When they turn away, down it goes. I also love to do fake sneezes and coughs, it freaks them out.

    • I stopped wearing a mask months ago. I’ll keep one in my pocket in case someone asks me to wear it.

      From Breeze Inn to Tracy’s no one does. Only Alaska Air Cargo, but they are being recorded and run by mask tyrants.

      The difference between Juneau and Anchorage is Anchorage went full fascist. Juneau hasn’t got there yet.

  7. Respectfully, the majority of people in Anchorage support masks. We all want to get out of this pandemic. Please stop trying to say the assembly is “power hungry”.

    • I don’t agree. Masks have their use and are helpful but mandating them is not enforceable. An assembly that doesn’t listen to the public at their meetings is power hungry. They don’t care what the citizens in their district say.

    • That is incorrect and completely false, most people in Anchorage hate liberals and wish you’d all move out of our state. I’d like to see what happens if you ever came for our guns… but the majority don’t wear masks, just you sheep as they don’t do anything minus a surgical N95 and only for a day, which leads to another topic… all the pollution you idiots are creating from disposal of said masks… way to go.

    • Those have a desire and need may do so without command by thir paid sservants. I don’t seek permission from paid servants. We are free people or…not so much in Alaska any more.

    • The only people I see in Anchorage wearing face diapers are scared sheeple who vote democrat. Please stop with the SCAMdemic narrative, it’s not working.

    • I agree with you but people like to defy authority especially certain people in Alaska. It seems to be where everyone in the country is gone to. Some of them are still on the Left Coast, but they are getting sick and tired of the sickness and death so they are starting to come around down there.

    • If majority of Anchorage supported masks, Assembly member Forrest Dunbar would be Mayor. This town made last year’s mask ordinance and closed business an issue the majority wants put behind Anchorage.
      Dunbar losing his mayoral bid wasn’t enough of a loss, he gotta work toward losing his Assembly seat too. Hahaha
      We will see what happens, if this Assembly forces Everyone into a mask. I think just as last May, it’s not going to look look politically well for anyone of them.

    • What do you base your comment on? I went shopping at two local mega-markets in the last five days, one in midtown, one in south Anchorage. More than 65% of customers not masked, picking up produce and putting it back, along with other goods. No one masked said a single word to the unmasked, and the employees seemed to not care if one was masked or unmasked. If you want to, or feel the need to mask, please do so! If you don’t want to mask, then don’t. Either way, leave the choice to the sovereign individual.

    • You’re kidding right?! There is no end to this. We can comply for the next year and the goal post will move again. Covid is never going away.

    • There is a difference between supporting voluntary masking, and choosing to wear a mask yourself, and a government mandate.
      The Assembly is power hungry. This is just another resolution in a string designed with the simple goal of eroding the Mayor’s authority. The intent of this ordinance is to get a veto, so the Assembly can override it.
      If this was not about power, why was the existing Emergency Declaration rescinded almost concurrent with Bronson winning the mayoral race? This was a declaration that was extended multiple times, despite there being no emergency that warranted it. Yet, as soon as the leftists realized their boy was not going to win, they pulled the authority from the Mayor’s office.
      Additionally, the justification for the initial Declaration of Emergency was significantly weaker than that on this mask mandate, but for some reason the Assembly will not revive the old declaration. You know, the one that gave the Mayor almost unlimited authority. Gee… wonder why?
      Final note. Just because a “majority” does not mean it is OK to institute a mandate.
      What if I got 50.01% of the Anchorage residents to vote for confiscating all of D’s money, beating D into a bloody pulp, and throwing D into the inlet? Would that be OK, because a majority wanted it?
      Last time I checked, majority rules and mob rules are exactly the same thing.

    • You will never be free of their pandemic. You will comply forever, and they will keep making more demands. They are tyrants and they will never stop tormenting you.

    • We were told stay home and lock up for 2 weeks and we can beat covid, then we were told to wear a mask and stay 6ft apart, then we were told .. get the vax and life can go back to normal, and finally we have arrived at you must wear a mask always!!

      And now the Assembly wants to give citizens the ability and ammo to harass anyone that disagrees or dares to retain their personal freedoms!!

