Air Force says 23,000 troops are still unvaccinated for Covid-19 after deadline has passed


95 percent of airmen and guardians — or about 473,000 people — are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, the Air Force announced Friday. Another 23,500 troops were unvaccinated as of 8 am Friday, more than half of whom are in the Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard.

“That accounts for around one in every 20 people in the department,” the Air Force Times wrote.

Chart provided by U.S.A.F.

The Air Force’s deadline for guardsmen and reservists to complete their Covid vaccine regimen passed Thursday, while active duty Air Force and Space Force members had a Nov. 2 deadline.


  1. I have to wonder about that supposed 95% ‘vaccination’ (sic) rate. How much would anyone like to bet that such figures have often been purposefully inflated by governmental agencies and other authorities to make it seem to those who choose not to be jabbed that they are in a small minority, when in fact they are not?

    • The current government clearly cannot be trusted to tell the truth. Likely as not, they would probably go into anaphylaxis if they did… I certainly wouldn’t bet against your assertion.

      • What, North, you mean you don’t implicitly and fully believe the daily presidential agitprop being spewed second-hand from Baghdad Jen, I mean Psaki?
        Why, I bet you are one of those traitorous and grandma-murdering anti-vaxxers who just wants everyone to contract COVID and DIE! Don’t you trust Saint Fauci and every one of his flip-flopping, self-serving, pro-big-pharma pronouncements? Don’t dare to ask questions, don’t think for yourself, just put on your mask, listen to the corporate media, feel never-ending fear, and FOLLOW THE SCIENCE!

      • Jefferson: how is it even possible to be against science? Your daily decisions are based on the scientific method. When your snowblower won’t start and you try to figure out why, you are performing pure science. I guess you could pray rather see if it has gas in the tank.

        • Evan, in fact I DO “follow the science”. I am a university graduate in a hard scientific field, if you must know (chemistry). I have no quibbles with real science at all. But I do take issue with political hacks and ignorant members of the public claiming to represent “science”, and moreover, take issue with authoritarian political agendas masquerading as science.

  2. As many people as have been “vaccinated “, why do we still have an epidemic? Because it is all smoke and mirrors. When are people going to wake up to this? Every other commercial on TV is from big pharm, even though nobody is going to ask for what they are selling. It is to funnel money into media so they keep their mouths shut. If a reporter says anything contrary to their interest, they have been told that they will be fired. Better start believing in conspiracy theories or you will not survive. This is WW3. Propaganda and germ warfare. How convenient to tell our troops to take the shot or be discharged. When the shot is not even effective for what it says. I have had both variations of this epidemic, am overweight with poor health, yet I am still here. The second time I caught it from from someone “fully vaccinated “. He came close to dying. My only hope is that when more people realize that the shot does no good, and some bold people publicize the side effects of the vaccine, that we as Americans will will tell our government to go to hell.I only hope that it is not too late.

  3. This means 473,000 people should file a lawsuit against their government for implementing an illegal vaccine mandate under the EUA. This is because the vaccine given to them is not the approved FDA vaccine under the name of “CORMINATY” which means the military violated federal law! The approved vaccine does not exist in the USA. The Secretary of Defense needs to either resign or be fired for violating federal law!

  4. While I don’t like it, it’s long established the military has the right to compel such things.

    • In fact, in this case it does not. The military may only compel EUA drugs through presidential waiver, which does not exist at this time. The only FDA approved “vaccine” is COMIRNATY. The military may, by law, mandate the use of COMIRNATY. However, it is not available for distribution. Therefore, the military is illegally compelling members to receive an EUA therapeutic under threat of pretty severe discipline.

    • This is true. Which is why those of us who are former military balked the hardest at these mandates. Uncle Sam’s ownership over my person ceased when I received my DD-214. It’s part of the reason I left the military.

  5. Dear Masked Avenger,
    Sorry to say, there is no “right” to compel vaccination.  You have been lied to. Army Reg 40-562 states COs and Doctors will “ensure” personnel “will” be screened for “preexisting immunity” to determine if there is even a need for any shot.  Check out paragraphs 1-4 and 2-6. FYI, this Army Reg is followed by all of the services.

