Art Chance: IRS, armed to the hilt, comes knocking to ‘protect our democracy’



It is with ignorance and cynicism that Left has adopted the phrase, “protect our democracy.” The very last thing the Left wants to protect is democracy; they don’t believe in freedom of speech, assembly, or religion. They don’t believe in due process. They don’t believe in equal protection.   

I can go on. They fundamentally don’t believe in, but in fact despise, our constitutional republic. 

Autocratic governments have been very good at catchy slogans. The Nazis really pushed protecting “community values,” and “protecting the racial health” of Germany. If you read German law in the Nazi period, you find that most court decisions include the statement that the decision is supported by “the healthy opinion of the Volk.”  A derivative of this is the notion of the “Fuhrer Princip,” which means Fuhrer’s dictate supersedes law, has absolute power.

In Germany in the 1930s, the Nazi Party’s “brownshirts” enforced the community values of Germany. If you’ve had any world history courses you might recall an event called the Kristallnacht, or the Night of Broken Glass, when the brownshirts destroyed the shops and homes of Jewish merchants throughout Germany. The brownshirts were the Nazi bully boys and they broke heads and broke the opposition to the Nazis. 

However, when the Nazis rose to real power, they found the brownshirts to be a threat. Much of the upper leadership of the brownshirts was also homosexual, which didn’t sit well with Nazi leadership. The Nazis launched a raid on the brownshirts and took most of the leadership into custody. Some were summarily shot, others took a little longer. Nazi propaganda said that some leaders were found in bed with young males. The brownshirts all but ceased to exist as a political force in Germany to be replaced by the Schutzstaffel, or SS, the guys with the black uniforms. If you know any history, the midnight knock at the door and the demand for papers on the train still resonates.

As the Nazis reached legitimized power, they consolidated into well-organized units and suppressed much of their prior thuggish tendencies. When you have real power you don’t have to just ambush a guy in the alley and beat him to death, you just send some guys with uniforms and badges, take him to the station, and put a 9mm in the back of his head.

As the Nazis consolidated power, they consolidated their organization and the SS became the primary arm of state political and law enforcement power. The Nazis encouraged, really demanded, informing on neighbors, family, and associates. Children were encouraged to inform on parents. The Nazis were first and foremost shake-down artists, and there was a price for everything in Nazi Germany. We’ve seen that in the Democrat cities for the last 50 years or so; if you want to play, you pay.

The George Soros Junta has consolidated its power in the Biden Regime after its setback with Trump’s Administration. The federal bureaucracy had thwarted the Trump Administration’s attempts to install its own people in significant positions. The Biden Administration inherited the Obama Administration, still mostly in place, and most of it went all the way back to the Clinton Administration since George W. Bush, like Trump, was really only able to replace the prominent positions. 

In essence the federal government is an occupying Democrat Party army. There are a few Republicans/conservatives left in it but they’re registered as independents, they talk quietly, and they meet only in out-of-the-way places where they’re unlikely to be seen together.

In a blinding flash of honesty, Comrade Obama actually said out loud what the Democrats really wanted, a Democrat armed force under federal executive branch control. Despite the best efforts of the Democrats to replace the leadership of the military with “woke” perfumed princes, the military is still somewhat traditional and still believes in old-fashioned notions of patriotism and loyalty. 

Most of the alphabet soup of federal agencies have some armed contingent, just in case the Department of Commerce needs to send a SWAT to intervene before someone tears that label off their new mattress. The problem for the Democrats is that 200 years of history has put some pretty strong barriers around federal use of these powers.   

The Trump era showed us that the Democrats can usually find a district court judge or even a circuit court who’ll give them a “great service,” but they were mostly unsuccessful in the circuits and almost totally unsuccessful at the Supreme Court level. Comrade Obama, or whoever was pulling his strings, realized that they needed some military force that could act under relatively independent authority.

Comrade Obama found willing accomplices in the Internal Revenue Service when he attacked conservative non-profit organizations; Lois Lerner, who headed the IRS, was a hero of the People’s Republic as she stymied revanchist political groups and militias a-borning. She’s enjoying her six-figure retirement rather than the 6 x 8 cell she deserves. Comrade Obama never realized his ambition of having a private army under his sole control. Now Slo’ Joe and the Democrat Congress are poised to establish one.

The fraudulently named “Inflation Reduction Act” is going to give the Internal Revenue Service $80 billion to hire 87,000 new IRS agents, ostensibly to ferret out all the 1%-ers who are cheating on their taxes. 

News flash for all the people who went to government schools in the last 40 years or who watch CNN: 1%-ers, and even 10%-ers don’t really cheat on their taxes; they have lawyers and accountants who are better at tax law than some GS-11 IRS agent who knows she can’t be fired. Tax cheating is the province of the struggling small business person and the working class guy working under the table. Guess who the IRS will be going after?

The other people they’ll be going after are the nonprofits whose activities are not coordinated with Democratic Party objectives. The Nazis had a word for it: “Gliechshalstung,” which roughly translates to coordination. It is lost to young, ignorant minds that the Nazis were the National Socialist Party and they confiscated private property with alacrity. Some they kept as a Party asset, some they gave to Party supporters. Lots of good Nazis got the homes and businesses of Jews who were getting a train ride east. But, if you agreed to coordinate your business’s activities with the objectives of the Party, you could keep your business and some of its profits.   

We soften it a bit here in the US by calling it crony capitalism, but the Democrats are masters at it; there is a reason most of the prominent billionaires are Democrats. Zuckerberg, et al., will do most anything to keep the Democrats from deciding to tax or regulate their business(es).

One might take comfort in the fact that there is no way the federal government can recruit and hire 87,000 IRS Agents. Superficially, the job requires a college degree for entry and starts in the mid-$30s without geographic adjustment. In reality, most make $60,000-$80,000 and some considerably more. 

