Alex Gimarc: Peltola campaign ads aren’t about freedom, they are about abortion without limits



Rep. Mary Peltola has been running an ad on airwaves of Anchorage telling voters the actual things that matter to her. The first half of the ad is a voice that extols her virtues, mainly as a mother, grandmother, and fishing boat captain at age 14. She is also held up as a bipartisan member of the Legislative Bush caucus, responsible for resource development.

All that is well and good. But it when Peltola starts talking that we find what she is really interested in, and this is where it gets a bit weird.

For example, she describes herself as a “committed advocate for personal privacy rights.”  She then calls out the federal government, noting that the feds “have no business taking away our freedom,” finishing with the call that “we should have the right to make choices.”  

What is this all about? 

This is all about abortion, all day, all night, and at any stage during pregnancy, the current Democrat party position on abortion, though Peltola is not sufficiently honest to use the actual words.

Like her rather odd position on the Second Amendment (that it only protects hunting), her position on both privacy and abortion have no constitutional basis.  Worse, none of the three words show up in the actual constitution or its amendments.  

Let’s fish her statements from her campaign ad.

Personal privacy rights are a thinly veiled call for abortion. Indeed, it was the foundation of the judicial house of cards the Warren Court erected in 1973’s Roe v Wade opinion. But the Democrats’ love for personal privacy rights are a mirage. One the one hand, it is the foundation of abortion rights. On the other hand, personal privacy rights were most recently discarded by Democrats for those who refuse the Covid vax or boosters. 

A lot of Americans were fired for refusing the vax. Those in the military still are. Nobody gets fired for having an abortion.  So much for personal privacy rights to make medical decisions.  

Peltola also notes that the federal government has no business taking away our freedom. Yet the only reason governments exist, especially those with Democrats in charge, is to take away our freedoms. It is what they do best, and they glory in it, endlessly limiting freedom all for our own good. And Peltola is a proud member of the party front and center in the freedom-taking process.  If you are fan of liberty, it is really difficult to be a Democrat.

In the abortion discussion, seven elderly white men in black robes created a constitutional right out of thin air, invalidating laws of 50 states.  Peltola has been quiet about that creation. 

With Dobbs, another Supreme Court majority decided their predecessors screwed up, overturned Roe and threw the entire mess back to the many states to decide. They specifically sent it back for the elected representatives in the legislatures and governors to decide. They did not send it back to the states for state courts to decide.

Peltola makes an obvious mistake, but does tell us what informs her thinking. She apparently believes rights come from governments rather than from God, not unlike what the Soviet Union believed. The Soviet constitution had hundreds of specifically detailed rights, none of which meant any more than the paper they were printed on. 

The problem is that if rights come from governments on a whim, they can just as easily be removed.  

The final thing she calls for is that we should have the right to make choices. I wholeheartedly agree. But which political party is the party that removes the ability of Americans to make choices?  

Which party imposed the Covid lockdowns? Which party imposed the vax mandates? Which party shut down the schools? Which party opposes school choice? Which party turned higher education into a simple indoctrination factory for the political left? Which party imposes gun control? Which party is busily emptying prisons, putting criminals on the streets? Which party opened the southern border, inviting millions to enter the US? Which party is pushing the trans panic? Which party sees racial animosity at every turn, making it up where none exists?  There is more, but you get the idea.  

Hint: At the 90th percentile, it is Democrats busily eliminating choice, freedom, and liberty every chance they get.

As usual, to a Democrat, the only choice, the only freedom they are interested in is the choice to abort.

Peltola is a smart lady, slyly trying to slip through the campaign to another term in Washington DC. She has demonstrated a typical Democrat view of the U.S. Constitution, liberty, choice, and our rights. We are about to find how many Alaskans agree with her. They shouldn’t.  

Alex Gimarc lives in Anchorage since retiring from the military in 1997. His interests include science and technology, environment, energy, economics, military affairs, fishing and disabilities policies. His weekly column “Interesting Items” is a summary of news stories with substantive Alaska-themed topics. He was a small business owner and Information Technology professional.


  1. The far left is perfectly OK with the murder and butchery of kids at any age.

    The child mutilation cult of transness is the logical extension of unlimited abortion. If you don’t value a child in the womb, why value one outside of it?

    Sadly this isn’t new for the hard left. History shows how much they love a good genocide.

  2. Strained interpretation about a hugely divisive issue. An obvious majority of Alaskans support privacy in a variety of contexts, which makes her campaign rhetoric appealing.

  3. Mother’s and grandmothers don’t outwardly obsess about abortion rights. Real Alaskans don’t limit gun rights to the selected few.
    Mary Peltola is wrong for our country and wrong for Alaska.

  4. Mary Sattler Kapsner Nelson Peltola believes that so long as Native Alaskans have subsistence rights the 2nd Amendment is adequately provided. She actually says that in one of her campaign ads running on Youtube. Mary’s tenure in the Alaska Legislature was only about rural villages, and now her tenure in the US Congress is the same way. But what about the rest of us? We only have one Congressman.

    So long as rural youths can gut-shoot caribou with Ruger Mini-14s Mary will allow Nancy Pelosi to disarm people in Anchorage and Fairbanks. I have three pro-gun control neighbors and each of those houses has a Peltola campaign sign.

  5. I heard her ads months ago and knew right away it was about abortion. She tries to trick us by saying the Federal Gov has no right taking our freedoms. But what freedom is she talking about? Not responsible resource development or 2A. It’s about abortion and if they can’t kill in the womb and the baby is born, then there are puberty blockers and gender reassignments.

