Breaking: Acting director of Human Rights Commission resigns



Sarah Monkton, the acting executive director of the Alaska Human Rights Commission has resigned, Must Read Alaska has learned.

Earlier this month, two volunteer members of the commission resigned after the agency became embroiled in a national controversy stemming from abuses by its previous executive director, who has also resigned.

Monkton was serving as the acting chief of the beleaguered agency.

It all began when Marti Buscaglia, the former executive director, violated the civil rights of a plumber who had parked his truck in the agency’s lot.

The truck’s decal, “Black Rifles Matter,” offended Buscaglia, and she left him a note on the back of her business card, ordering him to remove his truck from the lot. She then used the agency’s Facebook page to deride the worker.

Buscaglia later told the media she thought “Black Rifles Matter” was hate speech.

Commission chairman Brandon Nakasato and vice chairman Freddie Olin IV then quit around the same time Buscaglia quit. She had been investigated and placed on 15-day leave, but she chose to depart and try to save the agency further embarrassment.

The governor then appointed the agency’s lead enforcement officer, Monkton, to replace Buscaglia. Monkton lasted a week.

Monkton is married to the former State Prosecutor, Quinlan Steiner, who has also resigned his position and since been replaced.

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The Human Rights Commission is run by a volunteer commission board and is in charge of hiring the executive director. The two board members who resigned were replaced by Gov. Dunleavy immediately after it became known they were trying to control the hiring of the next executive director of the agency before Dunleavy could put new members in place. Dunleavy does not hire or fire the executive director.

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The commission is scheduled to meet on Thursday. At this point, the agency has no executive director or chief enforcement officer, and no board chair or vice chair, although it has a full membership of seven on the board.

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  1. It was rumored that Brandon Nakasato and vice chairman Freddie Olin IV were planning on quickly sheparding in a new ED prior to their departures; however, their efforts were thwarted when the Gov. accepted Nakasato’s resignation immediately rather than his planned May 1st offering. Then Freddie’s fiance has a sudden job offer out of state. How conveeeeeenient. Do you think the ED they had in mind could have been Ms. Monkton? And, now without the support of her boys since they are no longer there, she sees the handwriting on the wall?

  2. I called the Governor’s office and OMB. Line item veto any and all funding. If it takes legislation to remove, then that can be done next year. For now, no funding does the same thing.

  3. This is odd.

    All these people with great paying state jobs suddenly resigning.

    Something tells me that Mike Dunleavy ordering a review of this agency has exposed a whole lot of rot under the surface of the Alaska Human Rights Commission.

    Perhaps we need to start calling it “The Alaska Public Extortion Squad” or “The Alaska Social Justice Cabal?”

  4. Also Damon, a whole lot of other things are being exposed in the State of Alaska. The comfy covers are starting to get pulled back on all sorts of things. The liberal narrative gets packaged in the usual rant, cloaked in all tired, buzzwords that somehow the Dunleavy administration is going to starve elders, ruin the education of our children, increase veteran suicide, increase homelessness, and by privatizing API, send our mentally ill, into the streets, abandoned, alone, with nothing!
    We know it is smoke and mirrors to deflect from the real tragedy that these systems have been broken for decades. Now we have Jake Metcalf and Co. suing the administration for trying to fix API. It’s a joke. I literally laughed out loud when I heard that on the radio. Get a job, Jake. API was literally clinging by its last fingernail before it was sucked into the upside down. Jake wants to ensure that we keep it failing just the way it was! In the union’s hands!
    There are so many more of these systems within State government it isn’t even funny. I mean it…it isn’t even funny. This Governor needs to do even more. He cannot wait until one of these idiots makes a fatal mistake – like the bumper sticker Gestapo’s faux pa – he needs to be even more active in rooting out these pockets of fraud, waste, and abuse and cut the heads off of these snakes and not be apologetic about it. Their arguments carry no weight. Until they can come up with something other than “you’re a racist”, they shouldn’t even be let in the room. Unfortunately, what the left has done is hijack a legitimate issue and turn it into a pawn.

  5. Unless and until the unborn are recognized as having human rights, any Human Rights Commission is a liberal red-herring, and would be more properly named “The Alaska Human Rights for Some Commission”.

    • Robert, if we can get the voting age moved to age 1 rather than 16 like the liberals want it, maybe we can convince them to end abortion or slow it down? Can you see them wringing their diabolical hands now???

  6. I was raised in Alaska, and remember a different place than I am reading about here. I have lived in the forests, there and elsewhere, from my earliest youth, and the lessons there are starkly contrasted by the venal nanny state environment seemingly exposed in these sad tales of bureaucratic usurpation of the inherent rights and responsibilities of sovereign people.

    I am pretty gobsmacked, honestly.

    I think it’s good that I am no longer there, to lament the loss of men of good character like Schaeffer Cox to diabolical machinations and political intrigues. I literally have a hard clench in my gut; a grief profound and poignant, that our free people are reduced to wrangling over stickers and bathrooms, when we have before stood toe to toe with the real dangers of the most powerful predators, storms, and environment in America, because we could, because we were competent to, because it was our right.

    Slink away, vermin, to lurk in the shadows where you belong. Let free and powerful men and women again rule at their sole option their lives and loves that are theirs alone. It seems I have but faint, tainted memories of life led fully, of freedom and responsibility solely at my option and from my heart, that might console me as paroxysms of shame leave me holding back tears of a dream of someday returning to a place where people are accorded that expectation of carrying their weight in a world that is as demanding as it is generous.

    Where have you hid my strong and competent neighbors? Have you concealed them in the hellscape of Mordor behind the veil of shades that statehood has wrought? If this shameful farce of freedom is all that is left of Alaska, I will never return, for I have brought that freedom with me, and carve it out of the ploys of oppressors intent on my subjugation wherever I am. I thought there was a place I knew was home, where that oppression yielded to the indomitable hearts of men, and strong backs of women who made that home for their children to grow into and expand in their wake.

    Perhaps I am all that is left of that Alaska. Here, in my heart, it lives on. I remain a safe space for the dangers of self reliance, an island of rectitude in the midst of an unforgiving sea of chaotic puissance. This I have read today is a mockery of the Alaska where my hands made my living by my wits and the predators lived in the woods and sea, not the halls of statists and tyrants.

    You have seen the back of me, nestled in your downy cells of refuge, kept safe there from your own freedom, protected from yourselves and the dangerous reality of your personal power and responsibility. It seems I have taken Alaska with me, and left the worst of Commifornia behind.

    Good riddance.

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