Kelly Tshibaka: It’s time for a change in Senate



Since I first announced my candidacy for the U.S. Senate, I’ve traveled enough miles within Alaska to circumnavigate the globe. The overwhelming sentiment I’ve heard from thousands of Alaskans is that “it’s time for a change” in our representation.

Alaskans are frustrated by the direction of the country and alarmed at how Washington, D.C. policies are specifically targeting us. The Biden administration, and the entrenched D.C. incumbents who support Biden, are attacking our economy, our freedoms, and our very way of life.

But we’ve had enough.

When I’m your senator, you will always know where I stand and will never have to guess. I’m laying out my agenda, appropriately called “It’s Time for a Change,” in which I pledge to side with Alaskans against the political elites at every turn. You can find these policies and principles at

I will fight to revive our economy and defend our resource industries against radical environmentalists who are relentless in their desire to turn Alaska into a national park for the rest of the country. 

I will stand up for our God-given, basic constitutional rights, which have been eroded by people in D.C. This includes parents’ rights to be involved in their children’s education and our 2nd Amendment rights.

I will work to reform healthcare so we provide more mental health resources, get veterans their benefits in record time, and care for vulnerable Alaskans. 

I will support only immigration policies which are equally applied, secure our border, and provide safe immigration.

I will fight to protect the integrity of our elections so that every eligible voter is able to vote once and have it counted.

I will fight for life and pro-family policies, including supporting the availability of birth control, and increased funding for clinics providing non-abortive healthcare services for women. 

And I will hear the voices of the forgotten Alaskans, who will no longer be ignored.

It was through the help of fellow Alaskans that my family was able to build the American Dream. My parents were homeless for a time in Anchorage before I was born, but my mother landed a job at Prudhoe Bay, which allowed them to fight their way into the working class. I became the first in our family to pursue a college degree, starting at UAA before graduating from college and law school.

My family and I owe everything to Alaskans, and in the Senate, I will support you because you supported me.

But our current senior senator doesn’t tell you the truth, saying one thing here in Alaska and doing the opposite in Washington, D.C. 

She brags about writing the “infrastructure” bill but doesn’t tell you that the radical extremists she cut deals with are piling up mountains of new regulations, which will drive inflation so high that it will prevent Alaska from seeingadditional funding anytime soon, if at all. We’re not going to get any new roads or bridges out of that massive spending bill.

She runs ads here in Alaska touting her support for the 2nd Amendment, but voted for Joe Biden’s gun control package, resulting in her losing the NRA’s endorsement.

Even pro-choice voters can’t trust her because she claims to be with them, but voted against the Democrats’ effort to codify Roe v. Wade earlier this year. On the other hand, she claims she doesn’t support late-term abortions or taxpayer funded abortions, but she introduced legislation to protect late-term abortions and has voted repeatedly to send taxpayer funds to national abortion providers.

And her latest lie is telling people that I don’t support access to birth control pills, even though I’ve taken them myself and believe they should be widely available for the many different reasons women use them. Birth control pills are not the same as abortion pills.

I am proud to be the endorsed Republican candidate in this election, supported by the Alaska Republican Party and by former President Donald Trump. And it’s clear that we are at a point where the next senator can either stand with Alaska or continue to enable the disastrous Biden administration that is damaging us more every day.

When I’m the next senator from Alaska, I will never forget the Alaskans who elected me, and I will always stand for the values of the people of this great state. 

In the primary on August 16, and again on November 8, I ask for your vote because most of us agree that it’s time for a change. 

Kelly Tshibaka is a born-and-raised Alaskan, and a candidate for the U.S. Senate in Alaska who is endorsed by former President Donald Trump and the Alaska Republican Party.


  1. It’s past time. When I hear stories that foreign paid operators have infiltrated our elected office, it sends shivers down my spine. Our government is gradually turning our way of life into a communist state. China is heavily into our politics.they own the Biden’s and The Pelosi’s. They bribe their children with millions. They own us right under our noses. Will you fight to regain control of our country?

    • Greg, one question that I would LOVE to hear asked of Kelly, and answered by her, is “Why should we not assume that you will just be co-opted by the Deep State and WEF-led globalist forces, like almost every other nationally-elected US politician, upon taking office?”

      • Great question.
        No matter how any candidate answers, the only way to really know is time.
        So… that question, regardless of how good it is, is meaningless.

  2. WOW outstanding, Jesus said you will know them by their fruits, Kelly is flat out class and I am so very proud to support Kelly. Team Kelly my 1st and only vote. In life we choose good or evil two choices that’s it. Rank choice voting is the lowest one can go, Susan Collins and Lisa murkowski are the only two that got that accomplished. So help me GOD they swore ALL. Suzanne you got some guts and much class yourself ma’am thank you.

