Listicle: Mayor Dave Bronson says he’s voting for Nick Begich first, joins dozens of other elected leaders in Alaska


On the Dan Fagan Show (650 KENI) on Thursday, Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson joined dozens of other elected officials in Alaska in supporting Republican Party-endorsed Nick Begich for Congress. Bronson called in to the show to say he plans to rank Begich first on the Aug. 16 ballot. Last week, Amy Demboski, Anchorage City Manager, also endorsed Begich.

Nick has been endorsed by these former and currently elected officials

  1. Amy Demboski, former Anchorage Assembly member and current municipal manager
  2. Jesse Sumner – Matanuska-Susitna Borough Assembly Member
  3. Jamie Allard – Anchorage Assembly member
  4. Michael Welch – North Pole Mayor 
  5. Glenda Ledford – Wasilla Mayor 
  6. Charlie Pierce – Kenai Borough Mayor 
  7. Mark Jensen – Petersburg Mayor 
  8. Jubilee Underwood – Mat-Su School Board
  9. Shelley Hughes – Senate Majority Leader 
  10. Mike Cronk – State House Member
  11. Dee McKee – Matanuska-Susitna Borough Assembly member
  12. Ken McCarty – State House member
  13. Kevin McCabe – State House member
  14. Rob Yundt – Matanuska-Susitna Borough Assembly member
  15. Crystal Kennedy – Anchorage Assembly
  16. Pamela Melin – Palmer Deputy Mayor
  17. Teea Winger – Kenai Council member
  18. Thomas Bergey – Mat-Su School Board
  19. Roger Holland – State Senator
  20. Tom McKay – State House member
  21. Pete Kelly – Former Alaska State Senate President
  22. Mike Prax – State House member
  23. Ron Gillham – State House member
  24. Jai Mahtani – Ketchikan City Council
  25. Bill Elam – Kenai Borough Assembly member
  26. Lynn Gattis – Former State House member
  27. George McKee – Former Matanuska-Susitna Borough Assembly member
  28. Mike Shower – State Senator
  29. Richard Derkevorkian – Kenai Borough Assembly member
  30. Clay Koplin – Cordova Mayor
  31. Sarah Vance – State House member
  32. Ben Carpenter – State House member
  33. Josh Verhagen – Mayor of Nenana
  34. Matthew Sampson – Fairbanks North Star Borough School District School Board
  35. Jimi Cash – Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly
  36. Charisse Millett – Former Alaska House Majority Leader
  37. Dan Kendall – Former Anchorage Assembly member
  38. Ralph Seekins – Former State Senator
  39. Dick Randolph – Former State House Member
  40. John Coghill – Former State Senator
  41. Robert Myers – State Senator
  42. Steve Thompson – Former State House Member
  43. George Rauscher – State House Member
  44. Cathy Tilton – State House Minority Leader
  45. Mia Costello – State Senator
  46. Bill Overway – Mayor of Kachemak City
  47. Jim Matherly – Mayor of Fairbanks
  48. Randy Sulte – Anchorage Assemblyman
  49. Rhonda Boyles – Former Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor
  50. Bill Stoltze – Former State Senator
  51. Bryce Ward – Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor
  52. Ken Koelsch-R, former mayor of Juneau
  53. Rhonda Boyles, former mayor of Fairbanks

Nick Begich has also received endorsements from:

  • Associated Builders and Contractors, Alaska Chapter
  • Alaska Outdoor Council
  • Anchorage Young Republicans
  • Mat-Su Young Republicans
  • Eagle River District 22 Republicans
  • Homer District 6 Republicans
  • Interior District 36 Republicans
  • Kenai Peninsula Republican Women of Alaska
  • Republican Women of Fairbanks
  • Mat-Su Republican Women’s Club
  • Valdez and Mat-Su District 29 Republicans
  • North Pole District 33 Republicans
  • Americans for Prosperity Action
  • FreedomWorks
  • Mat-Su District 25 Republicans
  • Alaska Republican Party
  • Fairbanks District 35 Republicans
  • John Sturgeon
  • Eddie Grasser

Sarah Palin, also running for Congress, but not endorsed by any Republican entity in Alaska, has a list of endorsements from Outside that includes Donald Trump, but the number of leaders from inside the state is fairly modest. It is comprised of former State Sen. Jerry Ward, currently on her campaign staff, and former Alaska DNR Commissioner Tom Irwin, who worked for Palin’s Administration when ACES was signed into law, ushering in punishing oil and gas taxes on companies and driving investment from the state.


