Bill Walker has wasted over $3.8 million in three failed runs for governor


Bill Walker has been generous to the Ship Creek Group and campaign-associated Alaska economy, spending over $3.8 million in failed gubernatorial election campaigns since 2010. He’s Alaska’s Beto O’Rourke, the Texas Democrat who has failed for statewide office three times in six years, but spent $175 million doing so.

Here’s how much campaign cash Beto O’Rourke burned through losing races

Although the election for governor has not been finalized, Walker, the former one-term governor, now stands with a 20% result in 2022, which is remarkable, considering that in 2018 he pulled out of the race in the last three weeks leading up to the midterm election, and received 2% of the vote.

In 2010, Walker’s first failed run for governor, he spent $570,394.

In the 2018 election cycle when he was running for reelection, he spent $1.039,917.

In 2022, he has spent more than $2,261,730, or about $53 per vote for the 42,943 vote counted so far. Final reports will include more spending and at least a few more votes, but as of now, he has perhaps set a record.

Walker spent a whopping $3,872,041 on elections where he either dropped out or was defeated in a landslide. This may give his donors pause before they give over their hard-earned money to Walker — if there is a next run for governor.

On the other hand, Gov. Mike Dunleavy has never lost a race, and in fact has won nine elections in a row. He spent $1,289,259 on this year’s campaign, as of the most recent filing with Alaska Public Offices Commission.

As of Thursday, Dunleavy’s vote total was over 52%, with 111,897 voters picking him first. More results are expected for all the Nov. 8 races on Tuesday, according to the Division of Elections, and the final sorting of first, second, and third-place votes on the ranked choice ballots will be calculated on Nov. 23.

Whatever the results are, it appears Walker will not be able to retake the governorship of Alaska, in spite of his record spending.

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  1. Perhaps we should add the salaries,travel expenses,etc. of the state employees that worked as campaign staff for Big Mike to his overall expense.

  2. Let him waste another several million dollars of other people’s money. Not one cent of that was mine, and as far as I’m concerned, if you give that guy money, you deserve it getting wasted.

  3. you can’t buy sincerity integrity or of for and by the people, but you can scat back to California immediately oath breakers suck.

  4. Dunleavy benefited by dark money, to the astonishing sum of $3 million in this election from the RGA, to a front group, “Stronger Alaska’.

  5. If Walker had been honest and provided the reason why his Lt. Governor, Byron Mallott, was forced to resign (pedophile activity with an underaged teen girl), Walker might have survived for re-election. But his dishonesty and cover-up of the true facts forever forced his hand as a liar. People aren’t as stupid as Walker hoped. The other reason why the electorate left him in droves
    was his theft of a full PFD as required by statute. Goodbye, Walker.

  6. Thanks to vince beltrami, jeff and sue cook, berta gardner, robert gottstein, beth kerttula, bruce kendall , robin brena, kathy Murdoch, greg orman, fran ulmer, ivy spohnholz, cathy giessel, randy hofbeck , and an entire host of labor unions, special interest groups with their dark money, national educational groups, Alaska based industrial firms and many more losers.
    There’s always 2026 for the next swing at being Governor of Alaska

    • Jeff Cook is a society page louse. He’s a Fairbanks creep who never ran for any office, but he has the inflated ego of a king. And he backs losers like Bill Walker. Cook is an old ……….has been.

      • Agree with Elaine above. Jeff Cook never misses an opportunity to have his gloating mug in the FDNM. Another Bill Walker lover who counts his money daily and shows off his personal wealth, while desiring limitations of everyone’s PFD. Another little pig Democrat.

    • Did you mean Scott Kendall? Bruce Kendall died over a decade ago and therefore hasn’t been involved in anything having to do with Alaska politics.

  7. Maybe he can get some of that FTX ponzi scheme money. They took tens of millions of investor money and donated it to Democrat campaigns.

  8. I’m crossing my fingers that Walker, and also Gara lose this race, too. As usual, the press has done Big Mike no favors, largely omitting his work during the disaster in Western Alaska. I have to wonder if either Walker or Gara would have done the same when it came to cancelling campaign events to concentrate on getting help to those in need before winter set in.

    • Alaskan Journey: I am not sure if that would be a legitimate addition. After all, it didn’t get him any ‘American’ votes.

  9. I donated to Nick Begich. He lost. Does that mean my money was wasted too? We can extend this logic to say all losing candidates wasted money? Morale of story: don’t run for office; because, if you lose, you will have wasted money. This is the logic we are bouncing around here.

    • “……..We can extend this logic to say all losing candidates wasted money?……”
      I sure hope so, but if you’re particularly persistent and rich, I suppose you can consider it an investment and continue pouring money into their pockets. You might consider yourself whatever for such donations, but I consider it foolish……..primarily because I’m not one of the leaches (campaign strategists, lawyers, media publishers, et al) profiting from your money.

  10. Juneau voted for Walker – heavily. Juneau gave a grant of taxpayer money to “teach drag queen lessons.”

    Juneau spent $17 million of cruise ship tax money on a brass whale, then spent $900,000 in legal expenses to defend that expenditure to lose on summary judgement. Have you ever heard of anyone else spending $900,000 on legal expenses to have the court say the case has no merit and won’t be tried? Juneau didn’t appeal.

    Juneau refused to break its sister city ties with a Russian city, and that was cited by the Putin regime to show that even America is divided about the invasion of Ukraine.

    Juneau signed on to the Paris Climate Accord, but about a year ago it sent about 10 people to the Alaska Municipal League meeting at the Captain Cook even though they could have attended virtually. Muni employees and Assembly members like those airline miles, and the Climate Accord be damned.

    So, is anyone surprised that Juneau voted for Walker? I won’t be surprised if Walker moves to Juneau.

    • This isn’t news. Only place more to the left than Juneau is the people republic of Anchorage.

      Your point?

  11. Maybe Walker should learn how to ride a skateboard and dress & act like a 12 year old. Well, those attributes haven’t done much for Beto.

  12. Eh, Bill doesn’t see it as a waste.

    First, all of it was someone else’s money.

    Second, he enjoyed himself.

    Third, he’ll parley that into a profitable venture for himself elsewhere. He’s enough of an attorney to know how to do that non-criminally.

    Ethics? Aw geez, this is Bill Walker we’re talking about. Another sociopathic Alaskan politician.

  13. 1. How much of the money can be traced to China?

    2. As a lawyer did he represent clients in litigation of any consequence? What cases, if any, did he argue in court?

  14. The picture of Walker in this article says it all. A lonely, bitter old man……..looks like a comedian auditioning in front of an empty house. Can Scott Kendall get him a gig in an assisted living joint?
    He might get a laugh or two.

  15. We always hear Dems braying like mules about rich Republicans and all the money they spend to buy votes. The opposite is closer to the truth. Here’s the lesson: Dems accuse Rs of the very thing that they themselves to. Why this is note more widely recognized is beyond me. Why we don’t donate more money to Rs is beyond me.

  16. If he runs again we’ll continue tell the truth about China Bill Dividend Thief Walker. 30% below Gov Mike and even behind “We want Less” Gara shows that most Alaskans don’t want him. He should stop while he’s ahead. But then, maybe China Bill’s ego won’t let him stop spending other people’s money?

  17. Walker called me last summer on my Do Not Call List cell phone. I told him he screwed us on the PFD and that Is never vote for him. He hung up on me. I smiled.

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