Covid stats in Alaska drop again


The daily data dashboard shows 842 instances of daily positive Covid-19 tests in Alaska. This is down 15 from positive tests reported Wednesday, a 1.75 percent decrease. Generally, these numbers lag, reflecting the previous day.

For the week of Sept. 23-29, there were 8,425 positive Covid test results in the state. For Sept. 30-Oct. 6, there were 5,745 positives, a drop of 32 percent.

There are currently 180 people in Alaska hospitals with Covid, down from 184 on Wednesday and 194 on Tuesday, about a 7 percent drop in Covid hospitalizations in two days.

But 21 new Covid-19 hospitalizations have been logged since Oct. 1 and the death of 9 Alaskans have been attributed to Covid since Oct. 1.

See the daily Covid count dashboard here.

95 of the 119 adult intensive care beds in Alaska are full — with patients of all kinds, not just Covid.

There are 24 ICU beds currently available in the state. However, in Anchorage, Providence’s ICU unit is full. Alaska Regional has capacity, as does Fairbanks. Ketchikan and Juneau have open ICU beds.

760 out of 1,110 non-ICU beds across the state are full, with a capacity of 308 available.

See the hospital dashboard here.

31 people in Alaska hospitals are on ventilators, a drop from 35 posted yesterday and 38 posted the day before. This is an 18 percent decrease in the number of people on ventilators over two days.

The overall percentage of Covid-infected patients in Alaska hospitals has leveled out, and is now at 18.5 percent, a slight drop from Wednesday, when it was 19.3 percent of all patients.

82 beds in Anchorage hospitals are now occupied by Covid-positive patients, down from 119 on Sept. 23.

See the hospital bed availability dashboard here.

Since Oct. 1, 2021, 21 Alaskans have been admitted to hospitals for treatment of Covid. The total admitted for September was 370. About 12 Alaskans per day were admitted to a hospital for Covid in September, while in October it’s running about 3 admittances per day.

A total of 115,543 Covid tests in Alaska have yielded positive results since March of 2020, when the virus was first recognized in the state.

355,135 Alaskans have been fully vaccinated for a total of 470,678 Alaskans either having caught the virus or been vaccinated for it; this number is squishy because there are an unknown but likely significant number of people catching the virus even though they have been vaccinated, or those who have had the virus but not known about it because of a lack of symptoms.

Worldwide, coronavirus cases and deaths around the world have been declining since August. According to the World Health Organization, there was a 9 percent drop in new cases reported last week.


  1. Why is no one talking about how this spike in cases came to be in September? Is it possible that the majority of these cases stemmed from the State Fair and other concerts in the state in late August and early September and it is now running out of steam? I can’t imagine it being from just some random thing happening that we spiked.

    • Who cares? Freedom first otherwise you are basically not worth listening to. 99% survival rate man. Its not a virus of concern unless youre fear filled.

    • Also, most of those from the Outside have spent their vacation $$ and left. But–as I’ve said on another post: how many of these cases involved the vaxxed and their leaky ‘vaccines’? That number is growing and the percentage will get worse. That’s why it would be very interesting to see the stats separated into vaxxed and unvaxxed. They don’t want to do that…

  2. I only care about the death count and the hospitalized count, but I can only trust it so much. Regardless, it’s so fun to see the numbers drop before they can pass this ordinance. Remember to email the assembly and spread the word to do so. Bumbard their inboxes. CC Jamie Allard so she can see them come through.

  3. The conservatives need to do to the Assembly what they’ve done many times: play out the clock. Continue to testify, continue to force testimony another day, and another day and another day and … We’ll get below the “unsafe” level and the need to hide faces will be moot.

  4. Finally… proof positive that a government mandate forcing compulsory masking on an entire population above the (chronological) age of two actually works!
    What… there is no government mandate? How can Covid stats drop if entire populations aren’t forced to wear masks on pain of losing their money or property or both?
    Anchorage residents must be desperate for Assembly guidance on this issue, yes?

  5. Id like to know what the age of those hospitalized with covid are and what their symptoms and underlying conditions are as well as how quickly they recover and symptoms management protocols.
    That way we can have a risk assessment for daily living as well as prevention.
    We also need something other than a vaccine for our salvation. There will always be some who cannot be vaccinated, severe breakthrough infections or those who the vaccine didn’t work for them. We need treatments. Not just a half arsed vaccine that isn’t 100% effective at preventing hospitalization. Any doctors got ideas for effective treatments?