  1. Thanks SD …. great list. Palinbots take note.
    Love Trump, but, as a National politician, he doesn’t understand that S. Palin did very liberal things as our governor.

  2. I just voted for Nick for Congress before I even read this list. Dare all y’all Palin trolls to call Dave Bronson a RINO. Ha.

    • “…….Dare all y’all Palin trolls to call Dave Bronson a RINO. Ha.”
      The mayor’s political position is legally non-partisan. It is not Republican, RINO, or Demonrat.

        • “The term “non-partisan” is an imaginary construct that does not exist in reality.”
          You’ll note I wrote that it was ‘legally’ a non-partisan office. Delving into the gaps between legality and reality is the biggest subject in Earth. I’d go as far as to say that law has absolutely nothing to do with reality, but I know for a fact that a lawyer can make your reality a true nightmare using only the law and law enforcement gorillas.
          Mayor Bronson can proclaim that he is a Republican, but as we’ve seen more times than we can count over the past half century, he can become a RINO with a single act, all the while still proclaiming his Republicanism. Murky is doing that very thing after multiple RINO acts.
          If the Mayor is smart, he would simply proclaim himself to be “Conservative!”, which Trumps any political party, or even quasi-party.

      • What is your point? The mayor is an opinion leader in the state running the state’s largest city and possibly a future governor. His opinion matters just like Amy Demboski’s opinion matters, even though she’s not an elected official right now. She is an experienced political leader. What about the other list of elected mayors like Rodney Dial of Ketchikan or Glenda Ledford of Wasilla? Last I checked, they all have a right to their opinion, same as you.

  3. I don’t think Sarah Palin really wants the job.
    Like almost everything else, it’s just a chance to get the spotlight again for a while.

      • “…….Not heading for steady standup work anytime soon.”
        Nope. Retired, and really glad about that. I’d hate to be a fed today. Nothing funny about it anymore.

    • Hey Reggie. They already did. Rember when they went through all her email’s and came up with nothin.. That’s a long list for Nick. Maybe Trump’s endorsement of Sarah will help her out.

      • Andre MacLeod threw everything she could at Palin, and the Deep State of Alaska participated like an FBI raid in Melania’s lingerie drawer.

  4. Sara as governor helped the seniors & my mom. Sara is the only one on your whole list. THAT HAS ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF FOR AN BY ALASKANS. Nick has a lot of nicks and nick sr. Nooooo. Sara supported us Alaskans. And is asking for our support Alaskans. Trump that.

    • Tune in Channel 256. Sarah is a godsend. Todd is a nice guy too. Suzanne Suzanne Suzanne thank you ma’am. Suzanne and Sarah yes for Alaska. You best for our oath integrity. Constitution constitution constitution. Freedom! You take oath and god says yes.

      • Sarah’s accomplishments mistyriously disappeared, so a short list . Beat Frank, Tony Knowles & Andrew Halcrow, Wasilla x Mayor John Stein, Randy Redrick. Beat EXXON over warehousing our States Resources. Carried and had a baby while actively serving. Endorsed by Trump This not propaganda or option, it is part of the history of Alaska.

        • Count among her accomplishments her devotion to climate change back when she was governor, when she created the Alaska Climate Change Sub-Cabinet. Big deal back then in 2006. That was before she knew that was not going to get her anywhere with real conservatives. So then she changed to the opposite, saying there is no such thing as climate change. She’s a blowin’ in the wind, my friend.

      • And what are Nick’s? Hiring more people from India than Alaska? Providing good paying jobs to Chicago? Seems like he moved back there to grift off his last name recognition.

        • I don’t even think you are interested in knowing how Nick made his money. Did you even know he has a major investment in a mining claim in Alaska that he is trying to develop? You have no information, so you’re just spouting off about 10 jobs in India or 10 jobs in Chicago that he created. Lemme tell ya, if you’re going to be in the software business, you’re not creating jobs in Alaska—same as if you’re investing in agriculture or manufacturing. You and your ilk just sound like you hate successful people. It really shows.

