Do unvaccinated get substandard treatment in hospitals? One man says yes


If you are unvaccinated for Covid-19 and end up in the hospital, will you get a lesser degree of care?

Dwayne Downes of Homer, Alaska thinks so. Both he and his wife contracted Covid-19, and while he lived to tell the story and was not hospitalized, after more than two and a half weeks of hospitalization, his wife Fannie died on Sept. 15.

Although recent publicity has been given to how some unvaccinated Covid patients treat hospital workers, with reports of patients spitting, verbally abusing, and sometimes becoming combative, some patients have their own version of the relationship between themselves and the hospitals.

(This is one man’s account, in which he asserts unvaccinated patients are treated differently. The author doesn’t seek to extrapolate it to all doctor-patient experiences.)

Dwayne Downes said the care his wife Fannie received at South Peninsula Hospital was sub-par. He said she was put in a room and all but forgotten about by the staff. Then, when she went downhill, she was transferred to Providence Medical Center in Anchorage, and the same thing happened — she was far down the hall, and he feels she was ignored, her chart not read or understood by the medical staff, and he thinks that was, in part, because of her status as an unvaccinated patient.

Fannie had been medevaced to Providence. While Dwayne drove to Anchorage to be by her side, he was allowed to see her just once, then the hospital refused to allow him in, until his niece, who is a nurse from out of state, called and pleaded with Providence to let her uncle be with his wife. Finally, the people in charge of the decision relented.

Dwayne discovered in talking to his niece that after two and a half weeks, his wife was no longer infectious but was being isolated as though she was infectious and left to languish. She had been hospitalized for two and a half weeks at South Peninsula Hospital before she got to Providence. Downes was, in the end, allowed to hold her hand while she died.

Dwayne observed that she was given minimal care at both places.

“They had the attitude of ‘Let God sort it out,'” he said.

“I don’t have proof of that. Those beds are full. They have semi-trucks lined up. People are dying. But I saw the front section all the way to the back section where Fannie was. And they gave her minimal care, just tubes through a glass door. I don’t understand why they were just letting her die, while in the front, they are caring for them,” he said.

Fannie was raised as an Amish, and later became a Mennonite. The couple carved out a piece of paradise in Homer, where Fannie raised chickens, and worked hard on their property, while Dwayne worked at a tire shop. Amish are very skeptical of the Covid-19 vaccines, in general. They are some of the most resistant people in America when it comes to this particular vaccine protocol, and they are conservative in general.

By the time Fannie was in Providence, she had had a collapsed lung that had been badly repaired and needed to be re-repaired, and blood clots, and although Dwayne asked for Ivermectin or other drugs he had learned about, the doctors said no, it would not help at that stage.

“I thought she would do better. But she was in the back section. They would do nothing for her. They were trying to convince me to pull the plug,” Dwayne said. He called her family and got their permission to allow her to die; her wish was for no life support.

Dwayne was able to hold her hand, and assure her he loved her, and that her family and loved ones would miss her; he is deeply grieving her loss.

Today, Dwayne is back at the tire shop where he works, making a living helping people get their cars and trucks ready for winter roads. But he wants his story told because he doubts he is not the only one who has watched an unvaccinated loved one pushed to the back of the line for care.

As he said, “I can’t prove it,” but it’s what it felt like to him.

The celebration of life for Fannie Downes will be at 3 pm, Oct 9 at Moose Run, out East End Rd.


  1. I truly believe that a majority of doctors-pharmacists are ignoring their hippocratic oath that they swore to uphold.
    Very much like many politicians.
    It seems oaths mean nothing any longer.

          • Typhoid Mary Mallon had no symptoms, but she was contagious. She spread the disease, unintentionally, till she was tracked down and isolated.
            Her response was, basically, “Who, me?”
            Isolation is the best effort to controlling the spread of contagious diseases. Heart suffers, but brain must be engaged. Letting someone out who can infect and kill others is not a winning, nor a sympathetic strategy. We are currently living in an environment where those who deny the disease exists, or are unwilling to take precautions, are free to spread it your loved ones.

  2. Cold hearted triage. They won’t treat early with HCQ and Ivermectin, so they are culpable. The nationally mandates protocols via EPIC computer system is to blame for many deaths.

    • It’s proper to not administer medicine that will have zero positive effect in treating the disease.

      Vaccines on the other hand would have been quite beneficial.

    • HCQ and ivermectin are not effective against Covid. If they were, they would be used. To say they are, and yet deny that the vaccine is worthless, is absurd in light of current knowledge. No professional health care worker would deny effective treatment to a patient unless the patient refused treatment or it were unavailable.
      Remdesivir has been shown to be effective early on, but it is expensive and in short supply because of increased demand for those who have refused the vaccine. If everyone were to get vaccinated, it is likely we could return to some semblance of normal in a few months.

  3. Truth is that these doctors who refuse to give early treatment with therapeutics are guilty of:
    “Alaska Statutes 11.41.110. Murder in the second degree. (a) A person commits the crime of murder in the second degree if (2) the person knowingly engages in conduct that results in the death of another person under circumstances manifesting an extreme indifference to the value of human life;”
    Refusing to render any and all available medical care to a person under their care demonstrates extreme indifference to the value of that person’s life.
    Anyone who has mandated that widely available therapeutics like ivermectin are to be withheld from those seeking to use them is also guilty of second degree murder.
    Any pharmacist who refuses to fill valid prescriptions signed by a doctor is also guilty.
    Every one of these people should be arrested, charged, tried, convicted and imprisoned.

    • I normally find your comments spot on, PJ. Not this time.
      If you treat your own health irresponsibly there are good reasons to assume that when a more responsible patient is on the cot beside you it’s not possible to fully avoid uncomfortable comparisons, even for the person temporarily responsible for you both.
      …and no doc needs to prescribe whatever it is the patient wants a prescription for.
      ….and pharmacists refuse to fill valid prescriptions all the time. They’re at least as responsible as any doc.