Some number of the new agents will be “special agents” with law enforcement authority and a whole new trove of true weapons of war provided by the federal government. That ugly black rifle carried by the county Mountie or local policeman is likely a semi-automatic AR-15 clone. The firearm the federal law enforcement officer carries is the real thing, an M-4 or M-16 capable of automatic fire and nobody questions how many rounds of ammunition they can carry.

There is no way to recruit 87,000 people who could meet the minimum qualifications for even the lowest level of this job classification. They will use a combination of affirmative action and some sort of diversity scam to make these employees patronage hires. Lots of Antifa punks will be able to escape their mothers’ basements and become well-paid federal law enforcement officers. These people will be thugs under the control of the Democrat party.

I can see them now in their “TactiCool” uniforms, black of course. These are the people hired to kick in your door and stick an automatic weapon in your wife and kids’ faces so they can review your 1040 EZ. All they have to do is enact some federal tax on firearms and they can come and examine your gun safe to make sure you’re paying the proper taxes on any weapons you might own. This is the face of the Democrats’ private army, just as well-armed as the real Army.

Invest in precious metals.

Art Chance is a retired Director of Labor Relations for the State of Alaska, formerly of Juneau and now living in Anchorage. He is the author of the book, “Red on Blue, Establishing a Republican Governance,” available at Amazon.

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    • The Jews in Germany said the same thing. Right up until they were taken to the ghettos.

      Somehow I expect if Trump did this you’d be apoplectic with outrage.

      • No, I wouldn’t. Collecting tax that is due is one of the best ways of increasing revenue and keeping taxes low. I’m all for it. I pay my fair share, don’t cheat, and expect others to do the same.

        • The Dog, I don’t know about you, but the tax code is so complex I need two CPAs with expensive software to figure out my taxes. Anything that complicated is obviously going to be very arguable as to its application. The literally thousands of loopholes enable the big earners (like Buffett) to pay no taxes at all. Meanwhile, the lowest earning (50% of the population) also pay no taxes to speak of. That leaves the middle class to carry the burden; however, the problem is, the middle class is rapidly shrinking. Then, to top it off, we have legions of pseudo-moralistic frauds (mimicking Obama) by repeating the hackneyed phrase “fair share.” You will note that these phonies never actually state what percentage rate a “fair share” would be. Real numbers and truth are not their stock and trade. They are of the father of all lies.

    • “…….you have nothing to worry about.”
      Somehow, the reassurances of a dog online doesn’t allay the fear I feel from past experience.

    • Right. Tell that to my co worker who used to work in a sewing factory and lived in a small mobile home. Her neighbor and her shared resources so they could survive. IRS came and tore her place apart “because no one can live on your income so you must be dealing drugs”!!!!

    • If only it was that simple.
      Title 26 US Code is several hundred pages long, with 11 subtitles (A-K) The total Code contains close to 10,000 subsections. Title 26 is an amalgamation of hundreds of individual Public Laws. There are hundreds of thousands of cross references in that section of US Code alone.
      The implementing regulations Title 26 CFR is equal in length and breadth. It is also equally difficult to follow.
      So… do not cheat sounds simple, but actually following the law to the letter is a near impossibility. The law itself is structured to be incomprehensible.
      Anecdotal, but relevant. I have found IRS documents/instructions that are in conflict with the law. The instructions provided in the IRS book/form tell the filer to do something that is not legal.
      If someone wanted to create a monster with the specific purpose of jailing their political enemies, they could not do better than the US Tax Code.

      • Imagine a US Tax Code that only required a flat tax percentage of all income received.

        Individual or Corporate.

        No exceptions, no loopholes.

        Three lines.


        Flat Tax Rate subtraction.

        Tax to be paid.

        And cut the Governmental agencies that currently monitor said payment of taxes therein so as to represent what is truly needed to process said taxes.

        I would imagine that much more than the proposed 87K agents would be rendered obsolete.

        Perhaps they could be hired as a replacement unto all those illegal aliens within the farm and manufacturing industries.

        • Regressive tax schemes like this hit the poor much harder than the well-to-do. That’s why most countries employ progressing tax rates.

          For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required. Luke 12:48.

          • How, exactly, does this disaffect ANY taxpayer more so than any other?

            Should there be no exemptions nor loopholes, every single taxpayer, whether as an individual, corporation, or church, would pay the same percentage of their income, which to me, is perfect equality of payment based upon their means.

            Every affected entity has the exact same level of skin within the game, as it were, and would have the exact same level of interest within how said taxes were spent.

            How is that ‘regressive’?

          • Dawg, You once again display your THC Hazed misunderstanding of how the tax system actually works which is only eclipsed by your theological ignorance.
            With a Central Bank like the Fed, money appears from no where. It is created by pushing keys on a keyboard. Beardsley Ruml , Chairman of the New York Fed once noted that” Taxes for Revenue was an obsolete notion”. (1946)
            Ruml, the creator of the payroll deduction plan maintained that taxes were for the Stabilization of currency and to control peoples behaviors and economic choices. In other words Dawg… when you print tons of fiat money that will cause INFLATION using said fake money to reward your friends, you also need a mechanism to pull money back out of the economy to “regulate the inflation that you have caused.
            Essentially, Central Banks rob you of your wealth through currency devaluation. The IRS agent is merely the tool of the Banker to keep you in line doggie boy. Light up a fatty and ponder that!
            And BTW, our founders were Hard Currency men.

          • You need a bigger social crowd, as well read other bible scriptures before judging richer people they must play the great man and give it all way. Wealth isn’t a sin, its
            when money and the pompous going with it become an idol. Then probably be best they give all it all away leaving the classier neighborhood and live in a trailer park.