    • This is true. However, they ignore it and also the fact that hundreds of thousands of DoD and Military have had, and recovered from the virus. The vax is purely a political cudgel. The original lawsuit filed against DoD and DHHS now has over million attached to it in the class-action–over 400,000 in the Army Dept and active duty Army alone. The 94-96% vaxxed is overinflated. Also–how many Military have died from covid? Last I checked it was under 100. However, many young healthy personnel are now suffering maladies (and worse) from the ‘vaccine.’ Finally, it goes against the Nuremberg Protocols for a person or entity to compel or coerce an individual to participate in medical experimentation or accept an experimental treatment, if they do not want it. The lawsuits over all this will go on for decades. If we still have our system of justice (rapidly eroding) in place…

  6. We just identified the leadership (the 23k unvaxxed) for the AF after this is all over, providing some appreciable percentage of them survive the continuing purge. Cheers –

  7. The State of Texas is a Republican as any, and it’s governor has refused to implement many of the Covid measures that have been imposed in other states. Since the readers of this blog clearly don’t want to believe anything that the federal government says about vaccines. Perhaps you will read and think about the recent report from the State of Texas about the efficacy of Covid vaccines,

    The Key Findings of the report were:

    1. From September 4 through October 1, 2021:
    • Unvaccinated people were 13 times more likely to become infected with COVID-19 than fully
    vaccinated people.
    • Unvaccinated people were 20 times more likely to experience COVID-19-associated
    death than fully vaccinated people.
    2. Vaccination had a strong protective effect on infections and deaths among people of all ages. The protective impact on infections was consistent across adult age groups and even greater in people ages 12 to 17 years. The protective impact on COVID-19 deaths, which was high for all age groups, varied more widely. In the September time frame, unvaccinated people in their 40s were 55 times more likely to die from COVID-19 compared with fully vaccinated people of the same age. Unvaccinated people aged 75 years and older were 12 times more likely to die than their vaccinated counterparts.
    3. Overall, regardless of vaccination status, people in Texas were four to five times more likely to become infected with COVID-19 or suffer a COVID-19-associated death while the Delta variant was prevalent in Texas (August 2021) compared with a period before the Delta variant became prevalent (April 2021).

    Here is a link to the report: ‘’

        • And let me sum up the REAL issue for you, Evan, and for every other pro-establishment lackey and sheep: the experimental jabs (supposedly) for the Wuhan Virus are NOT safe, NOT effective, and are only exacerbating and prolonging this (mild) pandemic. But they do serve one function admirably well: the institution and furtherance of the Orwellian tracking and control agenda of the perverse and sociopathic political elite.
          Why do you, and conformist, spineless people like you, so readily embrace your servitude, Evan?

    • I would like to know where dshs.texas is getting its data? From Texas Hospitals or the CDC/WHO. This data is faulty as the CDC has already admitted the leaky vaccines are failing to stop the virus. The new mutations are being caused by additional boosters. This is why the higher percentage of new breakthrough cases are the vaccinated. Those that have natural immunity and have recovered from the virus have better defenses against all variants. Stop listening to liars like Fauci and start listening to real professionals like Dr. Robert Malone, the creator of the m-rna platform that they built the vaccine upon. He knows the vaccine is a farce and has come out against it.

  8. So natural immunity is just as good as a vaccine, according to the CDC.

    ” Active immunity can be acquired through natural immunity or vaccine-induced immunity.

    Natural immunity is acquired from exposure to the disease organism through infection with the actual disease.
    Vaccine-induced immunity is acquired through the introduction of a killed or weakened form of the disease organism through vaccination.

    Either way, if an immune person comes into contact with that disease in the future, their immune system will recognize it and immediately produce the antibodies needed to fight it. Active immunity is long-lasting, and sometimes life-long.”


    If the vaccine is really a genuine vaccine.

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