Who gets what? House majority to assign committees on Thursday in open meeting


The Alaska House majority, led by Republican Speaker Cathy Tilton of Wasilla, will assign House members to committees on Thursday when the Committee on Committees meets at 2:30 pm to make the final assignments, which will be done in public, rather than behind closed doors. The meeting will be televised on Gavel Alaska.

It appears that Rep. Craig Johnson may be chair of Rules, and Rep. Dan Saddler may be Republican majority leader. Both are returning to the House after several years away and both have been in leadership positions in the House.

Other Rules Committee members: Johnson, Tilton, Allard, Sumner.

On Finance, it appears Reps. DeLena Johnson, Will Stapp, Frank Tomaszewski, Mike Cronk, Julie Coulombe, Bryce Edgmon, and Neal Foster will be assigned the coveted seats, with Johnson, Foster, and Edgmon as co-chairs. The minority will appoint four seats.

Must Read Alaska has learned that Reps. Josiah Patkotak and George Rauscher will be co-whips for the majority.

Rep. Ben Carpenter will be chairing Ways and Means and Legislative Budget and Audit. Also appointed to Ways and Means is Rep. Jamie Allard.

Rep. Laddie Shaw will chair Military and Veterans Affairs. Other members are Carpenter and Wright.

Rep. C.J. McCormick of Bethel will chair Tribal Affairs Committee. Other members are Allard and Vance.

McCormick will chair Community and Regional Affairs. Other members on Community and Regional Affairs are Reps. Tom McKay and Josiah Patkotak.

Reps. Jamie Allard and Justin Ruffridge will co-chair the Education Committee. Other members are Prax, McCormick, and Sumner.

Rep. Stanley Wright will chair the State Affairs Committee. Other members are Shaw, Carpenter, and Vance.

Rep. Tom McKay will chair Natural Resources Committee. Other member are Rauscher, Saddler, McCabe, Patkotak, and Wright.

Rep. Sarah Vance will chair Judiciary. Other members are Allard, Carpenter, and Craig Johnson.

Rep. Kevin McCabe will chair Transportation. Other members are Vance, McKay, and Craig Johnson.

Rep. Mike Prax chairs Health and Social Services. Other members are Ruffridge, McCormick, and Sumner.

Rep. George Rauscher will chair the Energy Committee. Other members are McKay and Patkotak.

Rep. Sarah Vance will chair Fisheries. Other members are McCabe and McCormick.

Rep. Jesse Sumner has Labor and Commerce. Other members are Saddler and Wright.

Rep. Kevin McCabe will be vice chair of Legislative Council.

Rep. Laddie Shaw will be co-chair of Joint Armed Services Committee, with Saddler, Rauscher, and Prax.

Rep. Jamie Allard and Rep. DeLena Johnson are appointed to the Ethics Committee.

Must Read Alaska does not have the complete list assignments. Check back — this story will be updated.

In other legislative happenings, Rep. Cal Schrage took the lead of the House Democrat minority, issuing a press release on behalf of the group, which published a press release earlier today with his quote:

“We look forward to working with fellow legislators on our priorities, including meaningful additions to the Base Student Allocation to ensure all of Alaska’s students have access to quality education, bolstering recruitment and retention of Alaska’s workers, investing in critical infrastructure, and charting a long-term fiscal plan that will set Alaska on a course for prosperity. We are committed to working together with other members of the House, the Senate, and all Alaskans to accomplish these goals.”


  1. Fantastic. A Republican-led House with full transparency. Such a departure from Democrat control. This should be a good legislative session for the House. The Senate………not so much.

  2. Very happy with the current formation of the house. Glad that the republicans stuck together and the democrats folded. Can’t say the same about the senate.

  3. Gee, what about the two House members from Juneau? They’re for gun control, an income tax, special breaks for middle-aged males who wear dresses and women’s shoes, and much more and much bigger government.

    Seriously, the way the House is organizing is the best news I have seen in Alaska in quite some time. I congratulate Representative Tilton and everyone else who put it together. I congratulate Suzanne Downing, as she is the one-man band who tirelessly stands up for conservative Alaskans. Every public employee labor union, every environmentalist organization, and every big government Democrat across the US pumping money into Alaska works against Alaska conservatives every day: Suzanne Downing carries the fight to these liberals all day, every day.

  4. As done in the senate, 2 minority members should get NO committee assignments and 1 should get just 1 assignment.
    Zack Fields should definitely be one who gets NO assignments!


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