          • The Dog, I got news for you Skippy. Luke 12:48 speaks to us personally–to our hearts. He and His Father bless us with abundance so that we should bless others. However, He does not tell us to subcontract or delegate our obligations in this regard to our government.
            Let us be careful not to mis-quote scripture for it would be better to be tossed into the sea with a millstone tied around our necks.

        • And, therein lies the rub.
          If the tax code was simplified to that extent, the legislature would lose significant power over the average individual.

          • Jefferson, please lighten up on The Dog. He is not as fully intellectually armed as he imagines himself to be (see my remonstrations above). To attack him frontally is akin to whipping a golden retriever.

    • Whidbey; The other option is Rating out all your leftist neighbors thereby keeping the Feebs occupied….It has the added benefit of watching a leftist being slowly impaled by the IRS….

    • It is not whether one ‘cheats’ upon their taxes, Whidbey.

      It is whether one subscribes unto a different ideological mindset than those in power within the ‘perception’ of ‘cheating’ upon their taxes.

      The ideological mindset, within this case, is of more importance than the actual cheating, or not, within the tax system.

      The penalty is ascribed unto the ideological mindset, not the rendering of one’s tax reporting.

  1. Perhaps something in the water triggered this screed. Art, there are legitimate reasons to write about the tax code in our nation and the Internal Revenue Service. You managed to miss almost every with the rants about the Nazis, comrades and so on.
    You’ve gone on way past your usual cranky, interesting commentary and have hit crank. Pick it up Bucko or take up another hobby.

    • Just drawing parallels to other authoritarian regimes, Joe. Show me a lank-haird, bespectacled lefty boy and I’ll show you a wannabe Comrade Strelnikov dreaming of cruising the countryside with his armored train and a brigade of Cossacks hunting down all the guys who got the pretty girls.

      • Hyperbole heaped on strained metaphors. You can do better Art. You’re just pandering to a slice of the mob. It’s like jacklighting deer. Not sporting or even funny.

          • Randy: Check back in when you get grounded in reality. Facts and reason help with the discussion here. If you can’t follow along, find a new hobby or go out and cut the grass, clean out the gutters or something useful.

          • Joe Geldhof post…. sorry, but no reply option to the following post.

            ‘Randy: Check back in when you get grounded in reality. Facts and reason help with the discussion here. If you can’t follow along, find a new hobby or go out and cut the grass, clean out the gutters or something useful.’

            How very passive-aggressive of you, Joe.

            Is a lie reality if repeated enough, Joe?

            Is not that the cornerstone of your profession, to present an argument to alter
            the truth within support of your argument within any given case?

            True, there are many honest lawyers, but I sincerely doubt you are one of them.

            Off to do something ‘useful’.

        • Mr. Chance styles himself as some sort of learned history professor. In reality, he’s nothing more than a retired State employee with an overdeveloped sense of self-importance who made his living by beating up on Unions. Yeah, I guess that would embitter anyone…

          • Whidby, you old hound: Art worked for unisons some of the time. He wasn’t always beating up on unions, either. Mostly he did his job and got paid for his efforts. That he might be embittered, as you suggest, probably doesn’t have anything to do with working for or against unions. It’s just part of Mr. Chances background and experience.

        • Careful Joe…. Art referenced an era from which many survivors are still living. A cultural through-line is the false view that we have somehow evolved beyond our worst moments. In reality, a clear reading of history juxtaposed with current events, shows tyranny remains our constant nemesis–being held at bay like the boy’s thumb in the dike. From this perspective, Art’s analysis is spot-on. A man of clear vision should not need to suffer the worst kind of persecution his government can mete out in order to recognize it is at hand.

      • It’s time to prepare for the revolution2.0, totalitarianism is taking hold, we are the frog in boiling water… time execute order 66 on the entire left leaning demographic… you wanna play games? Let’s play for keeps then. As the great Dr. Dre once said, “ my life or life, I ain’t leavin, I like breathin”.

          • Purely self-defense, Lucinda.

            Or does that not apply unto your own violence and homicide within the streets that Antifa and Black Lives Matter propagated within the past few years?

            You obviously support them, leftist that you are.

          • Oh, please. Lucinda you are much more mature than that.
            What you are doing here is trying to close the argument. Trying to change the topic from federal overreach to whether a word is inciting violence. Please stick to the topic.

          • Whoa scared of you Lucy. Just remember that one man’s traitor is another man’s Patriot remember when the founding father said we had a pretty good democracy going here if we can keep it? I think in a Way they were cautioning Us that the likes of Soros, Clinton, Obama, Biden and other players are always going to be there to try to tear it down. And then there’s people like you they don’t want good hard-working Americans to defend the Constitution and the rule of law. Shame shame shame.

        • Pretty sure, Joe, that if the shooting starts, we can find you cowering under the covers.

          You’ve got it pretty d_mn good, and have very little to complain about. Look around…

          • This comment by Whidbey doggedly asserts matters not in evidence. What’s next? Some insightful comment from Thedog that my mother wears (wore), combat boots?
            So little insight, so much of the time from Whidby Thedog.

    • You’re right! Arming our IRS with weapons and ammunitions along with one of the requirements of said position being, “must be able to use deadly force,” is not a reason for Art to write about our IRS. You wokesters need to wake up!

          • Randy Lee: Consider taking a composition course and maybe add a class or two in logic after that. You might find it useful, even fun. Go for it! It can’t hurt.

          • Hmmm….again, no reply option for Joe’s reply to me…. weird…

            ‘Randy Lee: Consider taking a composition course and maybe add a class or two in logic after that. You might find it useful, even fun. Go for it! It can’t hurt’

            I shall take a pass on the composition course, Joe, thank you very much.