  5. Another reason to vote palin. Bagitch is related to another bagitch.
    Same ol same ol. Bronson can suck it.

    • Real solid reasoning there. These sort of stupid attacks on Nick based on his uncles are just plain ignorant. Stick to worshiping Sarah Kardashian please and leave the political analysis to the adults.

  6. Don’t forget me. I’m not a politician, but I know Sarah better than any one of you. I know her likes, dislikes, habits, needs, behavior, secret desires and her character. I’m telling you ……
    Vote Nick Begich III.
    And you can take that to the bank.

    • I see Suzanne is got MRAK set to West-coast time zone. Suzanne you in Oregon? Hope not with Peliso in California! Ha! When I post it say one hour earlier than us in Alaska. Suzanne you in Seattle? Why it work this way?

  7. This is a clown show football game. I can’t believe how much time Republicans waste on dropshot candidates hoping they will save them. Dan Fagan show is Groundhog Day for two straight years. We tried to warn you but I guess you’re really stupid or something. They destroyed the United States while you were showing photos of your food on Facebook

  8. No thank you on Nick Begich. He is just another dynasty person to a family that lives off donations and corruption of Alaska political system. Time is now to end Dynasties in Alaska. NO to Murkowski, NO Stevens, NO to Young and NO to the Begich family of corruption and living off the public. Nick is a Democrat in the Mid-West and a Republican in Alaska. NO to Begich!! He has nothing to offer to Alaska that we have not seen before in corrupt politics. NO to Branson if he can’t make it with the elected job he said he could do. Branson is just another corrupt politician. No to Dunleavy!! He is the same sorry excuse of a Democrat from Pennsylvania with a Republican Coat.

    • You have no idea what you’re talking about. Nick is self-made and is as conservative as they come. You’ve probably never shared three words with him.

      Sarah is toxic and may just get Mary elected if things go sideways. Almost everyone I know is either voting only for Nick or Nick one, Mary two. I have many conservative friends and none of them can stomach the thought of ever selecting Sarah’s name on a ballot for anything, ever.

      We would have been a lot better off if she had just stuck to reality tv shows and pimping custom videos.

      • It’s true he did found a business … in Chicago which outsources its work in large part to India. And I’m sure he didn’t get any of his startup funds from mommy and daddy. Palin may actually be more self-made.

    • Another crazy hater. Sounds like you hate everybody who is not you. Maybe disconnect your wi-fi and go back to your dry cabin in salcha.

    • Am not an elected or former-elected leader, and am sure no John Sturgeon. Just a grassroots, working Alaskan. – sd

    • Robert Rubey, his grandfather was an excellent Representative, despite being a Democrat. Maybe you should educate yourself , if just a little. He was a solid conservative by today’s values. Pro- life and did much of the heavy lifting to get the pipeline built.
      Vote Nick #1
      Sarah #2

    • With you Rubey, Remember, he was involved with Pelosi, Schumer and Obama in getting rid of Ted Stevens, also, Mark was the deciding vote for Obama Care. Wouldn’t vote for a lying Begich on a bet.

  9. As hard as it for me to overcome the Begich Dynasty name…
    I feel like I have no better option.

  10. Well, I wonder if anyone thinks it a bit strange that everyone…just everyone…loves Nick! How long ago was it (and still now) that our “perfect” candidates throw our expectations into the trash. Oh, I can think of two..thats right..two sitting U.S. Senators right now!! Hmm.. Especially Sen. Sullivan, the seemingly perfect candidate just a few years ago – he sure changed when the wind blew. How many of our so called Republican “conservative”legislators are pitching for the other side? Look at our Governor and his lack of leadership (the kindest thing I can say), with all the incredible power our constitution puts in his hands. I am somewhat sickened that I voted for him and Dan Sullivan. Now lets not forget Lisa was pushed in by our very own State Republican Party. When you take a look at it, really, I would not put much, if any, stock in party endorsements or “known” persons of conservative bent. I am not denuding the list, just don’t vote according to the supposed “weight” of that list. Nick has his cake and is eating it too! His name is known in the bush, and the Republican party has set the table before him. He is a sharp articulate man,with all the right words, almost too good to be true – or definitely too good to be true. I’m going to cast my vote to someone, who, no matter what wind blows, will vote on the right side, all the time. I have that assurance in Sarah Palin. She will not go down there and work in a broken system. She will be out to overturn the corruption. That is what we need now!!

