Lawsuit over Alaska newcomer candidate from Louisiana has new judge, Scott Kendall joins as legal counsel


An election-related lawsuit challenging the Alaska residency of Jennifer “Jennie” Armstrong, who came from Louisiana in June of 2019, and who is apparently the winner of District 16’s House seat in the the Alaska Legislature, was assigned a new judge last week. The state objected to the first judge for unknown reasons and Judge Herman Walker will take over.

Armstrong now has legal representation: Election activist and author of the Ballot Measure 2-ranked choice voting lawyer Scott Kendall has joined the fray, representing the Democrat, who ran to become the first openly pansexual candidate to be in the Alaska Legislature. Armstrong is not named in the lawsuit, whose plaintiffs are directing their complaints over Amstrong’s illegality to the state Division of Elections.

According to Armstrong’s own social media account, she visited Alaska in May of 2019 to visit her then-boyfriend. Then she returned in June of that year and applied for a non-resident fishing license on June 23, declaring her residency to be in Louisiana. It appears from her activities that she came up to go fishing with her boyfriend. As a non-resident in June of 2019, she was not eligible to run for House in the 2022 election, having missed the deadline by a couple of weeks.

The following June, Armstrong applied for and received a 2020 resident sport fishing license.” On said application, Armstrong indicated that she was a resident for one year and zero months, meaning that she asserted her residency in Alaska did not begin until June 2019, which contradicts the story she told the Alaska Department of Fish and Game the prior year.

Armstrong did not demonstrate the intent to remain in Alaska until at least June 7, 2019, but possibly as late as August 26, 2019, when she registered to vote, the lawsuit explains.

The clock is ticking on the lawsuit. Nov. 29 is the Division of Elections’ target date to certify the general election, per statute 15.15.450.

District 16 residents Chris Duke, Randy Eledge, Steve Strait, and Kathryn Werdhal are the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, which has no court hearing date set. Armstrong and Kendall have filed a motion to dismiss the case.

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  1. So the question to our court system will be “do Alaska judges like liars or do Alaska judges not like liars?”

    • Depends on which party the liar is registered with apparently.

      Court’s ruling on this will set a precedent for the attempted removal of David Eastman via judicial fiat. If the court allows this woman to remain in office, that same opinion can be used to retain Eastman, so they are gonna have to be careful. Cheers –

  2. The real question is why are they trying so hard to get into the election? The lousy lawyer is going to make some money on this. Remember people it’s about money and power. The lawyer needs to be taken down a notch as he has been quit busy getting onto everybody’s face.

  3. Thanks for writing about this. His blatant the disregard for rules has become. I chipped in to the HD16 Armstrong Candidacy Challenge fund.

  4. Isn’t her non profit money laundering scheme called “woke Alaska” or something like that? Geez. Who would vote for this person? Why would the DNC prop up someone that has No business whatsoever representing us? I didn’t think it was possible, but she’s worse than
    Matt (the censorship queen) Claman!
    Give me a Real Democrat to run against!

  5. Pansexual: (noun) a person who will do anything, with anybody, anywhere, for any reason. One wonders if price is an issue?

    Woke, but it awake.

    Bless her heart.

  6. As anyone who reads this comment section should know by now, I have a deep interest in Alaska history and specifically Alaska’s political history. A few days ago, Google recommended David Reamer’s history column in the ADN. I read it in spite of Reamer’s legendary reputation for skewed narratives built on historical revisionism and cherry-picked sources. As with most news sites, there was a selection of suggested articles at the bottom. Normally, these are a random assortment of old articles, except that’s not revealed until you actually click on them. In this case, I clicked on an article about a legislative candidate facing a residency challenge, thinking it might be about Armstrong. Wrong. It was an article from 2012 about Barbara Bachmeier, whose House candidacy was voided because she lived in her vehicle during part of the eligibility window. Who was behind the challenge to her candidacy? Scott Kendall, of course. What was the end result? Why, Gabby LeDoux’s carpetbagging return to the House. We all know how well that turned out. It’s highly ironic that Kendall is in the business of enabling carpetbaggers when he’s the son-in-law of (Use the Force) Luke Hopkins, whose central theme of one campaign was the fact that he had lived in Alaska for 40 years while his opponent had not.

