Savage: Gov. DeSantis flies illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, and Gov. Abbott sends some to Kamala’s house



The State of Florida has begun flying foreign nationals who entered the U.S. illegally at the southern border – and were transported by the Biden administration to Florida – north to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

Delaware, New York and California are likely next, according to statements made by Gov. Ron DeSantis and his staff.

Two planes arrived in Martha’s Vineyard on Wednesday, where one of former President Barack Obama’s multi-million dollar mansions is located. The flights fulfilled a pledge DeSantis made last fall after dozens of federally funded charter planes transported people who’d entered the U.S. illegally through the southern border to Florida instead of deporting them. Florida sued over the policy, and over the administration’s catch and release and other immigration and border security policies.

Also, two buses of illegals from Texas unloaded at the front of the U.S. Naval Observatory, the home of “border czar” Vice President Kamala Harris today, compliments of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, and Rasmussen Reports released a new survey showing support for the practice of shipping illegal immigrants to so-called “sanctuary states.”Some 52% of likely voters approved of Abbott’s busing of illegals to New York City, Washington, D.C., and Chicago, with 39% opposed.

DeSantis also signed a bill into law prohibiting state agencies from contracting with companies transporting people from the border to Florida. He also vowed to relocate those arriving from the border after Floridians were allegedly being murdered by men DeSantis said shouldn’t have been in the state in the first place.

“If he sends a caravan [of illegal immigrants] to Florida,” DeSantis said of the president, “we’re rerouting it to places like Delaware and other sanctuary states.”

The Florida legislature earlier this year allocated $12 million to the state Department of Transportation to transport illegal foreign nationals out of Florida. Funds became available July 1.

DeSantis’ communications director Taryn Fenske first issued a statement to Fox News Digital confirming the two planes that arrived in Martha’s Vineyard were part of Florida’s “relocation program to transport illegal immigrants to sanctuary destinations.

“States like Massachusetts, New York and California will better facilitate the care of these individuals who they have invited into our country by incentivizing illegal immigration through their designation as ‘sanctuary states’ and support for the Biden administration’s open border policies.”

The office of Massachusetts’ Republican Gov. Charlie Baker said local officials were providing short-term shelter.

“Our island jumped into action putting together 50 beds, giving everyone a good meal, providing a play area for the children, making sure people have the healthcare and support they need,” state Rep. Dylan Fernandes, D-Martha’s Vineyard, tweeted. “We are a community that comes together to support immigrants.”

Fernandes also said, “Currently immigrants are being dropped off on Martha’s Vineyard by chartered flights from Texas. Many don’t know where they are. They say they were told they would be given housing and jobs. Islanders we’re given no notice but are coming together as a community to support them.”

DeSantis’ campaign manager Christina Pushaw responded: “There may be space at the Obama’s mansion for a few dozen illegal aliens. Maybe go check on that.”

The governor’s office also confirmed that all passengers are required to sign waivers indicating they understand where they are going and are voluntarily choosing to be flown there at no cost to them.

Martha’s Vineyard’s Island Wide Regional Emergency Management also issued a statement Wednesday saying, “approximately 50 individuals, to the best of our knowledge originating from Venezuela, landed at the Martha’s Vineyard Airport, seeking shelter.”

Town Emergency Management Operations from the six Island towns, the Sheriff’s Office, and County Management are “actively collaborating to develop a coordinated regional response,” it said. “Two emergency shelters have been established at local Island churches, with additional space available in case further arrivals occur.” They also “reached out to our State and Federal partners for additional and long term support and assistance.”

Martha’s Vineyard Times misreported that Texas had chartered the planes.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has sent illegal foreign nationals who signed waivers to be bused to the so-called sanctuary cities of Washington, D.C., New York City and Chicago. Texas has transported more than 10,000 people to the three cities and will continue to do so until the president secures the border, Abbott says.

While Martha’s Vineyard is receiving groups of 50 people at a time, roughly 5,000 are being apprehended a day in Texas by federal agents. This excludes an untold number who evade capture and enter the U.S. illegally known as “gotaways.”

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has also transported thousands to Washington, D.C.