            As unto logic?

            Well, I can logically ascertain and understand what is within written form submitted by other submitters of comments and respond, should I choose to, based upon said ascertainable messaging and understanding.

            Or is that obtuse observation?

    • You have no idea. You have not been watching our local assembly or you agree with the taking of personal property for the “greater good”. Either way, your opinion is of no value since the US Constitution was written to support the INDIVIDUAL against the Government.

      • The greater good legal doctrine was partially debunked by the revocation of Roe v Wade, the absolute right to (defend your) life as an individual is trounced by the greater good if less humans upon the earth eating is a greater science good. Humans being a natural part of the natural ecosystem is not a theory democrats can support so as a result they have pleasant discretion to sort among populations by algorythms or other factors or random what have you values to elevate themselves socially into a superior, god-like heirarchy which they reflexively are incapable of ever rejecting for two reasons. One, having rejected the Creator they are still designed to seek intrinsicallly for Him. Two, they research
        in vain for a nonexistent god to them and in questioning revert to human instinct and elevate their group think to God status. Then, they revert to instinctive demands for conformance.

      • Joe lives in the Juneau Oblast and socializes with the Citizens Against Virtually Everything (CAVE) people that inhabit that province. He’s capable of lucid moments but it is hard to overcome the vibes in the air of the People’s Republic of Juneau.

    • Joe, Art makes a compelling argument below and after watching the ANTIFA freak show I’m fairly certain that he is on to something.

  2. Thanks for the article, Art. Tag on Biden Executive Order 14067 (‘ and that would essentially complete they’re measures to control your money, accounts and turn them on and off at their whim. Don’t take my word for it, read the article.

      • For general info: I bought Trump coins to annoy my TDS neighbors (and you) with.
        “you’ll support trump at the gallows” tells me that you’re a dedicated Marxist who would have approved the murder of millions of Jews and Deplorables.You would probably take delight in exterminating everyone you don’t like.

      • Are you threatening the life of President Trump? Please explain your off the cuff reference to “at the gallows”?

        • Lucinda, the willfully ignorant poster, is stating that when ‘we’ are at the gallows, that ‘we’ shall still support Trump.

          Intellectual that they believe they are.

          Right, Lucinda?

      • From a previous comment:
        “You are promoting violence and homicide. Don’t.”
        And, I support Trump, not because I love the man, but because I love the USA.
        Over the last six years, the leftists have demonstrated clearly that anyone who is not part of their cabal is to be destroyed. This was always brewing, but Trump brought it to the surface and made it clear to everyone alive.
        I will support Trump to the end, not because I particularly believe he is a good man, but because he woke the average individual. We now see what a monster a leftist government can be, and we know it will get worse.

      • I support US Constitution Article 1 Section 7. All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.

        It does not say revenue due process is Presidental edict. That is excluded though the President may veto.

      • Again Lucinda, indeed we should have elected that sparkling vessel of virtue and integrity, Hillary Clinton. …. even though she was unaware some guy set up a private server in her apartment and lost her 30,000 emails.

  3. One of reasons why ‘defunding the police’ is being pushed, is so they can be replaced with federal law enforcement. And for those that think they’re immune because they’re on the ‘right side’–that’s not how it ultimately works. It’s stuff like this that start civil wars–and we’re approaching that precipice at a pretty good clip. Desperate people do desperate things. The criminal dem party knows time is short and they will go all in. There will be things happening a month or two from now you won’t believe. Desperation…

      • Whose evidence, Joe?

        That is how liars, sorry, lawyers like you operate.

        Once the actual evidence presents itself, unhidden by those such as yourself, it is too late.

        And then those such as yourself can claim ignorance of said evidence although you were aware of it all the time.

      • Yes, Joe. it is a view.
        Most of us call it an opinion.
        And, last time I checked, opinions do not require evidence.

        • Your right about opinions not needing to be grounded in evidence. It’s just that most opinions that actually stand the test of time and prevail in terms of actually being accepted and acted on are based on actual evidence and not part of some fantasy world.
          Knock yourself out living in a fantasy world. It5’s increasingly popular, so you’ll be in company. Whether it’s good company is up to you to decide.

          • Yet… the opinions expressed by BlackLivesMatter do have quite a bit of reality behind them.
            As the calls to defund the police increased, Federal spending on domestic law enforcement increased as well.
            Is LabsMatter historically incorrect about the sparks that lead to civil wars?
            Do desperate people not do desperate things?
            And, finally is the Democrat party leaning more toward the extreme, or are they pulling back, and showing more tolerance for those they disagree with?
            HINT: Saying the MAGA crowd is the most extreme threat to the country is not embracing your opponent and working toward a win-win.

    • Should violence occur, the responsibility will be on low curiosity, low patience and profoundly ideologically constipated conservatives.

      • No, Lucinda, should violence occur, the responsibility shall be upon non-stop, in your face leftists such as yourself that believe you can push and push within another’s face before they have no choice but to push back to move you and your ilk out of their face.

        And then you shall scream violence upon you even though it is only a matter of justified self-defense that you and your ilk caused.

        By the way, Lucinda.

        Within that scenario, you and your ilk shall lose badly.


      • There are many other countries you might prefer. Why are you here? Good grief. Socialism fails where ever it takes over. Why would you think it is desirable? Why do you think we have thousands and thousands of people flocking to our borders? Not for socialism but to escape it. You do not deserve the freedom you have been gifted with. Both you and the other Joe above. Freedom takes work and responsibility and evidently you won’t recognize it until you no longer have it.

      • Also, Lucinda, low curiosity implies that conservatives are not interested within events.

        Low patience implies that patience within a great deal has not been exercised already.

        Profoundly ideologically constipated.


        Does that mean that those such inflicted need to take extreme measures to allow those thoughts to come forth?

