Alaska’s newest ‘unbiased media’ just launched a pro-abortion podcast, which is anti-constitutional convention


The newest news organization in Alaska that fakes its neutrality, the Alaska Beacon, has just launched a podcast dedicated solely to the topic of saving abortion rights as they exist today in Alaska. It’s called “Private Right,” and it has a point of view that is decidedly Left.

The first episode focuses on the dangers of a constitutional convention, which the podcast host, Lisa Phu, suggests could be used to curb the current abortion law, which has no real boundaries. Alaska’s Supreme Court has interpreted the Alaska Constitution’s right to privacy to extend to women, but not unborn children, all the way up to the moment of birth. In Alaska, it’s “anything goes” for any stage of gestation.

“Alaska Beacon is an independent, nonpartisan news organization focused on connecting Alaskans to their state government,” Alaska Beacon describes itself. It launched in the spring, funded by the same funders who pay for many of the liberal and progressive campaigns in Alaska, such as ranked choice voting, Forrest Dunbar for mayor, and numerous current Democrat candidates.

The Alaska Beacon is part of the States Newsroom, which is a fake neutral political organization that is ideologically driven and backed by some of the biggest names in dark money in politics, including the Arabella Advisors, the Hopewell Fund, and others who have given to the nonprofit.

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Nearly all mainstream media now use Alaska Beacon reports as a staple of their news product, and that includes public broadcasting stations, AM and FM radio, and newspapers around Alaska. The Alaska Beacon has become a news service that shapes the narrative and delivers — for free — content to struggling media operators who can no longer afford their own staff.

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One of the States Newsroom’s pillar projects is called “The Big Lie,” documenting a political belief that divides many Americans — whether or not Joe Biden legitimately won the 2022 election. 

The mothership of the Alaska Beacon considers it a lie that Biden did not win the election and seeks to document questions about the election in the framework of “baseless conspiracy theories without evidence.”


    • Any normal person should not believe anything the news says. Now days if you don’t here or see it first hand you cannot 100% believe it. Way too much disinformation and truth twisting and flat out lying going on. Be careful what you believe everyone.

    • Which is why I am grateful to God every day for Must Read Alaska! Just the facts, no editorializing, no bias. Other news outlets could learn a thing or two from MRAK.

  1. Someone, PLEASE call out the Binkley’s for their ownership of the liberal rag ADN. Now, they’re supporting the Beacon. Is showing up at R fundraisers and dropping political donations in the basket buying our silence? Sure looks that way!

  2. I do find it interesting that Susanne spends a lot of energy talking about bias in other news outlets without being upfront about her own. The goal is to “Keep mainstream media on its toes,” but there is evidently more to it than that. I support her right and anyone else’s to speak bout whatever they want however they want, but honesty trumps all things. To say that a publication is biased because they claim the election was not stolen is going off of evidence plain and simple. There has not been evidence that the election was stolen. Every theory brought up has been debunked. I would be the first to protest if Biden did not win legitimately, I have not yet seen that there was any fraud that affected the election. By all means point out bias in media, it is rampant and problematic, but be honest about your own.

    • We lead with our bias here, and have always been upfront. Welcome to Must Read Alaska, where we are conservative and never said otherwise. – sd

      • Respectfully, it is evident from at least those that write comments that there is not a bias. It is perceived that you are just reporting the facts with any editorializing. I respect your reply be so clear, honestly! I think it takes courage to be honest these days and other publications could learn from it. I will only say one more thing before letting this rest for good. The facts that are left out are just as important as the ones printed. People are truly looking to you for information and I think they benefit from knowing the full context of a story, even if it does not shed a kind light to the side you are taking.

    • EVERY piece of evidence has been debunked? Not hardly!!! I watched the steal on election night! I KNEW when they quit counting ballots in the middle of the night that the steal was on. No way on God’s green Earth did dementia-ridden Joe get 81 million legit votes; it didn’t happen.

      The ONE reason I KNOW for a FACT the election was stolen is because you can’t talk about it on social media-yet for YEARS they framed Trump as a Russian asset.

      • Again, if anyone can provide any proof I will be right there with you. There just seems to be proof that people have and plan to reveal and it never happens. All theories brought forward have been summarily dismissed.

        • When the evidence is suppressed by the MSM then you will never learn the whole truth and nothing but the truth. There is plenty of evidence out there but when brought forth to the Judiciary the Judges who have politized the system are not following the creed that Justice is Blind. I can watch with my own eyes that ballot box stuffing occurred but when confronted with the acquisitions will not release the video evidence because it does not fit their narrative. If a true accounting of the evidence is believed, then why not release all the evidence and prove those of us wrong but that will not happen.

          • There is a lot of claims that the courts just played a political role in adjudicating the court cases brought over this election. There is no proof of that either. If there is solid evidence that there was fraud it would make its way through the courts eventually even if there were procedural hurdles to jump. Some of those judges were appointed by Trump himself. The fact is there just was not evidence being presented. One could speculate about the reason to go through all the trouble to bring so many cases to court without any real legal standing, but I will leave speculation to the 24 hours news cycle pundits. The media is driven by profit. In many cases, on both the right and left, the media is sensational and lazy. It is all to get eye balls on advertising. An article of video that is showing legitimate proof of a stolen election is gold mine that no media source would pass up. There just has not been proof to use.