      That said, Dwayne and Fannie’s experience raises two pertinent questions…
      If either had the chance to do it over would you choose to remain a ‘pure blood’?
      The concept of avoiding the vaccines that hospitals endorse implies that you should also vet each of your physician’s choices during the critical care process, no?
      …and I’m sorry for your loss, Dwayne.

    • You must be a pure blood kind of guy as much of what you’ve said is little more than an attempt at justification for having handled your own heath irresponsibly.
      Murder charges for a doc are ludicrous under all but the most egregious of situations.

      Providers can toss you a life saving ring on a rope but it’s largely your responsibility to get back in the boat. If there’s one ring and two overboard you throw the ring to the guy w/ the best chance. It’s the way everything works and if you prove yourself to be a bit of a goofball by running to the hospital in a state of personal emergency but up to that point had actively avoided their suggested prophylactic… eh, verbalized or otherwise; you won’t appear to be the best first choice.
      No patient has the right to demand horse worming pills or any other drug. Your youtube research won’t trump their med degree, ever.
      Pharmacists refuse to fill prescriptions regularly and it’s their responsibility to raise a red flag when a doc is prescribing irresponsibly.
      Arrested, charged, blah blah blah. Sure you don’t want ’em burned at the stake? You’d be awesome at a witch trial.

        • You listen to Science that changes everyday and they are getting treatment. I lived every American fear and my eyes seen what they seen. Vilify yourself in a science and I will choose God and in the end hope you are at peace with your choice because this is not going away and we must live together. Be scared and stay home. The small business is suffering from your fear unless essential! I am that guy. Buy Amazon because that’s where Bill Gates paved the way, Bezos sells you Chinese crap and China pickups the shipping all around the world. Warren buffet is cornering the real estate market. And your wanting everyone to vax. Good luck

          • I truly am sorry for your loss. I think most of us have lost loved ones as well and suffered in our own way. I don’t think it’s fair of you to write up a message blaming the hospital for not saving your wife. There were other factors involved such as she didn’t get vaccinated and she thought God would save her. There’s some people that do that with their children. They opt out of all the vaccinations that they’re supposed to get in order to go to school because of their religion. That’s fine you’re entitled to your own opinion but guess who’s going to be the first one to get sick? A few weeks ago someone that didn’t agree with your opinion would say your wife died because she’s fat. Now I don’t mean that to be harsh but it has been said on here more than once. People that are against vaccinations use anything they can to justify their thinking whether it be someone is old and almost live their life expectancy so it was no big loss, or they must have had something else wrong with him they should have breathe fresh air and drink more orange juice in their lifetime and they would have been okay or maybe she ate too much fat. I’m not saying that because I myself am fat in fact someone called me a chunker on here. It’s a little harsh but yes it was accurate. It didn’t hurt me one bit. Black people can call me a honky or a cracker don’t bother me a bit. I think you need to talk with someone maybe your preacher to help you cope with your loss. Good luck and I seriously mean that.

      • Your response is interesting…still falling back on the old “horse dewormer” foolishness to try and delegitimize Ivermectin as a valid treatment option. I thought that had been settled with Ivermectin being prescribed for human use over 4 BILLION times. Combine that with the medical research that’s been done on Covid infection rates as affected by Ivermectin use in various countries…as documented in the medical journals by credible professionals…and a reasonable person would think that the suppression of Ivermectin to treat early stage Covid would be akin to reckless indifference to the health of the patient.
        And what could be more irresponsible, health wise, than knowingly allowing yourself to be injected with an untested, experimental gene therapy that is advertised as intended to flood your body with spike proteins that have been revealed to be a cardiovascular pathogen?
        Well, maybe advertised is misleading…the manufacturers and those forcing this jab on us assumed that the spike proteins would remain confined to the deltoid muscle and would not invade the test subject’s bloodstream. That, of course, turned out to be absolutely wrong and now we know that the spike protein migrates to every part of your body where it damages your blood vessels, causes clots, and even invades your brain.
        In the interests of a well informed decision everyone who is considering the jab should be informed of these FACTS but, naturally, all of this negative information is being suppressed by the government, the national health authorities, your own healthcare providers and anyone else who insists that you get the jab…they’re hiding pertinent information on the dangers of this jab to stop you from making an informed choice and that also rises to reckless indifference.
        Like it or not if someone willfully stops you from accessing healthcare treatment that could have saved your life and you die as a result that person is guilty of causing your death and their actions satisfy the legal definition of second degree murder in Alaska.
        Witch trials are a thing of the past but if I’m ever on a jury and this question comes before me I’ll do my very best to convince my jury peers to convict…you cause someone’s death when you could have prevented it and you need to suffer the consequences…period.

        • PJ… your information is incorrect. No one stands to benefit to a greater degree from your misunderstanding than the makers of Ivermectin and they have stated unequivocally the following:

          “KENILWORTH, N.J., Feb. 4, 2021 – Merck (NYSE: MRK), known as MSD outside the United States and Canada, today affirmed its position regarding use of ivermectin during the COVID-19 pandemic. Company scientists continue to carefully examine the findings of all available and emerging studies of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19 for evidence of efficacy and safety. It is important to note that, to-date, our analysis has identified:

          No scientific basis for a potential therapeutic effect against COVID-19 from pre-clinical studies;

          No meaningful evidence for clinical activity or clinical efficacy in patients with COVID-19 disease, and;
          A concerning lack of safety data in the majority of studies.”
          Like it or not better healthcare treatments have never come from the feed and seed store.

          • It’s easy to get educated, Barker…this is from a study published by the NIH:
            “ Ivermectin, a US Food and Drug Administration-approved anti-parasitic agent, was found to inhibit severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) replication in vitro. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was conducted to determine the rapidity of viral clearance and safety of ivermectin among adult SARS-CoV-2 patients. The trial included 72 hospitalized patients in Dhaka, Bangladesh, who were assigned to one of three groups: oral ivermectin alone (12 mg once daily for 5 days), oral ivermectin in combination with doxycycline (12 mg ivermectin single dose and 200 mg doxycycline on day 1, followed by 100 mg every 12 h for the next 4 days), and a placebo control group. Clinical symptoms of fever, cough, and sore throat were comparable among the three groups. Virological clearance was earlier in the 5-day ivermectin treatment arm when compared to the placebo group (9.7 days vs 12.7 days; p = 0.02), but this was not the case for the ivermectin + doxycycline arm (11.5 days; p = 0.27). There were no severe adverse drug events recorded in the study. A 5-day course of ivermectin was found to be safe and effective in treating adult patients with mild COVID-19. Larger trials will be needed to confirm these preliminary findings.”
            Stop being willfully ignorant.