        As you describe it, none said thoughts could come to fruition, without help, correct?

        And yet you complain of conservative thoughts that have not yet run through their system.

        Perhaps you are the ex-lax needed so as to allow full freedom of thought for said conservatives.

        Though, to be honest, perhaps you should not take such joy in being such thing as ex-lax, or a suppository, as it were.

        But you do you.

        And enjoy!

      • Low patience.
        Ahhh…. that’s ripe.
        The conservatives in this country have millions of long range rifles, and the average hunter is a sniper.
        Yet, no assassinations.
        Gee…. if that does not indicate patience, what does?

  4. Adding 87,000 new agents with a job description that talks about the willingness to carry weapons and use deadly force is more than enough reason for the Nazi comparison. Particularly when we’ve witnessed the weaponization of federal agencies for over a decade, starting with the IRS targeting conservative non-profits and continuing with the Russia hoax etc. Wake up America.

    • It’s easy to cheat if you live in the 1040EZ world; you just don’t report the income. If you’re a struggling small business person or a tradesman working hand to mouth, you tell the IRS what you think they need to know.

      • Art, I suggest you not engage in mud-wrestling with some of these commenters. You are right to say that which is excluded from tax forms is what constitutes most cheating. However, debating such a fundamental concept would seem to be a waste of time.

    • there’s 87,000 new IRS agents there are only about 750 billionaires that equation leaves a mess of free time for a mess of agents. lots of investigations into cash tip kind of working class American jobs theyll also be targeting many middle class Americans who just broke through who are basically defenseless in the face of unlimited resources of the federal governments extortion arm. also ask yourself what kind of people work in these kinds of government agency’s.

    • American businessmen can’t use the EZ. Nor can anyone with substantive investments (unless they want to give the government money).

      The tax code is deliberately designed so anyone and everybody can be in violation of it.

      I wonder how flippant you’ll be wHEN armed agents show up at your door.
      “But I used the EZ!”

      • It was set up that way purposefully to accommodate legal suits in like kind. The Governments lately are all corporations. Friendships are available among peers; corporation to corporation. Why wouldn’t someone take the opportunity to be a mythological person and reap the fiat “benefits”?

    • You’re right, they’re going after the people that make over $400,000 a year like the clintons and the pelosis and the bidens. LOL yeah right. You keep on believing that.

    • Seriously? Well I certainly pray you are correct but I for one do not share your confidence. It is not really so much about taxes it is about continual destruction of the middle class. Start a business and run it for a couple years while you diligently pay your taxes and pay attention to the world around you. You will then get it.

  5. I don’t always agree with Art’s views especially on western Alaska politics, but in this case, he is spot on. I think we are fighting a losing battle in courts against the Communist posers. I think the only way they can be defeated is on the field.

        • On the field does encompass much – not only actual combat but boots on the ground strategy, involvement and pen to paper. As conservatives we do need to be better organized, involved, attentive and intentional. I think our value system has had us working hard at our jobs and our businesses, raising our kids, but we have dropped the ball a bit in defending our freedoms.

    • “……..I think we are fighting a losing battle in courts against the Communist posers. I think the only way they can be defeated is on the field.”
      Unfortunately, I’m pretty confident you are correct. Reversing (or even balancing) this course politically, ideologically, culturally, and morally looks quite impossible at this point. It appears to me that only a religious miracle can save us nationally and globally from open warfare, and frankly, it doesn’t look like God gives much of a rat’s tail about it, either.
      Prepare for rough seas……….

        • Lucinda, the violence has ALREADY been initiated, by you and your radical leftist extremist ilk. Reggie and others here are simply talking about taking defensive measures against that violence.
          Face it, Lucinda: the civil war has begun, and it is YOUR side that started it. The side that seeks total control, and total obedience, and total conformity, and total subservience, from everyone else. And it is very clear to me on which side I will fight.

        • You sound like you don’t like the founding best international lawyers words “duty to throw off tyranny”. ? WHERE exactly is your sworn oath to defend the rights of we the people who are paying your stipend? It’s on public file. I’d like to see it and all your peers in this community. WHERE can it be found? Drop your subterfuge about who you are.

          • You, government enforcement employee, must show your id when commanded by the people. You are being commanded right now. Show your id. I may have a nom de plume. You may not. You are directing people on this forum because you are, I believe, engaged in an act of espionage against not for the people
            hiding who you are. You are obliged to show ID when asked. Was this omitted from your training in Alaska? Get your training manuals we paid for out for inspection. Of course it was. I believe the intent of your mission is to exactly, specifically act outside YOUR Constitutional limits as always.

        • No more a proponent of violence than you are.
          Here’s a pro tip.
          Read your comments with the same critical eye you use for others, before you start acting all honorable.

        • Lucinda you seem like a sanctimonious missionary lady. Are you? I hope you can bear impertinent questions; of which you may be the queen.

  6. The consensus view of the Left is that democracy cannot function if people who disagree with them are allowed to participate in it. Combine this with their adherents routinely operating in an alternate reality of a constant state of grievances and you can see how the Left is driven to obsessively and vigilantly cling to their irrationally justified moral imperative to “protect our democracy” from the phantasm they perceive as a constant existential threat coming from the non-Left. Madness.

    • I’m totally into the “protect our democracy” thing. Aren’t you? The biggest threat was and, given the FBI investigation in Florida, is the treasonous criminal Trump. (And you’r explanation of the Left is ludicrous).

      • And you think the Democratic Party long time socialist hijackers (maybe you are thinking it is still the party of 30 plus years ago…) really cares about democracy? Power and control. That is the net game plan of the left. They are not your dad’s Democratic Party. Protect our democracy? Gaslighting. And you hav fallen foe it.

