Assembly to meet secretly to plan action against mayor, also will vote on new Assembly member for Eagle River


The Anchorage Assembly will go into executive session on Thursday to discuss what actions it may take after a letter from the attorney of former Municipal Manager Amy Demboski arrived in all 12 of the Assembly in-boxes last week, making a wide range of actionable accusations against Mayor Dave Bronson and members of his administration.

The meeting will take place at the Assembly Chambers in the Loussac Library, at 36th Avenue and Denali Street.

The executive session will follow immediately after the Assembly interviews candidates for the temporary Assembly seat representing Chugiak-Eagle River. That seat was vacated on Jan. 17, when former Assemblywoman Jamie Allard was sworn in as a member of the Alaska House of Representatives. The agenda for the 4 pm meeting and swearing in of the interim Assembly member is here.

At 5 pm is when the Assembly will go into a secret meeting and ask for legal advice from the Assembly attorney on actions the Assembly may take against Bronson. It is likely that impeachment will be discussed, as the Assembly granted itself the authority to impeach the mayor at meeting last year. The accusations against the mayor are contained in this letter:

The Assembly’s work session will start the afternoon, when it will interview the Eagle River candidates, and then will go into a formal meeting to vote on their choice to serve until April 25, when the results of the April 4 election should be known.

The candidates who applied by the deadline were:

Dern, Robin – Filed 1/17/2023

Myers, Scott​ – Filed 1/12/2023

​McCarty, Ken – Filed 1/11/2023

Thomas, Jason A.​ – Filed 1/11/2023

​​Isham, Arthur D.​ – Filed 1/10/2023​

Romig, Gerald – Filed 1/17/2023

Cruickshank, Matt – Filed 1/16/2023

Baldwin, Brian​​ – Filed 1/16/2023

Arlington, Jim​ – Filed 1/13/2023

Syzdek, David M.​ – Filed 1/13/2023


  1. This was inevitable. It was also avoidable.

    If they wanted to let Amy go, just let her go. Attacking her publicly was stupid.

    There is a wise saying about hell’s fury and a scorned woman. Bronson’s people are about to learn it firsthand.

  2. Amy was hired as a hit lady, a necessary job given the lockstep and ugly opposition from the Assembly. She did it very well and is to be commended for it. The problem with hiring a hit lady, pointing her in the right direction and turning her loose, is what do you do when that time is over? After all, not everything is a knife fight, and sooner or later you have to get something done.

    Hindsight, the only exact science, would suggest that discussion needed to happen when she was hired and job responsibilities agreed upon. That the departure was (and continues to be) as ugly as it is, suggests that discussion never happened.

    Mayor Bronson is about to learn a valuable lesson in hiring and firing, setting boundaries. Amy is about to win a victory that will make King Pyrrhus blush. Handing a loaded weapon to the ANC Assembly and using Scott Kendall to do it isn’t a positive lifestyle choice for putative conservatives with political aspirations. Meanwhile, the self righteous vermin infesting the Assembly are about to have a lot of fun. Happily, I do expect them to completely overreach, while being as nasty as humanly possible and destroy what little credibility they think they have remaining.

    Such a waste. Cheers –

    • Amy, you have no future moving forward with this. Only lefties will ever hire you. Your trustworthiness does not exist. Learn the lesson that you dont blow up your employer, you stand up and force the individual conversation instead of forcing your own demise.
      Great reply AG.

  3. It is not Constitutional to pick representatives for the people in this way. If the US is under martial law and the military are secretly running things then it would be (possibly) ok.

  4. The Assembly just could not wait to dust off AO 2022-60 and give it a test run.
    Sorry to see Bronson go in this manner. He has no chance.

  5. Like Trump, Amy will burn down the conservative house rather than behave with some selfless dignity. The growth of narcissistic politicians in the party of Lincoln is appalling.

  6. in my opinion, Amy is two-faced. However, what is new in the Political arena where people are for money and themselves and not We the People. Just look no farther than our Assembly.

  7. What’s this Demboski fluff but a pathetic Palin redux?
    Somebody done her wrong, somebody else gonna use her like old Kleenex to smear Mayor Bronson, get rid of him and fraudulently install another, possibly hyphenated, mayor to lock down churches and diners and make people wear masks.
    They got away with it once, why shouldn’t they do it again?
    Can’t happen here? Who’ll stop them?
    Alaska’s Republican leadership must be sponsoring heavy duty professional-grade opposition-research to divide, disorganize, disrupt, and ultimately defeat radical Left Assembly members, and generously help Amy find meaningful, fulfilling work far away from Alaska, yes?

  8. Amy stands a good chance of winning, based on what is currently known. More info can change this.

    However assuming she wins her career in AK politics is over. Even the Democrats will discard her once she serves her purpose.

    I hope for all parties involved this proves to be worth it.

  9. The Anchorage assembly has no right under the charter to have an “executive session”. There is no such thing as an “executive” on the assembly. What BS!! And Amy has just lost her mind over losing her job and is now a participant with the 9 lefties on the assembly.


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