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Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Walker, Mallott weigh in against Kavanaugh

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On the Talk of Alaska show on Alaska Public Media, Gov. Bill Walker today said he had a conversation with Sen. Lisa Murkowski and he is leaning against the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh for U.S. Supreme Court.

Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott echoed the same sentiment and said the two men were uncomfortable about the process.

Should Walker and Mallott be asked to explain every action they took as a teenager that would tell us about the character of them now as older men?

Did they drink in high school? Did they smoke in high school? What women did they tumble with in high school?

For that matter, every senator who is demanding an investigation of Kavanaugh’s behavior as a 17-year-old should be investigated for their behavior in high school. Let the probing begin.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • What is most disturbing is Walker saying he is leaning against confirmation after speaking with Murkowski. What did she say? I am pretty sure that she never wanted to confirm Kavanaugh but realized that to save her political career she would have to. Now she has an out. Vote “no” because Kavanaugh sexually assaulted a woman. Who could be critical of that reason?

    • yep

  • If this is how easy it is these days to destroy an individual’s career, those people willing to trash this Supreme Ct nominee over a mere statement by 1 person, years after the fact, better think twice. Because they’re next. This is just unbelievable. The man has a family & a career but who cares. Smash him into the dirt & give him a good kick while he’s down just because it fits a political agenda.

    If Senator Murkowski can’t see through this I don’t know what else to say.

  • Could President Trump ever bring a name forward, any name, that the Left would not follow with some alleged incident from that person’s distant past? It is the process, and it’s every Senator that is being tested here – not Justice Kavanaugh and not President Trump. And if we did not hear of this from MustReadAlaska where and when would we hear it?

  • Governor Walker should have no more say than any constituent of Senator Murkowski. A Governor isn’t given a vote in this matter, a Lieutenant Governor isn’t either. I will agree with them though, as an Alaskan I am also uncomfortable with the process. How could a sitting member of the judicial council sit on this information until after the confirmation hearings, then drop it only after the hearings have concluded? Seems like the good Senator from California should be investigated for a failure to do her duties, or maybe she realized this was a last ditch effort to smear a candidate for the Supreme Court and it holds no merit and was forced into revealing it.

    Bad politics no matter how you cut it. Democrats should be ashamed.

    • I think Lisa should go back 40 years or so , when she was half dressed and DRUNK as a skunk and dancing on the tables . She was having a great time . Why don’t we go back to that time LISA . You should not throw rocks at glass houses , Lisa and maybe a news station would like to know how pure you are . Walker shut your mouth ,every time you talk a lie comes out .

  • The author raises good questions about the relevance between a youngster’s behavior at a “makeout” party (as we oldsters used to call the kind of event Kavanaugh’s accuser is describing) and his behavior his entire adult life. But any lawyer would understand that the accuser is not even articulating enough evidence to sue Judge Kavanaugh for damages, let alone trigger a criminal investigation.

    From published accounts of the lady-in-question’s statements, she doesn’t remember the exact place, time, date, potential witnesses, circumstances, or any other relevant information which could help prove her claim. All she knows is, according to her, a teen-aged Kavanaugh attempted to assault her with his friend, but was too drunk to accomplish it; according to her, she was also drinking; according to the only possible witness she named, this never happened. The fact that her lawyer thinks this should precipitate an FBI investigation makes me wonder about exactly what the lawyer’s goal is. It definitely isn’t to discover any relevant facts to vindicate either the Judge or the lady. It is to derail President Trump’s nomination.

    All we can do is hope that our two senators, who are accomplished lawyers themselves, understand this as well, no matter how many times Democrat’s yell “#metoo!”

  • I would question STEVE-O’s characterizing Senator Diane Feinstein as “the good Senator from California.” Sarcastic? Her actions in the confirmation hearings for Judge Kavanaugh are slimy at the best. I know that this letter and holding it for the end of the circus like hearings was planned from the beginning of the process. Democrats have nothing to disqualify Judge Kavanaugh to a seat on the SCOTUS and this letter is their “ace in the hole” because nothing else has worked. The protestations of the wanna be presidential candidates Harris and “Spartacus” Booker provided a window into the Democrats playbook. Now , Senator Feinstein says that even she does not know if she believes everything Ms Ford has claimed happened to her. Ms Ford and her lawyer are both Democrat political activists who have a real stake in the political world.

    This will never be anything more than a “she said, he said” situation with no way to prove either side. However, the man that was supposed to be with Judge Kavanaugh that evening also denies that this happened. But, he is a man and we are not supposed to believe men in these situations. The FBI does not investigate allegations like this, that is the purview of the local or state police. Ms Ford did not report this “sexual assault” back 35 plus years ago and can not remember much of the supposed details now. So, why are all these people, including Walker and Mallot, believing this wild story of hers over Judge Kavanaugh’s denial. Because of politics period, pure and simple. That, plus hatred of President Trump who stole the office from Hillary Clinton. Anything and everything to keep a fifth conservative off of the SCOTUS. Delay this confirmation vote until after the November elections, because the Democrats think that they have a good chance of controlling the Senate then.

  • Yes! Let the probing begin!

  • The citizenry of this country is waking up to the depths of corruption of these politicians and their shenanigans to derail and thwart qualified nominees, appointments and duly elected officials. I’m certain we are now seeing the death throes of the Democratic party, as well as, some of the Republican party. The criminality that we will soon see in the public arena will seal the waiting coffins. Let’s hope a new and better republic with a heart for the Constitution and the Rule of Law emerges from the ash heap!

  • This is getting interesting do tell do tell.

  • I, for one, do not doubt the veracity of Dr. Fords story, regarding that she was within the situation she ascribes unto. She obviously feels that she was ‘attacked’ within such a manner as described by her, even though she cannot ‘remember’ the year, location, or circumstances of the supposed attack.

    What I DO doubt, however, are the players thus described by her within her accusation.

    Memories, within themselves, are often, at best, foggy, and details of who and what are influenced by many other things over ones lifetime, especially during certain stressful periods.

    For instance.

    A 15 year old girl has a crush on a 17 year old boy, and is, within her mind, rebuffed by said boy at some interment time, causing a memory of emotional pain.

    Said pain is held within the psyche of the 15 year old girl for a term of time, say, until such time that an incident occurs that a relative of the crush negatively affects the family of the girl so as to bring forth a remembrance of said emotional pain again. and said pain is once again held within check.

    Fast forward many years, and during a revelation during therapy, within this case marriage counseling, the 15 year old girl now a woman, meshes together the emotional pain of the rebuffed 15 year old girl with the physical and emotional pain of an attempted sexual attack by another individual, or individuals within a setting that occurred at a time and place that had nothing to do with the original crush, but said original emotional pain led to the correlation of that original emotional pain and the memory of the physical and sexual encounter.

    The saddest part of all of this, is that the destruction of both the accused, and the accuser, is swept aside, so as to achieve a political goal, the life altering results unto both be damned.

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