  8. If the Assembly is going to rely on the Bangladesh mask study to justify their actions, the ordinance should require the use of N-95 masks only. As I understand the Bangladesh study, only N-95 masks made any difference. (I generally view the Bangladesh study to be questionable for several other reasons.)

    • N95 for sure, but a surgical mask if we’re properly can be as high as 70 to 80% effective so that’s better than nothing. Better than Scotch taping a Kleenex to your face anyway.

      • “…but a surgical mask if we’re properly can be as high as 70 to 80% effective so that’s better than nothing….”
        Take a wander around any business Greg. Out of 100 people, you will be luck to find 5 that are wearing their mask even close to “correctly” In fact, you are more likely to find 25-50 people who are not even covering their nose with the mask.
        In fact, the bulk of the people have masks that are so poorly fitted that they constantly adjust the mask (I am one of them, and I have been trained on how to wear a mask properly, BTW). That makes the mask almost completely useless.
        People are not trained in any way on proper mask wearing. And it shows. Mandating that people wear masks is pushing those who do not care, and will not wear them correctly to pretend. And, the spread of the disease is unimpeded.

      • What nonsense, even an N95 isn’t 80% effective against SARS-CoV-2. That’s precisely why we wear a respirator when working aerosolized droplets, and change the canisters regularly. Even respirators aren’t 100% effective either.

      • Then wear what ever mask you want. I deliver to both hospitals and surgery centers since the “virus” shut down started. I drink,smoke,and enjoy my life, mask free. My friends and family are all alive and fine. We assume the risks to take for our family. More vitamin C,D3, and zinc plus others. So enjoy your life the way you want to or stay home. You can have food,drinks,and meds delivered to your door. If your afraid to look around and see the hoax going on around you stay home it’s not safe out here for YOU. but I love you and want you to turn off the tv and look around at all the people living free and happy. First clue. The PCR test and cycles. Look that up and you will learn the entire scam.

  9. Who in Hades died and left this crazy god-queen and her henchpeople as the ultimate mad rulers of Anchorage and abolishers of citizens and their rights?

  10. So taxpayers fund a police force that won’t come out for many issues such as burglary, car theft and the like, and the assembly is now compelling private businesses to enforce an ordinance on their own dime? What happens to the business owner when someone says excessive force was used against them? Is the mini responsible to represent the business in any legal proceedings? Are businesses and their employees deputized to enforce the ordinance?

  11. If Anchorage were to suddenly disappear we would all soon find other places for goods and services. If this ordinance should pass Anchorage will no longer be a place we go. There is virtually nothing there that can’t be had somewhere else albeit with a bit less convenience. I know if enough of us do this it has the potential to hurt small business even more.
    Like the rest of the country, Alaska is not at all the same kind of place we moved to years ago. We came here hoping to leave Orwell’s 1984 world behind only to realize it’s starting all over again here.

  12. I will not comply. Period. Haven’t yet. Not going too. I will not shop anywhere that tries to make me and even after this DS is over I still won’t shop there again ever. Bunch of retards running the assembly.

  13. Hmmmm….

    First, shutdown procedures shall begin, beginning with mandatory area-wide mask mandates, and masks only, as face shields are NOT permitted, encouraging businesses to ENFORCE said mandates forcefully, if necessarry, as the Anchorage Assembly is about to propose, and if said businesses do not do so adequately, some form of law enforcement shall step in to ‘properly’ enforce said mandate….whether LEO will respond adequately within this edict is another question, but I am sure that any LEO that does NOT do so shall be released summarily for that refusal to do so, and shall be added to the list of those that oppose the mandates within that they shall be determined to be, as well, ‘lesser than’, thereby adding to the list of ‘lesser thans’ that shall not enjoy the freedoms of the ‘compliant’…..and moving on to ‘enforced’ vaccination status…

    Second, those businesses that do not comply shall have their accounts frozen and discontinued so that they can no longer perform as a business, including all of their employees, by association….

    Third, the ‘lesser than’ will then begin to be refused even the most basic of services….such as entertainment, shopping, gathering, etc….

