Breaking: Human Rights Commission director resigns



Must Read Alaska has learned that Marti Buscaglia, the embattled executive director of the Alaska Human Rights Commission, has resigned, effective April 26.

Buscaglia resigned in a memo sent to the chairman of the board of the commission, Brandon Nakasato, and the other commissioners. It is dated April 8.

Buscaglia became the subject of much debate after she put her State-issued business card on a truck parked in the parking lot of the Human Rights Commission, ordering the owner to remove his truck and its “offensive sticker” — which was a Second Amendment sticker, Black Rifles Matter.

She also posted a deriding comment about the man’s truck on the State official Facebook page.

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[April 9 update: Chairman of commission also resigns]


  1. Just think, now she doesn’t have to be quite as circumspect about being a thug to those that she does not agree with. I predict we have not heard the last from her. Now she can organize protests and boycotts for all sorts of Leftist causes.

  2. Agree she did the right thing after nearly a month. Glad she waited, great birthday present.

  3. I was really hoping that they would try to enforce a heavier penalty on this because of a light case of “chilled workplace” and see how that flew.


    Even so we’ll have case to hold up for a few years anyway.

  4. She did the right thing, albeit a bit delayed. Her delay tactic did give us some time for really good discussion and was one of those situations that I didn’t see too much disagreement on. A little bit, but not too terribly much.
    Now, Governor Dunleavy needs to hack the Commission. It is very clear what Kool Aide they are drinking and it isn’t Alaska Statute or the Costitution.

  5. This would have been the right thing to do when it came to light that the Executive Director of the Human Rights Commission attempted to have a person fired over his 1st Amendment Rights. It would have been the right thing to do before the hearing that resulted in the suspension of the Executive Director of the Human Rights Commission, where she should have been fired. Now that all that has happened, it’s the least she should have done. She should spend some time reflecting upon what our Constitution and Bill of Rights say and why they say what they say. Until she understands what it is she did, which I fear will never happen, it is too little too late. She caused irreparable harm to the commission she was the executive director for because she put her political bias before the human rights of someone she was supposed to serve.

  6. As I mentioned in an earlier comment on a MUST READ article on the Alaska Human Rights Commission, Governor Dunleavy should replace the entire commission. Not in retaliation or because they voted to support the embattled director. But, because there a clear and obvious leftist bias that does not serve Alaska’s businesses and employees. Please Governor, remove and replace the existing commission members. And carefully vett the new appointees to insure they have a balanced perspective, and will honor the Alaska and US Constitution(s).

    • In fairness, two of them voted to release her from employment. Sanders and Barton, I believe were the two. -sd

  7. How do I apply for this job? I have proof, more than a sticker, that I believe All Rifles Matter.

    And it sounds easier than fixing all these airplanes.

  8. No surprise. North America is where Critical Race Theory was born. It is an insidious policy of envy based on race. CRT generated today’s Left wing identity politics and its destructive effect on democratic governance throughout the Wesrern world

  9. Saved Her Pension? Did she resign out of worry she could still be fired later? Has she been around long enough to get a state pension?

    • I think she’d be Tier IV unless she had some prior State service years ago so she only gets a lump sum or an annuity. I don’t know if she’s been around long enough to vest the employer contribution but she at least will get what she paid in back if she wants it now.

    • She shouldn’t get a dime nor should she be allowed to retire or postpone her retirement to April 26! She should have been summarily dismissed. This is exactly why people think State employees are trash. She harmed all in her actions.

  10. This sounds like a perfect job for me, but I will wait to see if you want it first, Art. Just let me know.

  11. I’ve been watching this unfold from here in North Idaho, and while I’m happy about the outcome, why is no one asking more questions about the “Accomplice” Chief of Parole Officer?????

    Shouldn’t they be held accountable?

    • That’s a darned good question. Maybe he was “just following orders”? (Not that such a Nuremberg-style defense is acceptable, but if he was tight with the now-unemployed director…)

  12. The question remains, did her actions violate federal laws? If so, when will she be investigated for violating them?

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