    • India is suing the WHO because what ultimately brought their numbers down was using early treatment regimens and prophylaxis that involved ivermectin that was directly discouraged by the WHO before their numbers skyrocketed.
      Eventually I have faith that the mass hysteria is going to crumble apart once everyone is tired of being afraid and realize that we have to face what has always been the inevitable. Then we will stop with the divisive finger pointing and let everybody deal with things however they want. There will be more fatalities, real actual stress on medical resources, and tragedies but we will decide this time to battle ahead instead of trying to run away and hide. Eventually the fear will subside and the truth will come out. At that point I suggest we shave these people’s heads and have them parade in the streets. I’m kidding, but only sort of. It is truly shameful what’s going on and we cannot beat the drum hard enough. The harder we pound, the more they shut us down. And I won’t ever forget that.

    • PJ: That will only happen in the Mirror Universe you and all the other unvaccinated live in.

      The unvaccinated spit on and threaten these doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals with harm until they need them to save their pathetic lives when they could do it their damned selves with a vaccination. Instead, they take horse paste and malaria drugs that poison and kill them — sometimes slowly — THEN they call 911, have paramedics rush them to emergency —
      so they can take up a hospital bed. Other times they just WAKE UP DEAD, hence saving vaccinated taxpayers, in many cases, federal tax dollars.

      Bottom line: all unvaccinated people self-select for premature removal from this mortal coil by every word and deed in defense of their stance. They’ve showed the world their total disregard for everyone’s else’s life and their right to it — except their own.

      Therefore, they have only themselves to blame for what happens in hospital. No doctors. No nurses. Just them, their fealty to Lord Trump, the magic malaria medicine, and the horse paste.

      • Remarkably ignorant and shallow perspective.
        The SARS-2 virus was developed as a joint venture by the US and CCP occupied China with federal funds approved by Dr. Fauci.
        All grants have progress reporting requirements, you don’t think Dr. Fauci, who is financially vested in the pharma corporations who were developing and patenting “vaccines” during the virus creation were analyzing research data in real time?
        Why would medical professionals who have been treating patients the past 18 months refuse the injections? Why are the pharma manufacturers exempt from their own products?
        Why are millions of foreign nationals walking over our borders and transported to every state (for every CBP contacted alien there are from 2-5 x not contacted) without being “vaccinated” as official policy?
        Israel, the most injected population on earth is experiencing a hospitalization rate of 95% of the most serious infected rates of those fully “vacced”.
        Contrast with Uttar Pradesh, with 240 million has <5% "vacced" rate and is averaging near zero daily deaths and statistically nill infection rates through the mass use of Ivermectine. India is suing the WHO for misinformation that caused unnecessary deaths.
        If only our country and state had leadership that took our health security seriously.

      • Sophie you are so wrong. Just because somebody looks at this differently does not make them any less of a person than you. This is a free country you don’t like it move out. The vacuum does not work like advertised so there.

        • I think what Sophie might be getting at is that just because someone doesn’t want to get vaccinated, it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t take precautions. Were I unvaxxed, I would be very wary putting myself into situations where I could infect someone. I would test often. I would avoid close contacts with people I loved, because I would be horrified if I were to be the one who infected any of them.
          With the type of freedom anti-vaxxers desire, great responsibility in required. Mostly, I haven’t been seeing it.

          • You are not seeing it because no one agrees with you. You are vaxxed and still can spread the vid. Do you get tested everyday? Are you distancing? You can contaminate someone else you know, even another vaxxed person which could lead to their death. You thought you payed off your inconvenience with a shot of the vaxx, but your ability to transmit the vid is no different that the unvaccinated. You are such a hypocrite.

      • People like you really need to reassess your positions on Covid, the mRNA “miracle” and the inherent, natural rights of human beings.
        You won’t, though, because you’re rabid on these subjects.
        Stereotyping people who won’t go along with your vax-or-die program as bad or even evil.
        The really bad news for you, Sophie, is that the midterm testing results are coming in now and it’s looking even worse for the jabbed than expected.
        You’re unaware though because CNN doesn’t cover facts any longer…just propaganda.
        The third jab should be interesting. A lot of you are going to die from it. Eventually everyone will learn the truth about the mRNA mistake, well, the survivors anyway.
        Did you know that the purveyors of this wonderful cure all have now admitted that they were absolutely and catastrophically wrong about the spike proteins staying near the injection site?
        The spike proteins are being found everywhere in the body…that’s science baby…undeniable truth.
        If they could be so wrong about something so fundamental you’ve got to wonder what else they got wrong.
        Tonight, as you try to sleep, you’ll ponder where the spike proteins have gone inside your body and just how much damage they’ve caused to your cardiovascular system.
        Strokes, heart attacks, leaky blood vessels, organ failure…all recognized effects from spike protein infection and you’ve got billions of them circulating inside your body right now.
        Sleep tight.

    • You could look at your second degree murder claim like this too: a physician is guilty of second degree murder if her deceased patient followed her advice to follow Trump’s advice: “ So supposing we hit the body with a tremendous — whether it’s ultraviolet or just a very powerful light — and I think you said that hasn’t been checked because of the testing,” Trump said, speaking to Bryan during the briefing. “And then I said, supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or some other way”.

    • It’s got to be the dumbest thing that I’ve seen written in these comments today. Don’t try to compare being black, which Black people have no choice, with choosing not to get the vaccine.

