Dan Smith: Done with our Anchorage Assembly trial subscription to tyranny and socialism, and am ready to cancel it



Thank you to those on the Assembly who put forth the proposed re-masking ordinance.

To be clear, I am only addressing those Assembly members who continue to impose their unwanted medical mandates and advice on the citizens of Anchorage. This ordinance AO 2021-91 is a good reminder of the tyrannical oppressive people that you are.

Thank you also for trying to protect my health, but that’s not your job. Your job is to sit in that chair that we bought, work in this building that we paid for, and protect my God-given rights. Your job, that we pay you to do, is to protect me from people like you, who would take my rights from me.

Thank you for creating a situation that conditions people to think only you the Anchorage Assembly can save them, through tyrannical medical mandates. You do however, have a larger problem: The people of Anchorage have realized that it is you that created the problem and you who are continuing to be the problem.

Just in case we forget, I think it is good to remind ourselves of actual virus survival rates when all that gets reported is the number of positive cases, hospitalizations, and deaths associated with Covid.

There is no mention of numbers of recoveries or naturally acquired immunity. From the CDC, the following is their infection fatality – survival rates. These statistics are without early treatment:


  • 0-19 / 0.00003%
  • 20-49 / 0.0002%
  • 50-69 / 0.005%
  • 70+ / 0.054%


  • 0-19 / 99.997%
  • 20-49 / 99.98%
  • 50-69 / 99.5%
  • 70+ / 94.6%

If anyone is still mandating masks, advocating wearing of masks or masking their children, they should have this information. It might ease their fears of the virus.

Fear is really the wedge you are attempting to drive between us and divide Anchorage with. But I think we are done with your fear mongering. We are done with this virus. We are done being ruled. But most importantly we are done complying with your tyrannical dictates.

You parade a group of medical professionals into the Assembly chambers and orchestrate speech on behalf of your mandates and try to frighten us. I tried to find but could not see my doctor in that group. Neither are any of the Assembly members my doctor, last time I checked. Why, therefore, do you think you can offer me medical advice on the prescription of a medical device like a mask? You have no authority in the matter of my health.

You see, it’s not just about a mask with a tyrant. We know the mask does not prevent the spread of aerosol born viruses. It is about a signal of compliance and division of a population. You might even have a provision in your mask ordinance whereby one citizen could tattle on another as an offender and then pursue them in some form of illegal court case. Your ordinance would pit store owners against other owners and customers who do not comply. It would be abused by individuals with grudges. It would set people against people, children against parents and most likely result in unwanted violence.

This is the stuff of 1941 Germany. In my opinion, this mask ordinance has more to do with the recall election of one of its sponsors. If it’s too dangerous to leave our homes then we must cast our votes by mail and avoid human contact, you say. You insist that the city must mail out ballots to every man, woman, child and dog, in District 4 so that no person, either living or dead, is denied their right to vote. The problem is, we know how mail-in ballots are easily and fraudulently manipulated and do not appreciate your gesture.

Your unending and unscientific message of fear is a pathetic attempt to herd people in the direction of your totalitarian socialist agenda. I reject your false fear argument as a way of making policies.

So in conclusion, I would like to thank you for the free medical advice and free 20-month trial of totalitarianism and socialism, but I would like to cancel my subscription at this time. Your efforts will not be forgotten at the next election.

Dan Smith is a lifelong Alaskan and Anchorage resident.


  1. Hear Hear.

    When is our resistance going to get organized?

    This is insanity and I fear it will drive an irreconcilable wedge into our community. We DO NOT need more distrust and hatred. It never ends well.

    When this passes We MUST ensure that we hold the Tyrants to their own standards. I believe that we need teams assigned to nannying their behaviors like they intend to do ours and our children.

  2. It is the mask, the jab, until they claim total control over your body and completely eliminate the liberty so hard won by our forefathers. Shun them all, but the AEA will keep them in power.

  3. Great piece Mr. Smith

    We must fight by speaking the truth to the tyrants, traitors, terrorists, and communists.