    • Dustin Darden literally stands up for Constitutional ideals at many meetings. Very shockingly different from the support for foreign agendas we otherwise see regularly. Please consider Ranking Dustin Darden Very High!

  11. Nick is a RINO! Somehow, he even conned good ole Mayor Bronson. What a shame for Alaska to pass up Palin for a RINO that will continue the swamp creature club in D.C.

  12. Suzanne – This article is misleading. Dave called the show to talk about ASD school bus driver shortage. His comment about Begich and Palin was about ranked choice voting. He did say he was putting Begich 1 and Palin 2, but his point was whoever your choice is put both of them as your first two choices. Dave’s more important point was missed, please don’t spiral downward like the ADN.

  13. I despise politics, and because of that I’ll never vote for a Begich. Lifelong family of politicians that don’t know the private sector. Nick has no accomplishments and he’s middle aged already. Palin is a last choice option, which says a lot that I’d rather vote for Palin than a Begich. Kurka will not win, but I’ll be voting for him anyway.
    1) Kurka
    2) Palin
    3) Write-in: N/A
    4) Write-in: N/A
    Is the only option as I see it. And ranked choice voting is as crooked as yellow journalism.

  14. The divisive comments above are exactly what Dave was pointing out on the Fagan show that needs to stop. Your article as written, out of context, and missing key information, is fuel on the fire of conservative infighting.

  15. Danger, danger! Red flag warning! Establishment politicians are flocking to endorse Begich. Want more of the same old, same old? Vote Begich!

  16. I’m waiting for Begich to tell us why we should vote for him. I’m sick and tired of his attack ads all while his campaign is mailing out flyers proclaiming his great “leadership” skills. I’m not voting to be led anywhere and I don’t need a leader. Just represent me in DC and don’t abide or aid them Marxists in DC. That’s all I ask.

  17. I remember what happened to the oil industry when ACES was enacted. It would be like stopping your car, putting it in park and leaving the engine running. There was absolutely no incentive to produce more. Sooner or later that gas tank is going to run dry.

    • Bronson clearly said both Begich and Palin should be on your 1st and 2nd choices, regardless of the order

    • Oh, it came out of the sky, landed just a little south of Moline
      Jody fell out of his tractor, couldn’t believe what he seen
      Laid on the ground a-shaking, fearing for his life
      Then he ran all the way to town, screaming, “It came out of the sky”

      Well, a crowd gathered ’round, and a scientist said it was marsh gas
      Spiro came and made a speech, about raising the Mars tax
      The Vatican said, “Woe, the Lord has come,” Hollywood rushed out an epic film
      And Ronnie the Popular said, it was a communist plot

      Oh, the newspapers came, and made Jody a national hero
      Walter and Eric said they’d put him on a network TV show
      The White House said, “Put the thing in the Blue Room”
      The Vatican said, “No, it belongs to Rome”
      Jody said, “It’s mine, but you can have it for seventeen million”

      Oh, it came out of the sky, landed just a little south of Moline
      Jody fell out of his tractor, couldn’t believe what he seen
      Laid on the ground a-shaking, fearing for his life
      Then he ran all the way to town, screaming, “It came out of the sky”

  18. So let me summarize:

    The people who won’t vote for Nick will not do so because he has two liberal uncles and a conservative democrat grandfather. Basically, because of his relationships to a family he didn’t choose nor grow up with, and one he does not agree with politically.

    The people who won’t vote for Sarah will not do so due to her track record of abandoning her commitments, selling out her constituents to special interests groups, and prioritizing fame and fortune over civic duty.

    Hmmmm…. I think I know where my vote is going.

  19. You must be Begichly Brainwashed!!! There would be no Pipeline if 10’s of thousands Alaskan’s and a few Texans and Okies hadn’t worked their ASSE’S OFF building it in rain, snow, blizzard wind, mosquito swarms, machinery sinking in muskege any on and on. Just because Nick the first went down in a plane crash doesn’t make him some kind of martyr .And his Offspring Royalty.. Sarah knows how to Cheerlead for Alaska in the lower 48 where it counts. Trump picked her and Kelly, that’s the only endorsement that counts.

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