Black Rifles Matter: More Human Rights Commission high jinks?



The top two board members of the Alaska Human Rights Commission offered their resignations early this week. But curiously, they both made their departures effective May 1.

The executive director of the troubled agency also resigned on Monday, after being put on unpaid leave for 15 days for bad behavior involving her infringement of a citizen’s First Amendment rights over a Black Rifles Matter truck decal.

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But the governor accepted the resignations of Chairman Brandon Nakasato and Vice Chairman Freddie R. Olin IV effectively immediately, and replaced them with two appointees — Cynthia Erickson and Debbie Fullenwider.

It all happened more quickly than usual.

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Why did the governor act with such haste to replace the chair and vice chair of the commission?

Must Read Alaska has learned that Nakasato and Olin had planned to try to put in place a new executive director before their departure. They had scheduled a meeting for Friday to get the ball rolling.

The commission members now in place are:

David A. Barton, Anchorage

Christa J. Bruce, Ketchikan

Kathryn E. Dodge, Fairbanks

Megan C. Mackiernan, Nome

Marcus Sanders, Anchorage

Cynthia Erickson, Tanana

Debbie Fullenwider, Anchorage

Sandra Monkton, the chief enforcement officer at the agency, is now the acting executive director. In other “small state” news, she is married to the State’s former Public Defender, Quinlan Steiner, who resigned this month, saying that his division needed new leadership. Political observers said that the Governor’s Office agreed with Steiner.


  1. I’m glad MRAK is keeping their finger on the pulse. This is so much fun! What does this Commission do every day since this incident? Hurry up already and clean it out!

  2. And just who was the new executive director they had in mind? Maybe that person needs to be investigated also.

    • Whether Governor Dunleavy knows it or not, our very own Suzanne at MRAK has often times shown him to the plug. Let the swamp drain all the way.

  3. The AK Human Rights Commission performs what essential service? It appears that this is ripe for complete elimination due to the lack of necessity and value. It’s time to start cutting these wasteful programs.

  4. Just got my Black Rifles Matter decals … would love to send some to the new commish to proudly display!

    • Apparently, they sit in their liberal laboratory concocting ways to better our lives through social welfare, kumbaya, gluten-free lunches reading the communist manifesto, strolls through parking lots, designing rainbow bumper stickers, and listening to remakes of Johnny Paycheck’s “Take this Job and Shove It”.

  5. What about Probation Officer V (state pay range 22) Kendall Rhyne, who also left his official business card as part of the threat to his fellow citizens????
    Using your badge to press your political point of view is a huge no-no.

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