Bill Walker shape-shifted his way from pro-life to anything-goes on abortions


It’s been a transformational journey for Bill Walker, Alaska’s former governor who hopes to be governor once more. On abortion, Walker has been a shapeshifter, making a 180-degree pivot on the issue.

In 2010, Bill Walker answered questions for Alaska Right to Life. He was firmly against abortion, he said.

He also answered questions from Alaska Family Action, and he promised he would promote laws to limit abortion and Medicaid funding of abortion.

Amanda Coyne, who ran the popular blog back in 2014, had already spotted the evolution of the Walker abortion stance.

“Bill Walker told us everything we wanted to hear,” then-Alaska Right to Live Executive Director Chris Kurka told Coyne, in a story published in her blog in 2014.

The first time he ran for governor in 2010, Walker also said he supported a constitutional amendment that would make it clear that abortion was not a fundamental right. He also said he supported a constitutional amendment to change the way that judges are selected.

This year, he opposes a constitutional convention that could actually tackle those issues.

Although he lost in 2010, Walker ran as a no-party candidate in 2014 and was still pro-life. But by that time, he said that he would not push the abortion agenda and that social issues were not his focus.

Eight years later, Walker is a completely different man. He filled out the Juneau Pro-Choice Coalition questionnaire and stated, emphatically, that he is solidly pro-abortion.

Even on the question of whether or not parents should know that their daughters are having an abortion, Walker was a big “no”:

I FAVOR NO RESTRICTIONS. The Alaska Supreme Court ruled that parental notification is a violation of privacy rights and equal protection guarantees made in the Alaska Constitution. We will always defend and uphold our Constitution,” he answered.

The pro-abortion group asked Walker if, as an elected official, he will publicly support Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides abortion and pushes gender ideology at all of its locations, including providing gender transitioning hormones for those who want to appear to be a different gender. Walker said, yes, he will publicly support Planned Parenthood.

Unlike his opponents Gov. Mike Dunleavy and Les Gara, Walker has switched his views on abortion completely. Dunleavy has been consistently pro-life, and Gara has been consistently pro-abortion, but Walker has morphed from pro-life to pro-abortion.

Walker is following a pattern of walking back his position. He was in favor of income taxes, and now he is against them. He was all-in on making Alaska a debt trap for China, with his gasline deals with the communists, and now he says he would not do that again. He favored and signed the soft-on-crime bill, SB-91, but he’s since had second thoughts.

And with abortion, as with so many other positions, he has has now embraced the platform of the Democrats — at least on paper.

The election for governor is Nov. 8. Walker is polling at about 23%, according to the latest Dittman Research numbers available from this week. He has teamed up with Democrat Les Gara in his campaigning, hoping that one of them will beat Gov. Mike Dunleavy.


  1. So, here’s my question to Bill Walker:
    Do you support abortions for underaged girls who were victims of old pedophiles? Yes, or no, Bill.

    • Don’t forget the “modest” income tax he and the captain’s hat from Homer pushed through the House and the Senate quashed.

    • I bring a couple of posty/sticky notes, and block off the candidates I will not be voting for. Makes sure an accidental tap with the pen does not get counted as a vote, or disqualify my vote.

  2. Bill Walker is pro Bill Walker. Nothing else.
    He is easily the sleaziest person I’ve ever seen in politics.

  3. Maybe bill walker is getting dementia. That’s called forgetfulness. You get up there in age and start forgetting.
    It’s not good idea an aged leader to forget what he said.

  4. If Dunleavy does not get 50%+1 in the 1st round, this race will get really tight and one of the Gara/Walker bloc might sneak in and steal the governorship.

    • Dunleavy has to come out against the foreign owned pebble prospect before I could vote for him or I’ll have to vote for Walker and Gara., its because I was a commercial fisherman who are a huge voting block in Alaska.

      • I’m a 63 year Alaska native and about 3/4s of you so called Alaska commercial Fishermen live in in the jackass party states of Washington and Oregon. Most of you keep your boats there and you only come up here a few months out of the year to make a whole bunch of money then you leave and take the money with you, and no you’re not a huge voting block in Alaska. The Military and the mining and oil industry are big voting block here and like most typical liberals and jackass party members you vilianize projects like pebble mine even though with strict oversight it can certainly be done safely and it would bring lots of jobs to the local villages

        • Hit the bar and cry in your beer! You don’t own the fisheries! And so your a “native,” BFD!

          • I agree. Big effing deal. Natives have become the biggest whiners in the state. The resources belong to We the People, not Our People or My People.

        • Have you seen the pebble plan? If you did then you would know that the foreign owned Northern Dynasty Company plans to dig up 185 square miles of open pit and infrastructure for that mine, hundreds of lakes streams and 2 major rivers all red salmon spawning grounds. Plus Northern Dynasty has never developed a mine before.
          I was bred born and raised and live in Alaska full-time.