    Fourth, the ‘lesser than’ shall be denied employment without compitulation, and even if compitulation is given, they shall be of a ‘lesser than’ version because of their prior stance and be regarded as ‘lesser than’ their compitulated ‘peers’…

    Fifth, and most importantly, the ‘lesser than’ shall be denied the right to vote, even by mail, as they are not worthy of the right to do so because of their stance or ideology as ‘lesser than’…..

    Sixth, as a result, the pendulum will have swung so far to the side that it will disengage from its hooks and fall from its holding point…

    Seventh, once the pendulum has fallen and there is no longer any balance of any kind, the ‘lesser than’ shall have nothing left to lose, and shall react in kind, fighting for their very survival, having been given no choice, and no other way out…

    Eighth, the Compitulation, within their hubrus, shall misunderstand, and overestimate their control over not only the ‘lesser than’, but of the lesser compitulated, as well as of the fully compitulated, and once those not of the ‘lesser than’ understand that even those of the compitulation are ‘lesser than’ the ‘leaders’ of the compitulation, even though they believed the entire time that they were part of the ‘valued’ compitulaton when in fact, they were simply pawns, and of no more importance than the ‘lesser than’ within the ‘leaders’ eyes….

    Ninth, the truly ‘lesser than’ shall now find allies within the lesser and fully compitulated as they are now within the same ‘class’ as described by the ‘leaders’, inclusive of all of the enforcement personnell that believed that they were doing the compitulated work within righteousness, but was never righteous at all….

    Tenth, the ‘leaders’ shall fall into hiding, fleeing with their wealth which shall do them no good, as their wealth shall not buy them absolution, and shall be sought until each of them are brought to account within their actions….the lucky ones shall perish, the rest, well, they shall pay their ‘fair share’…..

    Freedom, as it is, is not given, and it is not perscribed unto the masses by the overlords…

    Freedom, as it is, is lived, and enjoyed by the ‘lesser than’, in SPITE of the overlords…

    Freedom, as it is, is a right that shall not be infringed upon, within this life, or any other…

    Freedom simply is…

    And shall never be anything else…

    Take care, and be safe!!!

    Randy Lee Harkins

  14. This insanity is everywhere. It has nothing to do with health.
    Check out what is happening in Melbourne, Australia. We are living in the Twilight Zone.

    • It’s fascism pure & simple and must be stopped by American Patriots or the entire Western civilization as we once knew it will be lost for generations to come.

      • Fascism is well defined. If you think the worst parts of fascism are caring for your neighbor, protecting the sick and elderly, and doing your part to overcome challenge, then you must think the US during World War II was a fascist state fighting the wonderful nazis, who murdered millions and unleashed terror on the world.

  15. So, I wear glasses and when I put a mask over nose and mouth my glasses fog up. What is in that fog? Covid? Bacteria? This shows that the cloth masks are not effective. The only cloth mask that is really effective is the one that says. “This mask is as effective as Joe Biden”. That is my mask and I wear it every time I fly. People love it.

    • It sounds like you don’t have a good enough seal around the nose area. Not sure what kind of mask you’re using with the good ones have that wire up there that can be formed to fit your nose for a tighter fit. It’s not going to be 100%, but it does filter a whole lot of the covid that you may have in your body.

    • The SARS-2 flu virus spreads in aerosol form, so yes, the fogging glasses create a visual of how the 30 nanometer sized virus travels around and through the “masks” making them useless.
      Wearing masks is simply a neurotic learned behavior indicating the individual is either exceedingly and dangerously ignorant or are willfully displaying a badge of allegiance, as swastika armbands were fashionable by the totalitarian socialists controlling certain societies.

  16. As long as Municipal Clerk Barbara Jones works directly for the Assembly, Zaletel just like Rivera will never be recalled, she is as crooked as they are and she fixed the recall for Rivera.
    Municipal Clerk Barbara Jones should be fired and charged with theft of municipal property. Just because you have access to information does not give you the right to pass it to someone that does not have access.

