Another special meeting: Anchorage Assembly to act Friday on allegations against Mayor Dave Bronson


On Thursday, the Anchorage Assembly consulted with its legal counsel in executive session on the scope of its power to respond to allegations made by former Municipal Manager Amy Demboski in her wrongful termination claim against Mayor Dave Bronson. During a Friday meeting, the Assembly will vote on what actions it may take against the mayor.

Later in the meeting the Assembly introduced three items for consideration at the Friday special meeting, which is scheduled for 3-5 pm at City Hall, Suite 155. The text of those ordinances is at this link.

Proposed Emergency Ordinances

– The Emergency ordinance on Boards and Commissions addresses the inability of some boards and commissions to meet quorum by extending the membership for those members whose term expired October 14, 2022 and have not yet been replaced by an additional 60 days to April 12, 2023 or until a new appointment is confirmed to a member’s designated seat, whichever occurs first.
– The emergency ordinance regarding the Office of the Ombudsman proposes to clarify the authority of the office to investigate personnel matters within the Municipality.
– The emergency ordinance regarding contract oversight and reporting requires the Assembly to approve contracts at a lower monetary threshold than is currently in ordinance. It requires more detailed reporting of contracts awarded and municipal spending.

“The letter from former Municipal Manager Demboski is now in the public record,” said Assembly Chair Suzanne LaFrance. “The statement contains very serious allegations of mismanagement of municipal resources, so Assembly leadership is taking steps to protect those resources. We are focused on good governance and intend to strengthen the code.”

Emergency ordinances would be in effect for 60 days. Meanwhile, the Assembly may be considering impeachment of the mayor, as it granted itself that authority in 2022.


  1. Perhaps the muni can no longer have an executive. The assembly has deformed the charter and annexed all the executive powers and many represented labor jobs. They won’t go home and they even vote for the people. A US Constitutional judge should remove them all. The republic in Anchorage Alaska is a lost form of government evidently. IF Anchorage votes for a Mayor the assembly will exaggerate his flaws and nullify the people’s definitive vote. Mayor Bronson is not perfect but neither are the assembly. ALL mayors voted by the people will be harassed and nullified. REMOVE THE ASSEMBLY.

  2. Our pals on the Assembly are looking out for our best, we need to keep that in mind.
    You will recall just how heartwarming they were during COVID Crisis. They ran businesses right out of town, destroyed the fabric of our once great community and generally fostered mayhem, anarchy and pandemonium.
    The Assembly has been trying to destroy Mayor Bronson since the ballot count was made official. None of these scallywags are worth a hoot.
    They will however prevail unless the community rallies behind the mayor. The bombs and fire power are coming soon from the likes of these unworthy rabblerousers.

  3. It was a given sooner or later the Politburo was gonna oust Bronson.

    What is a surprise is his administration basically handed them the excuse to do it.

  4. They do not have the authority to Impeach a fly. I don’t care that they passed an Ordinance giving them that power.

    • You might want to read up on 42 U.S. Code § 1983 – Civil action for deprivation of rights. If the Assembly doesn’t remove him the Feds certainly can.


  5. We were taught now in error that anything in nonconformance with the US Constitution is void for effect from inception. In Alaska getting as far from the US Constitution is the sport.

  6. It has been nice having Bronson as a Mayor. He will be removed too soon.
    And, frankly, he had the opportunity to squash AO 2022-60. All he needed to do was ensure the AO was balanced, but he didn’t. As it stands, the Assembly holds the power to remove both Assembly members, and Executive Branch members, but the Executive branch does not have equivalent power.
    The Assembly would not be so quick to move if there was a possibility they could receive the same scrutiny.

  7. Conservatives better learn how to fight like the libs real quick or we’re screwed. Just look at the federal’s pathetic.

  8. I am sure the Almighty Assembly members haven’t gotten much sleep lately with all these great new recent opportunities to steer Anchorage back to normal again. I am sure many of them had dreams of convincing the G.O.A.T Berky to put his pants back on and resume his old duties on his throne. He left a lot of unfinished pipe dreams dangling when he was sidetracked by a “gorgeous heart-throbbing” news anchor, which could derail any testosterone pumped healthy male. Just look at what happened to poor Joey from scranton and his son Hunter (who my son is extremely jealous of and thinks I failed him miserably). Take a look around and if you have ever traveled around the once beautiful state of California recently you will see that Anchorage is ripe for the picking with all kinds of new revenue sources to tax and fund all the various homeless projects and fund the grooming of our children who is our future. Anchorage taxpayers just need to sit back shutup and work a lot harder to pay their fair share of royalty to live in this beautiful city. The path Berky put Anchorage on is parallel to path the “King OBAMA” put America on.

  9. The dumb-as-a-stump jackbooted Marxist Anchorage Assembly members who aren’t smart enough to play the game of chess—have no idea they are playing it now.

    Sadly (truly) for them, 99.9% of Democrats are intellectual lemmings who cannot comprehensively reason and only see what’s directly in front of them, no matter how hard they “think” (Haha). And what’s in front of them is usually another not-so-bright lemming-headed Democrat headed for a proverbial cliff. If they weren’t so pitiful, their ineptness would be popcorn-worthy.

    Consider what’s happening currently with the highly enlightening Twitter files as well as the current Biden/Democrat Party conundrum. (For Democrats reading this, here’s the definition of conundrum: Paradoxical, insoluble, or difficult problem; a dilemma.)

    Thankfully, God is in ultimate control so HIS truth (the only truth there is) ALWAYS surfaces (wink-wink)!

    • If God is in ultimate control, He must have willed Amy to reveal the illegal acts Bronson is perpetrating. Nothing would make him angrier than a mayor committing crimes while proclaiming faith to the Almighty.

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