Green New Deal in Inflation Reduction Act: Bill has money for EPA to oversee companies’ greenhouse goals


The Environmental Protection Agency will have the resources to get inside the books of thousands of American businesses to check on their climate goals, when the House passes the Senate’s Inflation Reduction Act package on Friday, as it is expected to do.

The bill itself has billions of dollars in tax credits for clean energy goals and for companies investing in “decarbonization.” It has another $5 million for the EPA to scrutinize corporations on their greenhouse gas emission promises and other climate-related company goals, and make sure that those company promises and goals are being met.

Included in the Inflation Reduction Act is language to create “enhanced standardization and transparency of corporate climate action commitments and plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” The EPA will further have a bigger role in overseeing progress by companies toward climate goals, but the bill is vague on what authority the EPA will actually have in forcing companies to meet EPA objectives.

Also in the Inflation Reduction Act are numerous laws to force the reduction of methane emissions, and a federal levy of up to $1,500 per ton on emissions from oil and gas companies, pipeline operators, and other power generators. The fee would cover about 40% of emissions.

The funds are shielded in such a way that even if the House flips to Republican control this year, lawmakers won’t be able to claw back that appropriation. That is because the EPA has until 2031 to use the money and any other resources appropriated to it for that purpose.

The bottom line is that the Inflation Reduction Act gives the EPA authority to force companies not only to have climate goals, but to disclose those goals to the government and allow the government to ensure they are met. This is part of the Biden administration’s agenda to cut greenhouse emissions by 52% by 2030.


  1. You don’t know just how badly we were screwed with this.

    But deal with it. You wanted a demented lunatic over mean tweets.
    This is what you voted for, America.

    Elections have consequences. Our grandkids will be paying them.

  2. Once again.
    The Legislature is your enemy. Does not matter at what level. State, Local, Federal… They are your enemy.
    They will ALWAYS vote for whatever keeps them in power, and reduces the ability of the average person to stand up against them. This is no different. Crush the average household with ever increasing costs, while destroying their ability to earn a living wage.

  3. This is the administrations agenda of government control over industry, with enough carrots thrown in to make them accept it.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if in pursuit of these Climate Goals other things will also see a 52% reduction. Things like Agriculture production, energy production and Human life span.

    • Robert, First, there was mining…. which enabled hunting… then came agriculture. Mining is so essential to our existence even those who oppose it could not do so without the benefits thereof. Only mankind could be so foolishly self destructive to its own existence.

  5. What exactly is outrageous about this? $5million is a tiny budget for overseeing anything in this country–in fact, it’s not for enforcement but for tracking purposes, because that amount of money will pretty much only get you a database. And seriously, who is pro methane emissions from leaking pipes? Whether it’s to protect air quality, public or worker health, or reduce impacts to the environment/climate, what exactly is the problem with this? Were people this outraged after the Clean Water Act (1972) was enacted? Seems like most people really like having clean lakes, rivers, and streams.

    • Z, you’re missing the point. The EPA has been given further regulatory authority under some “vague” lw written by congress. EPA will claim congressional authority and write regulations that will include enough fees to pay for their tyranny and its enforcement. $5M is just seed money to get it started. The d’rats won’t call it a tax on the enemies of their communist ideals – it will just be a “fee” for their “service”. Of course everyone likes clean water and air – but that is not at all what this is about – it is about the government telling people who can do what. The d’rats “friends” – those who are willing to line their pockets (like Lisa Murk and Planned non-Parenthood) will be allowed to do what they want and everyone else gets screwed. Enforcement will be selective, and America is over. I believe this can be undone by congress telling the EPA what they can and can’t do, or better, eliminating the agency altogether. This represents the weaponization of yet another federal agency. Enough with the tyranny…

  6. We are approaching full on communism. This is reminiscent of Stalin’s tactics in Russia when he transformed the country from agrarian to industrial. All the political opposition was rounded up and exiled in the name of progress. Same here, BTW, is there anything in the inflation reduction act to actually curb inflation?

    • Approaching communism? Let’s make a list of constitutional abuses of this administration.
      – Creating a 2 tiered justice system where if you support them, you get a pass on the most egregious crimes and if you support Trump, you are a target.
      – Raiding innocent citizen homes to try and drum up a crime
      – Creating a group of armed tax Nazis to come to your door and shake you down for more money
      – Violating your second Amendment rights with red flag laws that assume you are guilty before any evidence is produced
      – Laundering your tax money off shore to god knows what without your consent
      – Trying to start wars without declaring one
      – Funding illegal bio weapons labs in a foreign country violating standing treaties
      – Censoring your first amendment rights
      – Refusing to enforce immigration laws and leaving our border wide open to human traffickers and terrorists
      – Pushing the great scam of climate change to take more of your money
      – Forcing experimental vaccines on citizens and destroying their health in the process
      – Purposely causing high inflation and destroying our economy
      – Working with and taking payments from the CCP and handing our country to China
      – Forcing wokeism on our military while sending our weapons and ammunition to Ukraine to be sold on the black market
      – Indoctrinating our kids in the government school system against the will of parents
      – Orchestrating and coordinating an overthrow of our government by stealing the 2020 election and telling the media what they can and can’t say to keep the normies blind to it all

      Wow, my fingers are getting tired, I’ll stop there. Does anyone want to add to this list?

  7. Answer: yes. Illegal group activity just like the illegal cloister in dumdum Juneau last year. Yo! This is poltical speech.

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