The mayor of Washington, D.C., and the governor of Illinois have since declared a disaster, roughly 17 months after Texas counties began issuing disaster declarations in response to Biden administration policies reversing federal immigration law. Abbott also issued a disaster declaration last May.

Nearly 5 million people have been apprehended or evaded capture after entering the U.S. illegally since President Joe Biden took office, totaling more than the individual populations of 25 states.

Since July 5, 29 Texas counties and one city, the Texas Public Policy Foundation, and Republican Party of Texas have all declared an invasion at the southern border and called on Abbott to use his full constitutional authority to “repel the invasion.”

A majority of Americans polled say the U.S. is being invaded at the southern border.

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  1. Absolutely love these border state governors. Should just load up the illegals at Amtrak stations and railroad them to Chicago, Detroit, Seattle, and Philly. Then for more grins, send a few by private jet charter to the Hamptons, Vermont and Delaware. They’ll get to see the fall colors like nowhere in Mexico or Central America. Abbott and DeSantis……you fellas are brilliant.

    • Absolutely LOVE DeSantis and Abbott. They make the Lefties toss and turn at night and quickly lose their minds. Not that there’s much left to lose.?

    • Merrick Garland will find a way to charge DeSantis and Abbott with crimes. Probably kidnapping illegal aliens or transporting children across state lines. Garland is a train wreck for Democrats. Whatever gains the Dems made on the abortion rulings, are about to be wiped out by Garland. Compete idiots in charge of the federal government. Expect the first shot of a budding civil war to be made in Texas, followed in Florida.
      Republicans are armed and dangerous to the Left.

    • But didn’t Biden send 70 planes in the middle of the night to Miami? Why didn’t He send them to Liberal strongholds?

  2. Poetic justice!
    Let the demonic radical leftist demolitionists of this country, who are not only condoning but actively encouraging and fostering this invasion by criminal aliens, have to directly deal with the results of their own destructive policies. Oh, but “rules for thee but not for me!” —- just another example of the typical hypocrisy of radical leftists.

    • A major trait of children… errr… leftists is they expect others to always bear the brunt of their good ideas. Either through taxation, or by direct effort.
      “Let’s help out these poor migrants. Texas and Arizona, get to it.”
      is really no different than
      “Mommy, I want a new Xbox, go get it for me.”

  3. Let’s learn a lesson here.
    If the leftists on the Assembly so love the homeless, let’s commit ourselves to helping them personally assist the homeless. Every time you see one in your neighborhood, drive them to your Assembly representative’s street and drop them off there. If the homeless are so worthy of help, they can show us how it is done.

  4. obama pushes climate change and says that the ocean will rise dramatically, however his Martha’s Vineyard mansion is on the beach….

    • His Hawaii mansion is even closer to sea level. It has a seawall that’s causing erosion down the beach. Also, he recently installed Hawaii’s largest residential propane tank on the property.

  5. Love it. So far this has been a non issue to most of the left, since red states and California have had to bear the brunt of it.

    Turn their communities into border towns. Share the love.

    • As opposed to making the people of Florida pay all the expenses of people Florida didn’t invite?

      That’s saving the people of Florida a bunch of money. My friends and family if Florida say this is EXACTLY what they voted for.

      Again, you really aren’t very good at this.

    • Most government spending these days is not the best use of taxpayer dollars. I can think of millions of dollars the Anchorage Assembly has spent that does not benefit the taxpayer, and do not get me started on the State and Federal spending.
      Realize one more thing there Frank. The cost to FL, AZ, TX, NM, etc… taxpayers if they left the migrants there far exceeds the cost of bus rides or flights. This is, in fact, the best use of taxpayer dollars.

    • Someone drop off one or three of the people from 13th and Gambell off at Franks house.

      He wants to help, see.

  6. What a complete asine, cruel, thoughtless, inhumane stunt. Republicans should be embarrassed by this divisive juvenile bullshit. America used to be better than this.

    • You should go help them but in the interim… what’s so much worse about a sidewalk abode in Martha’s Vineyard as opposed to somewhere in TX or FL? Might as well put them where the welcoming arms are, no?

    • Agreed, Lucinda!

      Bidens secretive transportation of illegals unto various locations over the last many months is indeed an embarrassment felt by all, inclusive of Republicans.

