That’s three out: Chairman of Human Rights Commission also quits


The chairman of the Alaska Human Rights Commission has resigned, Must Read Alaska has learned.

Brandon Nakasato’s resignation comes on the heels of the resignation of the vice chair, Freddie R. Olin IV, and after the resignation of the agency’s executive director Marti Buscaglia.

Five of the seven commissioners voted to retain Buscaglia after she abused the constitutional rights of an Alaskan who had parked his truck in the parking lot of the Human Rights Commission on A Street in Anchorage. His truck decal said “Black Rifles Matter,” and Buscaglia used her business card to write a note to the owner telling him to get his offensive sticker out of the parking lot. It is a Second Amendment decal and she thought it might be hate speech.

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After an investigation was conducted and a report submitted to the commission, many expected Buscaglia to be fired, but the majority of the members, who are volunteers, said she should just receive a 15-day suspension and provide an apology to the public. She resigned the next business day.

Two of the five commissioners who voted to retain her have now resigned. The chair, Nakasato, is a research analyst with the Department of Health and Social Services.

The governor now must replace two commissioners, which will likely change the Human Rights Commission governing body to a more constitutionally sensitive majority who will be in charge of hiring the next executive director.



  1. Great news!!

    I suspect the two commissioners resigned because they’re worried about being asked why they voted to retain ED Buscaglia.

    All five who voted to retain her should resign … IMO.

  2. Clearly the HRC (interesting acronym) serves little to no purpose.

    Big Mike should just do away with it rather than appoint new commies, I mean commisioners.

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