Anchorage Assembly coup against mayor: Ordinance to remove mayor takes more public testimony Wednesday


A special meeting of the Anchorage Assembly was set for Wednesday, June 1 at 5 pm to continue taking testimony on an ordinance that is hostile to the mayor of Anchorage. Anchorage Ordinance 2022-60 would give the Anchorage Assembly the power to remove the mayor for almost any reason it deems sufficient.

The ordinance was written with help from the former City Manager and failed mayoral candidate Bill Falsey. It was introduced last month by Assembly Vice Chair Chris Constant, who has said on several occasions he believes the mayor has acted illegally. This ordinance would give Constant the power to begin proceedings to remove Mayor Dave Bronson, who was elected over opponent Falsey and Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar.

The Assembly will meet at 5 pm at the ground floor of the Loussac Library, and intends to continue taking public testimony on Thursday in Room 155 at City Hall at 10 am. The midday meeting on Thursday in a room too small for public involvement is a method the Assembly uses to end public testimony.


  1. I think this headline should be retitled, maybe something like “Anchorage Assembly Works Toward Process to Ouster Mayor” — a “coup” is a/an attempt to suddenly and violently overtake government (see January 6, 2021 insurrection of the U.S. Capital). What the Assembly is doing is codifying the sorts of actions that could lead to the dismissal of the Mayor. Even if MRAK doesn’t agree with the Assembly’s position on the matter, I would think that Suzanne would want to accurately report what is occurring.

    • Actually, Z, Suzanne if anything understated the seriousness and severity of the underhanded, malicious, malevolent and criminal attempts by the sociopath Constant to undermine, subvert and destroy our democratically elected mayor. Constant’s contempt for the public, and the democratic process, could not be more apparent.

    • Goodie for you Tommy! You’re first! Now you can collect your Soros nickle and buy yourself some more Prep.

    • MRAK is reporting accurately…You’re NOT! JANUARY 6th was NOT a coup. Do your homework!!

    • The author used an incorrect word.
      Everything else is to be ignored.
      Thanks for trolling. Your work here is done.

  2. If you plan to attend then:

    1. Take a good nap before going.
    2. Bring Food.
    3. Bring Water.
    4. Bring a sleeping bag
    5. Have a bailsman and lawyer on call.

    Don’t know why? Look at past performances.
    Remember, this assembly does not hold “hearings”. It gives performances!
    Then, if you stay to the inevitable time-shut down they’ll have you thrown out.

  3. What a piece of garbage this so called assembly thing is. I would have called him a man, but he definitely doesn’t act like one, so garbage it is.

  4. Courts cannot create due process. The US Constitution after a convention (not contravention) of the people does that. The Corporation of the Municopality cannot create procedure either.

  5. This ordinance, as written MUST be opposed.
    Not because there is not a need for procedures to remove an elected official. There is, and it is something that is lacking from the city code.
    The problem with this ordinance is the Assembly holds the cards in both situations. If an Assembly member is accused, the Assembly decides on the merits of the case against that member. If the Mayor is accused, the Assembly decides on the merits of the case.
    Additionally, in both situations, the Assembly provides the replacement. If the Assembly removes a member because they broke the law, the Assembly replaces that member. If the Mayor is removed, the Assembly chair is made acting Mayor.
    The issue here is not removal of the Mayor for breaking the law. It is the Assembly gets the power to play judge, jury, and executioner in all situations.

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