Video: Russian ship off Hawaii raises eyebrows


The U.S. Coast Guard has been monitoring a Russian vessel, believed to be engaged in intelligence gathering, off the coast of the Hawaiian Islands. The Coast Guard is coordinating with Department of Defense partners, providing updates to foreign vessel movements and activities and to “appropriately meet presence with presence to encourage international maritime norms.”

Although foreign ships in the U.S. exclusive economic zone is not unusual, tensions between the United States and Russia make the ship’s movements interesting to the Pentagon. Defense officials say the ship is operating in international waters. The zone allows ship to be within 12 nautical miles from a country’s shore.

The vessel is described as a Vishnya-class intelligence ship Kareliya (535), according to a review of the Jan. 11 video released by the Coast Guard. Satellite photos from Jan. 10 show the Russian vessel coming as close to 40 kilometers, or approximately 25 miles, within the Hawaiian shores, according to US Naval Institute News. The Coast Guard tracked the Kareliya in May 2021 in the same general area.

In mid-September, the Coast Guard Cutter Kimball crew, on a routine patrol in the Bering Sea, encountered Chinese naval vessels and four Russian naval vessels, including a Russian Federation Navy destroyer, all in a single formation.


  1. Well, maybe the Navy can interrupt their diversity training to see what the Russians and Chinese are up to.

    • Art, wasn’t it Rahm Emanuele who said, “never let a crisis go to waste–issue a sick burn!” And man, if you didn’t just hit ’em where it hurts! Thank you for your contribution!

  2. The Ukraine War is Over Except for Some More Dying
    Bob Moriarty

  3. Maybe(?), it would be wise for American Leaders to reestablish the Navy Base at Adak, as well as, incorporating a military component into the Nome Port Project? Seems like this might be a great approach as the Northern Shipping Route (to/from Asia and Europe) becomes more of a reality. Also, throw in a Fleet of Ice Breakers into that approach too.

  4. They know the weakness, wokeness, and incompetence of our current administration. We are becoming weaker by the day they’re watching. Or, maybe they just wanted a closer look at Obama’s seaside mansion.

    • If DJT were in charge, he’d have sunk that vessel by now. A strong, determined leader, that’s what we had. Nobody messed with the US under DJT! Now we have enemy intel ships lurking off our shores because they know we’re too scared to do anything about it!

  5. Choice assignment. Sure beats sitting at anchor waiting for a modified sea-doo packed with explosives to find your hull.

  6. In April of 1942 the United States launched sixteen B-25 bombers from aircraft carriers on a mission to drop a small number of bombs on Tokyo. The point of the raid was to bring the realities of war to the Japanese people. Today, the United States and many other western nations are supplying increasingly heavier and more advanced weapons to Ukraine. Assistance collectively now vastly exceeds $100 billion. The goals that are sought by providing this assistance are not clear.

    Except for those that have served, Americans know very little about war. Russia, OTOH, knows a lot. I can imagine an irritated Vladimir Putin engaging in some asymmetrical warfare against the US that could be extremely disruptive and might be difficult to trace back to Russia. A proxy war against Russia may have more costs than initially believed. We may be seeing more small Russian ships.

    • I cannot resist adding to my comment. For a moment, consider how the Russians might configure and use the Poseidon device. ‘ I recommend the part in the article about the use of stealth technology.

      For some reason, at least for me, much of the high moral ground and indignation in response to Russian aggression melts away when considering nuclear contamination in a major city. Yes, Russia is bad but what happens next?

  7. One (1) Russian ship in international waters raises official eyebrows while in December, two hundred fifty thousand (250,000) illegal aliens, including an unknown number of military age males, crossed the Rio Grande and invaded the United States, raising nary an occipitofrontalis among the Ruling Class.
    Remind again why one matters and the other doesn’t?

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