Downing: Walker’s gas line deal with China’s Xi Jinping, who is now readying for military showdown with the West



Part 2: What could possibly have gone wrong, other than China controlling Alaska? Read Part 1 here.

China President Xi Jinping is no ordinary communist leader. He is starting an unprecedented third five-year term as the head of the Communist Party, which controls the economy and social order in China. He’s 69, and could have another 10 years at the helm of China.

Sunday is a big day for Xi, as he consolidates his power during the Communist Party’s twice-in-a-decade national congress, which opened its five-day meeting. In his opening speech to delegates, Xi made barely concealed references to war with the United States.

The man to whom former Alaska Gov. Bill Walker had signed a deal to sell 75% of Alaska’s natural gas has today laid out his vision for the People’s Republic of China’s future, and it is to be far more powerful than the United States, and to be prepared to dominate in a war with the West.

If Walker’s 2017 agreement had not expired after he left office, and if Walker had signed permanent agreements with Xi, Alaska’s gas would today be essentially owned by Communist China.

In the speech before 2,296 delegates on Sunday, Xi warned of storms ahead, and “incomparable glory,” as he makes China the premiere global power. He said he would bring free-market Taiwan back under control of the communist People’s Republic — by force if necessary.

President Xi is now the most powerful communist leader of the People’s Republic of China since Mao Tse Tung. It’s no wonder that when Walker saw this alpha male step off the jet in Anchorage in 2017, Walker bowed to him in submission.

Xi is a man on a mission for world dominance.

“The attempt to suppress and contain China’s growth could escalate anytime,” Xi said to delegates.

While Xi did not mention the U.S. by name, he said that in the face of rapidly changing international tensions and “external blackmail, containment, blockade and extreme pressure,” China’s national interests would be defended. Analysts say this is the first time he has used the word “blackmail” to describe a political situation.

The Wall Street Journal predicted as much on Friday, in its story titled, “Xi Jinping’s Endgame: A China Prepared for Conflict With the U.S.”

Xi has unleashed an array of military, economic, and political campaigns to brace the country for the possibility of this confrontation, the Journal said.

“Since rising to power a decade ago, Xi Jinping has unleashed an array of campaigns to help ensure that China would prevail in, or at least withstand, a confrontation with the West. He has bolstered China’s militaryreorganized the economy and remade society around a more ideologically committed Communist Party,” the newspaper wrote at this link.

“Mr. Xi has made clear that his overarching goal is to restore China to what he believes is its rightful place as a global player and a peer of the U.S. As a consequence, he has come to see the possibility of a showdown with the West as increasingly likely, according to people familiar with his thinking. Now he stands on the edge of a third five-year term in power at a Communist Party conclave starting Sunday, in a break with a recent precedent of stepping aside after two terms. That will likely ensure that his vision, which is simultaneously assertive and defensive, will guide China for years to come.”

Bill Walker making a new alliance in 2017 with Communist Party Leader Xi Jinping.

Former Gov. Walker didn’t see it coming. Five years ago, Walker was fast-tracking a long-term, multi-faceted contract with Xi. Both men had just risen to power for their respective jurisdictions — Xi in 2013, and Walker in 2014.

As Walker pressed ahead with Xi, the private-sector energy companies such as Exxon, ConocoPhillips, and BP, which had been partners in the AKLNG project, stepped out, and Walker consolidated the project under his control.

From there on out, it would be Walker and Xi.

Bill Walker signs deal with Chinese in 2017.

Walker’s partnership was with the People’s Republic of China, and government-owned Sinopec, Bank of China, and China Investment Corporation. The CIC is China’s sovereign wealth fund, much like the Alaska Permanent Fund — except that CIC is the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund that controls over $1 trillion in assets, including ports, airports, and real estate around the world. It would invest in the gasline project and the Bank of China would loan Alaska the money the state needed to complete the deal.

With Walker’s China plan, the communist government would provide 75 percent of the $43 billion in needed funding for the AKLNG project and would have contracts to build the components of the gas line.

It’s not known what collateral Walker would have offered, but the Alaska Permanent Fund would have been an attractive target. Alaskans decided to remove Walker before he could go from just dating to jumping into bed with the communist Chinese, when he didn’t fully comprehend that China could become a master to Alaska and cripple the state by pulling its support for the project at any time. Alaska, even if it was a nation and not a state, would have had no recourse to recover.

This is not theoretical. As an example, in March of 2022, Sinopec Group suspended work on a mega gas marketing venture in Russia, as the Communist Party of China called for reducing risk due to the invasion of Ukraine. China’s most important diplomatic partner is Russia, and yet Xi moved quickly to pull Sinopec out of Russia in order to reduce the nation’s risk due to sanctions from the West against Russia.