      • There is no vaccine. There are experimental Mrna genetic therapy injections which are proven ineffective in preventing the lab created SARS-2 virus. These injections do create mutations, and increase the viral load of the human guinea pigs.
        There are a multitude of therapeutic proven drugs to cure the illness, but in the US they are discouraged.
        Individuals who take the injections are creating mutations and are super spreaders.
        The most “vacced” population on earth, the Israelis, are experiencing a 95% hospitalization rate and enhanced death rate.
        The least “vacced” population >5% in Uttar Pradesh are averaging a zero death rate and minimal asymptomatic infection rate. The difference is the prolific use of Ivermectine.
        Our medical system is run by administrators, not doctors.
        We never had quality doctors here anyways. Native Health has killed dozens of my relatives long before the joint US/CCP bio weapon termed SARS-2 was created.
        This is just what you get with socializing medicine on a national scale.

      • Hit a nerve BEN, how about:
        Unvaxxed– it’s the new Jew. #1933 #sameolddemocratplaybook
        Being Jewish IS a choice, and your National Socialists went after them with a vengeance.

      • I agree with you and I almost wrote that myself. I think he was talking about people being persecuted for not getting the shot kind of like they discriminated against blacks in our past history. I kind of see his point but he picked the wrong example to make his argument.

    • Why do people demand on making the most racially idiotic comparisons when this has nothing to do with race. It’s a global pandemic they’ve happened before and will happen again #learnabouthistory #stopbeingignorant

      • Its to do with ignorant control, neighbor being pitted again neighbor. Where you paying attention last night at the assembly meeting? Which part of her bill did Zaletel drop?
        For goodness sake man, go read some recent European history, these people you support, they couldn’t care less about you, me or anyone, they only care about their own agenda. #agenda2030

          • How antagonistic and untrue Forkner. People build fences/walls to secure their property, usually not from neighbors but from scrounging free loaders who don’t have respect for other people’s property. You have such a warped sense of reality and the more you post the less value your opinion has.
            Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

          • Have you ever heard the old saying good fences make good neighbors? If you haven’t then you’re under 30 and probably under 40 or 50 years old and I question your life experiences.

        • You big city liberals and your big city ideas. I don’t care what the morons do in Anchorage, just keep it away from us Alaskans. All your antisemitism in enough for me to never go to Anchorage again.
          It is beyond ignorant to compare a disease to the Holocaust and genocide of a people.

          • What is beyond ignorant Steve0, is your inability to see current activities and future trends by studying the past’s factual events. It is as equally ignorant to believe that those not in favor of vaccines or the mask are liberal or antisemitic.
            You seem to be quick with labels. However, the only labels that are important to the conversation are favor freedom or favor mandate. We are either a free nation to make our own personal decisions about our body or we are not. It doesn’t change from subject to subject. The only exception to that freedom is if your action is threatening someone else’s life or health. The receiving of this vaccine, as scientifically proven, does not prevent someone else from contracting the virus so that exception is void. And for Hospital attendance pressure, the facts show as many vaccinated, if not more, than unvaccinated. So the attendance pressure on the hospitals is equally shared with no scientific proof that there would be any change to that with 100% vaccination. As for mask, again no scientific proof of the efficacy of mask, especially the standards of mask types that are allowed in public. Masks are eye candy for tyrants and a false sense of security for the fearful.

          • Brian,
            Who is it that believes “that those not in favor of vaccines or the mask are liberal or antisemitic”? It’s certainly not me. Sometimes people need to take an extra second and actually try and understand what they are reading before commenting, this might just be one of those times for you Brian.

  4. I wouldn’t take anyone to Prov. A few years ago my MIL was admitted with a nosebleed from a fall that the ER couldn’t stop. The doctor was downright mean to her. A few days later she got pneumonia and was put in the ICU. She was dead a week later and the ICU doc was very callous the whole time. Nurses were great but I would rather die at home than be under a doctor there. And a family member was there 24/7!

    • I have worked with a lot of doctors in my career and they aren’t the saintly humans that society assumes them to be. Most of them are truly arrogant aholes. They do do a lot for the public and they do make big sacrifices to do so, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t incredibly arrogant and smug. It makes them even more arrogant and smug (most were already arrogant and smug before they even entered med school) and bitter towards the general “ungrateful” public. Ask anyone that has had the job of managing them. With their egos, “it’s like herding cats”. Not all of them, of course, are like this, but the majority of them are. Some of the ones that have charm and good bedside manner are even more disgusting because if you know what they are really like you know how insincere they really are. They do have an incredibly tough job that has the highest amount of pressure, so I cut them some slack, but that doesn’t make the negative impacts of being arrogant and smug go away.

    • In 2017 I was brought to the ER at Providence after suffering a sudden, traumatic miscarriage of my baby boy at 14 weeks.
      When I told the admitting nurse I needed to sit down, she brought me a wheel chair. When I said I felt nauseous, she picked up the trash can from the floor and set it in my lap.
      As the stars appeared and increased while I was passing out, I was thinking, “how gross…what the heck…I’m at a HOSPITAL…”
      Unsure of why my uterine bleeding was not slowing, the ER doc (visiting from Nebraska) stuffed me full of gauze. Think about that for a minute…my uterus is cramping harder than ever because their put in a pitiful drip, my uterus continues to bleed now at a faster pace than normal, and the Dr stuffs me full of gauze…
      The ultrasound tech/radiologist said my uterus was empty. No idea why I’m still bleeding, but the bleeding is being trapped inside me by the gauze stuffing….
      5 hours later I start to pass out again (toxic shock syndrome, anyone?), at which point I called out to God and His angels and saints and told him I’m not ready to die, please spare my life so I can go home and raise my living children!
      I think I scared the nurse, so she called in a Dr (yes, it had been five hours of pitocin drip, hard uterine cramping, blood pooling inside me.
      A dr who lives and works as an OBGYN here in Anchorage came in and couldn’t help exclaiming under her breath, while pulling teams of bloody gauze out of me, “what the hell was that Dr thinking?”
      The obgyn had the good sense to figure that there’s a REASON why my uterus won’t shrink down and stop bleeding, despite the radiologist who said it’s empty, and told me we should do the C of a D&C (I had already passed the baby at home and was dilated). So, we did, and, wonder of wonders, my entire placenta was still inside my uterus, it hadn’t detached, which is why the bleeding wouldn’t stop.
      I survived, obviously, after being saved by the obgyn, but Providence nearly killed me due to negligence and incompetence.
      I don’t EVER want to go back there!
      And, the itemized bill indicates that they had given me 5 doses of febtanyl during my stay. $20,000 to drug me up, stuff me with gauze, and let me bleed on an ER bed for 5 hours.
      Providence does not have patients’ best interest at heart, or anywhere else.