  7. Rules are for Republicans. Not progressives with a cookware fetish.

    The left makes no secret the only rules they acknowledge are the ones they make.

    Sad truth is, she’ll probably win. We are living in post Constitutional times, our judiciary is corrupt, and her lawyer is one of the sleaziest political operators in the nation.

  8. Let’s not forget that Bill Walker featured the pansexual Jennie Armstrong in his recent TV campaign commercial. I wonder if that inclusion was Scott Kendall’s no good, very bad idea … or demand?

  9. She is not qualified. She is violating the Alaska Constitution. A good judge can figure this out in two minutes, maybe three.

    Art 2. Sec. 2:

    2. Members: Qualifications
    A member of the legislature shall be a qualified voter who has been a resident of Alaska for at least three years and of the district from which elected for at least one year, immediately preceding his filing for office. A senator shall be at least twenty-five years of age and a representative at least twenty-one years of age.

  10. Like charles colson, when do we see scott kendall behind bars? The guy needs jail -the whole kit and kaboodle kendall gang. The best place for them be jail than hell. At best he’ll get out of jail after time served, unlike hell, which is a permanent sentence.

    • Kendall’s brother in law, Grier Hopkins, got his a– whumped for the House seat up in Fairbanks. Too many poll watchers this time around for election fraud. Kendall is losing his cheating touch.

  11. I still have to wonder what her hurry was in running for office in Alaska. Usually, when you move to a new state or new area, you get acquainted first with the underlying issues. As to Scott Kendall, he might well win, since I believe I read that Jaha Lindimuth is one of the law partners of the law firm he works for. Maybe Suzanne can confirm that. Also, the connection to Walker matters. My point is that connections count more than we wish so I can just hope that they won’t count this time and that the case is decided on merit. But I am not holding my breath on that.

  12. Ms Jennings declared residency in May 2019. In June of 2019 she acquired a non-resident fishing license because State Law says you can not get a resident license until you have been a resident for the preceeding 12 months. This is an open and shut case. The real problem is running a three time failed candidate against Ms Jennings

    • Um, her last name is Armstrong, not Jennings. Your argument lacks credibility when you so miserably fail to get basic facts right. Perhaps your argument came straight from the same Ship Creek Group sausage factory down on Depot Drive as Armstrong herself. As for “the real problem” in your eyes, I view it more in terms of running a political nobody against an established politician. Look at the result of last year’s mayoral election for a good example.

    • Frank, the least you can do is get the person’s name correct. Her name is Jennifer Armstrong and she came by her own admission to the state in May of 2019 to visit. I don’t know about you, but having done plenty of moving even overseas, when you visit you do not bring your entire household. It also means she had to return to LA to turn in her lease, pack-up her stuff and move it up here. If she truly had moved here in May she would have listed her Anchorage address on that non-resident license in 2019. She declared that her mailing/physical address was in LA at that time in early June and her voter registration was not established until August.
      My biggest issue here is that Scott Kendall and his cabal clearly demand that the rules do not apply to them.

    • Frank,

      If she lived here, why did she not put her Alaska address on the fishing license and declare herself as a non resident? Why did she put her Louisiana address on the license? Also, she wouldn’t have scrubbed her social media posts if she had nothing to hide. Nice try.

  13. While the three year mark might be arbitrary, it is the law. It will be interested to see how these judges and the AK Supreme Court try to get out of this clear cut case.

  14. Lol -now
    Getting alarmed? First off-Hopkins is not good for Juneau or Alaska (imho) he was
    Just Wools “parrot” voting lock step because he didn’t know anything…(again-my opinion)
    And -I’m not giving Wool any kudos either-just so you don’t get it twisted. Election laws are in place-but our COURTS don’t follow our Alaska laws. So what
    To do? First-move those little “rats” to a road system so they can’t hide on ship Juneau. Second-seriously consider our legal system up here is corrupt and disband it-and have law of the land Thirdly-make a decision -red or blue-and work harder than the other side-make a difference daily (I’ll tell ya the blue side lies, cheats, and is on the whole dishonest) red-silent and ineffective -sooooooo lol I know I put in my time

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