    • This is 100% true. And this is why the Assembly feels emboldened to do this. They know that regardless of the recalls outcome, Barbara Jones is a reliable barrier between the citizenry of Anchorage and them. She’s proven that she’s willing to do their unethical bidding and it’s a short trip from unethical to illegal. People like Jones, just like the Assembly, think they’re the good guys.
      She needs to be forcibly removed from her role. Fired at the very least. If she has committed a crime, arrested and charged. If she is not removed and replaced with someone with integrity, the Assembly will continue to undermine the authority of a duly elected mayor because they fear no reprisal from voters.
      If Bronson still has those recordings of her abusive behavior during the mayoral election, now would be a great time to release them.

  17. The Assembly members, with the exception of Jamie Ballard and Crystal Kennedy, are only making sure to do their masters bidding. That’s the communist (democrat) way. Control. Pit us against each other and get us to fight with each other so we dont notice as they remove more and more of our freedoms.

    The constitution of the United States of America means nothing to the nine demons on the assembly..
    The city of Anchorage charter means nothing to the nine demons on the assembly. Their goal is to amend it to stop representing a democratic republic.
    They have their own manifesto, their own agenda.
    Absolute power corrupts absolutely and the other nine on the Assembly will not capitulate. They want more power and control and this ordinance is just one more of the same to see how far they can push us before we act violently towards each other. Then they can impose martial law…
    Where are all the lawyers that are supposed to work for the city to ensure that we the peoples’ rights are not imposed upon? Why are the Assembly even allowed to introduce an illegal bill that takes our rights from us?
    If this ordinance is approved as written, as it is illegally imposing mandates, i will continue to not comply.
    I will gladly add my name to a recall action against any assembly comrade of Meg Zeletel.
    Read the science, masks do not work.
    My body, my choice.

    • I don’t think the polls matter. They know Barbara Jones is willing to shield them from any recall. I believe she interfered in the recall of Rivera to keep him in his seat. I think Meg feels pretty confident she’ll do the same for her.

  18. The truth is this: Covid-19 is here FOREVER. It isn’t just going to magically disappear because people believe in the “vaccine” and face diapers. Logic dictates that the wearing of face diapers MUST go on in perpetuity along with the jab. Accept this fact; the sooner you do, the better off you’ll be.

    • Once again the Assembly is acting well outside the bounds of legality.

      Once again the sheep are bleating outrage.

      The question is, will anyone actually stand this time? Lawsuits? Protests outside of Zalatel’s home? Civil disobedience? Based on history, the sheep will bleat and quietly go back to their pens.

      And the Assembly will further crush freedoms in Anchorage.

      Ever ask yourself why the far left is ascended in America? Simple. They ACT. The alleged right talks.

    • No. Look up the PCR test they are using and the number of cycles being used. Or that the cdc is saying December they have to use a test that will show the “normal” “cold and flu” versus what ever covid-19 is.

  19. Really a Bangladesh study? That’s the best science that they can find to justify this power play by the leftist members of the assembly. I am vaccinated and wear masks when appropriate. I don’t need power hungry assembly members demanding by color of law that I do so.

    Are they prepared to take responsibility for the possible unintended consequences of this ordinance. No business owner or employer should be put in a position enforcing this ordinance. Hasn’t the assembly damaged Anchorage’s businesses enough?

    The vaccines and masks are a personal decision and trying to force those opposed to them will only make them more opposed.

    Those that remain unmasked and/or unvaccinated know the risk of death and choose for themselves.

    Vote no on this ordinance!! Respect liberty and personal responsibility!

    Ooh and why the exemptions for jails and prisoners? Are the prisoners, police and corrections officers not worthy of this alleged protection? Or are you trying to avoid the possibility that trying to force incarcerated and under arrest people may be more violent in being forced to wear this masks?

  20. If I just give up this one more freedom, I am sure the Government will give them back as soon as the crisis is over.

  21. If the municipal ass-embly does manage to ram this coercive mandate through, all it would take is 10% of Anchorage residents refusing to comply for it to be effectively rendered null and void. STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES and refuse to comply! Together WE have all the power, not those nine sociopaths on the ass-embly!

  22. So my ninety pound hostess is supposed to eject people who refuse to comply? I’d better give her a raise and a stun gun.

  23. Time for every business to start offering SUPER-SIZED bags of chips as one walks through the door. No mask required as one eats or drinks right! ?

