What’s in a name? Alaska USA Federal Credit Union will become Global Federal Credit Union in April


Alaska USA Federal Credit Union will change its name to Global Federal Credit Union on April 3. The name change, the fourth name change in the company’s history, “marks a significant milestone in our credit union’s journey, providing an opportunity to reflect on everything that Alaska USA has stood for and everything that we aspire to become as we move forward into an exciting future,” the cooperative credit union said.

The credit union’s membership is distributed worldwide and the services can be accessed anywhere.

“We recognize that many of our members, like me, were born and raised in Alaska and have had accounts at Alaska USA for a long time. I want to assure you that the credit union is still Alaskan to our core; Alaska is in our DNA. When you walk into a branch you’ll be greeted by the same employees, use the same accounts, and experience the same commitment to the financial wellbeing of our communities that you’ve come to expect from us. Global is simply a new name with the same Alaskan spirit and values that have always guided us,” President and CEO Geoff Lundfelt wrote to account holders on Thursday. In other words, members’ passwords and log-ins won’t change.

The credit union’s subsidiary companies are also adopting the Global name. Alaska USA Insurance Brokers will be known as Global Credit Union Insurance Brokers, and Alaska USA Mortgage Company will be known as Global Credit Union Home Loans. The company has more than 1,100 employees and is headquartered in Anchorage.

“Since we were founded in 1948 as Alaskan Air Depot Federal Credit Union, our organization has expanded far beyond the confines of the Air Depot and the borders of Alaska. As your families grew, we grew. We now have members in all 50 states and all over the world. We have branches in Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Washington, and even on military bases in Italy. We’ve grown to become what Alaska always has been—larger than life. Global,” he said.


  1. Yeah, and coinciding with this name change, I am hearing from friends who have accounts with Alaska USA Federal Credit Union that they are simultaneously adding fees and account restrictions, raising minimum balances to avoid service fees, eliminating (admittedly nominal) interest payments previously paid on accounts, and otherwise turning into a clone of Wells Fargo.
    Both friends tell me that they are so disgusted by these moves, that they are going to close their accounts at that credit union (one has been with them for almost 30 years).

        • Good grief. Do you ever NOT use the phrase “radical leftist views” when you reply? I’m simply telling you what my experience has been. What a sad, angry person you must be.

      • You lie anyways, cboy. And if you think changing Alaska to Global is a good thing then you need to pack your crap and hit the bricks.

        • Technically Fire, all cman claimed was he hadn’t seen the changes Jefferson alleges. It’s a simple statement of fact. There is nothing nefarious about it. But somehow YOU see his comment as, what, communist, globalist? You add kindling to a fire that only exists in your mind. By doing so, you denigrate the other more sensible conservatives here.

      • cman, I’ve noted one change over the last few months, when I go online and open the Ultra-Branch home page there is a depiction of what I believe to be a lesbian couple, both young and tatted up,
        one is holding a baby and they are group hugging while wearing night clothing. Oh, both are blonde and WHITE, as is the baby! How flippin racist is that! It’s like something from the Volksgemeinshaft, only I cannot tell who is the Father!

        • Where? Where do you see this alleged lesbian couple? I see nothing of the sort when I go to their page. I think you, like Jefferson, are looking for something to be offended by and just can’t find it, so you’re reaching. Get a life!

    • The pains of moving into Digital Banking / Credit Union control….Happily NOT MY CREDIT UNION ! Wow the word UNION goes well with Credit / Debt on a Global scale !

    • I have had an account at AKUSA for decades. Last month, without any prior notification, the credit union changed the type of checking account I have. It also eliminated any/all interest payments generated by excess balances in those checking accounts. I was given no choice in this change
      I hate to leave them but that isn’t the way I expect my funds or my patronage to be treated.

      I’ll be moving all my funds to my brokerage account.

      Done with AK USA

      • It was a major faux pas on their part that they didn’t throw a “Trans” at the front of their new name. It would have been wide open after that. Could’ve called themselves anything. Name shifted at will and the communist policy enforcement division would have run protection for them…

  2. Did they get bought out? A lot of foreign corporations are buying up business based in the US and they seem to like using vague terms like “Global” in their new names.