      • Ludicrous? His description of the left is not ludicrous. It is 100% correct.
        Which side of the political aisle keeps talking about systemic/institutionalized racism? But, then cannot define it.
        Which side of the political aisle automatically assumes anyone who is not celebrating their cause of the day loudly enough is a “hater?”
        Which side of the political aisle will loudly and insistently demand, DEMAND, that everyone on the other side of the aisle condemn whatever person or organization said something that was even remotely insulting.
        Last time I checked, it was leftists that were writing letters to advertisers because some character on show said something offensive. It certainly was not conservatives that try to cancle out Dave Chappelle because of a transgender joke.
        Are there a lot of conservatives that want to see CNN/MSNBC/whatever removed from the airways? How many times has a liberal been permanently banned from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter?
        And, when Elon Musk wanted to buy Twitter and restore people’s ability to communicate without fear of censorship, who was so terrified of being offended that they tried to stop the purchase?
        Sorry, but the leftists use emotion as a substitute for logic, reason, and understanding.
        Please, prove me wrong.

      • You know, I thought of a few more things the leftists are constantly offended about.
        Leftists were/are the ones that try to prevent any conservative speakers from speaking on college campuses. Do you think Ben Shapiro should have been allowed to speak at Berkley? The leftists were so terrified of what he might say they shut the event down. Same with Ann Coulter.
        Seriously, you have been fooled if you do not see Carlin’s description of the leftist as accurate.

        • CB. I don’t follow Hollywood nonsense, but thanks for the list of complaints from the Right wing. I do agree that college campuses should welcome all voices. I wonder, as an atheist, could I speak at Liberty University?

          • Of COURSE, you could, Lucinda!

            It may be to a nearly empty auditorium, and those actually within attendance may turn their backs to you or simply walk out from boredom, but you would be given the opportunity to speak, nonetheless.

            See how that free speech thing works?

      • First, we don’t live in a democracy, no matter how much you on the left would like mob rule. Of course, you really only like mob rule if it is your mob; these days your storm troopers with ANTIFA and BLM.

        The traitorous criminals in America are the upper reaches of the federal intelligence and law enforcement organizations working in concert with Democrat/communist operatives. Most of the left is either stupid or self-serving. If you are a welfare recipient, a public employee, or a government grantee or contractor it is in your interest to vote with the left. Most of the leadership cadre of the left are or once were open communists. Some in the unions and non-profits still let their red flag fly, but most have styled themselves “progressive.” They thought the government schools had done a good enough job of brainwashing that nobody would remember that progressive was once the term for a communist sympathizer or fellow traveler whose work or social status wouldn’t allow them to be open communists. Some of us even remember that once you couldn’t practice law unless you took a loyalty oath and swore that you were not affiliated with any organization that advocated overthrowing the US or a state government. Consequently, open communists couldn’t be admitted to the Bar. The ACLU was formed of communist sympathizers and fellow travelers who could be admitted to the Bar and represent communist defendants. Some of us know a lot more about the US left than the vast majority of the brainwashed leftists do.

          • Did you have to go look up that archaic word? No, dear, it isn’t a surfeit. You and your ilk are brainwashed and only know the BS that has been shovelled into your skulls full of mush by teachers, professors, the leftist media, and popular “culture.” In other words you’re all pig ignorant of everything except the crap you’ve been brainwashed to believe.

    • Agree and yes it is madness. Blindness, insanity, spiritual oppression, even possession in some cases. And chilling. It is time for all conservatives to step up to the plate and quite wasting time arguing stuff such as the virtues of Palin vs Begich, and instead focus collectively on defending our constitution as it was written.

      • E: totally agree. That why the January 6 investigation is so important.

        I didn’t know any of those enemies were possessed!

        • Yes, if we can keep the mid-term from being stolen by the communists there will be an investigation of the January 6th leftist gaslighting operation and hopefully some orange jumpsuits for some prominent communists, excuse me, Democrats. There is no honest law enforcement in the USDOJ, but some state charges should be available to bring them to trial in the civilized states.

  7. It has NEVER been about protecting ‘democracy’.

    It has ALWAYS been about protecting the ‘Democrat Party’, which is in no way the same thing.

    There was once the SS.

    There is now the FBI.

    History does indeed repeat itself, though within different names, but the end result is the same.

      • I used to hold you within a low, but higher esteem, Lucinda, but you apparently exist within the utmost degree of chosen ignorance.

        Are you even aware of what you attempt to speak?

        I think not, because if you were self-aware at all, or bothered to read any of mine own past comments within this forum, you would not have even attempted this supposed ‘gotcha’ post.

        Or maybe you would have, as your obvious lack of understanding within any respect of reality, drives you to leave no doubt of your ignorance regarding nearly every subject discussed within this forum.

        You are not winning, Lucinda.

        You are not even competing.

        You believe you are playing slap jack upon a chess board, without the benefit of holding any cards.

        I hold no animosity towards those such as you, Lucinda.

        Nor empathy.

        Merely pity.

        • Looks like I didn’t make myself clear. “There was once the SS.

          There is now the FBI.”

          Based on your statement, do you support defunding the FBI?

          • I support not only defunding but eliminating any politically based position within ANY law enforcement agency, local, State, or Federal, and allow the good people of said agencies to do their jobs based upon the law as written Constitutionally without political oversight so as to be a true ‘protect and serve’ agency at any and all levels within regard unto equal treatment for all individuals served by said agencies.


      • The laid down, foundational law is the US Constitution which created the perfect union of 50 states. Any other writings ✍ can very well be stuff made up by lawyers. What state legislators write are corporate bylaws that apply specifically to them as corporate stipend receivers while on the clock. They write Public enactments for those in the public employment. Private real men, not mythological persons, have American Common Law don’t you agree or are you democratic doctrinnaire?

