Art Hackney joins Axiom Strategies as vice president, general consultant


Art Hackney, one of the most successful political and business communications strategists in the nation, has joined Axiom Strategies, a national firm that specializes in political campaigns.

Hackney has a 46-year history as the owner of Hackney and Hackney, now called Art Hackney Communications, where he has been involved in political and public affairs campaign management, strategy, messaging and adverting. He has designed, written, and produced more award-winning political media than any other individual in Republican-oriented producer in America. Hackney has worked on nearly 200 campaigns in 20 states, including handling work for Alaska’s congressional delegation for 22 years.

In 1999 he was co-chair for the George W. Bush presidential campaign and served on the national Finance Committee for the campaign. Bush appointed Hackney to the President’s Advisory Committee on the Arts for the Kennedy Center.

The son of former Alaska State Senator Glenn Hackney of Fairbanks, Art Hackney served as the president of the American Association of Political Consultants from 2013 to 2015, and is now chairman emeritus. He created and managed nine 501c6 organizations and super PACS, including one in support of U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan in 2014.

Hackney will split his time between Washington, D.C. and Anchorage. He will be working with Northwest Director Justin Matheson on Alaska elections.

“As a lifelong Alaskan, who has had a significant involvement in public affairs for almost 50 years, I am not leaving Alaska or Alaska public policy,” Hackney said. “This is an exciting opportunity for me to use the talents that I have on a national stage. Axiom Strategies has office in 11 states and 322 employees and is a major player at all levels of politics and public policy in America. The leadership of this company are among the very best and brightest and I look forward to working with this exciting team to play a role in issues of national consequence.”

Axiom Strategies was the general consultant to the Dave Bronson for Mayor for Anchorage campaign and has been involved with campaigns in Alaska since 2016, including working in Alaska during the Ted Cruz campaign for president that year. Founded by Jeff Roe, Axiom has helped elect 74 congressmen, 8 senators and 6 governors nationwide. In addition to political and ballot initiative campaigns, the team regularly consults and provides crisis management to eight Fortune 500 companies and over 20 public corporations on federal, state, and local issues.

The company has helped get 250 Republicans elected nationally, including 50 percent of the Senate Freshman class.

A feature story on Art Hackney was the first story published when Must Read Alaska launched its website in 2016.


  1. Diving deeper into Axiom Strategies, I find that Jeff Roe is a powerhouse political strategist and businessman. Notably, his firm worked on the Ted Cruz for President Campaign in 2016.

    https: //

    Axiom is dedicated to rural areas and minority populations. It makes sense they have a present in Alaska’s political messaging and future.

    But here is the exciting part:

    Axiom Strategies offers an APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM focusing on minority communities!!!

    https: //

    Alaska has the most remote and inaccessible communities in the United States of America.

    Alaska Natives (as a segment of voters) wields a significant amount of power in the outcome of both Candidates and Ballot Measures that steer the direction for Alaska’s future.

    Alaska and Alaska Commodity-Based Industries (of all resource development and sustainability) are in dire need of better cultural ways of interacting, much less communicating a message.

    Huge gaps in the GOP historically have been and continue to be shortsightedness of this parties lack of effort (which translates directly to a lack of respect) to bother investing in things such as:

    1. learning how to effectively communicate with Alaska Native people on issues,
    2. learning effective strategies to disseminate calls to action,
    3. learning how to take the time to listen, appreciate, and understand the worldview of Alaska Native people living in the most remote areas in the Unites States of America.
    4. respecting the time it entails for our communities to allow for deliberation.
    5. knowing that only Alaska Native people can effect major change among our own Alaska Native communities. If there is a validity to an issue, being an outsider in a three piece suit, or bunny boots, it doesn’t matter – that doesn’t qualify you in the eyes of Alaska Native community members and has a direct impact on whether or not the “ship” will or will not change course.

    These are huge gaps in the GOP. The GOP needs to rebrand itself.

    Because appearing as little more than a college Fraternity is THE barrier and bottleneck of why the GOP struggles in achieving success.

