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Thursday, January 27, 2022
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Breaking: Governor Walker now opposes Kavanaugh

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Earlier this week, Gov. Bill Walker and Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott spoke publicly about how they were “leaning” against the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh for U.S. Supreme Court. Mallott was concerned particularly about the “process.”

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Today, they are solidly opposed to Kavanaugh. What has changed since Monday?

Walker and Mallott, two struggling public figures hoping for a reelection miracle, may have seen some poll numbers that disturb them. They’re tacking left, trying to “out-Begich” Mark Begich, the Democrat in the race.

Begich, running several points behind Mike Dunleavy, has already come out against Kavanaugh. And Walker is now dragging along the bottom in third place, and trying to claw back the most hard-left votes from Begich.

Gov. Bill Walker is forging closer ties with China, which has one of the worse human rights records among the nations, according to Human Rights Watch.

Walker and Mallott said unequivocally in their press release this morning that they are clearly on the side of Big Labor, with a veiled reference to a recent court decision that allows public employees to not join a union:

“We oppose the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“One of our top priorities as Governor and Lieutenant Governor is expanding affordable healthcare access to all Alaskans. We supported increasing the number of people eligible to receive health insurance by increasing the pool of those who have access to Medicaid, and we have also championed protections for Alaskans with pre-existing health conditions. Another priority of our administration is protecting the rights of working Alaskans. Mr. Kavanaugh’s record does not demonstrate a commitment to legal precedent that protects working families. Key aspects of our nation’s healthcare and labor laws may be at risk if Mr. Kavanaugh receives a lifetime appointment.

“Mr. Kavanaugh’s appointment could also jeopardize the Indian Child Welfare Act, Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, and other laws that enable tribal self-determination due to his overly narrow view of the relationship between federal and tribal governments. Alaska is home to 227 tribes, nearly half of all tribes in our nation.

“Finally, we believe a thorough review of past allegations against Mr. Kavanaugh is needed before a confirmation vote takes place. Violence against women in Alaska is an epidemic. We do not condone placing someone into one of our nation’s highest positions of power while so many key questions remain unanswered.”


Walker is reaching out to his voting base. This has less to do with persuading Sen. Lisa Murkowski to vote against the Kavanaugh confirmation than it has to do with Walker’s own ambitions. It’s almost as if the Democrats are finally having their primary — in the General Election.

The governor’s statement refers not once to the importance of upholding the U.S. Constitution or rule of law, but instead treats the Supreme Court as if it is a super-legislative body, rather than an independent judicial panel weighing cases against constitutional principles and established case law.

At a time when crime is at record levels across the state, and when Alaska has the highest unemployment in the nation, the statement by the governor may backfire.

Why? Plenty of Alaskan voters are wives, mothers, and daughters, and they do not hate men, as the Dianne Feinsteins of the world appear to do. Plenty of women are thinking “What if Brett Kavanaugh was my son and this was happening to him?”

Mike Dunleavy, the Republican candidate for governor, was more circumspect in his statement:

“This is an unfolding event with many moving parts, but an established process exists to fully vet Supreme Court nominees,” he said. “I have every confidence in our delegation and the process to do right by Alaskans and the American people. Meanwhile, my campaign remains focused on making neighborhoods safe, rebuilding our economy, and paying Alaskans full dividends.”

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Announcement!! I oppose Walker/Mallott.

    You already know why… if you’re a Must Read Alaska reader, an Alaskan, and a critical thinker. Research stuff!!!

  • This is absolutely insane. I can hardly believe my eyes. Even if I were a lib, I could see through this pandering. Walker has morphed and shape-shifted into this “thing” just to win an election. It is disgusting. I am a woman and I have a brain. Walker is drinking the native Kool-Aide thinking Kavanaugh holds the keys to ANSCA, Indian Child Welfare Act, and “other laws”? Please! Enough! Take note: If anyone thinks a hit like this can’t happen to you? Think again. Weaponization is the name of the game now folks. An 11th-hour hit is all it takes. You don’t have to have proof of anything. Just say “the word” and let the frenzy begin.

  • “Violence against women in Alaska is an epidemic.” What does this have to do with a Supreme Court nominee? Pretty much every major news source in Alaska has recently cited the report saying that violence against Native American and Indian women is THE cause for the epidemically high numbers of acts of violence against women in this state. Maybe our Lieutenant Governor should do his job as an elected official and as an elder try and do something about the violence against Native American and Indian women in Alaska, maybe the Governor should try and do something about it instead of spending so much time and money trying to make a gasline happen.

    I oppose Walker/Mallott.

    • You got it, Steve. What exactly is Byron’s job?: Hmmm, here are the duties from his website:

      the supervision of the Division of Elections,
      administering the Initiative, Referendum and Recall process,
      publishing the Alaska Administrative Code (regulations),
      commissioning Alaska’s Notaries Public,
      the oversight of the commercial and advertising use of the Alaska State Seal,
      publishing the Alaska Constitution,
      authenticating signatures of state officials on documents submitted to foreign countries, and
      the Alaska Online Public Notice System.

      So, as far as I can tell, he is MIA on these duties. So yes, perhaps he should be paying attention to the assault that is going on around this state. The tragedies in rural Alaska and in urban Alaska as well. Step up his leadership in the Native community. The Supreme Court will hold up the constitution.

  • Mallot there are dead people voting and double ballots in the bush. News flash what does this have to do with a SCOTUS nominee?

  • So Walker and Mallott, and for that matter Begich, are concerned about an alleged incident that one person says took place over 30 years ago. She decided to report it now. But Walker, Mallott and Begich were silent about Parish, Fansler and Westlake, even while there was proof of their unlawful behavior. One of them was elected only because an incredible inconsistency in the election process, giving some voters the right to vote two ballots for District 40, received the blessing of Mallott and Walker. All 3 of these men, Billy, Byron and Mark, touted Westlake’s election even though it was well known he fathered a child on a 16 year old girl while he was a uniformed law enforcement officer. All 3 of these elected men had to step aside because of transgressions while they were legislators, and no one even worried about their respective storied pasts with aggression against women – women much younger than they are. Who could honestly have confidence in Walker, Mallott and Begich now? Who cannot see through these men?

    • Oh gawd… yes, those animals Fansler and Westlake. Crickets on those guys. But Walker blew a gasket when Jeff Landfield wore a speedo in Vegas! What gives? I’m confused.

  • Sadly none of the issues (excuses) used by the Guv have any bearing on the selection of a Federal Supreme Court justice – EXCEPT – there is a large voter block of the guv’s constituents, who have their own selfish reason to oppose Judge Kavanaugh… follow the money/follow the votes…

    The governor and his administration need to take care of THEIR business and stay out of others which are of no real concern to them except selfish political statements.

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