  24. The Meg is mad!
    What if you a make a law which you know police and code enforcers won’t enforce and people won’t obey?
    If you’re Meg Zalatel and competing for Worst Assemblyperson Ever, you forcibly deputize business owners to enforce your new law or face harsh penalties… which you can’t enforce and the Mayor, to his great credit, won’t enforce.
    If you’re Meg Zalatel, the organ grinder, you pack the show with your lab-coat monkeys who’ll “testify” how bad things gonna be, everybody gotta wear a mask from birth ’til The Meg says it’s okay not to, which could be forever if The Meg says so.
    Thus The Meg declared open war on constituents despite an upcoming vote to recall her.
    The Meg’s either lost her mind or has good reason not to worry about recall-vote numbers generated by Anchorage’s easily corruptible mail-in vote scheme
    … and “counted” in virtual secrecy by The Meg’s employee.
    Voters should be concerned.

  25. Don’t shop at said businesses.
    After being removed from “Cab***a’s Sporting goods for not wearing a mask, Ill never shop their again. Neither will my extended family.

  26. I bet nobody consulted the business community. I am certain they do not want to be in the middle of this. At the same time code enforcement still remains under the mayor’s purview. Also to consider, does this ordinance make each business owner/manager an “agent of the state”? If so, if said business owner roughs up an unmasked customer, can the customer then legally demand redress and compensation for their injuries from the city/assembly? What’s next goon squads patrolling Costco? Meg must be polling very poorly. She is hellbent to make sure her recall election gets locked down, so she is assured a win, as the Politburo needs every vote.

  27. I already bypass Anchorage and do my shopping in Palmer where I feel safer and welcomed. To mask or not mask should be the decision of the business owner, and customers can make their own decisions. I have been avoiding Anchorage except for the airport since Berko ruined the safety of parking my RV and kayak trailer in any Anchorage major shopping area before Covid was a thing. It simply is not safe to leave any equipment unguarded in a shopping area. I’ll continue sticking to doing my stuff-the-rv & trailer-supply and construction materials purchases and restaurant visits to the Kenai Peninsula and the Mat-Su area. The crime and theft and ridiculous assembly un-Alaskan tyranny is just not worth the stress of stopping in Anchorage.

  28. I’m so sick of this stuff. When will it end? Apparently it will NEVER end. Mask mandates are absolutely ridiculous. Breathing through paper is NOT good for you! There are particles in the masks that you are inhaling. Fresh air is a much better option! Wake up People! You’re being scammed.

  29. I think that the headline is misleading until and unless this ordnance passes. They haven’t done it, they’re planning to do it in the future. Thank You

  30. The only reason people believe in the vax and masks is it is drilled into there head 24/7 by politicians, corrupt Dr’s and corrupted msm. Until they wake up it will continue going as no one will see the real research that has disproved these actions but is blocked by the same as listed above. As far as the power hungry dictating ASSembly that are out of out of control. I contacted our AG but nothing so far as our personnel rights are being violated. So I have been told there is a sale on pitchforks and torches going on.

  31. Masks are not for protection. Our immune systems do that job.

    Masks are a symbol of oppression. They are being used to subjugate the free thinking and the free speaking. They are used as a comfort to those who have no fortitude. The ones who seek the masks, are hopelessly looking for something, anything to make them feel safe in this seemingly chaotic time.

    The ones who find comfort in masks also employ other props to help them feel secure, one of the most commonly used is ignorance. Their blissful ignorance allows them to ignore the true pandemic of this world, totalitarianism.

    It is strange that the news media that continues to hype the danger of the bioweapons, are strangely silent when it comes to the actual dangers of crimes against humanity especially, human trafficking.

    No longer should we be distracted with some unseen bio threat. We should be focusing on direct mitigation of the political threat that is our Anchorage Assembly.

  32. So, once again, those businesses who attempt to enforce the wearing of inhumane burkas will not be patronized by those of us who will stand up for our rights.

