Providence Medical Center ends ‘crisis standards of care’ operating procedures


Providence Medical Center today told its employees in a newsletter today that it has stopped operating under “crisis standards of care.”

Providence instituted “crisis standards of care” on Sept. 15 after grandstanding their doctors and medical professionals at Anchorage Assembly meetings in support of a universal mask mandate ordinance, which the Assembly soon passed, against the wishes of many in the community.

“We no longer need to place patients in nonstandard locations, and our hospital census has returned to a more manageable level. The surge in patients that forced us to implement Crisis Standards of Care is behind us. This is good news. It means we are no longer faced with making difficult decisions about allocation of treatments and resources and patient transfers to higher levels of care,” the newsletter says.

The Anchorage Assembly’s emergency ordinance, which was vetoed by the mayor but then put in place by a veto override from the Assembly requires nearly everyone to wear masks expires on Dec. 31, or if hospitals in the area end their crisis standards of care and if the number of Covid-positive tests drop below a certain threshold.

The ordinance is at this link.


  1. Any news yet on whether the Marxist Nine majority on the Anchorage assembly plan on actually lifting the mask mandate on December 31st? Or can we expect yet more moving goalposts to be set up before that date?

  2. One wonders if the “Crisis Standards of Care” that Providence has operated under for many months is just wall-papering for possible institutional incompetence. They seemed to have had major difficulty in record keeping for the ‘pandemic’. They finally dumped their late Covid numbers in the system causing confusion with statewide Covid case trends. Also, their entirely unprofessional involvement in the political shenanigans of the Anchorage Assembly for mask wearing ma dates. Providence produced no peer reviewed studies before the Assembly that mask wearing by the public in public places has public health merit. Even worse, their support of the ordinance which gave their approval that children two years and older must wear masks is unconscionable. We can only hope the level of judgment and competence improves at Providence. Meanwhile, Anchorage is blessed with other health care facilities who are not prone to such foolishness as Providence.

  3. Trust me With Lisa’s election coming. There’s gonna be anything and everything thrown out there to keep mail-in stuffing to coincide with ranked theft of our election

  4. “It was apparent the numbers and severity was being inflated nation wide, but to say such a thing would cost you your job or license. We were being hailed as “Heroes” all over the media but the hospitals were empty.

    News traveled fast among the staff nationwide and the overall sentiment was something surely wasn’t right, the censorship was astonishing and the public was being told a lie!

    We felt like Patriots, now truly earning that hero badge while planning our Tic-Tok dance videos by text message across the USA…. “This was our diabolical whistleblower plan to tell the American public what it needed to know, lessening the consequences masqueraded as a foolish decision at best.”

    -RN from NY

  5. Does this mean those FEMA temps have been sent packing?
    Have our Residents of Alaska that work in Healthcare been given back the jobs they had when they were HEROS at the start? Has the CEO been given the boot?
    Is there NOW a rational informed committee of intelligence formed to guide the citizens rather than to MANDATE over them?

  6. Next thing will be the Assembly taking credit for the reduction in Covid cases, fewer hospitalizations, and fewer deaths. That should not come as a surprise to anyone. But it will be ridiculously disingenuous.

  7. Typical modern, “woke” organization: An announcement in a newsletter, attributed to no known person. (After some thought, I am surprised that the announcement wasn’t made via anonymous Tweet.). I guess robots are running the place. And no one is allowed to step out of line. Trust in this organization has been forever damaged.

  8. In late July I had my gall bladder extracted. I was admitted from the emergency room and at that time they weren’t sure they had any beds for me. I went to the neurology ward after my surgery. (I tell people that that and maternity are the two places I am not qualified to be in.) This was going into the spike and they were already starting to shuffle people with no fanfare. The Omicron variant seems to be pretty tame so far. Hopefully the Powers That Be remember the goal is to keep people out of the hospitals and out of the morgues rather than keep people from ever getting COVID. I got Covid in late August (fully vaccinated) and it was a scratchy cough for two days. If the Omicron is like that…we can live with it.

  9. So, the assembly should have kept its nose out of the medical business, again! Some lessons are hard, but some are slow learners, so expect the same old stuff from those you have elected, City of Anchorage, until you throw them out and get common sense in office!

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