Did Assembly mask ordinance slow down virus in Anchorage? Data shows trend was already heading down statewide


The Anchorage Assembly majority says that the masking ordinance AO 2021-91 has led to lower numbers of Anchorage residents testing positive for Covid-19, and thus the mandate can end early.

Read: Masking ordinance to end early as mask-majority on Assembly declares victory

Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel is taking credit for Anchorage numbers dropping, saying the mask mandate that she and the nine-member majority voted into emergency law is the reason.

A medical professional in Alaska who has been studying Covid trends has kept track of the statewide numbers, and provided this data to Must Read Alaska; he has also provided the data to the Assembly today. It is data that reflects Covid positive tests statewide.


09/27/21 178.2

Discussion of AO 2021-91 starts

10/01/21 154.8

10/04/21 120.5

10/08/21 109.2

Mask Emergency Ordinance passes

10/12/21 111.8

10/13/21 118.9

10/15/21 124.0

10/18/21   70.3 suspected reporting anomaly 

10/19/21 116.3

10/20/21 108.3

10/21/21 109.3

10/22/21 106.7

10/25/21 139.0

10/26/21   98.7

10/27/21   93.8

10/28/21   89.8

11/01/21   86.3

11/02/21   81.4

11/03/21   83.6

11/04/21   80.5

11/05/21   81.6

11/08/21   77.9

11/09/21   75.6

11/10/21   71.4

11/11/21   58.7

11/12/21   58.8

11/13/21   58.8

11/15/21   53.8

11/16/21   53.3

11/17/21   53.1

11/18/21   63.2

11/19/21   56.4

11/22/21   49.8

11/23/21   45.9

11/24/21   46.8

11/25/21   36.7

11/26/21   38.8

11/29/21   38.4

11/30/21   38.8

12/01/21   35.6

12/02/21   42.3


  1. Fauci and fools want you to worship the SCIENCE and not GOD ! Satan working overtime on fools and ungodlily people.

    Anyone who reads the bible and interprets it correctly knows that this is the grand deception it speaks of many times.

  2. 2 Thessalonians 2:11

    ” And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie.

    Mathew 4:9

    “And he said to Him, “All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me.”
    The SCIENCE…..disguised by Satan himself.

  3. Yes, it worked! Thank you, nasty nine, for saving our lives. What’s next on your secret agenda? The poor people, jogging and driving, with their worthless masks on, applaud your useless efforts. The rest of us think that you are a bunch of egotistical power happy idiots and I really feel for your offspring. I hope and pray that they will learn from your stupidity. What we really needed during this pandemic was a little empathy and teamwork, not a bunch of power hungry bigots trying to save the world with rules and regulations, which is becoming clear now that none of the B.S. works. I am sure that you will be re-elected now that you have been able to to manipulate the vote. Now you need to manipulate the virus, before it wipes out your caucus. Because the magic shot didn’t work. Dummies.

    • Excellent point.
      Now that they got what they wanted (an override of the Mayor’s veto) through sneaky tactics (Passing an EO at the end of a special session when it was not even on the agenda.), you can expect more of it in the future.

  4. This mask ordinance holds the same scientific credibility as a Joel Osteen sermon. #samesalespitch #moremanipulivecontrolinglies

      • Just ignore them, and they’ll leave you alone. I’ve been to Costco three times since the latest (toothless) municipal mask was put in place, unmasked each time, and they did not bother me.

      • They’ve always been there to check membership cards. They are no longer following you around yelling at you to pull your mask up over your nose.

  5. Isn’t the more important question “why is the assembly pushing a mandate…” That’s totally sexist. In today’s culture, I believe the term is “persondate”. How insensitive. Oh wait, there was a mandate? Haven’t noticed. It’s amazing I’m still alive considering I haven’t put a mask on in a public store yet. Unvaccinated and unmasked and yet somehow I have survived these last two months in Anchorage. I must be the last one alive as Covid kills 99.97% of everyone….. or something like that. That was a close one.

  6. Except that half of Anchorage never wore the masks so her logic is invalid. What a bunch of silly children they are. Not a mature one in the Nazgul Nine.

  7. I really haven’t seen a whole lot of people wearing masks, has anyone else seen differently? The only poor souls who are being forced to wear masks, are the innocent children. Heartbreaking!
    But hey, if it makes certain ones on the assembly puff up with pride, let em have it…As long as they cut this ridiculous mask mandate out..especially from the children!!!
    We all know what the real truth is…

    • Same here.
      About the same percentage of folks masking up as there was before the mandate. With the exception of shops that enforced the rule.
      Besides, have you ever seen how the people being forced to mask wear them? Might as well not be on at all.

