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Germany announces lockdown for unvaccinated

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and  Chancellor-designate Olaf Scholz announced harsh measures are being taken against those citizens who are unvaccinated for Covid-19: They will be barred from public life, banned from nonessential places such as restaurants, bars, stores, and events, the BBC News reported.

The new measures agreed on by German leaders during a meeting this week, include:

  • Shops, restaurants, museums, movie theaters for vaccinated or recovered people only
  • Additional tests for the vaccinated
  • Nightclubs, music venues to close in areas where incidence rate hits 350
  • New measures will take effect once approved by lawmakers, likely in the coming days
  • A maximum of 15,000 spectators will be allowed in football stadiums
  • Indoor sports venues will have a maximum of 5,000 in attendance
  • Private gatherings for unvaccinated will be limited to one household
  • Mask requirements in schools
  • Parliament will vote on mandatory vaccines in early 2022
  • An exception is being made for those recently recovered from Covid.
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“Culture and leisure nationwide will be open only to those who have been vaccinated or recovered,” Merkel said in her announcement, according to DW Politics online. 69 percent of eligible Germans are vaccinated for Covid, but the disease is spiking in the country and the government predicts 6,000 people may be in intensive care by Christmas.

Germany has a history of separating the “unclean,” said critics, but with compulsory vaccinations likely in the near future, the country will move into a whole other realm of forced medical procedures, something for which it is also known.

“Merkel said an ethics committee will be asked to draft legislation to make vaccination compulsory, with the Bundestag debating and voting on the issue early in the new year,” DW reported.

Scholz, who is expected to be announced as Germany’s new chancellor next week, said getting vaccinated is “how we get out of this crisis” and “if we had a higher vaccination rate, we wouldn’t be discussing this now,” according to the German news agency.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Never mind that the so-called “vaccinations” provide little if any immunity to either the contraction or the transmission of the Wuhan Virus, making these measures demonstrably about the institution of an Orwellian total tracking and control agenda, and NOT about public health in any way whatsoever.
    Behold, in this pathetic hausfrau, the face of pure evil.

    • And this truly is a battle against evil. There is no other reason for the incoherent actions being taken upon the citizens of this globe.

  2. After spending the last 70+ years trying to prove they are not inherently a lock-step, totalitarian nation that tries to solve all its problems by “getting rid of the bad people”, Germany runs headlong into a real pattern of judging huge swaths of the population AGAIN! How embarrassing for them.

  3. Hmmm,Hard to accept this as Germany seems to hasty to revert to a ‘Separated’ society based on vaccinated or recovered ( got that part right) versus not. Do they not understand the concept of ‘ breakthru’ infection ?

  4. Next: walled ghettos and identity badges for the unvaccinated. Preferably conveniently located adjacent to railroad lines.

    I bet the manufacturers of Zyklon B and large gas crematoria are getting excited again, after their long 70+ year hiatus.

  5. Haha, her mouth literally looks like a ventriloquist dummy. These idiots are puppets. We need to find the ones pulling the strings and tell them we have had enough, with our fists.

  6. Papers, where are your papers?!!!! This is the true result of the totalitarian approach that is being used to cage the population over a virus that largely leaves huge segments of the population unafffected. Marginaltizing the independent in the population.

  7. Well! This is real rich of Germany coming from a country that lived under Nazi Regime, which was not very long ago. We still have survivors of their Nazi Regime living. They will remember the actions about what led up to the concentration camps. Concentration camps don’t just spring up overnight. It takes a series of enacted laws, policies, and rules agianst a specific group of peoples deemed less human.

    • You must be talking about Americans locking up Native Americans on reservations. Or maybe Americans locking up Japanese Americans during WW2. Always a pleasure reading your posts. LoL

      • If we continue to blame nation or race for evil, then evil will continue to take another name to escape justice.

      • Say What??? No mention of the Japs and China Genocides? American Indians nailing white babies to cabin walls?
        Oh, come now? Fess UP?

  8. I wonder who are the grandparents and parents of Angela Merkel and Olaf Scholz. Maybe who was their elder growing up WAS a Nazi just like what is her name. that alaskan chief medical doctor? Her grand dad lived his life believing in depopulation efforts, which is kind of weird considering he had children else Dr. Zink would never had been born without her granddad’s reproduction efforts. However he influenced his granddaughter with his ideas to depopulate the earth while she has children of her own. How rich!

