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Begich in person, Palin on big screen at forum in Ketchikan, while Peltola blows off Southeast Conference

Nick Begich was the only candidate for Congress who showed up for the congressional candidate forum in Ketchikan, hosted by the Southeast Conference. Congresswoman Mary Peltola didn’t appear, and Sarah Palin was on a video screen from what appeared to be an out-of-state location.

Peltola, a Democrat who holds the temporary seat in Congress to fill out the remaining term of the late Congressman Don Young, told the forum organizers that she had to be on the floor for votes.

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Begich scored points with the audience, who gave him an enthusiastic applause when he mentioned that the bridge to the airport in Ketchikan was a project that would have greatly helped the housing shortage, but that it was canceled by a politician trying to score political points. He was referring to Palin, who did not respond to the remark. Palin, when she was governor, characterized the bridge to Gravina Island, where hundreds of people go every day to catch flights from the only airport in the region, as the “bridge to nowhere,” and she has taken credit for canceling the project, and using the federal funds for other projects around the state.

Palin jabbed at Begich for having had the nerve to run against Young when he was alive. Begich announced his intention to run for Congress one year ago; Palin announced on April 1, after Young had suddenly died.

Begich was ready for that jab. He responded that when Sean Parnell ran against Young for Congress, it was Palin who introduced Parnell and praised him for challenging Young.

In 2008, Palin said in an ad for Parnell, “Sean Parnell is honest, conservative and smart. He’ll be a great fighter for Alaska, and I’m proud to support him for Congress.” Later, however, she supported then-Gov. Parnell’s opponent for Bill Walker, when Walker challenged Parnell in 2014.

The forum can be watched at this link:

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


    • Because racism is ok when it works on behalf of the smaller cohort? Is it ok to hate Chinese people because there are more of them?

      • Clearly you don’t have any clue about SE. Let me help you. SE is overwhelming Democrat/progressive

        Jesus would lose to Mary P down here.

      • There is nothing racist about that comment.
        SE Alaska has a smaller % of Native people, just like the rest of AK on the road system
        Perhaps your thinking of ‘Western’ Alaska, where the villages are.
        Native people are in the majority there, but not in Southeast

      • We don’t hate the Chinese because they’re more of them. We hate them because they extended the Korean war. We had the entire Korean peninsula defeated, only for the next morning to awaken with a million screaming Chinese coming down the hill and crossing the river and drove us back to the current DMZ. All because their philosophy gave them fear that they were next. It didn’t matter that just five short years earlier, we held off the Russians at the end of world war II that wanted to go in there and take them. It didn’t matter that we beat down the Japanese that it already taken most of their country and we got it back to them. That is why we’re angry at the Chinese not just because we could drop 500 nukes on their country and they would still be one crawl out from underneath a rock.

    • Sarah Palin is clueless and by extension hint-less.

      Everybody who is paying attention knows this. Nick Begich, who routinely shows his respect for Alaska voters in Ketchikan and throughout the state, continues to have my full support.

    • How? By aligning with the printing of more money (driving inflation)? Forcing people to drive electric cars (lithium mined via slave labor), for no good reason other than to make Liberal leadership feel good about themselves as the climate will continue to change as it always has. Or, maybe aligning with efforts to shut down resource development? And don’t forget the over reaching power given to the IRS, EPA, CDC. And that is just a few of the destructive policies and actions. Peltola is aligned with the party that is fast tracking our country to destruction. She may be nice, smart, and love Alaska but she isn’t going to stand against the Marxist and illogical agendas. Albeit if you know of something Peltola is doing to counter the destruction, please share.

    • Yes, DY would have been all in on the bridge. All 26 Million Dollars of it. Yes, 26 MILLION DOLLARS to build a bridge to a city with a population of 8,000.

      No worries its just Federal Money so it doesn’t really cost anything right? Besides think of all the votes your taxes could have bought.

      I’m not knocking NB3 on this. He wasn’t even thinking of politics when this went down. Still, NB3 needs to evaluate policies beyond the easy vote grab. Vote grabs are EXACTLY why this country is in the financial mess that it is in and EXACTLY why Petola and Pelosi must be stopped!


      • Scott, if it was only 26 million bucks that was a bargain! A bridge for a community of 13,000 residents plus the thousands more on P.O.W. is a good expenditure.
        Speaking of wasteful spending, what of spending 35 million to build a School in a village of 400 residents?
        Seems excessive?