      • Miners are a huge voting block in Alaska too, Joe. We support Pebble. And we get our protein from moose and caribou. btw, your boats, electronics, engines and big tackle are all finished products from mining. Think about that. We vote for Dunleavy.

      • When you oppose Pebble (for whatever reason), you support the CCP monopoly on rare earths. Good luck with your green, renewable future. Cheers –

      • So you are ok with money stolen from you and your willing to be taxed. I hope if it happens you and your fish buddies are the first to be taxed and I will vote for it.

        • The foreign owned mine will take all the minerals leaving Alaska with a big toxic mess to clean up.
          Have you read Northern Dynasty’s disclaimer? their plan?, that would be helpful.
          Too many people comment before studying the proposed plan and disclaimer.

      • @joe,
        Big deal, Mr.fisherman. I eat canned tuna now that your guy, Brandon has ruined the national economy. Alaska Fisherman these days are a big bunch of crybabies. Begging for government assistance when the fish escape your nets. Go try being a real man and try goldmining. I support Pebble and Dunleavy.

        • Northern Dynasty will bring in their own contractors and all open pit mines shut down this far north for the winter.
          It would be helpful to look at the pebble plan.

      • Pebble brings good paying jobs to a part of Alaska in desperate need of them.

        Plus necessary materials to fund Biden’s electric car fantasy.

        • I have studied this pebble proposal many years, have been employed by 3 different mining ventures, made the documentary video about the Platinum Mine in SW Alaska where grandfather worked on the bucket dredge which was a pro mining video.
          A seasonal job for people that can’t even fill in the jobs available in Anchorage, plus the fact modern mines use few people just does not justify digging up 185 square miles of prime red salmon spawning grounds.
          By the way, I do like your prior postings, civil.

  5. What’s mystifying is why the mainstream reporters have not bothered to ask Walker about this switcharoo. This is dereliction of duty, for reporters to ignore such an obvious flip flop. There’s not a single story out there about this, other than MRAK. Are they still covering for Walker like they did all those years when he was in office?

  6. There has got to be a way to keep these rats off the ships coming back to Alaska. Lisa look at what you have done here your rank choice voting has all the rats thinking they can rig their way in, stank rank Lisa the wicked lazy witch. Go back to cali walker scat rat. Demo rats and Lisa abolish them both

  7. It’s hard to comprehend that Bill-W thinks he’s a worthy candidate for Governor of AK. He must think the electorate is numb and dumb, ignorant of his past transgressions, and completely foolish to elect him again.

  8. I’m very conflicted on this issue of abortion. On one hand I think that yes all the pro abortion people should be able to abort because who really want anymore of their mentality on this planet and eventually with that mindset they won’t exist anymore. And, certain if their parents thought the way they do we wouldn’t be having this debate. I think the argument for abortions really boils down to, “I want to recreationally fornicate and if I get pregnant because I’m to lazy to use any form of birth control, I then want some emotionless brain dead politician to make law that absolves me from the guilt of murdering a defenseless unborn child.” If its a woman’s right to choose and the man that participated in their conception has no say so in the matter then when they do decide to have a child, does that man also have the right to choose not to pay child support?

    • Gee-whiz, Bill, being an Alaska Native and 63 years old, the chances are good that you received a top-notch BIA education. However, you’re coming across as a “high roller” just off the tundra by thinking that you can muscle your way around town flashing a fistful of dollar bills! No doubt, on second thought, you figured that it would be best if you kept the big bucks for yourself. The cynicism aside, try being more civilized: you’ll be surprised at how far it’ll take you!

  9. Many Conservative Republicans moved to the center on abortions after the primaries, scrubbing websites of Pro-Life banners making them look spineless, at least Sarah Palin has a spine, she actually doubles down, while Begich hides his position.

    • Palin has spine? That’s why she is supporting Mary Peltola?

      Frank, I see what you did there. You are defending Palin because you know she can’t win against Mary. Nice try, but your track record is pretty clear. This is not exactly persuasive.

      Palin = Peltola at this point.

      Nick Begich has been very, very clear — no federal funding for abortion except for incest and rape. What is it about that you don’t want to understand?

  10. Fishing and tourism bring in a fraction of revenues compared to oil production royalties. It’s been that way for 45 years. Run the numbers. Yet somehow we are to believe our future is in fishing and tourism? You want Alaska to become a museum state so some tourists can get off a ship and have a peek around at our state for a couple days? What about Alaskans who live and work here?
    The climate change idiots, Democrats, media commies, and leftover druggies from the 60’s have cultivated a very anti-development and anti common sense mentality in our once great state.
    Ignore the bastards!

  11. Hey Bill Walker

    The look on your face in your commercial says a lot, switching your position to murdering babies in the womb makes you look guilty. You are the most repulsive politician EVER!

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