North Pole superintendent says male students disciplined



In a letter to parents and interested community members, the superintendent of the North Pole School District has set the record straight about the bathroom incident that left one male student with a groin injury. The incident occurred after a group of male students entered a girls’ bathroom at North Pole High School, surprising the girl who was in the bathroom. She took protective measures by kicking the first boy to enter the bathroom in the groin.

According to Superintendent Dr. Karen Gaborik, there had been a lot of discussion on campus about another student, who is in the process of presenting herself as a male in the process that is known as “transitioning.”

“The series of events at North Pole High School began when a student transitioning from female to male took a selfie in the boys’ restroom on Monday, April 1, and posted on Snapchat,” Gaborik wrote.

“Some male students at the school were upset about the public nature of the post and restroom use. There was, and continues to be, conversation among students regarding transgender students at NPHS and the use of restrooms. Teachers, counselors, support staff and administrators are helping students navigate that dialogue. The district provides additional counselors to schools whenever it is determined assistance is needed.”

It’s within the context of that school controversy that some boys decided to enter a girls’ bathroom and take a Snapchat photo of their own, as a form of protest.

“On April 4, a group of male students began to enter the restroom. Only one male student actually proceeded past the door frame. The other male students followed behind him and were not yet in the restroom. A female student (not the transgender student) was exiting the restroom at the time the first male student began to enter. The female student kicked the first male student in the groin. The male students turned around and left the area,” Gaborik wrote.

An investigation ensued. Statements were collected. And in the end, all of the students involved were disciplined, Gaborik wrote.

“The male students were disciplined for attempting to enter the restroom. There was not evidence that the male students were threatening any student or using any type of force toward other students,” she wrote.

Media and social media reports said that only the girl was disciplined, however Gaborik disputes that, and further says that no students were prevented from attending the April 6 prom because the investigation was still ongoing, and the disciplinary action wasn’t announced until April 8.

“The district does not encourage students or staff to use force against students, staff or visitors to school facilities. In general, we recommend students talk to school staff about any situations in which they feel unsafe. Students are encouraged to bring concerns about their safety to school staff. If a student is facing an imminent threat, the student’s response to the threat will be evaluated based on the facts and circumstances of the incident, district policies, and state law,” she wrote.

As for the transgender student, the superintendent says that there is a gender neutral bathroom on campus but the school is working with students individually as they decide which bathroom fits them best. Students are not in charge of the decision about what bathroom other students may use, the superintendent said.

“Ensuring a safe environment is a core value in our school district. This includes the social-emotional safety of our students, as well as the physical safety. We do not advocate physical or psychological violence as a means to attain safety. The entire school community needs to work together to ensure that all students feel welcomed, safe and are able to learn and thrive. We recognize that parents, students and members of our community feel strongly about these issues, but advocating for the use of violence does not contribute to a safe learning environment. If a student uses force against another student or against staff, that use of force is evaluated for potential discipline under the self-defense laws of the State and the facts and circumstances of the incident, she wrote.

“It is critical that the district maintain confidentiality regarding student discipline. While I will not discuss the discipline related to this incident, I can tell you that students have due process rights and can appeal school-level decisions. We are working through those procedures right now.”

Rep. Tammie Wilson has taken up the side of the girl. “I said, ‘Good for her. I would have taught my daughter to do the same.”

The legislator who represents the district said during a press conference last week, that she wanted girls to know she has their back:

“If you ever feel threatened for your safety, whatever force you think you have to give, I will stand behind you,” she said.


  1. Well, there you have it! Just because someone “feels like a woman” or “feels like a man”, everyone else has to be happy and comfortable with it. No, they don’t, and no they aren’t. This young lady saw a pack of males coming at her into the ladies room with no egress. As a woman, that is exactly what I would have seen if I was exiting a ladies room and a group of men was coming towards me. She took action. I care not what the policy is. What is the policy? Is the policy for those boys to use the girl’s room? There is a bunch of blah blah talk in the article that the NPS wants all students to feel welcome and safe…. BS! Just the ones that are transitioning apparently. The girl in the bathroom sure didn’t feel very safe and got punished for it. Kick em’ again.

    • Absolutely agree with Garnet. Well said. Quit tip toeing around this BS. Use a gender neutral bathroom if you have too, otherwise quit making the people feel that they have to cow-touw to you.