      America was indeed better than this, before a certain Administration and its minions decided to open the floodgates to illegal immigration, thinking that the flood could be contained unto certain locations of their choice, rather than have the flood spread unto areas that fully supported the breaking down of the dams, thinking the flood would never reach them.

      Next visited should be all ‘gated’ leftist communities with the demand that said gates should be removed so as to allow said illegals to reside within said communities at the communities’ expense, otherwise, it would not be sanctuary nor welcoming, now, would it?

      Oh, and Lucinda?

      Please walk the talk and take into your own residence at least one illegal family to fully show your support.

      At your own personal expense, of course.

      Otherwise, your words mean nothing.

      Hypocrite much?

    • If the governors of the border states let the migrants remain in their state, the cost to the taxpayers of those states would far exceed the cost to send them to the sanctuary states. If a state says are a sanctuary for illegal immigrants, they can certainly be one. And the states currently overrun with migrants will save a lot of money by sending them to where they are welcome.
      However, you are absolutely correct about one thing. America used to be better than this. Under President Trump who actually was securing the border, the need to ship migrants to other states was not necessary. The remain in Mexico policy was keeping the criminals out, and letting those with real asylum cases in.
      If VP Harris was actually doing her job and securing the border, she would not be able to look out her front window and see them. But… she is not, so perhaps this is a reminder to get on it.
      Finally, what is inhumane about delivering the migrants to the states that want them? They are welcome there. Keeping them in states that do not want them is the inhumane thing.

        • You’re not a very well informed person are you? Quit watching CNN your viewpoint is very small because of a lack of truthful honest information. Like the other reply said you need to take in some homeless or sit down and be quite.

          • You are more right than you might think with your CNN reference. Turns out the State rep from Martha’s Vineyard said almost exactly the same thing on a CNN interview.
            Parroting what one hears on CNN counts as intellect for your average leftist.

        • It sure is a solution. Let the people of Martha vineyard and Washington DC and Chicago and Seattle and all the other sanctuary cities get raped and mugged and murdered. Florida’s taxpayer sure as hell ain’t going to pay for illegal migration.

        • Another site I visit regularly had a very good point. Let me quote:
          “Leftists do not suffer from cognitive dissonance or guilt over hypocrisy.”
          You and your leftists cabal had no problem with the Biden administration flying immigrants to Florida. But, this is a cruel political stunt. Why?
          It is really easy to claim you are a sanctuary city or state when you do not actually have to live up to that claim. Leftists are really good at spending other people’s time, money, and effort.

        • Au contraire, a cruel political stunt would be sending the “poor downtrodden migrants” to a state run by “evil little trump lite” one like Florida (who’d do that).

          You really are an intellection lightweight lucinda, with your logical lapses………..

        • What a curious comment. You have never proposed a workable solution of any kind and 100% of your comments have been snide criticisms of those proposed by others. You have to earn the right to be taken seriously around here and you never have.

      • I’m pretty sure if you ask the voters in those States they would tell you no they’re not welcome not in front of my house at least. She might be talking about it being a new man like we’re shuffling them around like cattle in a stock car on a train. But when they come up here with no money no connections no means and do all that illegally, there’s still probably better off than the place they came from.

    • An angry sounding comment with no supportive reasoning. Why is it “cruel, thoughtless, and inhumane”? What is “divisive” about paying somebody’s transportation costs to a location that purports to offer him sanctuary from the laws of the land.

      • It is cruel, thoughtless, and inhumane, because the MA State Rep from Martha’s Vineyard said that on CNN.
        Not because Lucinda has any actual reasons for thinking that. A person interviewed on CNN said it, so it is true.

      • Yeah, the 50 were all like Boston, yes I want to go to Boston. Then they get off the plane and they’re like where are we this isn’t Boston. I see a bunch of Kennedys and Obama’s and Clinton’s walking around and they’re like this definitely isn’t Boston.

    • Can we have your address to drop off a dozen for you to volunteer to house? I’m sure your all for this open borders. Open. Your doors, heart and wallet and take in what you stand for.

