New Donald Trump video, ‘Nation in Decline,’ uses plenty of footage from Anchorage rally, with crowd shots


In a new video that was released on Tuesday, former President Donald Trump talks about the failings of the Biden Administration and what it has meant in America — the decline of our energy independence, the shameful abandonment of both living and killed Americans in Afghanistan, and the economy in a downward spiral.

During the video, he hearkens to familiar themes, however, saying, “We will not bend. We will not break. We will not yield.”

The video pans the crowd, which happens to be in Anchorage, Alaska at the Trump Save America rally in July. The crowd is cheering.

In Alaska, Trump closed his speech with these sentences, which he repeats at almost all of his Save America rallies, in one form or another:

“But we are not going to let this continue. Two years ago we had the greatest, and I mean like never before economy and the greatest country. We were doing so well. Everybody — African American, Hispanic, American Asian, American women, men, high school diploma, people with no diploma from high school, People with PhDs from M.I.T. and Harvard, and the Wharton School of Finance and all of these great schools — everybody was doing well. Women, especially women doing well. Everybody.

“But soon we will have greatness again. It was hard working patriots like you who built this country and it is hardworking patriots like you who are going to save our country. We will stand up to the radical left lunatics and the RINOs and we will fight for America like no one has ever fought before. Get rid of Lisa Murkowski. Get rid of Lisa.

“There is no mountain we cannot climb. There is no summit we cannot reach. There is no challenge we cannot meet. There is no victory, We cannot have, we will not bend, We will not break. We will not yield ever, ever, ever, ever. We will never give in. We will never give up and we will never ever back down. We will never let you down. As long as we are confident and united, the tyrants we’re fighting do not stand even a little chance, because we are Americans and Americans kneel to God and God alone. My fellow citizens, this incredible journey we are on together has only just begun, and it is time to start talking about greatness for our country. Greatness again. We don’t talk about greatness anywhere. We talk about problems. We talk about crime, we talk about taking power away from our police. We talk about a woke military. Do you believe this? We are one movement. One people, one family and one
glorious American nation. So with the help of everyone here today and the citizens all across our land, we will make America powerful again.”


  1. Pres. Trump is so dangerous to the establishment that our dysfunctional FBI needed machine guns to raid his house.
    Perhaps this dysfunctional agency can send another 20/30 agents up to “investigate” our local arson crimes as they never did get to the bottom of our hotel fires.
    Come on up boys, it’s fishing season; don’t forget your machine guns.

    • What if there were truly top secret documents in the president’s home? Perhaps the identification of who killed Kennedy. If LBJ and the CIA did it that would be pretty bad and you wouldn’t want that to get out. The fact that President Eisenhower signed a treaty with aliens and they are working with us as verified by Eisenhower’s granddaughter? I don’t think I’d want that to get out right now although with the tic tok video and other released videos lately there getting close to revealing that. What if Obama and the hot Mic Vlad video said something that was pretty top secret and today’s political environment? What if Trump has the goods, the actual smoking gun on Hunter Biden and his dad dealing with China?. It can go on and on and on. I can guarantee you that it’s not something top secret about the stationary that’s being used in the oval office or what kind of run-flat tires are being used in the presidential limousine known as the beast. I think it’s something that has little to do with top secret anymore but has a lot to do with political gains by the Biden administration. America’s book of secrets is pretty top secret no matter how old the contents is.

      • Gotta be something like that – if it really were classifieds that they were after, first they could look in the newspaper (truth!) or they’d have to raid the hildabeast’s home.

  2. I was ready to move on from Trump. A good president but a deeply flawed man. I was team DeSantis until the raid.

    I didn’t want to elect a man who could only be in office for 4 more years, tops. Just too much to do after the Biden assault of America.

    I’m now very much on board with getting him back in office. Our “government” has become lawless. It will take a man with nothing to lose and, frankly, scores to settle to take on the Imperial US oligarchy.

    Trump put things unusually eloquently. “They are after you (meaning the citizens of the US). I’m just in their way”.

    • Look at all the Obama screwups Trump fixed in the first term and that was under the stress of being railroaded by the FBI and impeached twice. Given a chance there’s so much more he could have done. Then of course if Trump is president it’s pretty obvious that DeSantis will be his VP and that’s at sets him up for eight more years afterwards so there’s that.