      • An OB-GYN recognized your problem following a spontaneous abortion of a pregnancy, correct?

        That’s why there are SPECIALISTS!!

        NO ONE CAN KNOW EVERYTHING!! They use their imaging to get as much info as they can, and some (especially younger, less experienced practitioners) depend too heavily on imperfect imaging. Nothing can replace the experience and knowledge of an experienced specialist who has pretty much seen it all in a specialized field like obstetrics and gynecology!!!

        It’s not necessarily incompetence. It’s often lack of practical experience. Most things presented are routine. ER’s are often manned by new doctors who aren’t super experienced. They can call in a specialist if needed, but anyone who has been chewed out for calling unnecessarily (especially early in a career) be hesitant! People have and do die as a result, and it’s difficult when we are personally a piece of that doctor’s learning experience. You can bet he or she will remember if ever presented with a similar situation!

        Unfortunately, medicine must be learned through experience, like anything else, and the human body is a complex machine!

        • The incompetence I found to be in A) stuffing gauze into a women with persistent uterine bleeding and B) allowing me to continue in that state for five hours without another doc coming to check on things until I called out loud to God.
          An ER doc should know the difference between how to treat internal, uterine bleeding and a wound wherein proper clotting or sticking will help it close.
          Also, the ER doc was a woman. I presume that most women know that if you don’t change your tampon, you will suffer serious health consequences, including the possibility of toxic shock syndrome. It doesn’t take a specialist to know that stuffing a woman with uterine bleeding full of gauze is a bad -and dangerous!- idea.

      • Yeah that visiting doctor was nuts. I read right along with you there and I’m not a doctor but I know something about female physiology before and after pregnancy and I called it the same as your doctor found out. Apparently he doesn’t know what a placenta looks like and he doesn’t sound like he ever did a DNC.

    • Norton Sound in Nome killed one of my wife’s uncles. He suffered an aneurysm, but because he was Native they assumed his combative behavior was alcohol induced, which it was not. The staff beat him into a coma from which he died.
      The racial prejudice is breathtaking in Alaska.
      They are federal employees and have zero consequences. The Native Health organizations are really into conforming to these trial injections. They are all federal projects as poor with health results as rural schools are with education.
      We are officially a third world country. Ignorance, corruption and incompetence.

  5. Everyone should have equal care regardless of vaccine status, skin color, community or financial status. Ive heard plenty of these true stories and I wonder how the doctor and his/her staff sleep at night. Most every politician in the USA fighting for tyrannical social standards relating to covid wouldn’t think twice about these situations, they are a special lot who salivate over the division they create and perpetuate in their communities. They are followed closely by media outlets who thrive on broadcasting their terror and doom, also without a conscience. The rest of us not in their circle are treated as outcasts who must be subjugated to less, a leper, a peon. They have created in me and others a hate and loathing for their kind that would never have surfaced otherwise, I will forever remember them, they are stained and tarnished forever. Prayers to this poor man and the friends and families involved.

  6. The nurses are great at Providence but they do seem to have gone extremely downhill. The last time we were there the nurses were openly saying that they were done and were encouraging us not to allow our kids to study medicine or even think about going into this field. It sounds a lot like the socialists are forcing everyone out and this is the result.

    Also there was a gross “security” guard up front and was asking if we were carrying any weapons into Providence. What a sad joke this has all become.

  7. Regardless of whether she got subpar care because she was unvaccinated or not, this is not a flattering account for the hospitals. He had covid (the exact same strain his wife had) and recovered and was immune. Even regardless of that, why the hell wouldn’t they let him see his wife? Doctors and hospitals are really losing the plot here, along with their humanity. I really have lost almost all my faith in western medicine. They should know more than anyone that the moral support of a loved one goes a long way and even if that were not true, it is truly inhumane to not let a husband be with his wife as she is battling with the end of her life.

  8. One man’s opinion. There are those who would say that if you don’t get the vaccine and get the virus, you should not get the same care as those who did. I’m inclined to think both opinions are wrong.
    When health care providers are vilified by those who think the vaccine is a Communist plot to overtake the country, and are denigrating those who provide care when sought, then it is understandable that health care providers might not have the warmest feelings toward them. But they will provide care.
    Try this as a plan:
    1) Get the vaccine. It’s proven extremely safe, despite the extremely rare side effects which are bound to show up with millions being vaccinated. It’s also very effective at preventing serious illness, despite not being 100% effective. It’s the best defense. If you don’t take advantage of it, you are putting yourself at risk.
    2) Forget ivermectin. It’s a fools errand. No legit health care provider will use it because it is not effective against Covid. If you have thread worms or river blindness, then you are a great candidate for ivermectin, but not Covid. It isn’t even experimental, it’s contraindicated.
    3) Save monoclonal therapy for those who can’t get the vaccine, or won’t, when symptoms occur early on. That’s when it’s most effective. It’s still experimental in the same sense as the vaccine, but it shows results in early Covid cases. Do not think of it as a magic bullet. The vaccine is much more effective at preventing disease, monoclonal therapy is more of an emergency therapy for someone who already is symptomatic, and it’s far less effective than the vaccine.
    4) DO NOT vilify health care workers who are trying to save lives. They don’t need ideologues telling them that they don’t know what they are doing and should be doing something else that is unproven, anecdotal, and probably ineffective.
    At this point in the pandemic, it is inconceivable to me that anyone thinks the Covid vaccines are a Commie plot to deny anyone their Constitutional rights rather than a amazingly successful, coordinated effort to protect all Americans from a potentially life threatening disease.
    That’s the Kool-Aid I’m drinking, and it has been shown to be effective. For those who refuse to believe that, there are any one of a number of other Kool-Aids you can try, but if they don’t work, don’t take it out on our health care workers. Think of it as taking personal responsibility for you own health care and accepting the consequences, but don’t blame health care workers if it doesn’t work. They’re not the problem.