  8. Short answer, no it did not and will never have any affect on the spread of the virus. There were already case studies that have shown this from last year. The virus will take its course with or without masks. Unfortunately, when you have power hungry people running your government, they will force unnecessary dictates upon the populace whether there is any reason to do so. When you elect communists to run your city, they have no respect for your rights or the Constitution they take an oath to protect. Hopefully the tough lessons we are currently learning from this attack on our country will continue to wake-up those that are still sleeping. Freedom is fragile and it needs to be protected. Please elect people that will protect it.

    • Well said. I was truly heartened by the many places I went where masks weren’t present, and where, more importantly, I didn’t see people pestering their neighbors or customers about it. The only places I did observe it, ironically, were in a few restaurants, on literally the 15 second walk from reception to their booth or table..watching a hostess or server pester a customer, as they walked 20 feet to their table, knowing full well the second they sat down they didn’t have to wear it, was quite something.

      • What they will tell you is that it is just the “idea” they want to promote. We should do “what we can”. The whole point, whether they want to admit it or not, is to virtue signal like an AIDS ribbon. Wearing a mask to be seated at a restaurant shows “that you care and have concern”. And they will cherry pick data falsely all day long and it doesn’t matter how blatantly bad their “science” is. All they care about is feeling morally superior and all they need to feel that way is to hear someone on TV or in the NYT’s or a liberal minded self serving healthcare professional to agree with them. Everyone else is just combative or brainwashed no matter how much sense they make. And the craziest thing is that if we all agreed to wear masks, they would have to find something else to make them feel elite and cool because everything that has fueled them during this whole thing was the ability to blame people that don’t agree with their liberal minds, media and hive and they harp on every single controversial thing they know separates them. Otherwise, we’d all be using air sanitation systems, taking vitamin D and Zinc, losing weight, spending time outside getting exercise, fresh air and sunshine as much as possible, and promoting the vulnerable to wear respirators, not masks, and volunteering to help them. Oh, and we would be striving and motivated to make the shots more effective, more durable, healthier and less of a risk for everyone and not coercing anyone. And hospital CEO’s wouldn’t be kicking out nurses who aren’t vaccinated while getting involved in politics and mandates because “they are overwhelmed”. Being fake is ok as long as their hive agrees and can get behind it. It’s actually better if it is fake because they get more opposition that way and it is the opposition that they revel in. Saddest thing is they are wearing us all down and forcing us to come to terms with the world being nuts because opposing them just makes them worse. The only solution in my mind is secure elections, and voting the assembly members out. Everybody needs to help campaigns or run, and keep the elections secure. These people are very motivated to win because if they don’t they will lose their “cool kid” status and that means everything to them, despite them being totally oblivious to that.

      • Surprised it didn’t block your email like it did to me said I was bein”uncivil” for not clicking my heels with a “jawohl” and “siegHeil”

  9. Oh please, the weekly jaunt through Costco usually generated a 50-50 observation. More people with mask closer to the entrance and then less and less as you hit the sample stations. Interestingly several patrons, who wore masks while shopping, were later observed seated shoulder to shoulder with their fellow shoppers (all without masks), enjoying Costco’s culinary offerings in the food court.
    Numbers probably went down because Delta is burning itself out, most people have been exposed and have at least some immunity.
    Sadly in their hubris this will only embolden the assembly to think of other nifty ways to make our lives more complicated.

  10. It’s laughable that the delusional Anchorage Assembly attributes the downward cases of Covid cases to their prescient passage of their mask ordinance. It’s reminds us of the story about Chanticleer, the rooster, who believes that his crow is what causes the sun to rise. Or, as explained in philosophical terms: post hoc ergo propter hoc which means ‘after this, therefore because of this’.

    But back to basics: it was virtue signaling at its worst by the arrogant Assembly. Now they are trying to declare success with their foolish ordinance and decreasing case rates. The real truth is that few are paying attention to these dictatorial mandates and they are embarrassed by that.

    When will the people of Anchorage stop electing such fools to their Assembly?

  11. There is an interesting analysis in a story by Greg Ip in the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday. The analysis fairly supports the notion that states with fewer rules, like masks, and no or limited shutdowns are showing higher rates of economic growth. The less-restrictive states, specifically Florida and Texas are out performing states like California and Illinois, who have more economic restrictions. It is also true that rates of infection and death are higher in the red states. The same article reports that there are significant differences between Democrats and Republicans on the extent to which they fear the Covid virus. It is fair to conclude that the majority on the Assembly favors the restrictive approach and is willing to sacrifice the economy in the process. Perhaps some lives have been saved from this plan but the evidence is not clear on that point. It may be also fair to conclude that the collective fear of Covid amongst the Assembly majority is much like that of the typical Democrat. Living in fear must be difficult.

