Bill Walker’s gas line obsession would feed China’s ‘Steal and Scale’ initiative of Xi, who emulates Mao



Part III: Chairman Xi emulates Mao, but has a Steal and Scale initiative that Alaska was going to provide the fuel for colonization.

Bill Walker’s mistake in signing away Alaska’s gas to China was no small error in judgment. It was a move so catastrophic it could have made Alaska a multi-generational economic colony of China.

While former Gov. Walker was sealing a deal in 2017 with the Communist Chinese, getting China to agree to pay for 75 percent or more of the Alaska gas line and tie up Alaska’s gas exports to China for decades, China was also advancing its “Steal and Scale” economic strategy across America to abscond with U.S. companies’ technologies, and bring them to scale in order to sell them back to the United States.

Since the 1940s, manufacturing has continued to move offshore from America to China, where labor and lives are cheap, and where power is centralized in a corrupt and brutal government. Now, Americans are realizing the price they’ve paid for all those cheap goods, made by the slaves of the government of China.

“Steal and Scale” is the unacknowledged sister of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which is investing in 150 countries around the world and exerting China-centric control over them. Belt and Road and Steal and Scale are the centerpieces of Chairman Xi Jinping’s economic and foreign policy, which is to stretch China’s influence through economic dominance. As of August, 2022, 149 counties were listed as having signed on the dotted line for the Belt and Road Initiative.

Essentially, that was what Walker signed on for. He was not an official signatory on Belt and Road itself, but the $35 billion the Chinese were investing in Alaska’s gas line was, in fact, the same thing, giving China economic control over construction of a $9.2-billion gas treatment plant on the North Slope, a $12.7 billion 800-mile gasline to Nikiski, and a $16.8-billion liquefaction plant in Nikiski, where the gas would be condensed for transportation to China, with small amounts available for contracts to Japan, Vietnam, and South Korea.

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Notably, Walker did not sign this agreement to compromise Alaska’s sovereignty while on U.S. soil. The Chinese did not come to Alaska and sign the agreement, although they could have. It was Alaska that was begging them for the money, and so Walker went to China, hat in hand. In Beijing, he met with President Xi, and signed away Alaska’s sovereignty on behalf of the 734,000 Alaskans who had no idea that he was compromising Alaska’s gas to three companies owned by the Chinese government.

Today, if Bill Walker had remained in office, the China gas line might be half built, if all had gone according to Walker’s risky plan. Walker had promised Alaskans he would have it up and running by 2025. By then, he’d be long gone from office, even if he had won reelection in 2018.

Steal and scale is a polite way of describing China’s economic strategy with the United States, which started under Chairman Mao Tse Tung and now continues under Chairman Xi, who considers Mao his political role model.

Chairman Mao was a mass murderer who was responsible for far more deaths than Hitler or Stalin. Between 1958 and 1962, Mao’s Great Leap Forward policy led to between 15-55 million starvation deaths, as he transformed China from an agrarian to industrial economy. It was a a famine policy that reduced the need for food. There are hardly words to describe the brutality that existed in China under Chairman Mao

Across America in those years, mothers would admonish their children, “Eat your food. There are starving children in China.” And that was true. It was planned starvation.

Chairman Xi is Mao’s protege, amalgamating power at a rapid pace, running a country that has total surveillance on its citizens, a country where “social credit” will determine whether you eat or go hungry.

Any company that does business with China is required to have a Communist Party “minder” in the “C Suite,” someone who is stealing technology from American companies and sending the plans, formularies, and blueprints back to China.

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China’s surveillance state is by far the most oppressive in the world. As described in a Wednesday story in the Wall Street Journal, it starts when a citizen steps out of his front door in the morning. The day starts with a mandated Covid test administered by workers in white hazmat jumpsuits. For those who don’t pass, they are prevented from going to any public space, including parks.

Surveillance cameras keep watch over the city streets. In a cab on the way to work, the driver requires you to scan a QR code for a government database tracking people’s movements. Scan again when stopping by Starbucks for coffee and then again at the office,” writes Brian Spegele, of the Wall Street Journal.

“If the database shows you’ve crossed paths with someone infected by the virus, you’ll likely be forced into quarantine. It may be in a hotel room, at a converted convention center, or if lucky, at home with an alarm installed on the front door,” he writes.

“The Chinese state has stretched far deeper into citizens’ lives since Mr. Xi took power in 2012. Covid has pushed the controls to entirely new levels. Such measures are increasingly testing the faith of Chinese citizens in a government that is no longer delivering the supercharged economic growth that underpinned popular support for decades,” the story continues.

The Journal describes the fate of a 6-year-old Chinese boy who tested positive for Covid days after landing in Shanghai on a domestic flight. The government put 400 of the boy’s contacts into quarantine, and then went after secondary contacts.

“Authorities descended on an IKEA after determining that a close contact of the boy had also visited the store, then left. Verified video footage showed people attempting to escape as security officers tried to barricade shoppers inside,” the newspaper writes.

Chairman Xi’s plan is to put the Chinese Communist Party in even greater control of Chinese life. The party has censored social media, and also limited private enterprise’s expansion. And Xi is consolidating power.

