She’s all that: Jamie Allard announces for Eagle River House District 22


Chugiak/Eagle River Assemblywoman Jamie Allard has filed with Alaska Public Offices Commission as a candidate for Alaska House District 22, a newly drawn political district covering much of Eagle River

Allard, who has served for 18 months on the Anchorage Assembly, said she plans to represent the values of Eagle River residents in the state capitol in Juneau, and as a Republican, she will work to make sure the Republicans, who are a numeric majority in the House, regain the actual majority, which has been eroded by members caucusing with the Democrats.

She said she would continue to serve on the Assembly until January 2023.

“More efficient government is a core value for Eagle River. We also see public safety and economic opportunity to be priorities, not in-fighting among legislators. We want our self-determination respected, not controlled by those who don’t share our family values. I’ll guard our constitutional rights, including our Second Amendment rights, with every ounce of my being,” she said.

Allard, who is an Army veteran and served in the Dunleavy Administration, was first elected to the Anchorage Assembly in 2020. She brings a host of leading Anchorage and Alaska endorsements, including:

Craig Campbell
Dave and Deb Bronson
Ramsey Bell
Amy Demboski
Kristen Bush
Suzanne Downing
Tom McKay
Kathy Henslee
Dawn Linton-Warren and
Chris Warren
Scott Myers
Stephen Rominelli
Clint and Sherry Lentfer 
Marc McKenna
Dave Hulquist
Charlie and Vonnie Pierce
Dick Traini
Joseph Wright

Kevin and Linn McCabe
Mike Shower
Ava Anderson
George Rauscher
Chris and Regina Wright
Luke Clement
Roberta and Dan Zipay
Kolby Hickel
Rick Morrison
Frank and Jeanne McQueary
Matt and Melissa Hickey
Gordy and Michelle Banfield
Trina Johnson
John and Debbie Fullenweider
Lisa Fletcher
Deborah Brollini
Larry Baker 
Alexis Johnson
Jesse Sumner
Adam Trombley
Dave Damato
Susan Fischetti 
Eugene Harnett
Dave and Jamie Donley
Laddie Shaw
Cathy Tilton
Stephanie Williams Taylor 
Lena Amor Halverson
Shelby Isbell
Shawn and Alicia Maltby
Mike Cronk
Bill Mendenhall

Allard first ran for office in 2018, when she lost to Kelly Merrick for House District 14. Merrick, backed with significant Big Labor resources, soon jumped from the Republican caucus and joined a Democrat-dominated majority so she could take a seat as Finance Committee co-chair. Merrick has filed for Senate Seat L. Allard’s in November indicated she was filing for statewide office, but did not indicate which seat until Thursday.

Allard is known for taking firm and constitutionally grounded stands on the Anchorage Assembly and is often the lone voice for conservatives in the Anchorage area, many who count on her as their only representative, even if she lives in the Chugiak-Eagle River district and not theirs.

She sometimes pays a price for that on the Democrat-controlled Assembly, which has found ways to punish her. When Democrat Assemblyman Felix Rivera was chairman of the Assembly, he stripped her of her committee chairmanships.

Allard is facing a recall from her Assembly seat in a campaign organized by two Anchorage residents who don’t live in her district. The recall appears to be struggling to gain traction in the conservative community and looks like a long-shot.


  1. Mixed feelings about this; will be awesome to have her in the legislature of course, but will be losing a rare voice of common sense on the Assembly. Hopefully someone good can fill her shoes!

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