    • Murdering little BLM babies in their mothers womb advances our country in who’s eyes? Certainly not in the LORD’S eyes.

  1. Is MRAK really going to harp on Congresswoman Peltola for appearing in Congress while it is in session? Is this opposition to a Democrat working for Alaska or does MRAK now support pols who would rather be campaigning (or fundraising) instead of showing up to work?

      • Any word on when Mary Peltola’s ranked choice voting data will be released by the Division of Elections, Suzanne? It’s been almost a month now since the election! Why the slow walk?

    • Oh good grief.
      Merely reporting on the whereabouts of all 3 candidates during this conference, is “harping”?
      Maybe you’d be happier if Suzanne only reported half of the news like the MSM does?

  2. It’s to late for republicans here, Nancy already has Mary under her wing. It’s a dominion thing. A duty as a citizen is to vote. Alaskas rigged election system has one thinking it’s just not worth it. Thank you judges and legislators of no oath integrity, some uncle you turned out to be SAM.

  3. Not a viable candidate, lazy campaigner, an out of stater who has no business in Alaska politics, continues to squabble about Begich, never challenges Peltola, not atuned to the issues, waited 30 minutes till filling deadline to run, lost 2 elections in a row yes Vice President and Congress, missed almost all debates, thought Africa was a nation, went crazy at Lake Lucile, Has no job, only support comes from insurrectionist sympathizers and low educated transients, to self centered to be worthy of an office that’s supposed to be all about Alaskan’s and on and on and on.

      • …..A N D supported Bill Walker for Governor …… A N D stabbed her Lt. Governor, Sean Parnell in the back. ……A N D quit the job she told us she wanted and told us how hard she’d fight for Alaska citizens (not that that was an all bad thing). No one likes a quitter, I’ve been told.

    • Will be interesting to see how conservatives do across the state in November. Then we can say whether Alaska has turned ‘blue’ or Palin is just a uniquely bad candidate. I’m hoping for the latter, of course.

  4. Any word on when Mary Peltola’s ranked choice voting data will be released by the Division of Elections, Suzanne? It’s been almost a month now since the election! Why the slow walk?

      • 907 – I don’t think the Divion of Elections predicts who beats who. But the Mary Peltola ranked choice voting data would be very helpful in determining who votes for whom in November. If Peltola’s voters ranked Begich second, that will be a big problem for Nick. He’d have some ‘splaining to do to Republicans! The Divion of Elections stonewalling on the release of this data is just adding fuel to the fire that Begich is a Democratic Trojan Horse.

  5. “Palin jabbed at Begich for having had the nerve to run against Young when he was alive.”

    I didn’t know Young was a king and had no flaws. I voted against Young in every single primary since 1994, when I learned he was a big government RINO. He was the one who got Alaska hooked on pork.

  6. Rank the Red. Vote for either Begich or Palin first and rank the other 2nd. Don’t rank Petola. We must support both Republicans if we don’t want a Democrat.

  7. What is the consensus on Sarah’s out-or-state location? Arizona or Texas? Is Mar-a-Lago a possibility? I assume that someone heard the air conditioning running.

    • I can tell you she’s not in Florida. We wouldn’t have her. That voice of hers just keep grading on people like some cheap glue on fingernails on a chalkboard. She hasn’t aged very well to boot.

  8. There should be NO rank choice voting. Same day voting, in person with ID, paper ballots and decision made on winner by next day. So much cheating going on. Until the voting process gets fixed it will be a free for all for whoever has the most money.

  9. Palin and Begich better get on the same sheet of music and start going after Peltola. Stop attacking each other. Peltola, She wants your guns, she is going lock us road system communities out of federal lands when it comes to hunting and fishing. All in the name of subsistence.. if you are Begich voter like me pinch your nose and rank choice Palin #2.

  10. The Friday, 09/16/22 edition of the Ketchikan Daily News has a picture of and an article about Mary Peltola’s appearance at the Southeast Conference on Thursday. Was this not when she should have been there?

  11. Well, let’s talk about what made Sarah Palin resign? I ran into a old friend, who said Sarah was still being mean girl, to a few, and although crew is lean these days, she just won’t settle old debts.
    I said, that the way things are going, Sarah must really want a public arrest. That’s going to be embarrassing. And those safety nets, that once prevented the proper arrests, and charges, for crimes committed, will end up turned evidence, and cooperate with authorities. Courts won’t be so kind with Sarah after her antics in New York.

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