    Destroying America and our Constitution, and seizing our rights that come from God is never valid use of authority

    Thank you Miss Downing for providing this forum for truth.

    • You call them “tyrants, traitors, terrorists, and communists”. I’d call them nurses and ER docs.

      I hope you never find yourself in the moral dilemma of needing a trauma surgeon to save your life but choked by your rigid theology.

      • Evan

        Sad to hear you wish me harm. I forgive you just as my Father in Heaven has forgiven me.

        Interesting that you write about ‘ER docs’ and of my death via asphyxiation or ‘choking’

        Maybe you are also guilty of violating the Nuremberg Code by being a party to the ongoing atrocities against the human race. Don’t place ‘science’ above God. Unwilling human beings are not lab rats to have experiments performed on them. Or to be coerced, bribed, tricked, or otherwise bullied to take a bioweapon injection against their will or that violates their sincerely held religious belief. Medical devices, masks are also a form of coercion. Additionally not allowing family to be physically present are also crimes against humanity.

        How many patients have been murdered, God only knows. When each of these tyrannical actors masquerading as Doctors, or security, or nurses etc. Do not have the authority to violate medical freedom, patient advocacy standards, standards of no harm just to name a few.

        And Miss in case you are wondering the cult of authoritarians will only keep power if good men remain silent and inactive.

        Mark 16:15-18

      • Evan, as is usual, your disingenuous and irrational response is a complete non sequitur. Nial Sherwood was clearly referring to the radical extremist, out-of-control, power-hungry majority on the municipal ass-embly, not to doctors and nurses. Do try to keep up.

      • Someone with a brain would call them lackeys or, to use Lenin’s phrase, useful idiots organized by communist, excuse me, Democrat and union shills.

      • If they are the same nurses and ER docs who deny life-saving therapeutic drugs to hospitalized China-flu customers,
        … who are exempted from scrutiny under the federal anti-kickback law for the duration of China flu,
        … who will do and say what their corporate masters order, if they’re to remain employed,
        … then, morality and theology notwithstanding, we customers have a dilemma, yes?
        With respect, “tyrants, traitors, terrorists, and communists” are epithets meant for the Chekists infesting an Assembly of representatives turned into rulers.

      • Oh that’s rich. You do realize that many of those nurses and ER docs are the same ones being fired for not taking the vaccine, yes? They went from heroes to enemies of the state in the blink of an eye. Go peddle your nonsense somewhere that people care about it.

      • Last I checked, there are NO medical professionals on the assembly, just a real estate guy, a bunch of lawyers, a community organizer… doctors and nurses have no power to make any mandates and curtail your freedom of choice. The assembly however does (except in this case all emergency power and mandates belong to the mayor).
        I get that you hate God. That’s your choice, but to make stupid statements like religious people reject all modern medicine or law enforcement, proves how shallow and ignorant your thinking is.

    • Be careful what you wish for. Take away authority and the rule of law and you’re right back where you were 120 years ago. I could kill you in the street, and nothing would happen except everybody would just step over you on their way to do their business. Eventually some dog would drag you off and take care of it’s hunger.

      • What was written: “Reject Authoritarianism.”
        What was (apparently) read: “Take away authority”
        Makes one wonder whether reading comprehension is strong in this one.
        Authoritarianism defined:
        *the enforcement or advocacy of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom.
        – lack of concern for the wishes or opinions of others.
        There is nothing stopping a person from rejecting authoritarianism, while still respecting the rule of law.

  4. CS Lewis wrote:
    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience…”
    The Assembly, and all the self important tin pot dictators and petty tyrants out there exercising their power because of COVID, exemplify that quote. COVID is the gift that just keeps giving to tyrants across the board.