“And he increasingly looks like the most consequential Chinese politician since Mao Zedong, the man most responsible for creating the People’s Republic of China. Indeed, in Xi’s campaign to strengthen his and the CCP’s authority, he appears to be modeling himself after Mao,” the Cato Institute wrote in 2020. “Which should make the rest of us very nervous.”

If indeed Xi is Mao reinvented and amplified, then Alaska narrowly escaped from becoming the fuel that would power the Steal and Scale dynasty that is preparing for war with America.

Why did the Chinese give the Walkers cash in 2017? It was a test.


  1. Walker is bought and paid for by the CCP. He would help them add a link to their “Belt and Road” initiative. This is one reason why Alaska should never trust Walker as Govenor. The fact he believes he would control the deal with the CCP shows he doesn’t understand communism and its objectives through unrestricted warfare. This is why you never give concessions to communists, period! Also, China attacked the world with a modified virus called COVID-19. This is a war crime, and they should be punished for it. We should be sanctioning China economically, not rewarding them, Bill Walker. You are no leader; you are a collaborator. Their human rights abuses alone should warrant sanctions. You can always tell who is in bed with communists, when they purposely refuse to acknowledge the facts about the criminals they are working with. Shame on you Bill Walker, you should stay out of politics.

  2. The challenge the USA has in dealing with China is the $419 billion (annual) trade deficit that helps the Chinese economy fund its military, its government, and its oppression. President Trump and Governor Walker were the only adults willing to take on this trade deficit. Trump and Walker touted how the gas line project would have been part of a major push to reduce that massive trade deficit that hurts US workers (less jobs, lower wages) and helps fuel the Chinese economy.

    Any gas line built, whether the investors were from Japan, China, or South Korea would be built, and operated under US law. US courts would hear disputes. US regulators like OSHA, the EPA, the USACE, and a dozens others would have jurisdiction over the project, and the pipeline’s operation.

    Under Dunleavy, our gas sits in the ground. We have no jobs from a gas line, no revenue, and no deposits from the gas line into the Permanent Fund. we have no affordable, clean energy, and we have filthy air that is killing people in Fairbanks. What a mess.

    Biden doesn’t talk about trade deficits because he’s either too corrupt, or too stupid- or both. So until we have new leadership, Americans will continue to be hurt by the massive trade deficits.

  3. Error in judgment? Hardly. He knew what he was doing. He’s many things but not dumb.

    He was happy to give away our resources so long as he got his pipeline. He was gonna get his and simply didn’t care about what happens here.

    • I agree with your view that he knew what he was doing, to an extent. That said we often hear and even say that individuals are “so smart” without much proof. Mr. Walker grew up in Valdez and then had a fairly average education thereafter. (Much like my own, actually.) I agree he is clever and even cunning but have yet to see solid accomplishments or insights. He has been lucky, IMO.

  4. Old fuddy duddy Bill Walker looks just absolutely pathetic next to his communist master, Chairman
    Xi. All of that bowing, hands folded, and being lectured to by the head Commie makes Walker look like a school boy anxious to be thoroughly brainwashed by his mentor. Alaskan voters must have really been asleep putting this old fart in the governor’s office in 2014. Nuts!!!

  5. Seems worth asking what role the Biden Syndicate played in this deal since the Biden-Walker-China timelines merged in 2017.
    We’re under no illusions that China Bill Walker’s natural gas giveaway agreement was cancelled.
    More likely it’s held in abeyance until China Bill Walker can be maneuvered into a position of authority to make it happen, at which time nothing stops this nasty bit of business from turning into Alaska’s very own debt trap.
    Watch for the Communist Chinese making their move on Alaska’s natural resources through a proxy like BlackRock which has the vig to buy and sell politicians and Native corporations several times over.
    No? The Communist Chinese, known for playing a generational strategy against America since the 1940’s, invested their money in Alaska’s ruling class for nothing? Biden Syndicate’s gonna tell China Bill Walker’s people they can’t have Taiwan or Alaska, no matter how much money they throw at either?
    Our consolation is China Bill Walker, whether in office or not, was never empowered to negotiate or sign a treaty with Communist China.
    That’s supposed to be the job of the Biden Syndicate and the United States Senate (so we repeat ourselves, but you get the point). Can’t imagine Somebody Important not bringing that technicality to the Supreme Court’s attention.

  6. For a time the Belt and Road Initiative seemed like a good idea. But actually, we didn’t know China. They have so many labs making Fentanyl (some reports say 130,000) and also having made the Covid 19 virus, that people should think twice about dealing with them unless you really have parity. Also, the Chinese have used their credit granting to make inroads into other countries’ resources in ways that should alarm Alaskans and all Americans. At last count it was, I believe, around 22 countries that had to default on their loans and had lost control over their resources. Yes, if Alaska had defaulted in the future, the Chinese would have had a commercial colony here and that would have been catastrophic for all Alaskans. Better to wait out Joe Biden’s screw-ups and then get everything back on track. That is, it Biden hasn’t brought on a depression before then. Or are the democrats trying to get us into a nuclear war? That would truly be the end.

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