  3. > “I want to assure you that the credit union is still Alaskan to our core”

    Then maybe reflect that in the company name? The change makes it a nameless, faceless, rootless concern.

    • I am not a member of Alaska USA FCU, but I understand that in their recent mailings to customers, they have gone conspicuously ‘woke’ as well, pushing the PC diversity +’equity’ + ESG propaganda at every opportunity. That alone would be enough for me to close an account with them.

    • Alaska airlines is headquartered in Seattle I think,,, been in Alaska 50 some years and have been with Ak USA (elmendorf credit union) credit union for much of that time..expanding overseas may increase hackers ,,, problems for all and last but not least,, erases the pride and recognition the cards we use display at most every time we purchase most anything…thinking of closing out my account after all these years and that is sad….they probably won’t care or notice…

  4. Like Denali FCU when it change to name ever they call Denali FCU. The service went down hill. Reduced branches increased fees. Simple out Denali FCU sent shit in a hand basket

  5. So, where to move my money THIS TIME…. I moved from Bank of America to Wells Fargo and then to Northrim then to AKUSA. Woke as f***.

  6. I will be closing down my account. We have had over two years of globalism. Oh, by the way, will their assets be covered by precious metals backed or just the CBDC?

  7. I read through the president’s comments. I didn’t see buzz words like equity, equality, and inclusion but I do suspect they are folding to the ESG business model like B of A. Sad to see, you lose that local feel.

  8. Oh the horror! Give me a break. Its just a name. I swear, I think some people on here get outraged by pretty much anything. Lighten up.

  9. I have just written to the CEO with a copy to the Board of Directors. Clearly they are drinking the globalist Kool Aid. I don’t live in Alaska but I like the identity. I don’t need a CEO to tell me that I must be a member of a “Global” credit union” WTF?

    What a way to destroy a brand that has been built up over 70 years!! If this stands, I will change to a local credit union in my town. Doesn’t the President/CEO and Board have enough to do with making sure the services are excellent and the credit union is financially sound?

    They say it is for the members, so do they have the courage to poll the members on this name change?
    I suggest you write to them and challenge them to this. Otherwise we vote with our money.

  10. Wouldn’t be surprised to find out the name change is all about ditching “Alaska USA” as a condition of doing business with the woke Bank of America.
    What’s next, “Must Read Global”?

  11. The credit union is using millions of member dollars to complete this. This is so wrong. The credit union increased employee co pays for medical insurance, but hey, it’s just fine to spend money on this BS. For all of you who commented about Alaska USA going woke, you’re so right. I lived it, but no longer. I left because of this crap and will now close my accounts with them. Not that they care.

  12. More noticeably a couple of months ago, AKUSA embedded a review us on Facebook link on your account summary page after you enter your credentials. Also, they quietly converted regular checking accounts to “latitude” accounts.

  13. “Alaska” is associated with massive federal funding and waste of. I wouldn’t name a business after it either.

  14. Alaska USA Federal Credit Union Officially Merges with Global Credit Union
    Alaska USA Federal Credit Union (Alaska USA) with headquarters in Anchorage, Alaska, and Global Credit Union (Global) with headquarters in Spokane, Washington have officially merged. Global will now operate as “Global Credit Union, a Division of Alaska USA Federal Credit Union.”

    A merger… a buy-out…. whatever.

  15. I called to complain today, because Global Credit Union members approved the ‘merger’, but Alaska USA members did not. I was told that we didn’t get a vote because it wasn’t a merger they bought Globe Credit Union. So I then asked why they were changing their name to the other company and was told that it’s because they’re already in 5 states and are going international. I answer you mean like Alaska Airlines that still has pride that they’re from Alaska. No answer!

    I will be closing all of my accounts…

  16. Joined Alaska USA FCU in the 70’s when ASRC made it available to us. It has been a great credit union. Never could get the online registration to work, however, so I’m still off-line…that’s kind of a good thing. The local employees still know me by sight (as a “founding member”:0) which is also nice. Will see what happens.

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