    • Can’t speak for anyone else, but I plan on actively working for any candidate that is running against the progressives on our Assembly. Already contributed to Stephanie Taylor’s campaign, and plan on doing some volunteer work. (No, I do not live in Dunbar’s district, but that does not mean I cannot work to keep him from getting re-elected).
      Also, support the recall against Zatel. You do not have to be in her district to care whether she gets to keep her seat.
      Have you spoken with neighbors and friends about reigning in the Assembly overreach?
      Seriously, if the Assembly members stopped acting like petty tyrants, and started representing the people of Anchorage, I would probably just ignore some of the more leftists things they pull. But, they got away with that for too long, and the time has come to reign them in.

  5. Look at Australia. The relationship between the government, the police, and the citizenry has been forever destroyed. Is this what Anchorage wants?

  6. Eighty years ago, on the night of Nov. 9-10, 1938 — known as Kristallnacht, the night of broken glass — synagogues were set on fire, store windows were smashed and Jewish homes broken into in cities, towns and villages across the Third Reich. Fire fighters and police stood by, instructed only to intervene if neighboring “Aryan” property were endangered. Substitute unvaxed for Jews. Listen to the hatred and venom from vaccinated people who are still scared. Listen to Joe’s speech spreading blame and fear. Whipping up hysteria, fear and hatred. Now give liberals all the same colour shirt………..

    • I am vaxxed, masked and wear a face shield. I carry hand sanitiser. I avoid close close contact in large crowds. I have done as much as I can. I am not scared and I have moved on. What you do is your biz. Live without fear.

      • Yeah I don’t know anybody who’s afraid except some of the people on this board. Some people get confused with doing their rights as a responsible citizen versus tyranny. They think doing anything that helps their fellow man so long as it disrupts their daily schedule one iota is a bad thing. They think by helping slow down the spread of disease they are giving up their constitutional rights. They’re always has been these kind of people and they’re always will be. These are the people that were easily whipped up to join a Lynch mob. The same ones who burn witches at the stake. They’re all cut from the same cloth. Then there are the responsible people who think rationally and do what’s best for society and their fellow man.

        • My God, but you’re a piece of work. Good thing this country did not have to depend on syncophants and idiots like you in our fight for liberty vs. tyranny. Unfortunately, again thanks to people like you, that battle still rages. You will lose again…eventually.

        • “Some people get confused with doing their rights as a responsible citizen versus tyranny. ”
          And, some people get confused between voluntary choice, and mandated requirements.
          Where there is risk, there must be choice. Tyranny is when the government removes the choice, while ignoring the risk.

    • “Listen to the hatred and venom from vaccinated people who are still scared.” Dude, the hatred and venom comes from denialist anti-vaxxers, as evidenced by Must Read Alaska and the Watchman.

  7. This assembly is a collection of geeks and misfits that never want to answer to anyone. Yet they want everyone to answer to them. To make up for their social failures in their early years in which they decided to adopt alternative beliefs and lifestyles to justify why they couldn’t succeed as a normal, well-adjusted person would. They open comic book stores, live fantasy lives, play dungeons and dragons, dress up in mideivel costumes or as super heroes and hang out with other angry social outcasts like themselves and figure out how to change the society that they feel has done them so wrong. Geeks and losers. Rooted in hatred for their fellow man, they only want to destroy society.

    • How true!
      The assembly demands that we follow ALL their rules, while they continuously ignore the ones we set up for them!
      No special election as required by the Anchorage charter
      Passing continued emergency mandates with less than a 2/3 majority as required
      Spying on mayoral work product
      Usurping executive emergency powers….
      Mail-in ballots…
      need I go on!

      • You left out:
        Deliberately picking a fight with the Mayor of a minor seating arrangement issue, so you can introduce an ordinance restricting the Mayor or any representative of the Mayor’s office from attending Assembly meetings.
        Implementing capacity requirements at their convenience to keep the public out of Assembly meetings. Then ignoring those capacity requirements as needed.
        Ignoring their own agenda and letting one side of a topic testify before the agenda item is brought to the floor.
        And… the list goes on and on.

  8. I agree, well stated Dan! Dispel the fear with facts like survival rates. There are medical conditions associated fear… all the various “phobia”. Now we have worldwide COVID-Phobia

    Many of the other phobia are more dangerous than COVID, and those poor people are diagnosed with mental disorders… COVID is real, but the fear doesn’t need to be.