  33. It just occurred to me: certain Assembly members have recently been caught trying to access privileged information belonging to the executive branch.
    Perhaps this mask “mandate” is also a charade to shift our focus from their misdeeds, not unlike Biden’s timely, unconstitutional “vaccine mandates,” which drew our attention away from the hideous debacle that continues to unfold in Afghanistan?

  34. Just wait. The ordinance has to get passed first, then the mayor will lower the boom on it. The mayor, and ONLY the mayor has the Emergency powers to inact temporary ordinances in an emergency, and with this power overrides all other laws, as we all have lived thru during the first shutdowns and mask mandates. So, when it is passed, he will then be free to exercise his EO saying that the mask mandate is null and void. Problem solved.

  35. Every should check out “Event 201”, then connect the dots…COVID 19 was a “Plandemic” to flip America and rest of the world into medical tyranny with the ultimate goal of rule by global elite. The so called useful idiots a.k.a. The communist assembly members power grab is totally totally unconstitutional and ANYONE that attempts to enforce it will be in violation of our Constitutional rights or privileges. There is NO Emergency. Fake PCR test or cases are nothing to be afraid of. The Delta Variant or which ever variant we are on right now is being caused by the jab. The jab doesn’t prevent Covid. Check out the DOD Whistleblowers statement and the lawsuits to stop the jabs. Any doctor that testifies to the contrary should be reported for violating their Hippocratic Oath. Everyone must stop believing the gaslighting or outright lies and start using some discernment.

    Definition Of Deprivation Of Rights Under Color Of Law

    Section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.

    For the purpose of Section 242, acts under “color of law” include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within the their lawful authority, but also acts done beyond the bounds of that official’s lawful authority, if the acts are done while the official is purporting to or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties. Persons acting under color of law within the meaning of this statute include police officers, prisons guards and other law enforcement officials, as well as judges, care providers in public health facilities, and others who are acting as public officials. It is not necessary that the crime be motivated by animus toward the race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin of the victim.

  36. COVID will go away. Once everyone realizes it’s a another variation of the flu virus. Let’s see what happens in December when they have an actual test that can tell the difference between the two.

  37. No no no. I don’t need your idea of “healthcare” or your financial genius. Everything you have done is anti-American.

  38. This isn’t a legal law. It tries to get businesses to enforce the mask mandate because the Mayor will not let the police enforce it. That is a huge legal problem. Very few states, and Alaska isn’t one of them, allows property owners to physically remove someone who isn’t engaged in breaking and entering or other forceful crime from their property. Texas is the only state that I know of that allows property owners, under trespass law, to forcibly remove someone who refuses to leave when asked. In most states, Alaska included, that is battery.

    If the individual has not used force against you or your property you cannot use force against them. Most all states require the property owner to either call the police and have the police remove the person, something the Mayor has already said he will not allow the police to do, or the owner has to have licensed security, who are licensed to use force, remove the person. There isn’t enough licensed security in the state of Anchorage to legally enforce this ordinance.

    If the owner or employee, who is not licensed security, lays one finger on the customer that is battery. The Mayor’s office should make it clear to all property owners that anyone who lacks proper license to use force attempts to forcibly enforce this ordinance will be arrested and charged with battery. And the customers should both press charges and file civil suit.

  39. In order for this mandate to be implemented, the mayor has to sign it. He can leave it on his desk till doomsday, and the assembly can’t do anything about it.

  40. Come on people. We have to come together. It’s only 15 days to slow the spread. So that will make a total of 400 days so far. If you’re afraid of life, stay home. We are not taking your poison shot or wearing a stupid face rag that even the CDC says makes you 85 times more likely to get sick.
    Congress has finally figured out the con.

  41. Look at the PCR tests. HOW MANY CYCLES ARE THEY RUNNING??? it doesn’t show variants. Nurses around the world are admitting the vaxxed are the ones going to the hospital.

  42. It is WAY past time for another Battle of Athens. The Americans had balls back then. Not now. You deserve the communism you get. If you think standing on the street corner with a sign will cause the communists to run away, I suggest you read up on history. United we stand, divided we fall. Sound familiar? You are all a bunch of frogs in the pot of water and it’s been heating up.

  43. It’s odd that you can’t link to your sources on this site. Does the cdc run this place. No sources “ trust the science”

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