    I will observe that the Anchorage economy was in bad shape before Covid. It now may be that much worse with application of the blue-state approach. Frankly, Anchorage may never recover, thanks to the Assembly. The worst part is that members like Zalatel and Dunbar earnestly believe they have done the right thing and that those that think otherwise are knuckle-dragging fools that should be punished. It may enrage the majority on the Assembly, but I will continue to support free minds and free markets.

    • California has a huge budget surplus after mask mandates, you can pick or chosse whatever statistics you want, 850 people are still dying from Covid daily and insurance and medicare premiums are rising due to unvaccinated people filling hospitals

      • Frank, you are, once again, lying through your teeth. No hospitals, anywhere in the US, are “filling up with (Covid) patients”, and more and more of those who are ending up in the hospital are those who have received the (non-)vaccines, as you would know if you tried to research and read any sort of independent media, instead of burying your face (and your mind) in all the fear-porn-mongering, hysteria-driven corporate media propaganda.
        You DO realize that the corporate media is almost nothing but pure (self-serving) propaganda, don’t you, Frank?

      • My reply is limited to noting that equating money held by government to the economy of a state is obscene. The Permanent Fund is worth $81 billion and in some ways Alaskans have never been poorer in spirit and imagination.

      • “Worst?” What is being measured? There are trade-offs between obsession over Covid and economic activity, as well as other criteria. I prefer my ability to assess my own risk over that of the socialist Nine. Frankly, some of those folks may be suffering from a form of mental illness.

  12. This was a win win for the Assembly. The nine who are claiming credit for the low numbers of infections were totally aware that the Delta variant had peaked and was heading down. It was very clever of them to ram the mask mandate down our throats knowing that it would look like ( to the uninformed ) their actions saved the community. This is an example of politics at its worst!
    Regrettably, the electorate has shown that they do not care. They continue to put or keep these people in office. And I don’t see that changing soon!

  13. Nothing like data from an anonymous medical professional to hang your hat on. 850 people are still dying every day from Covid 19.

  14. Progressives on Assembly follow the footsteps of Dictator Fauci. They treat this as a societal crises in stead of a Medical Problem.Good book to know the truth Pandemia by Alex Berensen. How corona virus took over our Government, our Rights and our Lives. Many of the electorate care . Stop the $$$ from outside interests like George Soros and stop mail in ballots and we may be able to take out state back.

  15. Masks had no effect at all. The Peninsula had no mask mandates and their Covid peak & subsequent decline largely mirrored Anchorage’s current trends. The Anchorage Assembly is, unfortunately, populated with idiots!

  16. SD: There is something wrong with these numbers. Statewide positive rolling average positive cases
    are much higher than what is posted.

    (And statewide is a silly metric given the mask mandate was for Anchorage. )

    I actually have no idea what these numbers are above, they don’t fit any statewide trends
    or Anchorage death, positive case, nor hospital trends.

    That said, it is a little amazing that 15 folks went off without actually thinking about the data posted.
    We need to learn to think for ourselves and do simple math.

  17. This data is per 10,000, residents
    where the state reports number of cases as a raw number
    and the CDC-where the data is actually from reports cases per 100,000 residents.

    And its for statewide…so useless.

    Might be help to make it clear this is state wide data per 10,000 residents….assuming that is what it is.
    It is not clear.

    • Agreed, DB. Those numbers confused me as well. And never mind the fact that they were and are still generated by the discredited (as a diagnostic test) PCR analysis.

    • It’s the 7 day rolling average of cases per 100,000. Harvard and the Brown School of Public Health have not changed their reporting method since the beginning.


  18. Nothing but a scam! The only threat from any virus is a propaganda virus that is hot in the cattle they are trying to steer. Moooooooo. You know where the masks need to need to be, in the trash because that is all this has been, Garbage.

  19. Now to be better prepared for variants of Covid19, between Dec-Jan-Feb through the rest of 2022 it be best time you personally improve your eating and excercise plans and reduce your alcoholic beverage and smoking habits (be best to quit, this way your body begins its recovery early before sickness). This way your immune system will have a better chance keeping up with the covid19 variants running through you body.
    Next year TRY to be considerate to the 45+ ages and the neighbors in poorer health shape. If you are sick next year, don’t be around your old or overweight neighbors or do you best maintaining a distance or taking cleanliness precautions being around them. Their bodies have less stamina to keep up with how fast covid19 and its variants runs through the human body.