  9. Once again: this has NEVER been about Covid. It’s been about social control by the politburo (Assembly).

    What are you gonna do Anchorage? Submit or finally push back? If you don’t push back now, imagine what they’ll do next.

    Don’t think fascism can’t happen here? It is, right in front of your eyes.

  10. The inhabitants of the 13 colonies petitioned their ruler to redress their list of grievances also but with Parliament, the English courts, the English military and the entrenched colonial bureaucracy against them they made no headway.
    We all know how that situation got straightened out.
    It’s going to be interesting watching how our current situation develops over the coming winter because America is firmly in the grip of an increasingly totalitarian central government that has the Congress, the federal courts, the soon to be purged military, the police, the Deep State (aka career government bureaucracy) and Corporate America firmly on its side.
    To the hopeless optimists who think we’ll set it all right in 2022 or 2024 by voting our freedoms back into existence…wake up…NOTHING has been done to fix the election systems that allowed Resident Biden and those behind him to steal a landslide victory from the real president…and, most likely, numerous Senate and House seats as well.
    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice and who’s the fool?
    It’s highly unlikely that we’re going to vote the socialists/communists out of office…after all we didn’t really vote them in did we?
    Look to history as your guide – tyrants and despots only leave by one route and it isn’t via democratic vote.
    It’s really just a question of how long Americans are going to put up with this.

    • Exactly what I have been saying for the last 2 years. What amazes me is how fast the world has changed in the last 18 months. I don’t know if this is a famous quote or not, and can’t remember where I saw it, but it goes something like, “Those who have forced compliance, have never been on the right side of history.” Unfortunately at some point blood will be shed. As my world history teacher in HS said, history all boils down to sex and violence. 🙂

  11. I tested positive for the dreaded Corona after battling it for some 10 days. I wondered if it was the Rona more then once during my tussle, it wasn’t until after a co-worker was tested that we all had to get the test and find out that yes, we all indeed had the virus. This thing is very egalitarian since it infected both the “Jabbed” and the” Un-Jabbed” in our midst. I am nearly 65 and supposedly in the “Danger” range. My take away is this, stay healthy, take your vitamin D and stop succumbing to the fear mongers. The only power they have is Fear, recall what FDR said, ” the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself” . Screw these tin pot politicians and their pals in Big Pharma. Man up folks and live like Americans, live like Freemen!

    • Would you say that to the other worldwide populations for instance, “Kenyans, die like Kenyans!” I’m curious, what took you so long before you got tested? How many people did you infect in that 10 days time before you isolated yourself? Thanks for being a responsible American.

      • Forkner,
        You certainly made an a@@ of yourself by your assumption of ones actions.
        Goooood grief!
        You should know by now this whole plandemic is about a tyrannical movement from the left, but it’s very clear you are part of the leftist regime and their motives to make America a communist country.

      • Greg, I am sorry, the comment above was not written to you. It was penned to logical thinking Americans, those who have not succumbed to a media driven mental illness. It was written to the millions of real Americans that can actually “do the math” as it were and see how truly “undeadly” your fear based self absorbed COVID machinations are. It was written for the edification of fellow patriots to remind them of trials faced by our countrymen in times past. Trials not unlike what my Uncle Ed, a Marine who followed Col. Carlson into the Jungles near Guadalcanal in the Long Patrol experienced. Out numbered and out gunned and they were and sick to a man, yet they destroyed their opponents. It’s about courage Greg. Heroic Americans still display this courage today Greg. I am talking about those that go to work and produce the infrastructure needed to maintain our society. These hero’s understand that we cannot all stay home because someone has the sniffles. It is about taming your fear Greg. It is called courage and it is brought forth out of love, love for our Faith and families and our nation. So stay home and wring your hands in front of your little word processor Greg, be assured that despite your useful idiot comments supporting the Totalitarians there are still plenty of Patriots that have your little butt covered.