In Uganda, where Chinese entities paid for the construction of the nation’s only international airport as part of the hundreds of billions of collars China is lending in African countries under President Xi’s Belt and Road Initiative. Last year, the country defaulted on the terms of the loan and it’s unclear today who actually controls the Ugandan Entebbe International Airport.

This year, one of the companies in the now-expired Alaska agreement, Sinopec, has been delisted from both the New York Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange, because the Western requirement for transparent audits is not something Sinopec wants to do.

Xi has already amassed power and placed himself in control of domestic affairs, foreign policy, the military, the economy, and most other key matters through party working groups that he leads, the Wall Street Journal notes.

Alaska, if Bill Walker had remained governor, could have been the extension of Xi’s Belt and Road signature project. What could possibly have gone wrong?

Suzanne Downing is publisher of Must Read Alaska.


  1. Walker would have done a deal with Hitler during the height of the holocaust if it got him his gas pipeline.

  2. Like Drygas leaning into her gas situation, Walker leans into his gas situation……..showing the Commie Chinese leader that he will capitulate and obey.
    And some Alaskans still want this? Effing amazing how stupid some people really are.

    • And all along I thought the Chinese belched after a well-deserving meal. Walker needs more cultural training, and some lessons in Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressure.

  3. Trump got LOTS of personal business support from China. While president of the US. Where are those articles Suzanne?

    • Maureen Maureen, big sigh. You have a terrible case of whataboutism. Get some help for that.

      Those stories are all over the left stream media. I found a bunch for you just by googling your sentence “Trump got LOTS of personal business support from China” : :


      But the mainstream media is silent on the Walker gasline giveaway. This is factual material you are not getting anywhere else in the world, and so I challenge you to step up and donate to Must Read Alaska, if you’re going to stand around and harp all day like the harpie that you seem to be. At least chip in so you still have something to b*TCh about and act all superior over to your lefty friends.

    • Maureen, go to Walmart, Fred Meyers, Target, etc.and watch all the merchandise roll off the shelves into the shopping carts. Any more questions?

      • I said that same thing a while ago but nobody seemed to care because they knew they were all guilty. Anyone here is just as guilty if they support China by buying their products. It really doesn’t matter. We’re not going to war with China. Yes they’re going to take back there little Island just like Russia is going to take Ukraine. If we wanted anything we’d take it too. This is all just save a rattling and phone amount to a hill of beans in the long run except make some stocks go down and some people’s blood pressure go up.

    • I think that would appropriate to bring up at the next Mushroom Club meeting. You will win admiration. But this is not about Trump.

    • Obsession is an ugly thing. You must really have the hots for Trump to have him on your mind this much.

  4. As in other state and federal races at this time, I wish we had better candidates from which to choose. I don’t like any of the gubernatorial candidates. The same goes for the state house/senate where I live. You all know already how I feel about the two jerks who say they represent east Anchorage on the Anchorage assembly.

    Question: Why do we consistently end up with extremely deficient candidates? Except Nick Begich that is; I will vote for him happily.

  5. Walker’s ethnic thing was off that day. Japanese bow. Chinese… not much unless it’s a funeral and then they’re all about it.

    That said, a lot about Walker is off the mark all the time.

  6. We are so screwed if the vote gets all split up and Walker wins the cemetery votes. Although I have issues with Dunleavy, I think we should all throw with him a this point. No other conservative stands a chance.

  7. Isoroku Yamamoto, Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II said (to paraphrase) “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” Meanwhile, the Demoncrats now say “Let’s disarm Americans for their own safety”. Yeah, that. I trust not.

  8. Chinese companies listed on the NYSE are not held to the same GAAP as U.S. companies are, and the SEC’s allowance for them to be traded on the NYSE has enabled the pollution of people’s retirement accounts, particularly those invested in ETFs. The death spiral to the “retirement accounts” was initiated quite some time ago, similar to the way the “vaccine” did not just happen, and pollutes a body on the cellular level. Bad news.

    P.S. Walker was and is a charlatan that would sell us all down the road in order to achieve his dream…

  9. The communist Chinese really appreciate the $419 billion dollar trade deficit that hurts the USA, and benefits China.

    President Xi thanks Must Read Alaska for pushing for the status quo.

  10. Walker did more damage to the future of a gasline than what could have been imagined . His theory of doing it my way backfired during the days when gasline legislation was going through the committee process and when he became Governor by firing AGDC board members who had more natural gas and gasline experience than any in the country. To entrust Walker with the gasline again would be a huge mistake. Do not let history repeat itself by electing him again.

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