    • You are very ignorant about ivermectin. I have personally seen its effectiveness on individuals suffering
      with c19.
      It has been used an estimated 3 billion times by humans. It was approved by the fda in 1995. It has less side effects than Tylenol. It has multiple possible benefits to health besides parasites. During one study of Ivermectin 800 doctor’s who took it zero contracted covid, of the 400 others who did not 56% contracted.
      Go to the WND web site and check out the article
      Written by a doctor who has had 600 peer-reviewed publications to his name.

      • Ivermectin is also used off label for other conditions, not just as a anti parasitic or for covid. It’s quite a versatile medication.

    • Mr. Erectus, thank you for the clear-headed thinking and commentary. There are those of us on this site who preach the same message, but alas, we get zero traction here. Nonetheless, we persist.

      No amount of logic will convert the anti-vaxxers who live here, as it has become their religion, their faith. And what is the definition of faith? “A strong belief in God or other doctrine that is not based upon proof.”

      There are none so blind as those who will not see.

      But keep trying.

    • Homo, “Get the vaccine. It’s proven extremely safe”. How simple it is to earn your seal of approval. Not even a year into use and you have declared the Vaccine “extremely safe”. You must be on Fauci’s payroll.
      A first time use if mRNA in humans. Animal test that didn’t end well. A total waiver to vaccine companies liability to adverse effects. NO HUMAN TRIAL PERIOD. No published in-depth data on animal trials. No consistent message on hers immunity standards. No consistent message on vaccine reliability. No duration of vaccine. Endless booster vaccines on the horizon. And most of all 99.7% survivability.
      Sure wish I could feel as confident as you Homo but it seems as if I was born with some things you weren’t, common sense, a healthy skepticism of men in power and the need to survive on my own terms.

      • Well, there were limited human trials. See some of them at a senate hearing with Senator Ron Johnson.
        That didn’t go well, and thats just on rollout. We are in the rigorous trials as we speak.
        The leader fauci, is being exposed in a book just hitting the printing press. Writing by a investigative reporter. Documents and whistle blowers testimony included. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!

    • Healthcare workers aren’t free of scrutiny ever, nor should they be and your understanding of ivermectin is a very good example of what’s wrong in the medical community overall right now that definitely needs scrutiny. And, you are right, there are many that believe if you don’t take care of yourself by getting a vaccine, you shouldn’t have the same priority as the ones that do and some of the people that think like that work in the medical field. But I do applaud you for having some humanity and some logical, sensible, and rational thought.

  9. So you put your trust in God, don’t take the vaccine that She gave you, but then complain loudly when others “let God sort it out”. Sort of like having your cake, and eating it too.

    I have no doubt that the medical professionals treat everyone equally, as they have taken solemn oaths to do so. I am sorry for this person’s loss, but also believe that vaccination is the right, and responsible thing to do.

    Religious exemptions are bogus too, well, because religion is bogus in itself. Science can help you. God can’t.

  10. Maybe the Downes’ experience explains why patients have been reported to be screaming, cursing, and threatening the health care staff. The squeaky wheel gets the attention. Perhaps they too were being ignored left to die before they got loud.

    • No, I had it two weeks prior to Labor Day. Just like a bad bad flu, 1 week of high temps, waking up sweating ans not eating. Lots of sleep and then the week of recovery, trying to eat with to smell or taste abs regaining strength.

    • When they stopped letting people be with their loved ones when they were dying almost two years ago I said the exact same thing. I’d rather die at home. What’s sad is that so many demand they be saved but refuse the lifeline in front of them until it’s too late.

  11. Also to note, hospitals are a private entity as Bronson has clearly stated numerous times & can do whatever they want. If you get the Vid, stay home. Don’t go running to the hospital at the slightest cough because you chose not to get vaccinated. Besides, how is everyone going to react when they get those pesky hospital bills in the mail? Hold on, I know the answer. The unvaccinated will expect the government and it’s many handouts to pay for time in the hospital. Round and round we go.

    • “The unvaccinated will expect the government and it’s many handouts to pay for time in the hospital.” You mean follow the protocols of Obamacare and what it’s intentions were, for government run healthcare. That tax payers would be required to pay for smokers, obese, poor nutritional choice, drug addicts, alcoholics, high risk takers and just simply stupid people who don’t know how to mitigate risk to prevent injury. Do you mean those people too, who out number the unvaccinated probably 100 to 1. The more you try to persecute the unvaccinated, the more uncivilized you sound. Hope you are enjoying the division the government has given you. Maybe you should pray you are on the right side and stop demonizing the other side.

    • Our hospitals are largely paid by Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare, they are government/private consortiums, ie definition of classic fascist model.
      The genetic therapy you term “vaccines” are 100% paid by federal funds and enjoy 100% liability protection.
      The direct deaths and long term health problems associated with their use will be expected to be paid by the federal government.
      What are you talking about?

  12. This is what happens when the hospitals are full to overflowing. So much BS above! She was near death even at SPH. The available resources were allocated to those more likely to survive.. Those of you who think the doctors and nurses are maliciously denying proper treatment to the unvaccinated are in severe denial of the extent of the problem the health care system is facing. Go ahead, encourage failing lawsuits. It will get worse before it gets better. There will be MANY more cases before the Goats and Mules get the message. The R of delta is multiples of the original variant and that was high enough to scare knowledgeable folks who understand exponential growth. We were warned of the consequences of overloaded healthcare facilities near the very beginning bof the pandemic. The warning was poo-pooed here and in similar places even at the top level of government in most jurisdictions. Keep on grasping at disproven worm medications etc for treatment and/or prevention, shifting the blame to others – that won’t change anything. We have met the enemy and he is US! Wake up, be real, sit back and enjoy the show.