    • …”it wasn’t until after a co-worker was tested that we all had to get the test and find out that yes, we all indeed had the virus.”
      The PCR tests have false negatives & false positives. But there is evidence that if one has symptoms then make it known to have the test as a positive result.
      Look at the direction falsely Fauci, CDC, WHO wants this country to do…they want us to get vaccinated w/ the EUA jabs. Not even worth being called a vaccine as IT DOESN’T prevent one to get the virus even if jabbed!
      More positive results, more for them to load the public with fear mongering, false data & force their agenda on us.
      It’s unfortunate too that those in the health care has their bias on the “unjabbed”.
      Does anyone know of doctors who would provide Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine (HQC)? Let’s give them our service. It is known government funded hospitals are sold to the highest bidder, of which, their oath thrown out the window.

      • I’m not sure I agree with that. Are you saying when I was in the Drive-Thru at the pharmacy and got my test done, they knew at that time if I was sick or not? I didn’t cough the whole time I was there so I didn’t give it away my that symptom. I waited till after I pulled away before I coughed a lung up. Two days later they told me I in fact had covid which I already knew. I know my body.

        • Forkner,
          Apparently critical thinking is not part of your forte.
          You’ve been played.
          The # of cycles to their PCR testing gives many false positives and false negatives. But, the PCR Testing wasn’t even made for the plandemic.
          You’ve been played.

  12. I keep asking the same question every chance I get and have yet to find or receive an answer.

    How many of those testing positive have had Covid before – documented by previous testing? This is the immunity issue Dan Smith also mentions. Also we know longer get to know how many that test post I’ve for Covid are vaccinated. I suspect that is higher than was expected but those that have a documented reoccurrence of Covid is likely very low.

    • I have been having the same struggle trying to find the numbers on how many people have been infected twice. Late last year, I was kidding with a doctor and said someone should make a meme of 2021 being a dustpan and 2020 being the dust and she said to me “oh Justin. People are getting it twice. We have a long road ahead of us.” So I started researching that statement and the only articles written for the public at that time said 52 people have tested positive twice out of millions and millions of people. And of those 52 people only 2 had symptoms both times. I sincerely don’t know what to think accept they are obscuring those numbers for obvious reasons. And I know that there is mass hysteria and many doctors are infected with it.

  13. Awesome!
    Continue to push back against those who hold public office and pushing their tyrannical agenda on Alaskan’s.
    Their fear mongering to strip us of our freedom certainly has come to an end. ‘Orders for thee and not for me’ needs to end.
    There is a time for everything under the sun.
    I am glad to read this! Thank you Mr. Dan Smith.

  14. “Your God given rights”? That’s just arrogance, not an argument.

    You didn’t link to your fatality percentages…

    This isn’t about you and your tyranny, it’s about public health, based on medical science and a long history of effective vaccinations. The facts are in and the data is apparent: The vaccinations save lives and reduces the severity of the virus. It’s not perfect, but it’s an improvement. I’ve seen it first hand at my work. You failed to mention how the virus can mutate over time and potentially become more deadly. This is a historical medical reality. Not working together to reduce (not prevent) the spread of the virus is all our responsibilities.

    You all should keep your imaginations in check. Any one of you ever been completely wrong about something? I know I have. I say this post reads like manic behavior with an inability to reason with the facts on the ground.

    I feel throwing out bold claims based on messages of fear, is socially irresponsible. No one should take any heed to this scared rabbit piece from Dan Smith.

    • “I feel throwing out bold claims based on messages of fear, is socially irresponsible. ” I think that’s precisely what he is talking about. How can you miss that? I swear its like a twilight episode and people like you are hypnotized and implanted with big blind spots where you lose your sense of humanity. I know that’s a bold statement, but this is really flushing out character flaws in all of us in big ways. By the way, you can be all about vaccines and totally against mandates, but you skipped right past that. You know an honest used car salesman is much more persuasive than the one that tries to cover up what’s wrong with a car. And a used car salesman that makes you stay in the chair until you sign on the loan definitely isn’t very persuasive. If you want a link to fatality percentages and hospitalization rates, google “gallup poll hospitalization rates”.

