Voter management system used in Alaska tied to leftist activists and Democrat operatives



A prominent voter-roll management system used by 31 states, including Alaska and the District of Columbia has politically compromised ties, according to a new report by independent research group VerityVote.

The Electronic Registration Information Center, or ERIC, was sold to states like Alaska as a quick and easy way to update their voter rolls. Started in 2012 by far-left activist David Becker and the left-leaning Pew Charitable Trusts, the program is ostensibly run by the member states themselves.

But as public records show, Democratic operatives are working overtime under the cover of ERIC to accomplish their partisan goals and drive Democratic voter turnout. 

Becker’s left-wing ties have long concerned Republican state officials participating in ERIC. Before he started ERIC, Becker worked as a lobbyist for People for the American Way, a George Soros-funded advocacy group best known for the Right Wing Watch project, a website that catalogs and attacks conservative politicians and movements.

Before that, though, he was a Justice Department attorney whom colleagues remember as a “hard-core leftist” who “couldn’t stand conservatives.” 

While at the Department of Justice, Becker became the subject of an ethics complaint after he contacted Boston and offered his help in defeating a lawsuit made against the city by his employer for voting infractions. Becker “was supposed to be nonpartisan, but his emails uncovered in the Boston investigation revealed nasty, disparaging remarks about Republicans. Very unethical and unprofessional,” according to Hans von Spakovsky, former counsel to the assistant attorney general for civil rights at the time.

After his stint at the Department of Justice and People for the American Way, Becker became the director of election initiatives at Pew Charitable Trusts, where he organized the creation of ERIC in 2012. Though Becker officially left ERIC in 2016, public records show he has continued to play a strong role in the organization, coordinating with state officials on ERIC-related activities and even running ERIC meetings. Documentation of that role is provided in Verity’s report. This is in violation of ERIC’s bylaws as Becker is a “non-voting board member” of ERIC and should not have the power to direct projects.

While Becker is a shrewd activist, ERIC member secretaries of state describe him as charming and brilliant. Becker is known to host swanky, all-access-paid election integrity conferences for state election officials and their spouses.

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  1. And Dunleavy and the Lt. Gov., Myers has knowledge and decided to zip it on the issues here if they want to be elected again, as Dunleavy is the one in need of the illegal system. Think how many have been elected and the state keeps using it with the public totally ignorant of the illegal systems’ results.

    • Bingo DK! I posted on MRA months ago about ERIC. It is good to finally see an article written about it. The corrupt election system run by the Dems and the RINOS depends on ERIC to not properly clean the voter rolls which allows them to use the extra voters to steal elections! There are States (i.e. Louisiana and a couple others) that have canceled their contract with ERIC because they are a corrupt organization. So, why is Dunleavy ignoring this information? He is ignoring it for the same reason he is ignoring the use of Dominion Machines. It is how they stay in power! Alaskans must fix this problem because those in power will not because it keeps them there! Please all, you must think out of the normal political box we have all been under. Election fraud benefits no one, all voters, Democrat, Republican or Independent. It does benefit the corrupt individuals that use it to their advantage. If you want to correct this you must place someone in office that has promised to correct it. Chris Kurka has it as one of his top priorities! Dunleavy is a RINO that will do nothing to correct it, Walker is a China sellout. Please alter your thinking and shake off their brainwashing. Look for the candidates that are not part of their system that will help correct this mess.

  2. We had von Spakovsky in Anchorage several months ago and since his visit the treachery of the Left continues to unfold. Stalin, “I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this—who will count the votes, and how.” said in 1923; Boris Bazhanov The Memoirs of Stalin’s Former Secretary

  3. I saw this yesterday and figured you’d find it eventually. How does this stuff happen, Democrats shouldn’t be in control of anything related to voting other than having their names on a ballot.

  4. As Don Jr. would say, “what a nothing-burger.” We get it–Republicans don’t like it when more people vote, they believe all voting conspiracies start with George Soros, and MRAK isn’t interested in actual journalism. As a case in point, where’s the discussion/article on the right wing group ALEC that writes legislation for conservative legislators and has its fingerprints on hundreds of laws throughout the country? Where’s the discussion/article on conservative political candidates taking their cues from the Q-Anon movement? Heck, even former President Trump just used a Q-Anon song in one of his latest “own the libs” video productions. As former President Trump would say, “sad.” (Correction, “SAD.”)

    • Everyone knows lobbyists write legislation for both conservative and leftist lawmakers all day long. In the end, all that lobbyist input is subject to the final review and vote of the legislative body. Your comparing that process to a system vendor manipulating and misleading the state voting systems reflects either a moral or intellectual deficiency. You choose which (hint: there is more hope if its an intellectual deficiency).

  5. Where is the link to the public records that are the basis of this story? Story would be more believable if anonymous sources were referenced

  6. Imagine placing your hand on our Bible, when you swear an oath to GOD we ALL know it is a deadly thing, for the oath taker, your eternity life is now on the line. Oath breakers return to your oath duty immediately. Correct your sins especially election integrity that is the integrity of the game. Fair and square ELECTIONS is what the citizens want and GOD demands of you. Oath breakers return to GOD immediately. SO HELP YOU GOD YOU SWORE. EXPOSED & BUSTED. Suzanne Suzanne Suzanne.

  7. Just when I thought the integrity of our election process couldn’t get any worse and this! We are truly a Banana Republic!

  8. Oh Come Now…EVERYONE Knows that there is no such thing as a hardcore left wing justice department employee…

  9. Oh, I se…
    Party time.
    Becker is known to host swanky, all-access-paid election integrity conferences for state election officials and their spouses.

  10. There are no honest elections in Alaska any longer. Mass mailings, rank and electronic machines are there to make sure the outcome is in the bag long before the vote happens.

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