  3. Geez, Kelly. You are trying to wreck the Murkowski Dynasty. 42 years and still going……despite idiocy, incompetence, privilege, self-empowerment, arrogance, selfishness, and entitlement. Not to mention self-aggrandizement.
    Are you sure you’re up to it? Joe Miller came close, but the Democrats came to the Murkowski’s rescue on election eve.
    Lisa is an airhead. But she’s the Democrat’s airhead. And that’s the way the Democrats like it. Frank was less than an airhead, with negative pressure upstairs.
    You’ve got the vote of our family. Please take Lisa out and make Daddy’s Little Princess the last of the make-believe Alaska royals. You’ll be a hero.

  4. Washington DC sent us another Dan Sullivan style RINO to replace the existing RINO. I will vote for her but with my nose held.

  5. Suzanne downing ma’am, I bet it was fun growing up with you, you play fair & square, your standard is just for ALL, you don’t take the ball away & go home, it’s fun for ALL, and your integrity of the game is flat out impeccable. Thank you look at your invention must read your a blast, and must read is fun for ALL.

  6. We received Kelly’s Robo Call tonight. Will be happy when she loses and returns back to the swamp in DC working for some religeous NGO.

  7. She’s got my vote. I’ll vote for the unknown because we all know what Murky is. Just like I voted for Trump because we all knew how corrupt Hillary is. RINO Murky.

    • The only rino is the orange tainted tshibaka… just like she is an Alaskan in name only

      Alaska born in raised my arse… last I checked Alaska is nowhere near dc/maryland

    • Joe, you’re a little off tonight. Try F sharp in Key of C Major. Get your haiku going too. Another big bong hit and shot of Jack’s and don’t forget your blanket. Lisa loves cuddles and wraps from her silly admirers. And dropoff a nice tip when done.

      • LOL…..sounds like the affection has departed from HH. The government pension should be nice though, if he can hang in for a couple more months.

  8. Gosh, it’s so obvious that thisbaka has a tissue depth of understanding of Alaska. We need integrity and honesty and patience and community. No to tshibaka.

    • So, who are you voting for? Murkowski has none of those things.
      And, frankly, none of the other candidates for Senate has any name recognition at all. So, where is your vote going?

    • Brad, I’ve watched Kelly in a Village North of the Arctic Circle meeting with the locals. I have also had conversations with Kelly and came away impressed by both her intelligence and her demeanor. She was comfortable in a very different social situation then what one might find in say Anchorage. I cannot speak to her depth of understanding but I’ll take it over the Establishment’s corrupted Lisa.
      Oh, I’ve been around Alaska a long time, I recall a guy named Ted, came from the East Coast, moved to Alaska and got into politics. On a fishing trip not long after his arrival Ted asked my Father why the salmon were running up the river? This fellow named Ted went on to get appointed and then re-elected to the US Senate and did more for Alaska Fish then any man in history. So, a tissue depth of understanding in the right person can yield much. Lisa is so wrong about so much. I like this Kelly, Say Yes to Tshibaka!

  9. Ranked Choice Voting in conjunction with our crooked division of elections are well prepared to insure Lisa remains in power. The McConnell wing of the Uniparty needs Lisa and Sullivan as part of the team to cooperatively manipulate the public into the nonesense America is or has been a functioning Democracy for decades and keep the power in the senate and pretend to “oppose” their dominant Democrat comrades.
    Kelly may or may not be a Sullivan style Uniparty operative, it took Tim Scott of South Carolina years to fully out himself as full Uniparty but the damage these sleepers do is immense. The Republic did not descend into a lawless autocracy due to self identified Democrats alone. The GOP is just as culpable, the “good” cop vs the “bad” cop sharing the same goal of stripping the common man of his rights.
    I doubt Kelly has a chance in an election designed to retain the status quo in Washington. But in the slim margin the system designed by the oligarchs to retain full power fails, we will see if Kelly is for real or just another Sullivan/Dunleavy type.

  10. Kelly, I suggest you get control of the English language for starters. Remember… Obama promised us hope and “change.” Then he delivered lots of change….. for the worse. We don’t simply need “change.” Rather, we need IMPROVEMENT…. and lots of it. Anyone knows “change” is a vague, cop-out term. To speak with authority if you must speak accurately and specifically.

    • Good post W. I don’t think Tshbaka has the chops for detail. She seems shallow and with limited wisdom.

      • Harvard Law. Bar Exam pass on first shot. Raising five Former state commissioner. Compared to Lisa she’s an effing genius times 10.