    • Jere, where has Ivermectin been disproven?? Japan, Singapore, India and Taiwan use it as a first line treatment, government approved. Hundreds of US doctors are supporting its use as treatment and preventative.
      I’m awake, real and watching the show and all I see is the Pro Vaccinated being judgmental, slanderous, hateful , dismissive, disrespectful and pro death for those whom do not think like them. The show isn’t an America I grew up in but you go ahead and enjoy your bag of bitterness and resentment as you enjoy the show.

    • Thank you. Very upsetting to think of how insanely overwhelmed the hospitals are, us nurses are running around trying to give the very best care, and now people are going to turn against us and say we’re choosing to let people die. Ridiculous. You can’t ignore all the warnings about hospitals, skip the vaccine because you think it’s just a bad ‘cold’, and then sue the hospital because your wife died. Shocker, Covid is as serious as we keep saying it is! We can do everything for our patients and sometimes they still die. We’re not God. We’re doing the best we can to keep you alive, even if YOU aren’t.

  13. This is just further proving how important it is to GET the vaccine. Her death could have been prevented if she got a simple vaccine.

  14. This is an intentional holocaust. Remember by 1937 67% of MDs had actually joined the National Socialist Party of Germany. Today probably 80% of doctors are members of the Demonrat party. Don’t go to the Hospital with, they will use a discredited PCR test and call you a “Covid Case” and then kill you through intubation. Our hospitals might as well be gas chambers.

    • Unless you have some gift of being able to see the end results of a path not taken, you can not conclusively say one way or the other. People with vaccines are dying as well.

  15. I can only hope they are not. With the inclination to feel victimized in today’s culture, I would be careful in jumping on the blame game band wagon unless you are absolutely sure of biased treatment. Otherwise we are just adding fuel to the proverbial fire unnecessarily.

  16. Homo – you are so wrong about Ivermectin! There are many front line doctors around the world who are prescribing Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine during early onset of Covid with very good results. It seems to keep patients out of the hospital where many, unfortunately, would die on a ventilator. It is criminal for the American health care industry to tell Covid diagnosed people to go home without a prescription & when your lips are blue come back to the Emergency Room for treatment!

    • There is NOTHING in the pharmacy that can help covid!! The ONLY medications that help at all MUST be administered early in the disease (before most people show up at the ER) and require infusions of monoclonal antibodies or possibly a single antiviral medication, also an infusion that must be administered early in the disease process.

      Would you rather they prescribe something unnecessarily as a placebo to make you happy?? Or treat it ethically? Numerous studies have shown Ivermectin does NOT help covid!! The cases that used Ivermectin and got better were going to get better anyway. The Ivermectin might have actually slowed their recovery!! It’s like kissing a boo boo to make it all better for a kid. But if the kid actually is injured you jump to the first aid box to get what you know will actually help the injury! So you want to ER docs to kiss your boo boo so you feel better. Right? At this point, due to extreme overcrowding and overcapacity ICU’s, they’re not admitting people for palliative care (to make them feel better). They’re sending them home to either start improving or get bad enough that they need intervention.

      Make no mistake, covid isn’t for wimps! It makes you feel like you’re dying long before you are actually at risk of dying!!!

      • Gale – ever hear of Joe Rogan? Google him & Covid before you run your mouth and display your utter ignorance concerning Covid therapeutics. People like you are responsible for people needlessly dying!

  17. “Those beds are full. They have semi-trucks lined up. People are dying.”

    Anyone who’s managed a triage health care situation can understand the heartbreak and disillusionment that comes from it. I’ve been there. I’m truly sorry for your loss, Mr. Downes.

    And I understand how patients laying a hospital that is pushed to over-capacity can see with their own eyes the substandard level of care – because that’s what it is during these days. Triage translates into substandard.

    But please don’t assign an uncaring attitude or indifferent preference to the workers who toil in that ugly scenario – they are doing the best they can while they are stretched to their limits. There’s no question that your wife (again, I’m sorry) would have received much better care if she had been infected in July, under more controllable circumstances, versus now, in these horrible conditions.

  18. I truly doubt most hospital staff are intentionally treating unvaccinated Covid patients lesser than vaccinated. They may be angry and frustrated but to purposely withhold care would be pretty serious, and sociopathic. They are all under tremendous stress right now and care is spread thin, I am sure patience as well. We have a number of friends and family members working in both Anchorage and Matsu hospitals, none would even think that way. Still, we have also heard first hand from two acquaintances, both unvaccinated, both admitted to Providence, one has now recovered, and the other is still in and not doing well. They do not know each other but we know both of them. Both have stated they were admonished and taunted for not being vaccinated so a bit of ‘shaming’ may be going on. The friend that has recovered has also stated excellent care, other than the snide remarks.

  19. The Left, the Vaxxers, the MSM, and all who voted for SloJo and KamelToe have a reckoning coming.
    Read about what happened to “civilized society” in the Civil War.
    Guess who’s gonna win.

  20. You listen to Science that changes everyday and they are getting treatment. I lived every American fear and my eyes seen what they seen. Vilify yourself in a science and I will choose God and in the end hope you are at peace with your choice because this is not going away and we must live together. Be scared and stay home. The small business is suffering from your fear unless essential! I am that guy. Buy Amazon because that’s where Bill Gates paved the way, Bezos sells you Chinese crap and China pickups the shipping all around the world. Warren buffet is cornering the real estate market. And your wanting everyone to vax. Good luck in hell….

  21. My condolences to Mr. Downes.
    This is what rationed care looks like, those who are more likely to survive are given more help to get them on the road to recovery and back home. We were told by some that rationing was taking place, while other said it was not. The DHSS website has told us the number of beds available, the information is out there. Just like choosing to be vaccinated or not, the information is out there. Don’t let conspiracy theories guide you. Use common sense, use history, use data, use a doctor’s guidance. It’s unfortunate that so many are allowing themselves to be deceived when there is, in many cases nothing to gain other than some imagined and nonsensical political point.