    • It won’t matter that we move them into your house then it will it? I don’t blame the people coming over because if I lived in a crap hole country like most of them do I’d be wanting out of there too. I do blame the method that they’re using to get into our country. Some were asked the other day why they’re coming here and they said they thought the border was open. Of course they would say that, and I wonder do they mean the river that they had to swim across his open or is the 20-foot wall they had to climb over open? No they knew exactly what they were doing and they don’t have the time or the means to get in here properly. But yeah Lucinda, what are we having for supper tonight?

    • Just saw it! I just saw the clip from CNN, where Dylan Fernandes, the Democrat Stat Rep from Martha’s Vineyard said:
      “…it is incredibly inhumane…”
      Don’t you leftists have an original thought at any point? It appears to always be parroting what you hear someone else say. This comment of yours is borderline plagiarism.

      • Yeah that’s the new tagline going all through mainstream media. It gets aired on some station and then they all pick it up. Wait until someone reports that the sky is falling.

        • Well, I have grown to expect that. The average leftist does not really come up with new or original things. They just parrot.

          • Actually, CBMTTek, I just realized that we are insulting parrots by comparing radical leftist extremists to them.
            Unlike radical leftist extremists, parrots almost certainly do not believe the nonsense that they mindlessly repeat.

    • How so?…there is nowhere more beautiful to be transported to than Martha’s Vineyard. I think it is a lovely place to be dropped off; besides some of America’s most wealthy liberal residents live there. Why couldn’t they build a beautiful facility to house them and welcome them as part of their community? Oh, wait I forgot about the liberal hypocrisy. They want everyone else to do the helping but them. Liberals should ashamed for not housing them! The only cruel ones here are the liberals supporting this inhumane open border crisis and their refusal to put a stop to it! Kudos to DeSantis at least he cared enough to send them to the loving liberal rich community that supports the open border policy and wants sanctuary for illegals.

  7. The Democrats deviously created the January 6 “insurrection” lie to keep conservatives from holding office using the 14th Amendment. Since the mainsteam media isn’t reporting on the invasion at the southern border, this is the only way to get the public’s attention to that reality. Then we need to impeach Biden and Harris for breaking their oath of office to uphold the Constitution which explicitly says the federal government will protect the various states from invasion. And when the Republicans take the House, and hopefully the Senate, the new Speaker will be president. Brilliant way to turn the tables on the lying Dems.

    • Wow, you are untethered from reality. The Democrats didn’t invent the storming of the Capitol on January 6. They didn’t invent the false claims that the 2020 election was fraudulent. Trump’s own trusted advisors and cabinet members have now testified that Trump refused to accept that he lost, despite their repeated efforts to explain to him that he had in fact lost. Even before the day of the election, Trump was claiming voter fraud, and saying he would not concede. There is substantial evidence that Trump called his followers to Washington on January 6, riled them up with his false election fraud claims, and told them to march on the Capitolin an effort to prevent Congress from certifying the election. He then watched the riot on tv for hours, and did nothing to intervene until it was clear that the members of Congress and VP Pence were safe, and that his attempted coup had failed, if you are not aware of these facts, it must be because you choose to only get your news from sources that are feeding you false information.

      What do you call a person who refuses to accept the results of a free and fair election, and tries to stop the winner of an election from taking office. The words dictator and fascist seem like good descriptions of such a person.

        • Lucinda, that is a great point. I agree that Trump is the greatest threat to democrats since the civil war.

          “ The Democratic Party is one of the two major political parties in the United States, and the nation’s oldest existing political party. After the Civil War, the party dominated in the South due to its opposition to civil and political rights for African Americans.” ‘

          Trump is a republican who is for all peoples rights, not oppression that the democrats have long been associated with.

        • How is that Lucinda? Are you talking about the fact that President Lincoln thought we should pack up all the slaves and send them to South or Central America? I’m confused because you speak of a subject that you know absolutely nothing about.

        • Correction: Trump is the greatest threat to the deep state power structure entrenched in Washington DC since the civil war (which was not actually a civil war).

      • What do I call a person who refuses to accept the results of a free and fair election? A Democrat.

        Seems you’ve forgotten the 4 years of bitching about stolen elections during the Trump presidency.

        Or Stacy Abrams refusing to admit she lost in Georgia.