  6. Mary uses Christian symbols for her campaign, I saw our fish symbol used with the words Salmon in the middle. I was offended, why do ungodly politico’s such as Governor Newsome from California, who was using quoted scripture, Jesus words to put up on billboards around the State saying that He would be okay with killing the unborn. Its sick when they parade as sheep in wolfs clothing then rip off our faith and try to trick people into believing somehow, they are pure, BEWARE ITS A TRICK and should be treated with voting her out before she latches on to us the host (our State of Alaska) and becomes a Bain to our country and land.

    • James 2:14” What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but has no works? Can that faith save him? People who say they believe in “God” while showing no evidence of faith have a level of “belief” similar to that of demons.

  7. Yea … if I was a savage I would hate the word too. Remember when they protested that Ashlii Babbitt “deserved it” ? 🤬

  8. It is my right as a taxpayer to not have my tax money spent on unnecessary late term abortions. Why should I be forced to pay for something that is against my morals? If a woman hasn’t figured out that she has an unwanted pregnancy by 8 months then there’s something wrong. Why is this my burden? And how can anyone calling themselves a doctor condone this practice? There’s certainly circumstances when an abortion is necessary but again, should the taxpayer be responsible for the decision and the payment of the procedure that he/she does not believe is moral? I understand that there are circumstances that make this procedure necessary but will never believe that it is a constitutional right to kill a child in or out of the womb, especially late term. It is not freedom. It is not family planning. It is stupidity at its worst. When we as a country condone this as a right we have lost our morals. Again, there are exceptions, but this doesn’t seem to explore that. All or nothing.

  9. Like I'[ve have said before, she ONLY WON this primary election due to her “women’s rights”. It is her fight agaisnt the New Supreme Court victory this past summer. Since many “wome freedom fighters” lost with the SP decision, she want to join with ALL the other Democrats in Congress to overturn the decision..THE ONLY REASON SHE WON, is due to her fight for women who want’s a choice to kill babies.

  10. If you are a moose or caribou hunter, that hunts unit 13, 20 and you were going to vote for Mary Peltola you might want to rethink that. By the time she’s done you won’t be able to hunt federal lands. She is all about subsistence hunting and fishing. As others have said Dipnetting will be all but a thing of the past. This isn’t a scare tactic. Peltola loyalties are to western Alaska and Native Corporations..

    • Nonsense. As a member of Congress she has no ability to close Federal lands to hunting by non rural hunters. Only the Federal Subsistence Board can do that. I suggest you try reading Title VIII of ANILCA.

      • If you say so… tell that to all the Alaskans who don’t reside in unit 23… They cannot hunt caribou on federal lands in unit 23 only state lands.. Maybe you should go read Title VIII of ANILCA. Let us all know what is says. In a nutshell if you don’t reside in that unit you aren’t hunting federal lands period. Last I looked Anchorage is a long ways from unit 13… Anchorage residents are not rural residents…

        (1) the continuation ofthe opportunity for subsistence uses by rural residents ofAlaska, including both Natives and non-Natives, on the public lands and by Alaska Natives on Native lands is essential to Native physical, economic, traditional, and cultural existence and to non-Native physical, economic, traditional, and social existence;
        (2) the situation in Alaska is unique in that, in most cases, no practical alternative means are available to replace the food supplies and other items gathered from fish and wildlife which supply rural residents dependent on subsistence uses;

  11. Shame on you Don Young Republicans and Alaska, if you allow Mary to remain in that seat. Swallow your pride and vote MAGA, vote Palin! Do not allow another leftist in Congress when we are so close to flushing them out. Mary will be just another puppet on strings for the left. Place someone with backbone and values in that seat. Sarah Palin is that person! Is she perfect? Absolutely not, but she is the best candidate for this time in history to get this nation back on track. The Palin haters would see our 1 congressional seat go down to a Democrat that would just continue this nations demise? Really? Are you that stuck on some perceived injury that you would watch this State and our nation slide off a cliff? Time to grow up folks, time to do something right for a change! Vote MAGA or stay home and pout. Palin, Kurka and Kelly! Make sure you understand how ranked steal voting works. Do not rank the same candidate more than once, you do not have to rank every candidate and only rank the Red! Rank Kelly #1 and no one else. Rank Nick and Sarah and no one else. Do not vote early if you can avoid it because of fraud. Vote in large numbers on gameday! Report anything suspicious to the Republican Party right away. Take a picture of any wrongdoing or an anomaly on the ballot. See something, say something. Don’t let them steal another election.

  12. That’s all the left has. Abortion. They’re intrinsically tied to the Biden admin and that’s their only dog in the fight. Notice the attack ads against Alaska State House and Senate candidates? Same graphics/audio, different candidates. The ad is all about Roe/Wade. Period. Peltola chants “Family, Fish and Freedom.” Funny how she can tout family and be so dedicated to abortion rights. She should add “Planning” after “Family” and be honest about it.

  13. Abortion coming from Native leaders is so weird. Here our population is so small and declining that we can’t afford our young adults use contraceptives and abortion. We need larger families (5 babies or greater) hopefully
    both parents(the young
    man and woman) are Native. The Native 18-28 year olds today what they waiting for? They need to get married and start making babies despite our screwed up native leaders genocide obsession. The lineages of our tribes are at stakes of abortion and lgbtq and i forgot suicide and violent crime and addiction.

  14. On the abortion issue Peltola is just like Murkowski, Walker, and Gara. All four should are in the “Dead babies R us” category. It’s cowards like that who think it’s OK to end the life of an innocent human who has no ability to hide from the instruments of death.

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