      • Totaly agree! If there is a gender neutral bathroom available no need to force people to accept your decision.

    • Amen. I would have too. All of this ‘transitioning’ crap is ludicrous and in most cases nothing more than confused copycat immaturity. I’m not denying struggles with gender dysphoria but that is likely not the case in most of these situations. Offer a few accessible private bathrooms for those delving into the foolishness and the rest of the bathrooms should be for genetic gender – ie what one was declared at birth.

  2. The district is using expulsion as punishment. That is not what it is for. According to another story, the girl was expelled. The parents have appealed the expulsion. If they are unsuccessful in the appeal, I hope they sue and win big money!!

  3. The boys are trying to make a point here too. There is a “girl” in the boy’s bathroom (the transitioning student) who thought it was cute to take a picture of her/himself and post it on Snap Chat while in the bathroom. Smooth move. Pro tip to you kiddo: Tone it down.
    So, the boys thought “screw you! We’ll do the same thing from the girl’s bathroom”. Well, it didn’t work out so well, now did it? In this day and age, you don’t go marching into the girl’s bathroom, unannounced to pull a little prank like that. Too much margin for error. Pro tip boys: At least get another non-transitioning girl to go along with the prank to run point for you and make sure the coast is clear! Otherwise, you could be singing soprano!

    • Everyone has to feel special! I am certainly not a medical professional. Not a professional of the medical mind or body. But, I really do question who thinks it is A.O.K to “transition” a teenager. Your body isn’t done developing, your mind isn’t done developing, and your still popping zits for Christ’s sake! So Bruce Jenner wants to become Catelynn… Ok, go ahead. You’ve been around the block, you can make your own decisions. But a kid? You are able to make a decision to permanently change your gender and a doctor and your parents allow this to happen? So yes, Mitchell, I must agree.

  4. We don’t know all of the details but if we take the story at face value: you have a group of boys entering the girls restroom and blocking the only egress available to the female student who then defended herself against a perceived threat. The school then says that students should not defend themselves and should instead report it to the authorities. When? After she is attacked? How was she to know that was not the intent? That there is a transitioning student in the school is irrelevant to her position.

    • So the boys should be able to physically assault the girl entering their restroom and posting photos to Snapchat according to your logic correct?

      Why do the chivalry monkeys only mount up when it’s the women who are being directly offended? The girl’s bathroom won’t be sacrosanct if the boy’s bathroom isn’t, and that’s just a fact.

      • Boy, I sure didn’t get that impression from Kevin’s post. He was saying the girl couldn’t have known what the intent of the boys was and defended herself prior to being attacked. He also took the position that the bathroom issue, that the boys were protesting, was irrelevant to her position.
        I agree entirely with this position and further it has not a single thing to do with boy’s bathroom.
        Your turn.

        • Well, we don’t have audio to this exchange. God only knows what transpired between the boys and her. She felt compelled to let her foot meet the groin. My foot has met a few in my lifetime. Not usually a standard greeting unless warranted.

        • So you are saying that it isn’t okay for the boys to physically oppose the violation of their restroom? That’s even more messed up. Why is it okay for the girl to do it but not the boys?


          Your turn.

          • This is only in relation to the punishment doled out to the girl who obviously felt threatened by a line of boys heading into the girls bathroom while she was in there. The first boy in line got kicked, before the others even got into the bathroom, so there could have been little transpiring between the two. She, no doubt, could see the line of boys behind the first and most likely could see nothing good coming from what was planned. There clearly could have been no back and forth about whether/not the boys felt their bathroom was violated. The only thing “more industrial stupid” here, on the point of the boys is the position taken by the school district IMO. Their (boys) position on their bathroom being violated has nothing to do with this girl doing what most parents encourage their daughters to do under similar circumstances IMO.
            I suspect her lawyers will cost that school district a few pennies.

          • That the district didn’t do something about cell phones and social media posts from their school activist was the apex error here that all the rest of this mess cascaded from. That the boys made a stupid call I won’t dispute, however, they did manage to escalate something that may have otherwise not been addressed. My first choice would have been to stomp the offending cell phone bit that would have gotten them labeled as transphobes and gotten them banished to a social justice leper colony for life.