      • I am pretty sure Randy is 100% for the rule of law.
        That is something that appears to be turning into a two tier system lately. Which means there really is no law.

    • Which maybe is more concerning is that the Chinese government is allowed to purchase America. Let me say that again, China is buying up America. They purchased Smithfield hams a few years back so the next time you buy that hamstick or the smoked ham and it says Smithfield on the package you’re supporting China and their rogue takeover of America. China is also buying up farmland. They’re trying to find a way to feed all their own people so they’re just buying up Americans farms and paying crazy prices for them. They’re also buying up land around our military bases. What better way to spy on your adversary then from your own land? They’re even buying up no good land on our Southern border. These are the things that you should be worried about instead of a rope-a-dope IRS scheme to scare Americans. The Democrats hardly ever do anything right in your face. They do several things right in your face but that’s just the come on Carney game that they’re good at. The real game is behind closed doors or maybe even hiding out in plain sight.

      • Those contracts are very likely unenforceable because it takes the liberty rights from heirs and children which is not permitted. SUCH contracts I believe are legal fictions and are not enforceable legal instruments. They also may be indictia of treason. TBD.

      • “China is buying up America”. What are they supposed to do with all that money, buy stocks and bonds? hahahahaahahahah They’ll just get sheared like the rest of the sheep.

  8. Traditionally, the IRS can’t account for about 25% of it’s budget. But hey, when you throw money at something, lots of it will flutter away into the wind.

    • Millions of missing dollars went bye-bye under the Clinton State department. They never did find out where it all went but was probably earmarked for the Clinton foundation. But the statue of limitations has run out on her so she can safely come out of the woods now.

  9. Amen Art. Your point of course, is to warn people what could happen if we let the demorats achieve their wet dream – are we there yet? Almost, and it really does look like we’re heading that way. Many career bureaurats and other commies haven’t been able to find a way to enforce their tyranny yet, and would absolutely love an enforcement arm – the power of grant money withholding only goes so far before the people tell them off. Those poo-pooing your Article have their heads in the sand.

  10. Art you are right on point and I love your articles! People never realize until it is too late. They don’t know history because it is not taught, they are told what to think. Remember as Mark Twain once stated “It is easier to fool somebody than to convince them that they have been fooled”. Or my personal favorite, “Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.” Harry Truman – a special message to the Congress on the internal security of the United States August 8, 1950. Keep up the enlightenment I thoroughly enjoy it.
    The difference in our country now and back then was Democrats and Republicans both loved their country but now most of the Democrat party hates the country they live in and maybe a few Rinos too.

  11. The IRS will hire all the recent invaders across the southern border, as they have never been exposed to the valuable freedoms embodied in the US Constitution that effectively PREVENTED us from being a “Democracy’ in favor of us being a Democratic Republic. We will be being oppressed by a foreign army.

  12. The underground economy has grown to astronomical numbers. I do not wish to pay higher taxes as the under the table crowd smiles. Carried interest is still allowed. Tax Reform would actually lower taxes because when everyone pays what they should, revenue to the government coffers increases.

    • Preserving carried interest is what got the decisive vote for Xiden’s “inflation reduction” scam.

  13. Welcome to the newest communist state ushered in by the Biden Administration and the D.C. Swamp uniparty. Your Constitution is now an afterthought after they abuse your rights under it. If there was ever a clear example of what tyranny looks like, look no further than the recent FBI raid on Trump’s residence. With absolutely no evidence to back up the raid, they found a willing Obama supporting Judge in Florida to approve a bogus search warrant for what? No one knows because Merrick Garlands Nazis squad won’t release the details. This is the worst case of abuse of power we have seen in America and we have complete corrupt fools like McConnell in the Senate doing absolutely nothing to address it. The corrupt mafia in D.C. has now crossed a line that they can’t erase. This was a political hit on an innocent man that did more for this country than any of the goons before him. The Red Wave is coming criminals, make sure you preserve your documents, texts, e-mails, all of it! Justice is coming and Americans will not rest until all involved in this corruption have been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    • Wait, you say, “Justice is coming and Americans will not rest until all involved in this corruption have been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”, yet when the FBI does EXACTLY the thing you want, you call it tyranny. I don’t get it.

      • The FBI has been a corrupt tyrannical agency since it’s inception. A lot of people like you used to recognize this. I guess as long as theyre going after your perceived political enemy and now the FBI is a great agency thats never done anything wrong past or present.

      • As long as the FBI is treating all suspected criminals equally, I am good with it.
        That has not been happening. Nor has it ever happened.

  14. Time for a constitutional convention or bust. The great reset. Judged are the problem and the overspending democrats need to be unelected. And federalism minimized at the state constitution level we are shareholders of our rights and we the people can trump we the government. Vote yes on the Alaska constitutional convention of 2022.

  15. When will people realize that the IRS is not an American agency? It is an agency under the control of the Corporation of the United States that is not even American. All you have to do is read the 1871 act and you will see that America and every agency and rule, we have been living under, realize we have been under foreign control since the act of 1871.
    Why don’t you think that we are not at war right now, against the global cabal?
    Just like our leaders that signed the 1871 act committed treason against our Founding Documents and the USA, you can now see why the Corporation of the United States and all those who think it is our governing body keeps shoving all this garbage down our throats. Until we get back to a restored republic, the foreigners and traitors inside America that control America, will continue until they 100% control you and this Country.

  16. So, they foisted this covid-crap massive overreaction at us. Then, after they milked that one out, tried a little monkeypox to see if that one would stick. Now, they propose adding armed IRS agents to threaten us, and then have the big show of the mar-a-lago raid. The point of all of this, is to keep us perpetually in a state of fear. The lines have been drawn, no doubt.