  11. Kelly, I suggest you get control of the English language for starters. Remember… Obama promised us hope and “change.” Then he delivered lots of change….. for the worse. We don’t simply need “change.” Rather, we need IMPROVEMENT…. and lots of it. Anyone knows “change” is a vague, cop-out term. To speak with authority you must speak accurately and specifically.

    • Hunter. You are absolutely wrong.
      Murkowski is not a Democrat-Lite. She is a full on Democrat. The only thing separating her from Bernie, AOC, and Pelosi is she tends a bit closer to the center.

  12. Kelly, I will be voting for you! You will not win! I did my part, you did your part! Why then this result? The system is rigged, by your own admission that the division of elections is engaged in fraud, rank choice voting is adding to the rigged factor! People like Mike Pacarro are reaping riches in this game! Watch and see that what I have said will come to pass!!
    I’m just about done with trying to make any effort including voting to change this impossible rigged system! I’ve already determined not to vote for governor! I gave up!!

  13. Given the news out of Florida, Trump supporters are ever closer to the tipping point when they say enough is enough of this divisive, nasty, uneducated criminal. But that puts them in a tough spot because if they say they are now not supporting Trump, they also have to explain why all the other toxic crap from Trump over the past 5 years was insufficient to persuade them.

    This is relevant to Tshibaka because she sought Trump’s endorsement.

    • Lucinda, toxic crap from Trump? Are you referring to his tweets? His kicking at every chihuahua that barked at him? His grouchy demeanor? That oppressive tyranny of never ending baseless investigations of Trump? Please explain yourself.

      I miss many things about Trump, things like energy independence. Things like not having to choose between ones health or job due to a poison clot shot mandate. Things like freak show gender confusion rammed down our throats.?.

      For the record, I’m not a big Trumpite, but you and your mentally challenged Trump haters should, at least on occasion make a intelligent argument in favor of Why China Joe and Nancy are superior to Trumpism.

    • I would ask you to describe the toxic crap, but I know you will ignore the request.
      However, I do have to make a very important point.
      The people who are standing behind Trump are not doing so because they love Trump. They are standing behind him because they lover America, and the way the leftists treated Trump over the last six years is a small demonstration of the hatred they left has for America.
      I support Trump because I abhor what has happened to this country under the influence of leftists.

      • CB: I’ve got to prepare for a lecture tomorrow so I can’t list all the toxic crap of the Trump miasma, so I’m going to cut and paste. From primenewsprint:

        “For crying out loud, Donald Trump is the guy who bilked students out of their hard-earned savings with his fake namesake “university.” He’s the same guy who bankrupted his casinos like clockwork and stiffed contractors and other folks he hired as a point of pride, who grossly inflated his real estate holdings, and refused to turn over his taxes. He routinely sexually assaulted and harassed women—and that was all before Republicans thought it was a great idea to make him president, whereupon he proceeded to turn the Emoluments Clause into a sick joke.

        We all know what Trump did afterwards. He, his cronies, and his repulsive family bent over backwards to engage the assistance of the bloodthirsty dictator now waging an unprovoked war against Ukraine. Then Trump tried to extort Ukraine itself, by trying to hold up weapons shipments unless and until Ukraine’s president spread a phony story smearing Joe Biden’s son. When Biden then crushed him in the general election, Trump summoned America’s very worst to start a riot in an effort to overturn that election’s result. His excuse (for all the others in his balloon) was a phony assertion of “fraud”—a neat trick since the so-called “fraud” applied only to him, but not every victorious Republican who shared a space on the same optically-scanned ballots.

        In short, this guy is a seasoned criminal with a mindset to match, through and through. His relatives know it, his former flunkies and button men know it. And the truth is, Republicans know it too. They knew it from the very moment they inflicted him on the rest of us.”

        • Well, thanks Lucinda. You did not actually ignore the request.
          However, you ignored the point of my comment.
          Oh, and your source is way wrong on most of their allegations, but at least you responded, and did not just disappear like you always do. Good for you!

        • Oh… glossed over this: “I’ve got to prepare for a lecture tomorrow”
          Does that mean you are giving a lecture? Are you some kind of teacher?
          If the quality of your reasoning, and your ability to write a coherent comment is any indicator, you should not be lecturing anyone about any topic. Your posts are almost always single sentences ridiculing anyone you disagree with, and when challenged to back up your statements, you disappear. I do not think anyone has fled rather than engage more often than you do.
          Please tell me that you are prepping to go to a lecture, not to give one.

          • That’s a lot of insults I won’t respond to. Suzanne sometimes doesn’t post my comments. I don’t flee.