    I am an Alaska Native woman, now living outside of Alaska, for transparency. I am a third generation Republican – which is quite rare in our population. (Which has been a part of the reason why I no longer live closer to people in my cultural communities). For the record, I recently moved from being a Republican to Non-Partisan. I am in most ways Republican at my core; but there are blind spots in the party, historically and today.

    Now more than ever, there is an urgency for the Republican party to take action, embrace this wake-up call to action and execute solutions to change the parties biggest challenge: its own shortcomings.

    The most challenging barrier to success that the GOP faces is that historically, it has been an exclusive club-like member organization available to the elite; like a private country club.

    The GOP needs to acknowledge the problem and reputational barrier by admitting perhaps that the party was based upon an aristocratic model of elitism and exclusion.

    And Change That.

    It doesn’t matter if that perception is real or not. If the perception exists, that alone makes it real.
    That alone puts the the GOP on the defense – going into any campaign or town hall meeting.

    Ironically, the GOP is now so exclusive that it has ectively been EXCLUDED from mainstream media and cultural events.

    I hope that Axiom leadership reaches out to folks to get help in navigating the inner-workings of Alaska Native communities, systems, and ways’ of being before they attempt to bulldoze their way in with the one-directional (down talking) arrogance through tired paternalistic efforts.

    Bottom line: Don’t blow it.

    First impressions are also lasting.

    My two cents. I want this to be a success, that’s why I am blunt about the issues.

        • Don’t fall for their deceipt, Trudy.
          They can’t stand smart, Conservative Native women who can opine logically about their failures and ineptness. Stay with us here at MRAK

    • Careful, Trudy… speech like this could get you four to eight in the Governor’s House.
      Interesting that “Alaska Republican” fits almost as well as “Alaska Native” in your essay.
      Wonder what would happen if Alaska’s Native community reached out to Alaska’s GOP leadership, offered a chance to win hearts and minds by inviting them to a traditional potlatch or two, somewhere like Aniak or Huslia?

  2. This story brought to you by Art Hackney Communications, a paying advertiser on MRAP. But disclosure ain’t a thing here.

    • Sounds like Tom needs to go paint his own white picket fence. Huck is standing by to lend him a hand.

        • You sound more like a Peeping Tom. Please don’t pass my name along. I’d be embarrassed to be recommended by you.

  3. Art is one of the best. A Fairbanks boy, homegrown. Hey Art, where were you when virtually every Conservative Republican got handed their butts on Tuesday’s FNSB Assembly and School Board races in Fairbanks this week? We need you up here. The Democrats are cheating again. Their organization seems to be coming straight out of the Luke Hopkins and Elyse Guttenberg playbook. Son Grier, son-in-law Scott Kendall, and brother David Guttenberg control the machine up here, along with their Communist union buddies. SOS.

    • I’ll say. The Hopkin’s political chicanery cabal and their Communist friends have created a despicable hate network that focuses on the destruction of Christians and honest men and women. Let’s peer a little deeper into the private lives of these Leftist animals and see what kind of brew they drink and what kind of dark spells they sow.

      • They operate in a cult environment, Ellen. It’s truly a form of witchcraft and devil worship. Elyse Guttenberg, who is Scott Kendall’s mother-in-law, wrote scathing letters to the editor (Newsminer) about Christians. The Conservative candidates were all Christians. Clearly, Guttenberg hates Christians.

  4. What we need to know is — is he a Murkowski guy? Is he a trump hater? it seems to me consultants are not to be trusted.

  5. Your spell checker missed a strange typo… what should have been “including” said “in eluding” ! Three cheers for Art Hackney.

  6. Wonder whether this “…major player at all levels of politics and public policy in America” is motivated, and equipped, to find out what makes certain radical Left politicians at Assembly and State levels tick… and de-tick them.

  7. I think that is an awesome idea. Years ago, when I was the CEO for the Alaska Native Health Board, we held an annual statewide meeting in Juneau. I invited all the Republicans and several came to our meeting.

    That moved the needle in the awareness of the Alaska Tribal Health System and Self-Governance principles.

    So yeah, exactly what you suggested would be so great!

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