        The Al Gore hissy fit after he lost to Bush.

        Chris Coons is already saying if Hershel Walker wins Georgia it will be suspicious.

        Jamie Raskin challenging the legitimacy of presidential electors.

        I can go on and on.

        Let’s also not forget Trump CLEARLY called for peaceful protest and for folks to go home when things were getting out of hand.

        Clearly you’re getting your information from myopic sources.

    • They’re not going to just sit back and let this happen. If and when that does indeed happen like you suggest, you better be prepared to defend your home. I don’t have a problem with it because a little revolution is Good from time to time. Kind of gives the place fresh start. We will have the military on our side at least.

  8. It’s all just smoke and mirrors folks. ANY politician, regardless of political party, that doesn’t go on record pledging to stop child trafficking and to fix the 2020 election is just a shill. Everything else is just headline grabbing banter.

  9. They need to be dropped off w/ a bunch of wooden pallets, some blue tarps, some duct tape and a few shopping carts to make pillaging the local hood a little more convenient.

    That DeSantis guy has a full pair for sure. We should feed a few of our bum and gender confused dreck from the Anchorage Assembly to him.

    • It’s pretty easy to do when our governor has the full support of the state’s population behind him. He’s doing what real governors are supposed to do, what the people want him to do.

  10. Regardless of how you feel about illegal immigration, the individuals who are trying to migrate here are human beings who deserve better than this. DeSantis and Abbot are showing that they are psychopaths when they use immigrants as pawns to score political points. It’s too bad. I was hoping De Santis might be a good alternative to Trump in 2024. The Republican Party is becoming an unrecognizable party of cruel narcissistic politicians who will do anything to gain power.

    • Rick, BS. These are criminals. They are breaking into OUR country. Many already have criminal records. They are not vetted, and they are not welcome. Many Americans who own property along the border are being overwhelmed. Their dogs are being shot. Their belongings stolen- and family members being beat up or killed. This is an invasion. They should get a warning shot- and then be treated exactly like the invaders that they are.

        • Hey Rick, I bet you support third trimester abortions as a form of birth control. What did that baby do? Did he/she break any laws? No? But its okay to kill the kid, right?

        • Why do you religious nutbars always have to inject subjective nonsense into otherwise objective conversation? It doesn’t matter if M is a turpentine swilling serpent handler; he’s objective, articulate and thought provoking. That would be the polar opposite of anyone that wants to inject religious nonsense into objective discourse.

        • So who do you
          think a good christian be- a door mat- allowing all walk over them. Standing by hospitality and love, the “house” still has rules guests will follow and respect.

      • You are just making stuff up M. Other than illegally entering our country, what evidence do you have that any of the persons DeSantis put on the plane violated any laws? I sympathize with the strain that illegal immigrants place on border states, but Florida is not a border state and is not overrun with illegal immigrants. DeSantis pulled this PR stunt because he wants to run for President in 2024, and used poor migrants as a prop to raise his stock among the MAGA crowd. I really don’t know what they teach in whatever church he attends, but treating poor and desperate humans in this way is not what civilized Christian do.

        • Rick, you answered your own question, “Other than illegally entering our country…”

          Yes, its illegal to break into the USA. If you do it more than once, its a felony.

          What Desantis did was brilliant, liberals are having a total meltdown. You claim you sympathize with what the border states are dealing with- but you really do not. If you did, you’d be calling out the criminal, traitor, Biden, for allowing 5 million people to invade our country. Yet, you only attack those who are dealing with this illegal influx in ways that they find appropriate.

          I’m fed up with you liberals. You are literally destroying our country- and when illegal aliens are shipped off to the so called sanctuary cities, you have a melt down. You hypocrite. You can go to hell.

      • Why do you say they are criminals? If they are applying for refuge status, they are here legally until their application is decided. So far as I can tell, they violated no laws. But it’s telling that you immediately jump to that conclusion when you know nothing about their background or why they decided to try to move here. A lot of immigrants come from countries that are wracked with violence from drug gangs and criminals. Does trying to move your family out of danger to a safer place make you a criminal? Does it give DeSantis the right to use them as props for his cheap political stunt? Exactly how did your ancestors get here? Unless you are a Native American, they immigrated here.