  22. Seems perfectly fair treatment. Decisions have consequences. The consequences for choosing not to get vaccinated are obvious and not only dangerous to yourself but to all that come in contact with you and have to care for you.
    People who at this stage of the pandemic that choose to ignore science and instead choose “to do their own research” on social media and politically based news outlets have knowingly accepted the much higher risk alternative, not to be vaccinated. Not just for themselves but for hundreds of others, including children and health workers.
    Does anyone not believe in the wisdom of the old saying “You made your bed, now lay in it”. The vast majority of the hospitalized and dead, made the choice to not get vaccinated. My sympathies are with the minority that did get vaccinated and still ended up in the hospital or graveyard. They rightfully should have been treated first and gotten the best our healthcare system can provide.

  23. I’m sorry he lost his wife. I wonder why he didn’t get a vaccine? I wish his wife could have put aside her superstitions and got a vaccine as well. The daughter is partially right and partially wrong. Some people with no immunity can remain infectious for weeks. But they may not have known that back then. I think it’s his trying to put some sort of sense to all this that is causing his anger towards the hospitals. It’s pretty irresponsible thinking to believe just because they weren’t vaccinated that they somehow got subpar medical Care. There is little that can be done once a patient reaches a certain threshold. At that point it is in the hands of God. It sounds like this happened in the early days of covid and back then they were blowing out people’s lungs by cranking up ventilators. Care has come a long way since then. Even with new therapies, they are only effective if they are used early. Usually within a few days of the illnesses onset. I know he’s riddled with guilt, and anger and confusion and hopefully time can heal some of that.

      • Well I’m honored to have gained your interest. If someone’s not going to get all the protection that is available to them then be it by their decision not by mine. But I’m glad you follow me. I get paid by the post.

  24. Do you give equal, intense care to someone who is obviously terminal and in the dying process or conserve that energy, staff, and care for people who you can possibly help and who might survive? I suspect that is the situation both hospitals were in. While I’m sorry the man lost his wife, she apparently got too sick and damaged to survive, and the extremely ill unvaccinated have so packed the ICU’s, they have had to go to crisis care and management which basically means if you’re extremely unlikely to benefit from care or are in the dying process, you will be left to get on with it. She likely wouldn’t have been that sick had she been vaccinated. The unvaccinated have created this situation, and not just for covid patients, but EVERYONE WHO IS DEEMED TOO BAD OFF TO BE SAVED. That would have been my granddaughter 2 years ago when she had a less than 10% chance of surviving the car wreck she was in. As it was, against all odds, they pulled her through it. Permanently damaged, but alive. With crisis care she wouldn’t be given that chance. I feel much more for the families of kids like her than someone who chose to remain vulnerable to the the threat that killed her.

  25. Why would a poison that literally poisons and kills live little critters that live in the gut where it can affect them directly kill an organism that isn’t even alive in the sense that we define life (it consumes, excretes waste, and reproduces independently – viruses don’t and can’t) be expected to kill a virus that is dispersed throughout the body without killing the host?? Ivermectin is dosed to kill the parasites without causing excessive harm to the host, but it IS a poison! Vaccines do not directly affect the virus. They stimulate the immune system to recognize and respond to the virus. Antibiotics don’t directly kill bacteria, but alter the body chemistry enough to make it hostile to particular bacteria where they can’t reproduce, which is why you need a specific antibiotic for a particular type of bacteria and must take it until all the bacteria of that type that have been ‘born’ die off. Different treatments for different microbes/critters. If you don’t understand biochemistry you have to trust the people who do. Or get sick and possibly die. Your choice according to you, even though your choices can make innocent children and vulnerable people around you sick, too. And some of them die unnecessarily.

  26. Yep, happened to my wife and I, treated like absolute trash when they found out we were unvaxed. We weren’t even there for anything COVID related either… my wife was admitted because she had a Grand Mal Seizure and was unconscious for over 8 minutes afterwards, a bloody SEIZURE!
    Total turn around of attitude and disrespect from a Hospital and staff when they were informed of us being unvaccinated, worst part is that my wife gave 3 years of blood, sweat and tears for that Hospital… it was absolutely appalling and criminal and needs to be exposed!!

  27. Although it is difficult to prove, I believe the husband of my sister in law experienced this same treatment initially at Alaska Regional. He had to be sedated because he got upset because of the things said to him regarding his lack of vaccination. He died after 16 days of no contact with his wife, ventilator, kidney failure. Sucks that people are dying alone for ZERO logical reason.

  28. Last I read India and others had abandoned using Ivermectin – the news must not have reached here yet!. It is a much LESS proven prophylaxis (if it is at all) than the vaccines in use in the USA. You didn’t mention hydroxychloroquin – the status there is clearer – not of any value for COVID-19. Really I don’t give a damn – I would like to have seen the case fatality rate much higher. That it is as low in Alaska as it is is testimony to the quality of care our hospitals have provided having benefited from the late start the virus got in infecting Alaskans – you know those folks spat on, vilified and abused by this article and many of the commenters? Something has to get through to combat the misinformation spewed by those Americans with weird agendas and probably Russian troll factories as well. Putin must be rotflhao watching what’s going on in places like this as we’re being divided and ripened for conquest.

  29. Brian,
    Who is it that believes “that those not in favor of vaccines or the mask are liberal or antisemitic”? It’s certainly not me. Sometimes people need to take an extra second and actually try and understand what they are reading before commenting, this might just be one of those times for you Brian.

  30. This article does not once address Crises Care Standards. It’s either sloppy journalism, or intentional omission — poor reporting either way. Patient care is now focused on those with the best chance of survival. Also, when the shift is made to crises care standards, hospitals and staff are released from normal standards of liability. Everyone should understand Crises Care Standards before criticizing hospital staff. The big takeaway from this story should be; Don’t get sick or have any kind of medical emergency until Crises Care Standards are lifted.

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