  3. What!!! No footage of the poor acting performance of Sarah P. at the rally? Looking bewildered as to what all the clapping is for as Mayor Dave Bronson’s name is announced…….
    So Nancyesk

    • She wouldn’t clap or stand up for our conservative Mayor.
      Wouldn’t even do the polite thing and acknowledge him.
      Because she is a Bill Walker liberal (or clueless) (or both) (both)

  4. He is absolutely correct, from the muni assembly to the state legislature to the halls of congress, the actions of these “representatives” are NOT being conducted to the benefit of the country and the individual. Every move results in further subjugation of the population to the government and further removes individual freedoms that are written into the US constitution.

    • A person was ARRESTED & handcuffed at a NYC beach yesterday for swimming in the ocean.
      He stated ” I’m not allowed to be in nature?” (It has been very hot there)
      That is Democratic rule in a nutshell my friend.
      They did it to “protect” him from drowning.
      Safety First! Used by the Left to further control us.

    • You’re forgetting that China is calling in our debt… We’re slaves folks. How else do you explain all the stupid from the dems?

      • Of course, that’s why biden is giving all our weapons and ammo (the ones left after he gave so much to the taliban) to the Ukrainians – so we won’t have anything left to shoot at the Chinese…

  5. Yes Alaska is in decline, Permanent Fund checks were only $3200 this year, unemployment is so low jobs are not being filled, and over $1Billion in infrastructure funding is headed our way

    • I often wonder what color the sky is in your world.

      One of the reasons unemployment is so low is because many people are working second jobs to afford life.

      The PFD is at least $1400 lite due to government theft and a useless governor. The fact that it is high is not germane to that fact.

      The 1 billion alleged infrastructure headed our way is a large part of why inflation is at a 40 plus year high. And only a true believer progressive thinks it will actually go to its intended use.

      Some jobs aren’t being filled because Joe (and Trump) made it more lucrative to not work. Others because the wages are so low going to work there is cost ineffective. In simple words, working there loses money in today’s economy.

      I could go on and on and on, but you won’t listen and have better things to do with me time.

    • Don Young’s billion+ is so tied up in demonrat red tape we won’t likely see any of it unless a sizable chunk goes into hunter’s pipe.

  6. Trump is way, way better then Biden.

    But Trump does not hold a candle to Ronald Reagan.

    Reagan actually won both the popular and electoral vote in landslides. In 1984 Reagan took 49 states.

    Trump has lost the popular vote twice, once to Hillary and once to Biden.

    Republicans need to think long and hard about the importance of supporting candidates that are both good on policy, but also, can unify our country. Trump is not that guy. Trump lost to Biden- a demented, corrupt, mean, jerk that is destroying our country.

    If the 2020 election had been between Reagan and Biden, Reagan would have won in a landslide and the USA would not be where it is today, with open borders, a wrecked economy, massive deficits, and crime waves destroying American cities.

    We can blame Biden’s election on Trump’s behavior.

    We can not afford another four years of Biden.

      • Ceak. In 2016 Hillary Clinton got 65.8 million votes. Trump got 62.9 million votes. Nobody contested this result.

        Ask yourself why Trump would have done better in 2020….

        America has legions of socialists that want free shit. Do you think they are going to vote for Trump?

        Are you willing to roll the dice in 2024 that Trump will not lose?

        Four more years of Biden would be catastrophic. Four more years of open borders and we will never, ever, ever, be able to win in the electoral college again. Texas and Arizona will be lost.

        That is the end of the Republic.

  7. He’s using Anchorage as an example of a “Nation In Decline”? Not sure how I feel about that.

    • Stop whining about not having your comments posted immediately Masked Avenger. It might even take a day or so. Suzanne probably reads over 500 comments every day among all of her other responsibilities. We’ve all had comments wait, sometimes more than a day. No big deal. Take a chill pill Masked Avenger.
      Trump 2023!

    • It’s ALWAYS moderation. Is MRAK just like big tech with suppression of free speech? Oath integrity! Freedom! Let us discuss the topics without Czar Control! Let us have free speech!

  8. …he mentions everything else leaving out the most important point that america needs to repent. You go down on your knees before God praying. What for! That God extends mercy grace for you and i continue living arrogantly selfishly without losing what we taken for granted as americans. You know! God has been so good and faithful to his promises, that even in trouble there’s wealth. Without repentance
    , america look no farther than what happen to judah and samaria because of national pride they thought they can save themselves and or that God’s grace would never let them fall. What america needs from all is to repent not fearing God and not honoring the . God of Isreal who gave us excessive strength and wealth.

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