Anchorage Assembly ‘mask majority’ appears ready to declare victory on its mandate, and end forced masking early


Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel is preparing a resolution to end the Anchorage mask ordinance — the ordinance that most of Anchorage has ignored.

“We had alarming rates of transmission, a mask requirement and other health recommendations were put into place, and the rates came down,” Zaletel said in a press release. “Masks are a simple, cheap and highly effective way to combat this virus, so even though they are no longer mandatory, they are still strongly recommended for indoor public areas. With the new omicron variant lurking on the horizon, we still need to exercise caution and good health practices.”

The universal mask ordinance passed 9-2 on Oct. 14 after several days of public protest. Only Assembly members Jamie Allard and Crystal Kennedy voted against it.

According to the Assembly majority, they are watching to see how the omicron variant affects hospitals and businesses, and may enact a new set of restrictions in the future.

But for now, Zaletel and Assemblyman Pete Petersen are preparing to introduce a resolution at the Dec. 7 meeting, 23 days before the ordinance would expire.

Earlier this week, Providence Medical Center ended its “Crisis Standards of Care” protocols, as hospital admittances have returned to what is considered normal.

Many observers in Anchorage say that the ordinance has been disregarded by many. But the Assembly is still going to require people to wear masks in the Assembly Chambers.


  1. The mandate served its purpose.
    The d*** measuring contest was won by the Assembly. For this round at least.

    • Even manly mans man Mayor Charles Bronson stood no chance against 9 deviants packing that kind of China sourced silicone fire-power. #sexfleshmoby3
      Now that’s a mental picture you won’t shake easily…………… Where’s Whitekeys and the Fly By Night Club when you need them, lol. #thatisaskit

  2. I appreciate local leaders hyper concern over this covid19 along with its variants. As Suzanne is correct covid 19 is nasty virus. It’s best not to pass it along. We gotta to be more careful especially around our 45+ age elders and neighbors with poor health. Though I didn’t appreciate local leaders abuser perpetrator style forcing submission and compliance since April 2020. I see it as an insensitive response especially in a state We all know most Alaskans are born and raised growing up and affected by some form of domestic abuse. Abuse victims still recovering and those victims who hadn’t even started recovering don’t respond and react well when facing forced compliance. They get stubborn. For the future and for the future responce to protecting our elders or neighbors living in poor health from probably a more dangerous varian. Elected and unelected leaders TRY next time not taking the abuser perpetrator response. A reminder Everytime an abuse victim was forced to perform an action agianst their will it was never for their own good. A more understanding response we live in a state with high domestic abuse incidences, the patience more likely would had lead Alaskans to adopt safer and healthier practices and improving diet and fitness plans while showing more care toward their aged and poorer health friends, family, and neighbors. Maybe within the next three months (Dec,Jan,Feb) Alaskans can develop the incentive changing their eating habits, decrease alcohol and smoking habits (be best to quit!), and increase their excercise activity to prepare being more fit to run with covid varient next year and years to come. Hahaha

  3. For all that refused to wear a mask, I wanted to applaud your in ability to show the slightest compassion for your fellow human beings. You won nothing. Next time you have a surgeon operate on you, ask him to not wear a mask. Ask him to spit into to your open cavity and tell him how good it will feel when you go septic. If you want to live in a free society you have to work with others. It’s not fun wearing a mask but it keeps Charley Browns Pig Pen of your breath from making others sick. I don’t think mandates would have been necessary if more people had high school diploma’s. Lack of education is the real threat to America. Not your free speech. Yours Truly IRINO

    • Irino, I in turn want to applaud all the servile, conformist, lack-of-critical-thinking idiots who slavishly adhered to the nonsensical and unscientific mask mandate for demonstrating to us just how many ignorant lackeys for capricious authority there are out there — a depressingly large number. But at least it is good for us who love and value freedom over slavery to know where we stand nowadays.

    • You literally know nothing about the science of transmission or what 40 years of data on masks has revealed, or what the last two years has indicated. You are just blindly driving ahead on hatred and emotion, acting irrationally. YOU are the problem.