  20. Is there a single person alive who actually thinks this EO was about slowing the spread of COVID?
    It was always just a ploy to push the Mayor into a veto, so the Assembly could override it. Nothing more.

  21. It’s been pretty well established worldwide at this point that covid runs in cycles and has peaks lasting about two months, this has been seen repeatedly across the globe.

  22. It is pretty obvious that the Anchorage ass-embly’s Marxist Nine are pushing to rescind the stupid mask mandate, given the widespread and growing non-compliance with it, as more and more people realize the idiocy and uselessness of mask wearing by the public.

  23. “A medical professional in Alaska who has been studying Covid trends has kept track of the statewide numbers, and provided this data to Must Read Alaska; he has also provided the data to the Assembly today. ”
    This is silly. He has not done anything special with statewide numbers….they are readily available from the CDC which gets them from the state of Alaska..which makes them readily available..

    Can’t he keep track of anchorage’s numbers? which are the relevant one to masks? I mean download the data.

    I guess am studying my navel….which does not make me an expert on oranges

  24. Them: “Follow the science!”
    Us: Shows them the data.
    Them: “That’s not what Dr. Fauci said.
    Listen to the experts!”

    Sigh…That’s not science; that’s propaganda.

    • I suspect you are correct. If they believed masks were the best response to Delta, the Nine will conclude that masks are the best response to Omicron. (There is no definitive study on masks. I invite anyone to cite one for me.) The Nine shows little inclination to change how they evaluate a new threat like the Omicron. The failure of imagination and lack of critical thinking is staggering.

      • There’s a huge comprehensive study from Denmark that shows cloth masks reduce the chance of Covid infection by only 1-2%. So virtually no difference between masks or no masks.

        • The Danish study was viciously attacked by the “woke” medical people when it came out. In the current world, when anything inflicts great damage, it is not unusual for those on the other side to savagely attack. It is one of the tenets of Clintonism. As noted, neither Fauci or the CDC can cite a definitive study in support of masks.

  25. The nasty anti american 9 seem to have Soros backing, screwing over our cigties at every turn. They never let an opportunity pass to screw over those they PRETEND to represent. They are listening and following the devil himself, Soros, Obama and the CCP. I have zero faith in the current ASSembly as they take power for themselves with impunity.
    We need to rid our ciy of these liars and cheaters.

  26. I got mildly sick from covid once. Two of my sisters got sick from the jab, both got sick from covid a few months later, then both got sick from another jab. At least they quit urging me to get the jab.

  27. We have ignored the newest mask “mandate” and will continue to do so. Be ready to call APD because we will not comply. You will not force us into your collectivist ethos signaling. You can wear your little fear diapers all you want, but it stops there.

    • That is my attitude as well, Yearight. I don’t give a damn if it is “store policy”, either, as no business has the right to usurp my fundamental freedoms and make me bow to virtue-signaling insanity.

  28. And no deaths due to any…. I mean ANY other cause. How ironic.
    The deaths that are TRULY from Covid (many cases have falsified death certificates, Believe what you want you’re going to anyway) are from the treatment ( or lack of)
    And a large % are “fully” injected.
    You just keep yourself up-to-date on the “anonymous “ hat hook material.
    Leave this good living out here to the unafraid to be informed.
    Bottom line and all kidding aside …..
    Best of health to you and yours.

  29. Two good things about the mandate:

    1: I Made many new conservative friends and contacts when I testified against it. I’m usually too busy!

    2: I cut ties with Pet Zoo, who refused to sell me dog food unless I masked. They’ve been snarky wokesters for years, but I just needed one more nudge to quit shopping there.

    • Escorted out of Cabela’s and Carquest for not wearing a mask. Lost my business for good along with Costco.

      • Good for you, Censored!
        And don’t try to go into Title Wave without a face diaper, either — the total Karen-Nazi of an owner/manager will scream at you and make a giant scene while threatening to call the cops. On a slow day when I’m bored, I may go back there just to make her carry through with her hysterical and irrational threat.

  30. Don’t worry, now they want you to lock down, and be vaccinated, due to the omicron variant– the mildly symptomatic variant that has only been found in vaccinated people. Somehow, there is a huge population of Americans who continue to buy into the COVID propaganda. Remember “social distancing”? Well, researchers concluded, a year later, that the “social distancing” policies were unscientific, and arbitrary. Masks? Well, most research shows masks to be ineffective in reducing the transmission of COVID-19, at best. The truth slowly creeps out of the scientific community, yet people still believe the media, and the politicians, b/c panicking has become some tacit cultural obsession.

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