            All the evidence has been released. It as been covered over and over. It has no merit so the media moves on.

            I am will ing to admit that I could be wrong. If I am I will eat my words and fight along with you. I will not live thinking an election was stolen because someone in power said so, proof is all that will change my mind.

        • Article II of the Constitution states that only state legislatures may establish the rules for voting in their respective states. In 2020, many governors and courts changed their voting laws WITHOUT consent of their legislatures. That was unconstitutional. That’s why the elections in those states were illegitimate.

          • I agree. That should not have happened. Did it do anything to changes the vote count? There is not evidence that it did. The only solution to that is to hold new election in those states, not to just have the person currently occupying the president’s seat to declare himself the winner. Again, this does not prove fraud!

          • …in ways that were never an issue, before Trump decided to label it ‘fraud’. State legislatures have historically delegated great authority to state election authorities (SoS, state elections commissions, etc.) in administration and operation of elections. State courts have historically had jurisdiction in matters of compliance of election matters w.r.t. state laws and constitutions – likewise federal courts and federal laws and constitution.
            The “supremacy of state legislatures” theory was literally invented for the sole purpose of finding *some* way to contest the 2020 presidential election to SCOTUS, and delay and deny the peaceful transition of power.
            Please don’t get pious about some crackpot theory that was invented specifically to support fraud.

        • Illegal ballot harvesting, involving 800,000 ballots just in some key battleground states was enough to change the outcome of the election. This ballot harvesting was documented by video surveillance of drop boxes and through cell phone tracking.

          • The evidence for that does not exist. 2000 mules did not prove that. A bunch of cell phone data showing proximity to ballot boxes without the data being linked to any individual people. There is not video of people stuffing boxes like the video claims happened. When asked the the Arizona attorney general for evidence and proof they refused to give anything to them. It is not just MSM narrative that 2000 mules made no actual case for fraud.

  3. When these Lefty news services state at the onset that they are “neutral, fair, and unbiased,” that’s when you immediately know not to trust them. They need to cover-up first, then they can spread their propaganda freely. I’ve known reporters in all of the major Alaska towns with Lefty leanings. They all do this. Suzanne and MRAK don’t need to provide a disclaimer to their audience. It’s inherent in their reporting that they dig for facts and report them. Any editorialing comes AFTER the facts have been disclosed. The TRUE facts!

    • How incredibly loyal and absolutely false of you Marla, what a bummer to see so many so altruistic, and so completely unaware of their dummard hypocrisy .

  4. Unbiased news media disappeared years ago. When they preface their reports with “ but that’s a lie”, or there is no evidence, you know it’s a bunch of hogwash. There’s never been an election without cheating in the history of the world. The only arguable point should be whether or not the cheating could have turned the election. Or not. But the fact that nothing is being done by this administration to correct the possible problem and put safeguards in place kind of make people more suspicious. The takeover of all of the public media by basically the same group of people, mostly financed by lower 48 liberal groups is self evident. I guarantee that if everyone quit subscribing to ADN, that it would be offered for free. They are not drawing a profit at this time. At least from subscriptions or advertising. We in Alaska have always been a toy suburb of Seattle, and now they desire to push their leftist political agenda on us. We are a cheap ride as far as political advertising goes and it gives them a cheap thrill to throw an election or a ballot initiative by throwing big bucks into advertising when they know that the grassroots campaigns up here can’t do the same. Our only defense is voting, informed voting, in great numbers.

  5. The ADN(?) … Does anyone really ever read that rag anymore? Do people actually pay money ($$$) for subscriptions? Why and what’s the value? I very rarely ever see anyone actually reading it and/or discussing any news articles. They must get some type of tax credit from the Federal Guv’ment that keeps them operational?
    I sure miss the Anchorage Times and Anchorage Daily Planet. However, Must Read Alaska does a very respectable job in reporting news. The best news source for AK news.

    • If memory serves, ADN is in partnership with ProPublica and claims to be some sort of not-for-profit news outlet now. Since PropPuplica keeps the lights on, the slant has only gone further left. In essence they do not need a readership anymore, or cater to the readers wishes for actual news instead of opinion. Hence closing their comment sections because they perceive it as a time waster instead of the pulse of their reader community. While it appears the ADN still considers itself the paper of record, it certainly no longer speaks for Alaskan.

  6. Curious. The people who work there. Who are they, how long have they been here. where are they from. Libs from where?

  7. The same thing happened with NewsNation, which popped up on the national airwaves a few years ago announcing that they would present “all the news” without spin or bias. Yeah, right. Within days they were shamelessly broadcasting the same old biased stories from AP and Reuters. Now, they’re hanging on by a thread, but hiring Chris Cuomo was probably their swan-song.

  8. A woman’s health and her personal choices are for her doctor, government should not be involved. Trying to write legislation on biology, or morality that is Constitutional results in a huge surplus of toilet paper.

  9. I noticed ADN’s left-wing bias in their straight news reporting 33 years ago. They don’t admit their bias. They sneak it in as if it’s factual news reporting, rather than their left-wing opinion.

  10. Great reporting like this from Must Read is why I support your work Suzanne.
    I just donated again and I encourage all the commentators here to do the same. Thanks

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