    • Dan didn’t include the survivor info for people with underlying conditions. In some cases, it drops off to zero percent. Typical propaganda. You can spin it anyway you want.

    • And… pretty much everything you say is unsubstantiated, or disputed. Thanks for playing though.
      The vaccinations save lives? Prove it.
      Stopping the spread of a virus? Might as well try to stop waves crashing into the beach. Oh, I know, social distancing/masks… yeah, right.
      I for one am really glad there is a piece of plexiglass between me and the cashier. After all, they are only touching everything that I purchased, and plan to bring home. Get real. The sooner we stop this charade, the better this world will be.
      I have been wrong quite often. And… I know for a fact the CDC doctors have been wrong, so has Dr. Fauci, Dr. Zink, and pretty much every other human being alive. That is why I question the “science” all the time.
      And, the science here is very questionable. Well, the medical science is. The political science of this panicdemic is settled.

      • There’s no way to prove it. How do I know I was going to die if I didn’t get the shot? All I know is I did get the shot and I didn’t die although I felt like I was dying. The only one that knows who’s going to die and when is the big fella. And you are wrong by the way. Most of the things that I say on here are based on common sense and public knowledge. I said most. Often times I try to lighten up a tense situation with the crack of a little joke. But since you follow me you already knew that.

        • Greg, are you posting under several names?
          Perhaps the indenting is not working in your browser, but my reply was to Thomas, not you.
          Please try to keep up. I know the urge to troll every comment on the board is strong, but resist it. You may become a valued contributor someday.

        • In an earlier post on this very site you, Greg, stated that your life was saved not by the jab but by the same therapeutics that Trump received. Suzanne could probably dig that out if she wanted from her archives.

          • Okay I’m going to type real slow for you so that you can understand this time. I believe the shot saved my life because I have a boatload of problems going on. Now the part about the Trump therapy was yes they did give me steroids which they also gave to Trump. That keeps my body’s immune system from attacking my lungs and my heart to try to kill this virus. If you remember back in the early days the response of the immune system was too great and actually did more harm than good. So are you keeping up with me now, the steroids stopped all that and then the antibiotics at the same time kept down the bacterial infection caused by the steroid inflammation. I don’t know how I can say it any plainer than that I’ve set it on here more than once but if you need me to I’ll repeat it again.

    • You left out the fact that the virus and the shot don’t cancel each other out. If you like being told what to do and how to live then move to a country where they practice that. Say North Korea. People can decide what they want and should not be forced to get the jab which does not work like they thought. When they get it right then we can talk about the jab.

      • Now see you’re twisting it again. Nobody is telling you you got to get a mask or a shot. All they’re telling you is they’re not going to let you continue to make other people sick may not wearing a mask and by not getting a shot. That’s it in a nutshell. Do what you want it’s a free country. Just don’t make a bunch of other people sick. They’re not going to let you do that nor should they.

        • Greg, where were you and your authoritarian ilk spouting similar nonsense during EVERY past flu season? The same specious arguments could have been, and could be, made about influenza as well. Yet flu shots were never mandated, nor did people run around like idiots wearing useless and dehumanizing masks either.

          • The first time I ever had the flu, I got so sick that I swore I would never not get a flu shot again. I was sick for 3 weeks and even my fingernails hurt no joke. It felt like they’ve been smashed under a car. But no I didn’t post back then. How you doing by the way? Any lasting complications? I’m pretty much over all my long-term stuff.

          • Greg, despite our animosity elsewhere here, thanks for asking, and yes, I am now doing fine, after having taken almost two full weeks to recover from COVID. I did have a persistent nagging cough after “recovering” that lasted more than a week longer, but that has pretty much gone away as well. I will admit, it was like having a bad flu, but lasting somewhat longer. The only time I was more sick was when I had pertussis (whooping cough) about 15 years ago.