          • That apex error you refer to may just be what the boys punishments hinge on but the fact remains that their decision to march into the girl’s bathroom was industrial stupid IMO. The girl’s reaction was immediate and, I suspect, it will be some time before any of those boys tries that tactic again. They clearly know where they blundered and can rethink their plans to deal with future protests. Heheh!

          • I don’t understand the glee in this Bill Yankee. Does it feel chivalrous to cheer the suffering of young men and boys at the hands of the radical left?


            If a boy transgresses in decorum while running the leftist gauntlet a “conservative” MUST weigh in. It’s disgusting. I think the lesson the boys will learn is that “conservatives” aren’t.

          • Boy I Art, you are going to have to describe this “suffering” you refer to that these boys are going through. They clearly forgot to wear their cups in their jockstraps when they entered that girl’s bathroom and thus suffered their own shortcoming IMO.
            I usually see it as somewhat poetic whenever someone does something this stupid. Sort of on the lines of Darwin Awards.
            That said, I just don’t feel that concerned to get involved in the gender/bathroom situation-you seem fixed on this. Go for it!

          • The war on boys is a fiction to you. I don’t think you are reachable.


            Nick Sandmann says hi.

          • Were you going to describe this suffering of these boys or should I keep thinking it’s a fiction?
            I’m unreachable to you because I don’t buy your garbage about these boys are being persecuted for their protesting. My only comments, relative here, is that they (boys) made a huge blunder in choosing to enter that bathroom and got their nads in the way. You are wanting some sort of get-out-of-jail-free pass for this stupidity because they are somehow the victims here.
            I don’t buy it. Sometimes it’s just impossible to fix stupid but you keep trying IMO.

          • You are strangely fixated on what you perceive to be my fixations.


            Maybe you’re the kind of guy that likes to see your bathroom spaces used as a sociopolitical trophy, I won’t speak to your predilections. I for one don’t blame the boys for having a serious problem with it. But you want to ignore that fact with a blinding intesityfor some reason.

          • “I for one don’t blame the boys for having a serious problem with it.” Just so’s we can be on the same page here, what is the “it” you refer to above?

          • The fact that the boys bathroom became a trophy, something that you cannot get your mind to grasp.

          • OK you don’t blame them for it and I don’t give a rat’s as it has not a single thing to do with the girl’s reaction to their antics.

  5. wait a second, I thought all these new rules was to allow boys in the girls restrooms. So they shoulld be left alone to do their business.

  6. TAMMIE WILSON: Good to hear that you like kickin some butt. Now, where do you stand on the PFD issue? Are gonna kick some butt in the Finance Committee and stand tall with the Republicans?

    • Great question, Patriot. Wilson seems to love the power spot as Finance Chair more than doing her job of supporting Republican majority backing Dunleavy. Things do change after 10 years. Time for a change in Representatives here at North Pole.

  7. So no punishment to the student photographing and posting to social media in the bathroom? Cannot correct the protected class.

  8. NO matter what, those BOYS should never have entered the girls bathroom, period.!!! In that aspect, if she felt threatened, she had every right to protect herself, even with force. As for the transgender, I believe that with ALL students, none of them should be able to take pics in the bathrooms and post them to any media, it’s just indecent. Quit holding their hands and discipline them properly.!!! smdh

    • You have a point, Jacki. As they are trying to make all the people switching their plumbing around feel good, those boys should be transitioning their penises into vaginas before being allowed to go into the ladies room 🙂

  9. In a State with one of the highest sexual assault rates in the country a school girl get “disciplined” for defending herself against a perceived threat.
    The fact the school were this happened has a “transitioning” student is irrelevant.
    A female defended herself just as she should. Tell her :Great Job, glad you didn’t get sexually assaulted” and move on. If the school is stupid enough to say the Male students were involved with a harmless prank, take it up with the school board.
    The female stude should have NO PUNISHMENT LEAVE HER ALONE.

  10. So the girl believes she is going to be assaulted!. NPSD policy is ask for a time out and find a staff of counselor and ask for help. Time for State Legislature to write a law that when a girl feels threatened by boys entering her space in girls bathroom she can take him OUT!

    • Here’s a novel idea-
      Let’s write a law that allows girls to use the girls restroom and boys to use the boys restroom based on the anatomy you are born with and how you you feel.

      Case closed

        • Ah, the old XXY argument. Do you know any? I know one. They never have had a problem figuring out which bathroom to use and never turned it into political issue or posted their arrival there on social media.