  9. Yesterday Hitler’s Warsaw Ghetto.
    Today Merkel-Scholz’ nationales Covid-Gefängnis.
    To Merkel-Scholz, yimach shemo vezichro, we respectfully offer the salutary middle finger.
    81 years later, what progress you bloody devils have made.
    May you live long enough to realize what you have done.

  10. Scholz says that getting jabbed is the only way out of this… apparently he hasn’t been paying attention to what’s happening inside the most highly jabbed countries. Wait, is this the same Scholz that was a prison guard in Hogan’s Heros? I know nothing!

    • Funny! But wrong Scholz.
      Hogan’s Heroes Sgt. Schulz had a sense of humor, was much more savvy and kind than this Scholz will ever be. He strikes me more as a General Heinrich Muller type.

  11. I had a 1SG tell me back in the 80s that the last thing the civilized world wanted to see was a reunited Germany. Maybe he was onto something.

  12. You people are so bizarre.

    The proposed German law gives people a CHOICE:

    Get vaccinated (or recovered from COVID-19) and have a social life; or

    Be unvaccinated and stay among your nuclear family (or alone) in your home.

    A. Clear. Choice.

    No revoked citizenship under color of law. No seizures or destruction of property, private businesses or houses of worship under color of law. No arrests or summary mass disappearances and murders under a color of law pretense of “relocation,” or “re-education.”

    When Germany passes the “Vaccination Codes,” and they contain the above provisions — similar to the Nuremberg Codes — THEN shriek out your Nazi analogies and metaphors.

    For now, you’re all just hyperbolic hysterics.

    • Yes, a ‘choice’, Sophie: live a highly monitored life, subject to government’s demands on bodily autonomy, or live life as a virtual prisoner. How generous of the powers-that-be to offer Germans such a choice!
      Once again we see how so many modern-day Americans, like yourself, do not grasp anything about what freedom really means.

    • Sophie, it may be important for you to understand psychological conditioning and grooming.
      These are steps towards what you are being warned about. This is not hysterics, this is recognition of repeating patterns. Pay attention to more than your ego and learn something.
      It is nobody else’s authority to provide me with choice on how I live my life. I choose. Not you, not government, not media talking heads. I choose.
      If you want to be ruled by limitations and fear filled beliefs, then go right ahead.
      I choose freedom over tyranny.

      • Staying healthy and saving lives? That’s your slippery slope argument? Where is the bad part? That’s usually what follows a slippery slope. In your case, saving lives is the bad part? Or being healthy?

    • Sophie, so you are okay with putting people under virtual house arrest, even though they have not committed a crime. Once you have achieved that, the steps to all the things you mentioned above are very small. Total control of everyone by a very small group.
      Many years ago I visited West Berlin and one night climbed one of the viewing platforms near the wall. West Berlin was awash in lights, people laughing, going about their business, while East Berlin was dark, rubble still piled up in the streets (it was the 80’s) and the only people out were police in vehicles. The desperation and sadness made a lasting impression.
      I had hoped that Germans learned their lesson, but the longer WWII is in the rear view mirror the more the next generations forget. Then there is the fact the half the population labored under communist rule for about 45 years, and that set of population is used to getting their marching orders from the government.
      See Sophie, it doesn’t end with a silly virus, next you have to disclose, who your friends are, give the government access to all your private affairs and giving them the power to allow or deny you care/access/ basic necessities of living. If you think this is all fabulous, I urge you to move there.

    • Sophie, are you familiar with the German concept of Untermenschen? Your ill informed commentary above makes me wonder. You see Sophie, the Nazi’s didn’t round up the Juden from day one, it was a progression of events that led to being stuffed into box cars. I would submit that this progression has begun.
      Based on your comments I’m not sure that you wouldn’t be in that group with the scary uniforms holding snarling German Shepherds pushing folks into cattle cars. I mean to say that you are okay with those whom you differ losing their rights and freedoms. I think you might want to remember Sophie, that those that can get you to believe absurdities can also get you to commit atrocities.

    • RG, you evidently have not been keeping up on who is in Hospital vs who isn’t. Your man, Anthony Fauci himself has said that the Double Jab has lost its Mo-Jo and that a THIRD jab is now imperative. And so it will go. An endless cycle of new ” Scarients” lockdowns and then yet another poison poke.
      Yes RG, you party on. I hear blood clots are not fun though.

  13. Exactly what is the objective of discussing on this website what Germany’s legislative leaders decide for their OWN country?
    Obviously just a means to generate insulting comments to justify resistance to vaccines, masks, rules and collective society.
    Nothing more to gripe about in the USA, so you need to criticize other countries???

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