    • Your crocodile tears are fooling nobody, Rick.
      And your typically hypocritical leftist projection, trying to paint your political opponents (who are on the right side of morality and history) with the guilt of your own sins and crimes is fooling nobody, either.

    • Deserve better than… what exactly?
      Is living in a Bidenville tent city in Florida somehow a step up over living in a tent city in Martha’s Vineyard? In fact, given the average house price and income on Martha’s Vineyard, they likely have more than enough funds to give these migrants a much better experience than Florida does.
      Governor DeSantis did these folks a favor. Their lot in life improved significantly.

    • Rick, can we dispense with the name calling for a minute. Here is the problem you ignore. Legal immigrants have sometimes years of applications, means-testing, criminal background checks and medical testing to endure before ever setting foot in this country. They also have to proof that they have the skills to provide for themselves, as they are prohibited to apply for any social services for a certain length of time. Illegals however climb over the border fence or wade through the river and for some reason get to bypass all of this. They get housed, fed and the more we do this the more people will come and expect the same. Sadly there is neither dignity nor respect in this only dependence. Having lived in a border state, I fully support any governor, whose population is overrun by illegals, to move them to places, who loudly claim to be sanctuary cities or states. Ironically all those wealthy liberals on Martha’s Vineyard had all 50 migrants deported in 48 hours. If the federal government, would do the same as Martha’s Vineyard we would not be here. Your definition of narcissist needs revision.

  11. Well before the Ukraine conflict, Russia gave notice to all invaders to get the hell out or else and gave them one year to do it, those who were there legally were told to respect the local customs and don’t force their crap on anyone or face consequences. Simple etiquette.

  12. 50 illegals and Martha’s Vinyard is claiming a “humanitarian crisis”.

    If 50 makes a crisis for Massachusetts, what does millions make at the Texas border? Oh yeah! It’s called an invasion.

  13. That is 50 illegal, criminals, that are unvaccinated, unvetted, out of 5 million- with tens of millions more coming thanks to the traitor, criminal, Biden.

    Send ’em to the blue states. The criminal Democrats want to infuse the red states with these criminals, where the criminal Democrats want to allow these illegals to vote- to replace the votes of Americans.

    Biden Harris are absolute scum. They both need to be sent to prison.

    • Bring the secession, Cur! For every state! Then you radical leftist extremists can live fully and directly with the products of your own failed and insane policies.

    • Why would you say that? Every other nation to the south of us send millions of people here every year. Why would it cross your mind for one second that President Abbott of the Nation of Texas couldn’t. Aren’t you fully in favor of Brandon’s non-policy border policy, Dog?

    • Good when he sets the President maybe some more states can get out before the left ruins them for good. Maybe Alaska can save itself.

        • I think the states are overdue taking this crisis of alien invasion to
          build its states own
          border walls. Texas, new mexico, arizona, they should had started in jan 2021. Then
          compensate landowners security compensation for steps taken to protect land 24hrs armed patrol or reimburse private owners wall
          building efforts like one texas rancher did to detour tresspassers from trooping across. They would have to walk around the
          owner’s impressively built wall stretching miles.

    • Ya. He won’t. And he won’t have the federal government in his way. He’ll close the border and send people back immediately when things have reached capacity. And he’ll make people go through the proper channels. That barbarian. Doesn’t he know it is better to invite people to break the law and then stick them in overcrowded shelters or just let them remain undocumented and outside the law where they can’t get employment except illegally from people that might want to take advantage of them. Oh and it’s way better for Mexico’s economy to have the coyote industry that won’t let poor people cross until they pay them to transport them in semi trailers where they overheat and die.

      I see your point. What a jerk.

      By the way. He is doing this to make a statement. He is sending a very small fraction of what his state has been dealing with.

  14. America has no morals. I hate wondering it, this nation is tanking. America has no fear of God. Baby-boomers and gen x probably should be entertaining the thought about working longer than planned. 39-something year old millennials there is no retirement for you. Be prepared to work until the last trumpet sounds. As long as my body holds up i’ll continue working to 90. I got the feeling todays generations will experience what our great grandparents born in 1880 felt when they lost everything
    in 1929,They still had
    a nation.