    • How about you go volunteer at the hospital and find out first hand?
      Our medical community is exhausted and overwhelmed.
      1. Younger people with zero preexisting conditions are in hospitals around the nation.
      2. Even if someone has a preexisting condition do they not deserve to live? If not for covid the majority would have lived for many more years.
      3. I’m flabbergasted by my fellow Alaskans that downplay the virus.
      4. Children can’t attend school w/o a variety of immunizations
      5. Our military rolls up their sleeves for countless vaccines, no questions asked.
      6. Wear a mask. Get vaccinated. Help your community by socially distancing.
      7. No vaccine is 100%

      • Kennedy, your laughably weak appeals to emotion over facts, logic and reason are just par for the course with you Covidian cultists.
        Get a life, and leave us alone!

      • The best case scenario is get the shot because it can be minimally effective in keeping you from dying from the illness. Then, you come down with the virus and live through that. To me that’s the best case scenario. I wouldn’t have wanted to risk getting the virus without the shot but that’s me.

    • No one tells us how many of those positive tests in hospitals are asymptomatic and their for a foot surgery ect.

  6. It certainly looks like Alaska is over the hump. We seem to be exhibiting the same pattern as the L48, only a few weeks later.

  7. Of course the cases are declining. It is like with any other cold and flu. The sad part is more fools have been tricked into signing up for the chemical immune system subscription rather than you know, healthy living.

    As with the past 10 pandemics of my lifetime, I will ignore all the medical mafia bull and continue living a healthy life, my way.

  8. It’s refreshing to see coverage that’s hopeful instead of night after night of the Alaska news source video Monopoly about how bad it is. Even when they do show the weekly graph of new cases that showed the double digit drop over one week, they don’t mention that fact and the graph was so small and air time so short, most viewers probably missed it. I was shocked to see ADN front page headline about the drop in hospitalization, like they say even a broken clock gives the correct time twice a day.

  9. Funny. “Overwhelmed” hospitals…. the very same ones that have LITERALLY killed private practices and hospital growth! Check out what AK regional and Prov systems have done in the past…. actively working to keep CONTROL over Alaskans medical needs. Kenai peninsula consistently has to FIGHT to grow their services due to “regulations” (corruption) influenced by the corruption in AK regional and Prov! This is not a crisis but the response from the left certainly is! Stand tall, NEVER COMPLY

  10. Vermont is up to 76% of deaths amongst fully jabbed or “vacced” individuals, and the UK is up to 68% of their deaths are the “fully” vacced. Individuals with only one jab make up a large percentage of the rest.
    These are not including deaths due to the “vaccines” themselves.
    Be interesting how the narrative from the various hospital administrators will change when the hospitalized comprise of 90+% “vacced” and vaccine injured.

    • Brian,
      I’m not sure where you get your numbers from, or what timeframe they are over. The weekly report from Vermont says they had less than 1200 cases last week, less than 50 were hospitalized over the last week, 69% of hospitalizations were unvaccinated, 100% of all critical care usage was among the unvaccinated, and 9 people died of covid last week…I didn’t see where they broke down vaccinated vs unvaccinated on this total, but it would be extremely weird to have 8 of 9 deaths be from vaccinated people given the numbers provided.
      Vermont has a population that is smaller than ours by about 100,000 people. Their entire population has a vaccination rate close to 70%, their vaccine eligible population is about 80%. Last week we were experiencing daily case and death rates more than half their weekly rates.

      • This information is from the Alaska DHSS weekly report. From Sept 26 until October 2 there were 7,242 new covid cases 1,686 (23%) were vaccine breakthroughs, there were 109 new hospitalizations 16 (15%) of which were vaccine breakthroughs, and fatalities increased by 26, 1 (4%) of which was a vaccine breakthrough.
        58.6% of Alaskans 12 and older have been fully vaccinated.

  11. How long were they in the hospital and the average age of the hospitalizations would be helpful.
    CDC gives us some interesting stats. Still pretty low only one state beats us with less deaths.

    7 Day Averages Cases, Week ave Deaths Total Cases Total Deaths
    Vermont 171 1 34,632 327
    Alaska 735 1 112,922 560
    Hawaii 244 7 80,582 818
    Wyoming 522 6 93,083 1,041
    Maine 592 6 93,207 1,065

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