  17. One of the provisions of The Affordable Care Act that almost no one noticed was for a private army of first responders that reports only to the President. The Affordable Care Act didn’t fund this army. Now it has been funded.

  18. As Art said, these 87,000 new IRS agents won’t even bother looking at the tax returns of the 1%ers and 10%ers, because they don’t have to cheat on their taxes; they wrote the tax laws in the first place. Why cheat when all you have to do is send your lobbyists up to the hill with the favorable loophole language in their briefcases?

    Lisa knows how the game is played. Just ask her about her Kenai River property deals.

  19. Scary article and sadly its true. The new breed of Democrat has used the Nazi blueprint for years now. Obama himself, away from the prompter, said we need to federalize law enforcement. Pay your taxes and you won’t be harmed? Watch those old WWII films of the Jews being herded onto rail cars for “reprocessing.”

  20. Get estrogen out of the feedlots. The meat industries in Europe would never feminize their men like democrats have been doing for decades in the US and now some soldiers are wondering about their gender. This was done collusively, purposefully against the strength of this republic by the lesser, marginal opponents of this republic (not democracy). Our superior republic is undesired by weaker despots.

  21. Frightening article that contains much truth as evidenced by the Mar Al Largo raid, jailing of the Jan 6 ‘ dissidents’ and pandemic ‘ controls’ to say nothing of a ‘ faultless’ presidential election !! Hopefully Alaska ( and it’s military) will exit the union before the looming disaster overtakes us!!

  22. We the People of the Unitex States in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to our selves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    • Here the plain language and use of the term “Order” is understood by the best international lawyers with 28 years of education in the legal court usage and the Union of the United States was created. That legal “Order” still stands in our Confederate Republic. The documents carefully named our form of government belonging equally to all as a confederate republic not a democracy where mob rule not rule of Law, meaning the plain language of the US Constitution IS ;”the law” which rules not offshore policies surreptitiously, secretively adopted by agencies with preceding oaths to the English monarch and family. Different day and year; same usurper wanna bees. INTRIST TING. Like Zbigniew warned.

  23. It doesn’t say “We the agencies of the United States” or “We the agents of the United States”. It just doesn’t.

  24. I agree with most all of Art’s article except those ‘1%ers’ , I believe, are not the focus, but the entire middle class. For all the naysayers above, it is you that are the focus. Wake up. The goal – get rid of the middle class, as they still have too much say, and relegate all to voiceless ‘worker bee’, or dependent status in order to support the power hungry elite. The strategy has many parallels to Nazi Germany. If you are that blind then I could probably find a couple of bridges to sell you. If you need help understanding then start a small business and within a couple years, or sooner, you will get it.

  25. This is not about cheating on taxes or complexities in the tax code. Once people realize they are funding a crime organization, they will want to stop. What are their options? My father used to say things like “The only way to get rid of them is to starve them out”. The Federal Reserve prevents that. Another thing he used to say That I thought was Depression era paranoia- “Get forty acres and a mule, because the money’s all gone”. Or a skiff and a gillnet.
    “If the court please, I wish to use the words of Justice Brandeis dissenting in Olmstead to speak for me. He wrote, `Our Government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill, it teaches the whole people by its example.’ That’s all I have,”- Timothy McVeigh.

  26. Didn’t Obama try weaponizing the IRS? Lois Lerner? Anyone? It’s not so much now an issue of the turd not falling from the dog’s backside, but what operative hangovers from Obama’s administration are still operating in Biden’s administration continuing this insidious work?

  27. The deep respect the agencies demand is what is owed and due to the inhabitants of this nation. The agent is not the principal. They are not one in the same.. There is no such coital mechanism within our laid down law in which the agent(cy) “becomes” the principal except and unless a criminal trespass is happening against the freeman by the “agent”.

  28. Some exciting things: The Preamble uses carefully vetted clear English language terms like “…secure the blessings of Liberty, …do ordain…this Constitution”. Those terms indicate the Christian nature of this nature by use of these Holy Scripture terms which only have Christian context. Rabbis and shamans don’t use the term “Ordain”. Christians do. At creation this nation gave evidence or Christian faith and moral beliefs.

    In Article I in Section 2 distinguishes between Citizen of the United States ?? and an inhabitant of that State in which he shall be chosen. The words are not the same and they meant different things. The two terms are jumbled in current usage and guidance lost. A “‘citizen” is already elected to office in his state at the time of becoming a Congressional Representative and served seven years in the state in which he is chosen Congressman. Further studies elucidate that the citizen is a member of a (literal) “civil society” with rules of decorum and understanding beyond that of a mere inhabitant who was precluded as such from running to be Chosen Congressional Representative. Having lost this distinction in terms the republic has lost the qualifying civil society minimum qualification and the republic is less sturdy because of it. EVERYONE’S A CITIZEN; right? NO.
    Everyone may be a legal inhabitant of the land.

  29. FEMA was also weaponized, such as during major storms instead of offering water, shelter and food they only had covid vaccines. I don’t think Alaska Fema is in line with this but get ready for civil war, if you aren’t already. We can support good government but imposters are exposed.

  30. We can escape the corrupt 3 letter agencies, including the IRS by exiting this system and join Anna von reitz as an American State National. The American State Assembly is up and running in all 50 states and it takes 4 documents. We also need an organized militia and the Common Law Court can use more participants.

  31. Art, if you happen to see this.

    Your article has done an amazing job at showing just how socially broken we are as a country. I’m a a loss to see how the Republic lasts another 10 years if this continues.

    Instead of discussing your point, the bulk of responses were a version of “I know you are but what am I?”

    We are a non serious society. Have been for decades. We are about to reap the rewards.

    I don’t know if that was your intention, but it is a master class regardless.

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