        • Oh.. one final note.
          An opinion piece is not a demonstration of anything except the opinion of the author.
          I could write a column describing Hillary Clinton literally as Satan, and it means nothing.
          I certainly hope you are not reading these types of things and assuming they contain facts. If you are, I would very much like to speak to the person hiring you to give lectures. Your ability to distinguish between reality and opinion is questionable. Highly questionable.

          • CB: so are there any facts in your post? This looks like you mean it to be factual: “An opinion piece is not a demonstration of anything except the opinion of the author.” And what about everything else you write? Any facts in there? If I said that Trump improperly curated US documents, would that just be my opinion? If the thermometer says 43 degrees F, is that a fact?

        • First of all, my observations about your posts are not insults, they are observations from my perspective.
          Next, my post are all opinions, sometimes my opinions reference items that I can cite as facts, but overwhelmingly, they are opinions. I understand the difficulty some have in distinguishing between opinion and fact, but I think I am on solid ground when I am the author.
          Now, if you make the statement that Trump improperly curated US documents, you may be correct, but I am not taking your word for it without something to back it up. Sorry, but reading a news article or an opinion piece does not mean you have facts. Are you part of the investigation? Can you speak from authority on Trump’s actions? How and where did you get this authority?
          On the other hand, if you are reading the thermometer, I will accept that it is whatever temperature you say it is at your location.
          And, a final note. It makes zero difference whatsoever whether my comments are opinion or fact. None whatsoever. Bringing my past comments into the discussion because you were asked for a description of the “toxic crap” from Trump, and you copy an obviously partisan screed against him, full of baseless accusations, innuendos, and insults, instead of a description of the crap.
          But, in your world, because I post opinions, your posts are above question or something? Nope. Trying to change the subject is not going to work. Posting an opinion piece from an anti-Trumper is not a demonstration of “toxic crap” from the man. it is a demonstration of toxic crap from the author.

          • One interesting point you make in your lengthy comment is how we gather and interpret supposed “facts”. I chose mainstream media sources because they seem comprehensive and fair. I rely on reason to form my beliefs, like I believe that there is evidence of spreading center pillow basalts on the Resurrection Peninsula, but I wasn’t there when they extruded. Also, based on enduring Trump for all these long torturous years, I am skeptical of anything he says, but it’s certainly possible that he can tell the truth.

            It’s a weakness among human decision making.

        • “I chose mainstream media sources because they seem comprehensive and fair.”
          And, therein lies the problem.
          Mainstream media is neither comprehensive nor fair. Even the liberal/leftist media watchdog groups will acknowledge this. During the 2008 campaign, the negative reporting on McCain ran about about 80% of stories, the positive reporting on Obama ran about the same. There is a book titled “A Slobbering Love Affair” by Bernard Goldberg that examines it in a lot more detail than I will go into here. And, yes, it is opinion and statistics combined to make a point, but the reality is the mainstream news is biased against anything conservative. And, that includes Fox News.
          Yep, I said Fox News is biased against conservatives. And it is. If you actually watch Fox without any prejudice you will see the only really right wing thing they do is allow conservatives an unfettered voice. Unlike the MSM.
          There was a time in this country where the news media was fair. While there was always an editorial slant, they tended to keep it out of the reporting. That time is over, and has been for quite a long time. The perspective you are getting from MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, etc… is leftist. Their market is people on the left, and they are selling what you want to hear.
          Perhaps if you watched some OANN, NewsMax, or GASP! The HORROR! maybe even some Fox News, you might find out there is a whole ‘nother side to the story.

          • And… something about this:
            “Suzanne sometimes doesn’t post my comments. I don’t flee.”
            has been hanging around on my back burner.
            I find it difficult to believe that Suzanne allows you to post dozens of “Whomp whomp you have been fooled” comments, and a bunch of “a republican vote is a vote against democracy” and “Hate Trump” and “christian morals are a blight on common sense” and “you have never met reason” comments.
            But, when you reply to a specific request for information from another commenter on the site, Suzanne chooses not to publish it?
            I am not saying it is impossible, but realistically, why should your comments with almost zero useable content get published, but every reply to me with information never see the light of day? makes no sense.

        • I put me first.
          Just like every other human being born. With very few exceptions, there is no a human being alive that will put others before themselves.
          And, when A. said Trump puts America first, I am pretty sure they meant Trump wanted to increase America’s international standing, make us an economic powerhouse, make us energy independent, and make our military the deadly and feared fighting force it was following WWII.
          Unlike Obama and Biden who are taking actions that have extremely high probability of resulting in harm to the US.

  14. YES I agree. Presto Chango in the Senate. Let us know where they are meeting ok? SEEMS LIKE A LOT OF BS going on.

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