          It’s not the biology, it’s the politics.

          • My comment only had to do with Stephen’s proposed law but you seem to need to try to hijack even that. Did you have something to contribute to Stephen’s proposed law or just like to muddy the water?

          • I’m not the one simultaneously arguing for mixed bathrooms while trying to score a laugh because the boys are demonstrating your hypocrisy.

          • I’m not arguing for any mixed bathrooms. I’ve merely pointed out the problem with Stephen’s case closed.
            You seem strangely fixed on these boys behavior when it had nothing to do with my comment.

          • You’re the one fixated on the behavior of the boys. Is it because you are so emasculated by the feminists that you cannot even think a girl/woman could possibly be in the wrong Bill? Your chivalry just won’t let you do anything besides scapegoat the boys?

          • Here are your own words from a previous post above: “That the boys made a stupid call I won’t dispute” so it appears we agree on this.
            Kids make stupid calls all the time and because of this they aren’t treated as “federal cases” and we don’t throw them in prison, etc..
            This girl, on the other hand, could hardly have known that those boys were only on a “stupid call” and she reacted according to the threat she (most likely) believed. You evidently believe she should have had a sit-down with them to make sure she wasn’t jumping to conclusions and I don’t. That’s the crux of our differences IMO.

        • In that case you are talking percents of percents, most of whom have the corrective decision properly made by their parents in consultation with the doctors based on the actual particulars of their particular case (it is seldom 50/50 split, merely hints of one or the other) essentially at birth.

          Incredibly rare exceptions, statistical subaural noise level rare, that prove the rule should be dealt with in their national tens of cases, not used to make a policy for the “rule.”

          • I think we both can say these are the extreme exception but exceptions need to be dealt with when making laws IMO. And by the way, your “most of whom have the corrective decision properly made by their parents in consultation with the doctors based on the actual particulars of their particular case (it is seldom 50/50 split, merely hints of one or the other) essentially at birth” is something that is dated. Most are not made by the parents (essentially at birth) anymore.

  11. why is this is news?

    this just in- “bobby likes katie, but doesn’t like like her, so he asked jenny to the prom instead! OMG! also, Salisbury steak for lunch today. . .yuck!”

    • You know why it’s news, Gary! Its big liberal news in Fairbanks and Suzanne has offered us an opportunity to freewheel with its ridiculousness. Rep. Tammy Wilson stepped in to defend the young lady because of its ridiculousness. Fairbanks ice fog turned into fairy dust. The more they circle around with their liberal “policies” and “rules” the crazier they get. “You can use the bathroom” “you can’t use the bathroom” She, you, he, they, it, them”, “pronoun of the week club”.

  12. And just which locker room will the student with gender dysphoria use? Gender dysphoria is a psychological condition that requires professional help, not a change to all of our societal norms. A world gone mad.

  13. Correct Mayor Dan. But instead, everyone else in society must change for the onesies and twosies of the world.
    But FOR REAL, in the 1990s, the daughter of a friend of mine was raped in the locker room, by a boy, in a high school in Alaska. So, not a good situation. That was the first thing I thought about when I read this story. Granted, I know nothing of the relationship of the girl in this story or the boys that entered that bathroom. Did she know them? It really doesn’t matter. But a woman alone, with a group of men coming towards her……., just think about that for a second.
    Now, think if it was YOUR daughter.

    • Why is it that the boys are always the first to get vilified? Does it just feel more masculine to attack them? What would you do if you were being raised in a clown world where someone newly arrived from the OTHER bathroom started using your bathroom as the backdrop for their social media account and the district was ignoring it?


      It’s okay to bash boy children and take away their spaces? This is why every manner of perversion has swamped the “Boy” Scouts, so that virtue signaling white knights can get points on the back of boys. And do you expect that when those boys grow up that this will get better or worse after you’ve let every leftist in the world have a shot at emasculating them?


      Maybe clown world won’t make them gender dysphoric but I’m not going to count on it.

      • Well, if a pack of girls walked in the boy’s bathroom and a boy was in there alone and felt threatened and kicked one of the girls in the crotch, good for him! I hope he doesn’t get expelled.

        • A boy feeling “threatened” by a group of girls and assaults one of them. Who gets the first shot at him? The leftist feminists or the white knight crowd who says that you should under no circumstances hit a girl.


          You hold them while the feminists hit them buddy.

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