    • If I stand in front of you and tell you an obvious lie, how do you regard everything else that I have to say? Do you then regard what I have to say with suspicion? When I tell the second obvious lie, do you continue to value anything that I say? Would you have the capacity to figure out if what I had said was true or would you search for a “fact checker” to confirm your suspicions?
      It is not hard to see the television, radio, and print media’s lies when you regard what they have to say with an open mind. There is steady flow of lies. Why give them your precious time and let them pollute your mind?

    • Please demonstrate how anybody knows how the vaccine “lessens the severity” of the infection. Many people have had the virus and no symptoms whatsoever. How do we know that those who had fewer symptoms didn’t do so naturally? There is no study or test to prove that the vaccine does anything except poison your body and open it up to later “variants” which are caused by the vaccine in the first place. Show your work, or go home.

      • You pretend to be open to a study or test, but no matter how rigorous the study or the qualifications of the researchers or the results, you’d dismiss it. Or put another way, what kind of evidence WOULD convince you that the vaccine is safe and effective?

        • For one thing, Evan, it would take multi-year trials, focusing on all the potential and actual side effects, to demonstrate the true safety of any inoculation. Trials which are standard for the development of any vaccine, and trials which I will point out again have NOT been performed on these COVID jabs, precisely because there has not been enough TIME in which to perform them. So these jabs are all still experimental in nature, and will be for some time.

      • I don’t know if there is a test for that but I’m not a immunologist nor are you. I would ask you to show the proof and not just hearsay that the vaccine is as you say poison.

  15. Mine own individual freedom far outweighs your tyrannical supported basis every day of the week and twice on Sundays, Thomas, as the tyranny applies not unto those such as myself, but unto those such as you, within your inability to understand why those such as myself may disagree with your ideology….

    Specifically, how exactly is mine, or anyone else’s pushback upon your ideology tyranny? We are not enforcing our stance upon you, but yet you are attempting to force your stance upon us…hmmm…

    And as to the scared rabbit issue?

    WE are not pushing that issue, YOU are….

    Randy Lee Harkins

  16. Our God given rights you so easily disdain are the core concepts of the (former) United States of America.

    Perhaps a set of history and civics books written before 1980 would do you some good. But I also recall the old expression about leading horses to water.

    Fascism lives strong in the hearts of many.

  17. Not only are death rates from covid very low but the average age of those who have died is very close to the average normal life expectancy of all of us. I am over 70 wore a mask everywhere I went washed my hands and used sanitizer like it was going out of style and I still got COVID. Masks are not very good at preventing the spread. I am vaccinated and will not continue to live in fear like you Thomas. Vote these fools out as soon as possible.

  18. Amen. Time to say adios to this assembly who walk goose step with the lies of commie Dems. This is a commie dictatorship. We have no rights and freedom of speech. and commerce is wing denied. Ole jo is keeping people who speak in solitary confinement to stop their speech ad cow everyone else.

  19. Any store, restaurant or business is free to institute a mask mandate on their own. I find it interesting that non have. They will only do so with the backing of the assembly and a mandate to do so. Business owners do not want to fight with their customers, and they will not want to play the heavy under this proposed new mask mandate. I wish more business owners would step up.
    Now in the restaurants all of the condiments are back on the table where everyone can touch them before I do. Is that sanitary or safe? Yet, they think masks work.

    • Ask Andy Kriner what happens when you step up against fascist Anchorage.

      The main reason they destroyed him was to send a message to everyone else. It worked. The more screws they turned in Kriner, the more his support evaporated.

      The main thing I’ve learned in 6+ decades is people say they want freedoms and liberty-right up until they have to stand up for it.

      The term is “sunshine patriot”

    • Actually, the REI in Anchorage has a mask requirement. There are signs at every entrance that asks everyone to mask up.
      However, they do not enforce it, so isn’t really a mandate, I guess.

      • They still have them up down here at the grocery stores in circle k but everybody walks right by them and nothing is done. I say maybe 50% of the people in the store wear them now still. Probably the ones that haven’t gotten sick.

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