    • Do you even know what caused the stock markets to crash or why Americans were forced to sell their gold back to the government for pennies on the dollar only to see that same gold double and triple in price a week or so later? I didn’t think so.

  15. Poetic! Being good Democrats, the politicians of the state of Massachusetts and the city of Washington DC should also open their hearts and arms, and their public treasuries, to the drug-addicted homeless of Florida and Texas. And what better place is there for a massive blue-tarp tent encampment than the White House lawn? This is entirely appropriate, because most of the poisonous drugs used by addicts come across Brandon’s open border with Mexico and from Hunter Biden’s business associates in Red China. And just as she must do in the welcoming sanctuary of San Francisco, Speaker Pelosi will need to watch her step as she walks the sidewalks around the White House and the Capitol Building.

  16. It’s funny how the left just can’t quit Trump. It’s a sad addiction.

    If it’s unexpectedly rainy: but Trump.
    Garbage man didn’t come: but Trump
    Bad day at work: but Trump.

    The ONLY reason Trump hadn’t gone away is because the left just can’t live without him.

    • He scared the hell out of them. We’re still talking about Hitler and he’s been dead for almost 60 years or so they say. When people get scared of something it tends to take over their lives and they’re thinking. If and when you get to a point when you fear nothing, the revelation of all the hate mongering and tail wagging become plainly clear. None of it really matters in the scheme of things. Not one iota.

  17. Unlike our present quisling-in-chief, a President Abbott would perform his duty as head of the executive branch, faithfully enforce the laws, and secure the border. Nothing more complicated than that.

  18. Now I am reading news reports that the immigrants weren’t even from Florida! The planes carrying them originated in Texas, stopped briefly in Florida, so DeSantis could claim he was sending them north, and the. Flew to Massachusetts. This whole episode is nothing bu a political publicity stunt. Grand theater to whip up the MAGA heads!

    • Well they didn’t swim to Florida I can tell you that. Too many sharks. Yes Abbott grabbed them up. They were in a shelter down there in San Antone. Got conned into getting in the plane because like a duck chasing June bugs, they follow the free stuff. They’ve been told that America is the land of milk and honey and there’s all this free stuff up here all you got to do is get here. Forget about working. It will all be provided. Our governor, and the legislature approved $12 million in the budget this year to go towards the transport of illegal immigrants out of the state. This is all been approved by the voters mind you. Now I’m sorry that the outside world it’s just now catching up to this. So they stopped over here yes for a political run around the plane and possibly to hand off the gas check for the jet fuel, but they did stop over in the Carolinas too. Is the Carolinas governors getting on board as well? I look for every governor in every state outside of the sanctuary States to pitch in and commit to this cause.

    • The Christian accusation not working for you? Going with outright disinformation now?

      Whatever gets you through the night.

  19. These migrants have been snatched up in the middle of the night and flown all over the country on Air Biden. Florida was their final destination. Florida is full so they mercifully flew them on a very nice, comfortable airplane to one of the wealthiest zip codes in the nation. Obama has a large mansion on 11 acres. Think he’ll take them in??

  20. The most current news says rich white karencrats are deporting the illegals.

    How cruel. How inhumane. The cages weren’t built yet.

    How typically Democrat.

  21. In some places offering someone $200 to fly them to Boston and dumping them in Martha’s Vineyard would be considered human trafficking

  22. Funny how the karencrats are suddenly so concerned about the illegals.

    It’s easy to show “compassion” when it’s done elsewhere with someone else’s money.

    Meanwhile in the south side of Chicago it’s a war zone with young black kids being shot and killed almost daily. Yet the karencrats are howling about 50 some people being flown to one of the richest, safest places in America. They even have abortions there.

  23. Why didn’t shuck & jive Obama offer the use of his waterfront estate for temporary housing for the 50 illegal immigrants? He has plenty of room as evidenced by his throwing a birthday bash for himself and hundreds of his political donors during the Covid scare at the mansion? Typical liberal hypocrite! And what’s with him even owning a waterfront mansion when he’s been jiving Americans for years that the East Coast will be underwater soon if we don’t address global warming?

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