    • Those of us who refused to comply with the tyranny espoused by emotional despots retained (won) our liberty. Your childish rant is fueled by your anger that this pathetic mandate was not enforced virtually anywhere. Unfortunately for the Marxist maskers you didn’t have a gestapo force willing to do your bidding. Those living in a free society will retain their freedom by their own accord. Not by your most benevolent and educated dictates of social decorum.

    • Except wearing a cloth mask does nothing to prevent infection. You’re just kidding yourself. The mask is about power and control by tyrants. So I applaud those who refused to wear a mask. They showed compassion for their fellow man’s freedom against tyranny without endangering anyone’s health.

      Do some research on mask efficacy. Particularly the Denmark study.

    • “For all that refused to wear a mask, I wanted to applaud your in ability to show the slightest compassion for your fellow human beings. You won nothing. Next time you have a surgeon operate on you, ask him to not wear a mask. Ask him to spit into to your open cavity and tell him how good it will feel when you go septic.”

      Really? This is how you believe masks work?? Mask mandates have stopped nothing. People who think it’s every one else’s job to protect them is the problem. Your comment made zero sense as you were speaking of two different things. Surgery…. and a virus that there is no cure for and no mask that will help you. If you feel more safe in a face diaper go right ahead. Leave your hysterical madness at the door.

    • Since when has it been my responsibility to ensure others health?
      See, that is the problem with you leftists. You seem to think the collective is more important than the individual.
      Explain to me why I should take on any responsibility for your child’s college costs? Or why I should tolerate the Government eyeballing my retirement savings for anything whatsoever.
      I hold primary responsibility for ensuring I remain healthy. You hold NO RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER for doing the same on my behalf. Feel free to walk about unfettered spreading whatever germs might be infected you. I am well aware of the risks of going out in public, and I am good with it.
      If you think that unmasked individuals are too risky, please feel free to stay home.
      One thing I do agree with is your second to last statement. Lack of education IS the real threat to America. Perhaps you should consider boning up on a few topics before you make statements on a comment board. I am going to recommend some of the classics of logic and reason (Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato spring to mind, but there are a multitude out there.) Also, check out Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville. And, I cannot recommend The Federalist Papers strongly enough.

    • Just in time for the next election. I’ll bet $1,000 on it, because it’s about power, not medicine.
      Any takers?

      • AV, you are too optimistic.
        By the time of the next (s)election, the Ancho-rage ass-embly’s Marxist Nine will be pushing threw an ordinance for mandatory vaccinations (sic) for all Anchorage residents, no exceptions. And on that I WILL be willing to bet real money.

  4. How generous of them to let us breathe free again, just 7 days before their dictate was going to expire anyway.

    Hey Meg, if the masks are really responsible for reducing case numbers, why lift the mandate? Hmmmmm? Why stop doing something that’s working? Gotcha!

  5. Give up power? Willingly? Believe it IF you see it…..or maybe wait a week or two longer just in case the hive-mind of the assembly takes another twist.

  6. I have always questioned the need for masking up… not so much CDC directives, but their lack of logic. A mask is supposed to protect me from you and you from me. What exactly did it protect us from? Well, the virus, of course. So if the virus protects me from you and you from me from spreading the virus, why are people who are tested positive need to be quarantined, when all they need to do is wear a mask (since it protects me from you and you from me)? The mask use directive basically declares that mask will only protect you from me and me from you under two cases: 1: If neither has the virus (which makes mask wearing irrelevant) or if I or you have the virus but neither knows it (which makes virology silly).

    • Lou, you are making the mistake of trying to apply facts and logic (and, you know, “THE SCIENCE”) to a purely emotion-based position. To those who act and believe purely out of emotion — particularly out of hysteria pumped up by the constant drumbeat of fear-porn from the corporate media — no amount of facts or logic will suffice to break their mental walls of ignorance and irrational fear.

  7. True: I had my mask on as I sat on a crowded plane and I still smelled it 👅🦨, think of all the material that had to pass through – (P.S. it wasn’t me 🙄😷).
    KA BAM

  8. Wow, our CCP overlords are both concerned about our health and safety AND generous! It’s too good to be true! We are fortunate to be ruled by such benevolent dictators.

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