Black Rifles Matter: House members call for removal of Human Rights commissioners



Following the sudden resignation of Alaska Human Rights Commission Executive Director Marti Buscaglia, some members of the Alaska Legislature are concerned about the culture at the commission and are calling for removal of the commission members who voted to retain Buscaglia.

Last week, the commissioners of the agency, all volunteers, chose to retain her rather than fire her on a vote of 5-2. She was suspended without pay and was supposed to apologize for her actions.

House Minority Leader Rep. Lance Pruitt said an investigation needs to be mounted into what led Buscaglia to believe she could regulate Alaskans’ speech, after she was subject to an investigation by the State.

[April 9 update: Chairman of Commission resigns]

Also last week, key Republicans placed a public records request for communications between Buscaglia and her staff to determine if there is a pattern of abusing Alaskans’ civil rights. Buscaglia used her authority to suppress the free speech rights of an Alaskan who had parked his truck in the parking lot associated with the agency. The truck had a “Black Rifles Matter” sticker on it, which refers to Second Amendment rights.

“While we’re happy to see that Ms. Buscaglia will be moving on from the position, we’re still very concerned about the culture that was created under her at the Commission for Human Rights,” Rep. Pruitt said. “If her leadership and values, in any way, allowed for the systemic suppression of rights, we’re going to do everything we can to root it out.”

Rep. Lance Pruitt, Rep. Colleen Sullivan-Leonard, call for investigation.

“This is a great victory for free speech and for Alaskans,” said Rep. Colleen Sullivan-Leonard, one of the members involved with the inquiry.

“Anyone who enables this sort of civil rights violation, as the Commission did by retaining Buscaglia in the first place, has breached the public’s trust and need not be serving in government. I call on Governor Dunleavy to take swift action in removing the commissioners responsible for this egregious oversight,” she said.

The vice chair of the commission also resigned today. Freddie R. Olin IV submitted his letter of resignation, stating that he was moving out of state.

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  1. As I mentioned in an earlier comment on a MUST READ article on the Alaska Human Rights Commission, Governor Dunleavy should replace the entire commission. Not in retaliation or because they voted to support the embattled director. But, because there a clear and obvious leftist bias that does not serve Alaska’s businesses and employees. Please Governor, remove and replace the existing commission members. And carefully vett the new appointees to insure they have a balanced perspective, and will honor the Alaska and US Constitution(s).

  2. I look forward to the resignation four more members of the Human Rights Commission, all of those who support trampling on 1st Amendment rights need to leave. If you are on the Human Rights Commission and voted to suspend and not fire the executive director then you are obviously for suppressing 1st Amendment rights and do not belong on the Human Rights Commission

  3. If I didn’t know better, I’d say our new governors leadership is starting to motivate some of our politicians to actually do their jobs!

    Can they also get rid of district 31’s Gary Knopp while they are at it?

  4. Amen and hoping for future AMENS..something smells in a the SJ W club posing as a needed group!

  5. Black Rifles Matter? As a black person I might be offended by this. To me it has nothing to do with guns. Congrads to anyone who speaks up for something they believe isn’t right. And RACISM ain’t right!

  6. Alligators disguised as water lillies remain imbedded in the swamp. Wake up leftists! You have been programmed.

  7. What the legislature can do to root out “the systemic suppression of rights” is defund the Commission for Human Rights!

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